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2004 Cadillac Escalade traveling vehicle.

The Cadillac Escalade is a really comfortable ride, reliable, and have not had many issues for as long as I have owned it. The only issues I am having is the starter or alternator is starting to go out and the tires needed replaced and those were not cheap to replace. The vehicle does guzzle some gas I only get about 12-15 miles per gallon. The gas tank is 20 gallons. On the highway get about 16-20 miles per gallon. Perfect for long trips with family enough room to separate children so not a lot of fighting. DVD and TV built in along with separate air conditioner and heater for back seats. Heated front seats along with separate drivers and passenger air conditioner and heater. Has been a really good vehicle for the past 14 years.

- Kevin M

I have an Escalade so therefore I'm bigger and badder than you

The only thing I don't like about it is that the technology is very outdated- no navigation, no backup camera, no driver assist, no nothing. Other than that I love it! I get so many compliments and I've taken great care of it through the years. It's very nostalgic for mid 2000's. I feel cool when driving it. I can customize it and it's acceptable but only on a 2004 Escalade. It would be cool if I got rims. I have a custom color grill so my Escalade looks better than all the others. I've held onto it for this long for a reason.

- Stephanie J

Great looking vehicle with plenty of space to haul goods or up to 7 people.

It is a great vehicle. A lot of space throughout the entire vehicle. Can transport a lot of goods, groceries, sports equipment and a lot more. Very comfortable ride, seats are extremely comfortable. Mine has a sunroof which is great to have. Seat warmers for the winter. Can seat up to 7 people. I can even fit a ladder inside when needed. A lot of compartments to store anything u might need. Great suspension for a very smooth ride. Great Bose sound system. Vehicle looks great to.

- zach G

Nice driving and very safe very blessed to have had owned it.

Had to change tires, and had to put alternator on and a heat. pump. As we drove it a lot we had to have brakes to be put on. And it cost a lot of money to fill it up. It cost at least 60.00 dollars when it run out of gas. And the greatest thing about the car is I drove it at.least 300.000 thousand miles. And I sold it because I couldn't afford the gas. I drove all of my special needs students as per parent allowed to special events because it had three rolls of seats..

- Sherry Y

Luxury vehicles might turns heads, but is not the best reason for purchase.

I own a white pearl 2004 Cadillac Escalade. I love this vehicle as it is a luxury truck and really turns heads while pulling up at any location. Has many malfunctions that go wrong with time. The dashboard gave out two months after purchasing this vehicle. Battery drains pretty quickly, not entirely sure why, we purchased 3 brand new batteries in the past year, finally understood that getting a warranty for a longer period might be the best option at this point.

- Jess T

Spacious 4 door SUV with comfortable seats and 2 DVD players.

I love how roomy and comfortable my vehicle is, with my 5th child on the way space is important to me. It is also important to me that my vehicle is reliable and it has always proven to be so. We spend a lot of time driving to and from school and sports events as well as out of state and in the 5 years I have owned this vehicle I have never had more than a minor issue (brakes needed replaced, a fuse and spark plugs etc.).

- Colleen T

The little Cadillac that could.

The car really was luxury for its time. Leather, heated seats, rear controls for radio and heat. The car has been going for 215000 miles and is not showing signs of stopping. With regular maintenance, the escalade makes a great family vehicle that is reliable. The only drawback is the fuel consumption. Many repairs are easy to do at home and parts are readily available.

- Amanda B

The best SUV I have ever had.

I absolutely love my escalade. It has all of the room we need to haul kids and their sports stuff around. It has all of the luxury I was expecting when buying a Cadillac. I have never had any trouble with the motor. The only thing that they could improve on is the air conditioning. It is the only major issues it has.

- Jessica C

Love my caddy and don't mind having to drive it short or long distances.

This is my best vehicle I ever owned. It is roomy, reliable, so comfortable. It has towing ability and had power when you accelerate for being a large vehicle. My only complaints so far is that the driver's seat has cracked on the side and has created a rip and the cost of replacement headlights is crazy expensive.

- Tracey D

Great vehicle but you pay for the name.

Love the height drive and ride, colors. I like the folding seats. . Wish gas mileage was better. Its older and it has electrical issues. The cost for parts and repairs are expensive when the are the same as a tahoe, but has the cadillac name on it. . Overall it's a great vehicle and I would get another.

- Kim L

My Cadillac is very comfortable.

I like the ride - it is smooth. I have very few mechanical problems. It has heated seats which are great in the winter. It has a CD player that can hold 6 CD which is great. As many has 6 people can ride comfortably. It also has Bose speaker which are great. It tells you when the oil needs changing.

- Pat K

Overview of the vehicle I drive, and why I drive it!!

What is the comforts as well as the amenities. How well it function on long trips and the passenger comforts. Last but least on the stylish and elegant taste. And even of I grand kids or buddies hanging out. It works! Over all its great, and I will be getting a newer in January 2019.

- Ronald L R

Comfortable and dependable.

This a very comfortable and reliable vehicle to have. Best choice made has heated seats, air suspension, automatic road alert, sunroof, smooth and can fit 5 adults comfortably. Haven't had any issues since purchased. Great to travel in and cannot say enough about the comfort.

- Yolanda B

Lots of power with all wheel drive.

Lots of power for a full size luxury SUV. In winter the all wheel drive is great just push down on the gas and go. Rear leather is so much better than cloth or fake leather. Has room for the whole family and can pull just about anything. Some parts can be a little expensive.

- Bob B

2004 Cadillac escalade review.

This vehicle handles the best of any I have ever owned. Comfortable ride, lots of room for passengers and luggage. Powerful enough to pull a small trailer. Over all has been very dependable even though we bought it used. I would definitely purchase a Cadillac product again!

- Morris M

I have a oyster white escalade with chrome wheels.

I've been fortunate to not have any major problems. Just typical maintenance. It has sufficient room for children and grandchildren when we take long road trips. The issue is the low gas mileage and high gas prices. My parents own a 2015 escalade is very satisfied with it.

- Toby B

04 Escalade needs a little TLC. But a good ride!

Ifs getting old and stuff is needing to be fixed. It has a lot of miles and needs money to get fixed. It has ac problems. It has brake issues. And it needs front end work. It's expensive to drive. Gas mileage is around 16. It's got lots of power and is comfortable.

- Tim J

Great car as a family vehicle.

Comfortable seating. Configuration within vehicle for 2nd and third rows are captains chairs and bench seating. Heated leather seats with back up camera and all automatic everything is such a luxurious feature. In vehicle DVD system and navigation are fantastic.

- John D

The Cadillac escalade is stylish and classy.

The wood trim is coming off the inside of the doors and the leather seat is tearing. It is very reliable and has not had any major mechanical issues. It is engine has held up very well thus far. The luxury features are great. The car has a lot of power.

- marissa A

Very versatile, but unlike the Avalanche, definitely not a work truck

I have the ext model. The bed panels constantly leak. Also, original chrome on the wheels peels, making a clicking noise until you reach in and peel them off. Rebuilt entire front of motor in the past year. Very expensive to maintain

- Matt M

It has plenty of comfortable seating for your family plus friends!

I like that my Escalade has plenty of seating! We can easily fit 7-8 people in there, it's great. I love the speakers! I do not like the horrible gas mileage and the wussy horn. I honk at people a lot and the horn sucks.

- Shay C

This vehicle has never let us down, and we travel across country many times a year.

I like the size, stability, and versatility. I only wish it got better gas mileage and a few more modern features like mp3 hookup and a navigation system that didn't require a CD to run.

- sherry m

I love the Escalade Platinum extra features a lot!!

I like the extra features that Cadillac adds to their vehicles. We have the Platinum package with all the extras. Would love to get newer one of same, perhaps with better gas mileage.

- Brooke C

Cadillac Escalade--Great Family Vehicle

I really like the Cadillac Escalade. It has many features of luxury cars, like heated seats. It is very spacious and comfortable. It's a perfect vehicle for my family of 7.

- Jason K

Cadillac: The smooth ride you like.

Gas mileage is not great, but it is a comfortable ride and has been very reliable. The interior is very nice and the safety features are satisfactory.

- Eric L

It holds up really well but the a.c. system messes up occasionally

There are a few issues with the car but given that it was bought used that's expected. But the ride is good and smooth and it looks really nice.

- Lauryn S

It is spacious, it has heated seats, I love it.

I got it because we usually had many family members with us & my son is 6”4 it was spacious! The heated seats help with my back & migraines!

- Tina E

The low maintenance, because it is easy to maintain.

I like because of low maintenance. And it looks really good to be a 2004 model. Also, I owned one before, and I trust that product.

- Mary B

It has 4 wheel drive which keeps the car on the road in bad weather.

Air conditioning. Stereo. The color. Too many miles on it. My car has gotten into two accidents and I would really like a new car.

- Matthew R

I have followed the manufacture instructions to keep this car in good condition.

I bought my car in 2004. It now has 345000 and has had very few problems. I have no complaints on the performance of this car!

- Ed S

It is very reliable and does very well on gas.

I like how it looks it has space it works well if has not had any issues, I do not like that consumed too much gasoline.

- Roberta P

It is gas guzzler and the wear and tear of the tire is expensive.

It is high off the ground, it is roomy, it is a gas guzzler, it is a smooth riding truck it tires are too expensive.

- Sharon T

I bought my Cadillac Escalade used and I am pleased with it. I do wish that the front seats were a little more comfortable and that they reclined back further. The performance and ride of the vehicle is great.

The Cadillac Escalade handles very well on the road. It is a great performance vehicle and drives really well.

- Sandra N

It has been well maintained and cared for. It is in immaculate condition.

I love my Escalade. I wish it had better gas mileage but I enjoy all of the luxury features the vehicle has.

- Bryan R

It has a lot of space. Fits all my kids and their stuff. It's very nice inside and roomy. Rides smooth and not bumpy. Runs great and worth the money.

It keeps going strong and is built great! A few small fixes here and there but other than that built to last

- Alicia O

It does not have a lot of power.

Good vehicle, fast speed, heated seats. No back up camera. Wow. Overall great vehicle. We have 2 escalades.

- Amy D

They work awesome I've never had any problems with my truck

Nothing wrong with my vehicle everything works great I love how it runs and works I really recommend them.

- Jessica G

Love my car. Cheap on gas

I love my car. I need to fix my light in the back. My car is cheap on gas. I can go one week on about $20.

- Melody E

Comfortable ride, seats 8, decent on gas

Has lots of room. Rides very smooth. Love the feature that set each drivers settings. Not to bad on gas.

- Heather A

It is easy to drive. Great turning span for parallel parking and U-turns.

I do not like that the cluster went out. I love that it has adjustments for a short person, like myself.

- Jennifer M

It is comfy, roomy and reliable and has been on many road trips for our family

Love the heated seats and leather. Love the back seat captains chairs Don't like the color but oh well

- Dee M

Runs for an exceptionally long time while maintaining dependability

I am very pleased with my vehicle. It has almost 300,000 miles on it and still runs excellently.

- Alicia B

It has the capability of a truck but drives like a car

I like the size and towing capability as well the roominess of the interior. I have no dislikes

- Megan M

AWD and well maintained. A 2004 with only 82000 miles.

Large, luxurious vehicle with extreme comfort. Wished it got better mpg.

- Bryan M

it is reliable and durable and luxurious and comfortable to travel in.

I love the luxury of my vehicle. I have no complaints or dislikes.

- kim f

I like my truck. It is a good truck. It is a Cadillac.

I like my vehicle. I drive it everyday. It's a truck.

- Rachel B