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The escalade has all you need for an urban or rural trip that is safe.

For the first few years of having the vehicle, there were no problems. As the vehicle has accumulated over 150, 000 miles, we have of course had problems. The air conditioning stopped working at one point, and the check engine light flashes on and off often warning about a raised temperature for the SUV. Overall though, the issues have been fixable, the performance of the vehicle is still stellar, and it is as comfortable as always. For a 2005, well advanced with GPS technology, DVD system, heated seats, and the like.

- Davis J

Reliable and comfortable vehicle.

I love my Cadillac escalade. I like the look of it and how much room it has. It is a smooth ride very comfortable when driving a long distance. I have not had any major issues with it. I keep up with the routine maintenance and has always been reliable. I have not been disappointed with this vehicle. Strong, reliable and safe especially in winter conditions. It has a leather interior and its arm chair feature a heating system for those colder days.

- Agnes K

05 Escalade third row problem.

I love my Cadillac. There is however one thing I would change. I do not like that the third row seat has to come completely out. You can fold it down and push it forward, but the back is never completely flat, unless you take that third row seat out. It is a pain in the butt to have to disassemble the second row seats and push them forward. I think there should be a button that moves everything for you. After all it is a Cadillac.

- Crystal S

I love the combination of comfort and luxury looks with a powerful engine.

apparently, the speedometer frequently goes out in this vehicle. Not a terrible fix but not tons of fun to do either. It rides smooth, is reliable, safe, and surprisingly gas efficient for the size of vehicle. I have never sat in more comfortable seats than in my Escalade. It has taken my family of 2 adults, 2 children, 2 large dogs, and our cat across the country more than once and has served us extremely well.

- Heidi H

It is a very popular luxury vehicle.

Has had minor computer problems. Repairs seem to be more costly. It's a luxury vehicle with a nice smooth ride. Drives very nice in the winter weather. It is also a pretty vehicle. It has a nice pearl white color. It seats plenty of people and it is a strong performance riding vehicle. It has nice addons like back seat heat warmers. It is also a large vehicle with plenty of room.

- Jennifer H

Escalade goes the distance.

I love my escalade! We just recently had to replace the transfer case on it, but it does have high miles! We have been really good at keeping the oil changed and having it serviced and it has been a great car for us to travel in! It is comfortable for long rides! We have the removable 3rd row that leaves little room in the back when they are up, but they are easy to remove.

- Amy B

This SUV has great horsepower! Heated seats is a plus during winter. I also love the remote control start feature.

I purchased the Cadillac Escalade 2005 used. I do regret jumping right into it instead of taking my time searching for the right SUV for my family. I mean it is a good vehicle but space wise it's too small. Cargo space is horrible. Can barely put a load of groceries in back. I have 3 small children so I carry a small stroller that takes up the entire cargo space.

- Cynthia A

Having to trade our lovely escalade for one that was completely torn apart.

We bought a 2004 Cadillac escalade ext. truck new years ago. We loved it! During a trip last year we had some problems with it and a friend traded us for a 2005 Cadillac escalade eve. We had taken great care of our truck and the vehicle we traded for was a mess. It had been a nice truck but it had been terribly abused and ripped apart. So sad.

- Elizabeth C

Cadillac escalade- most comfortable, luxury SUV.

I absolutely love my escalade and have had very few issues with it. I bought it in 2012 and since then have only replaced an ignition cylinder and a water pump. It is the most comfortable car to ride it, especially with the heated and cooled seats. I can easily fit 7 people with plenty of room for bags in the back. Best car I have ever owned!

- Vanessa H

I think the 2005 Cadillac escalade is a great choice.

My escalade is reliable and steady. It can handle harsh weather, rain or snow. The adjustable seats and seat warmer makes for a cozy comfortable ride in the winter time. The tinted windows are also a nice touch, plus there is a headphone jack for back seat passengers. Overall I love my truck. The downside is it can be too big. .

- Norman B

My Cadillac details great and luxurious details from my experience to you.

My truck is known for its luxurious body, its a 4x4 witch is even nicer for the muddy roads. The model has and make of that year has leather seats its spacious and great for a family specially when taking road trips and driving a lot. The one I do not like is that it wastes a lot of gas but other than that it's a great truck.

- Samantha V

Luxury you can feel in a Cadillac

Love my caddy, very comfortable to go out of town in, my family barely gets out of our hometown before they are asleep. Also, my daughters can watch movies on t.v. in rear. The four captains chairs really make the SUV more spacious. The navigation is a definite plus, as well as the premium sound system from Bose.

- Allen L

The leather and wood grain.

Great vehicle, no complaints, I love it with everything I got, it has got me through some hard times, and still runs great as the first day, so I am extremely grateful for it, don't know where I would be without my Cadillac escalade of the year 2005. It is absolutely one of the best vehicles that I have owned.

- angel P

Best 6.0l v8! Affordable.

This vehicle has always been beyond reliable. I have never had any sort of major issues with even with its age! It is a very stylish vehicle both inside and out. It has awesome stock features that make my life so much easier. Seats are comfy and have customizable features to fit your daily needs.

- Susan L

2003 Cadillac escalade power horse.

My Cadillac escalade has mostly electrical and cosmetic problems. Leather seats wear over time and need to be replaced. Car runs really well and has an excellent engine with plenty of power. The escalade has an extremely responsive transmission and steering. This car has power and durability.

- John P

I have found the Cadillac escalade to be nice looking reliable car.

My Cadillac escalade is a nice looking truck. It has a lot of luxury features such as a navigation system and 6 changer cd player. It has never given me any major repair/maintenance problems. The only thing i dislike about my truck is the amount and cost of gas to keep the tank full.

- Shanna S

great older luxury trucks

no real problems- lights burned out on dashboard and some instrument clusters- airbag light on- says seat belt indicator needs to be replaced- handles well, but needs tire balancing and new tie rods- also, rear height control sensor broke off and I do not know how to replace it

- kevin M

The most interesting is that I purchased it with 92,000 miles for 5,000.

Very comfortable and roomy and I feel very safe. It has the corvette engine and is very powerful as well. It holds all of my tools without bothering interior room. It is ESV addition and has all of the bells and whistles. Rear stereo and rear air as well as rear power seats.

- Randall C

Great family car with plenty of room for kids.

It is a good vehicle. It rides smooth and turns great. Perfect family vehicle. But it could use more storage room in the trunk. Currently have to put up the back bench to have storage room. But can store stuff on the roof. Which helps. It also comes with a tow package.

- James H

Ease of driving, does not make you feel as if your driver a tank.

Very reliable, great gas mileage on highway, great family vehicle, great towing capacity, smooth ride, great for long trips, very roomy especially for taller people, lots of leg and head room, it is a great luxury SUV, better ride control than others I have driven.

- Robin D

Spacious, I love how much space there is you will never feel cramped in that car

There is no major issues with the car. It doesn't get the best gas mileage but has a huge tank. The suspension is the best ever you feel nothing in that car. The space is amazing there's enough room for our dogs to lay down on the floor comfortably for long trips.

- Krystal M

Heated seats all 4 front and back.

Great car well keep for many years to come good on gas and plenty of confront smooth ride. Love the heated seats and the DVD player on each side of head rest calls for every weekend road trip fill up and get on highway and set the cruise and enjoy the ride.

- Rachel D

Ac 3 row seating DVD player Tinted

Cadillac Escalade is perfect for a family car. The car has 3 row seating runs great on the road and it has central ac from front to back seat has a DVD player so when your on the road it perfect for the kids to enjoy a movie it's a very enjoyable car.

- Megan C

Luxury spacious family friendly vehicle.

Very comfortable, roomy, gas guzzler, great sound system, spacious, looks nice, white, leather seats, big tires, strong engine, durable, fast, reliable, back up object notification alarm, forward object notification alarm, on star capable, loud horn.

- Christina H

That if you can't afford it don't buy it as it was very expensive

I love my car as it very luxurious and has been a very reliable car with a lot of bells and whistles. There is nothing I dislike. Maybe one complaint would be since it's white you can see the dirt faster.

- charlene B

My car has a lot of features that make it comfortable while traveling long distances.

I love that my vehicle is so durable. It has really been good to me and has only had issues a couple times since i bought it. The only thing I dislike is that it is so expensive to maintain and fix.

- Caren H

one of the most important things one should know about my car is that I'm nearing 300,000 miles on the same engine. It also came with a beautifully sounding Bose surround system.

I've had my vehicle for 10 years now and it's still yet to give me any major problems. It's very reliable and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I actually feel safe in it.

- derek j

It is very reliable and a very well built vehicle. I really feel secure in my vehicle.

I like the feeling of being safe in my car. It is luxurious for being an older car. I also love the space that it affords my family. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Crystal S

Cadillac Escalade owners dream

I am very happy with the Cadillac Escalade. It is very good vehicle. It has computer features to help owners know about problems and up keep with the car.

- Olivia S

When it works, it works very well.

Very powerful engine and great suspension. However, nearly every sensor has failed and needed to be replaced. American craftsmanship is sorely lacking.

- Cheryl B

love it! when this one finally does need to come off the road, i'll be getting another.

extremely reliable. have not had any major issues with it, just normal maintenance. has over 240,000 miles and still going strong. this thing is a tank!

- Sonya J

Purchase again #downsize

Really dependable, good comfort, great performance. I would buy an Escalade again, although I don't need this big of a vehicle next time.

- Melissa B

It has the room, drive, and look you want and need.

It is stylish, roomy, and for the most part reliable. I love its features and interior. Although when it needs repairs it can be pricey.

- Angelica R

The gas you don't have to put gas in the car everyday

The car is very nice it runs well you really don't have to put gas in the car everyday and I don't really have any problems with my car

- Maurice P

It takes a lot of gas but it is still a reliable car.

We had a few recalls but overall I loved my escalade. It is fast comfortable SUV. I feel safe especially with OnStar options.

- Jessica S

It is expensive to upkeep.

I like it because it rides very smoothly and is a luxury SUV. I dislike if repairs are needed because it is expensive.

- L R

It is a very reliable car and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat

Love the size. I have no complaints other than with the high price of gas, it costs a fortune to just fill up.

- Valerie W

I love escalade wouldn't trade it at all.

I love my truck. I have had a few issues with alignment but not any major. I wouldn't change my make or model.

- Jessica G

That it a good brand that I trust it make you feel safe

I like the way it looks the color, the features that it haves the way it runs I feel so safe driving it

- Eric S

Good value for all the features offered for a full sized car

I like the size and comfortable room. AWD makes it even better. Bad on fuel economy.

- Mark K

The one thing people should know is I get good gas mileage.

I like it a lot. I don't like my sunroof is broke. I don't like my radio is broke.

- Mark C

It's a luxury vehicle. Very comfortable to drive. I love all the features.

The blower motor keeps going out. Otherwise I absolutely love it.

- Torri H

the nice ride the comfort

the comfort the nice ride dislikes is the price of maintenance

- dennis S

I like the style and color. Also I enjoy the room of the interior. One thing I dislike is the price to have something repair because of the make of the vehicle.

It is unique in class, fashion, brand, recognition, and style.

- Angelica R

get one you"ll see how good it drives and handling is prefix

roomy clean still in style runs grate and i love it

- picky b

It's comfort and safety. It takes a lot of gas

I have no complaints. I love my car. It's luxury.

- Megan M