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Cadillacs are not only luxurious but very comfortable.

We've had our vehicle for a few years already and never had to fix anything (other than regular maintenance). It is very comfortable for our family of four as well as when we have extra passengers. There's plenty of room. The TV's in the back keep our children occupied on long trips or busy days. Our car has automatic side steps that go in when the doors are closed so and out when the doors open, which is very helpful to short people like myself..

- Monica C

Love that it has TVs in the headrests to help keep children entertained.

It is extremely comfortable and spacious. All the features are very easy to use. Not as expensive as everyone thinks. Quite affordable considering the make of the vehicle. The only issue I have had with it is that a battery cable came loose and it wouldn't crank till the cable was tightened up. Very smooth ride and feel very little road imperfections. Highly recommend this type of vehicles for the busy working mom type of person.

- Monica B

Fits short or tall drivers driver's adjustable.

It is a really reliable very comfortable and nice inside and out. You sit high or low, the pedal moves for what you would like it to be. Has backup cameras to make backing up very easy and helpful. It drive really nice and easy you can see all around you. Repairs are average not to expensive. Things last so only repairs on wear n tear. . Gas usage is not bad for a SUV has everything.

- Lillian Y

Cadillac Escalade 2007 love it.

I love it. Only downside is I wish I would have gotten the longer version. I have no issue with the vehicle itself though. I have a hard time fitting strollers and groceries at the same time in the back. I love the way it rides even when we are going through ruff spots in the road. Also we get pretty good gas mileage from something so big.

- Hayley R

I like the space it has. Either the inside and in the trunk it runs smoothly!

Its not working in the moment but its my favorite to drive around. It goes on so smooth it is really my go to. Doesn't really even feel like a car when driving more like an airplane! Everyone in the household likes to drive it instead of the truck. It's so spacious I can have my baby's car seat and fits just perfect.

- Claribel V

Room for my family and all their junk.

My truck has never let me down. It has needed regular wear and tear work, but that is to be expected. I love the space it provides for all my kids stuff, but I wish it had more trunk space without having to fold down the third row. I love that there is climate control both sides up front as well as for the back.

- Danielle R

Very nice and comfortable for the whole family.

It drives well. I think I will get a new car that is not as big as the escalade. It can sometimes feel like I am driving a big boat, especially on turns. It is really comfortable which is why I really like it a lot. Cars should be a good source of transportation for you and your family.

- Jordan M

Loving my truck lights around so they will see on the road at night good tires.

Parts cost a lot but driving good great for traveling because we have a 6 kid family plus a dog good on gas comfortable roomy air conditioning control you set it in each row equipment with GPS and OnStar sunroof cruise control we love this truck hope to pass it down to the oldest son.

- Michelle L

Love the space and the comfort.

Love it.. No problem. A lot of space. Convenient.. It takes a lot of gas.. But great when going on vacation. My kids have a lot of space to move around and my big stroller can fit in the trunk.. Love that it have a TV and backup camera. My mirror can lock in. And it remote start.

- A M

Comfortable for the entire family.

We love our Cadillac escalade! Smooth ride, lots of room and extra features that most other cars do not have. Never had a problem with it and running. Great car for everyday use. Fits a family of 4 with a weekend full of stuff very comfortably. If you are on the fence, get one!

- Brooke A

400 Horsepower and a lot of power to pulling raves and such.

There is no problems with the car the miles on the car are 80k plus miles and it goes through gas at a great rate compared to other big SUV and it cost us $22k I love the car because I step on the gas like crazy almost all the time when I drive I like the cream color on it.

- Hayden G

The aesthetic, the smooth ride, the handling.

I love my Cadillac escalade. I have had it for years and it always has performed well. My vehicle also has a beautiful overall aesthetic. I plan on keeping my Cadillac for many more years. When I ultimately trade it in, I will do so and get another Cadillac escalade.


Cadillac Escalades - travel in comfort and style

The vehicle is solid and has been a wonderful car to have. We have had it since 2007 and it has served us well. We added 5 tv screens and it is so comfortable to travel in. As we hit 170k we have however found that many things are starting to break down

- Maree A

I love that it is roomy enough to haul all my grand kids.

I love the way the body of the vehicle is designed. It's sleek and luxury but sporty at the same time. There is plenty of space for passengers and packages. It's easy to drive and very comfortable. It looks great too.

- Kimberly W

It is one of the best luxury SUVs that you can buy

My escalade is a very reliable and safe vehicle to drive. It is not only a luxury automobile but it provides a level of safety unmatched. It is also American made and it made very well.

- Tonya H

It doesn't necessarily use as much gas as they think. It is a hybrid, so it actually doesn't use much at all when just sitting still.

I love it because it has everything that you could possibly ask for. The only thing I don't like is that it is really big and is hard to fit into some of the small parking areas.

- Becky J

Car have a lot to f bells and whistles and can be an electrical nightmare.

Only had issue with fuel pump, top part of fuel pump for s made of plastics when new one was installed the top plastics parts broke off and it had to be replaced a second time.

- Teresa S

Low mileage vehicle! Great family car!!

Interior is super clean and it is in great condition. Leather interior and white/beige color. No problems with vehicle whatsoever. Oil changes done regularly.

- Vivian D

My car is dependable but soon it will be my second car because I plan on buying a new car real soon. I am buying a new car in a couple of months possibly one but definitely at least in two.

My vehicle is dependable and reliable. I bought my car used but it has that new car smell and new car feel. I love my car but I'm buying a new car in 2 months.

- Kenneth R

The FAST and loud SUV is perfect for you

The car has over 400 Horsepower and the SUV shifts very hard which is very cool you really get to feel the power and the sound is very nice to.

- Jay B

Cadillac Escalade ESV 2007

I love this car and the features. I have three toddlers and the ESV allows me to fit my kids and others for a trip to wherever. Very spacious.

- Valencia B

I like the leather seats with warmers and coolers, the key start, the defrost on the outside mirrors

It has been a really reliable car. I have had little or no maintenance on it in the first 10 years. It has a lot of great bells and whistles

- Gina L

I would like people to know how reliable my car is.

I like the gas mileage that I get during my commute also the comfort during the time I'm driving and also the style.

- marcus s

The most important others should know is that it uses up a lot of gas.

The vehicle is beautiful, roomy, navigational system,6 people seating other than driver but it uses to much gas.

- Iris L

It is getting older but it is good quality.

I like the size and the quality. There is nothing I dislike about it. It is reliable and has lasted me a while.

- Jo Y

Great full size SUV Love the backup camera! The mirrors automatically turn downward so you can see the curb

Great full size SUV, always runs great, has a lot of features that someday I will seek out how to use them all!

- Nancy C

Very roomy uses regular gas and has great mileage.

The Cadillac escalade is a sturdy vehicle for long term usage with great mileage and engine. Great purchase.

- latoya D

Great ride in all weather conditions. Feel safe driving.

Great vehicle. Spacious for driver and second row. Leg room is tight in the third row. Feel safe driving.

- Kelly J

Very reliable low maintenance.

Very comfortable easy smooth driving navigation heated steering wheel heated and cooling leather seats.

- Kathy E

It is well taken care of and clean.

I love my escalade. It has plenty of room and has never given us trouble. It is hard to park though.

- Jennifer S

Low miles but not very nice running

Love the color...It's very rusted out so i hate that...Inside is cream color and i hate that

- jen H

The Escalade has good power. The Escalade is very spacious.

I like the power. It is spacious. I do not like the oil leak. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Brook R

It drives good you feel like you're floating on air

I love how it does a lot of things by itself. It practically tells you what's wrong with it

- Julie D

Great Mileage and Good Looks plus Runs Great and is comfortable!

I like the gray color. I like the Cadillac name. I like comfort of the car.

- Rea A

It's a very safe vehicle that is very comfortable to ride in and easy to get in and out of

Like sits higher, technology, bright lights, looks good Dislike gas mileage

- Shawn M

I like how big and roomy it is. I do not like how expensive gas is for it. It also has a few mechanical issues

It is a family vehicle and has plenty of room for family outings

- Amber P