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Perfect for Growing Families

I love our Escalade! We bought this vehicle to accommodate our growing family & it does just that. We had 3 children under the age of 4, and needed something that would not only hold three 5 point harness car seats in one row, but also all of the extra luggage needed for traveling. I am used to driving trucks, so this feels similar navigating parking spots etc. I love the ease of getting the kids in and out, and being able to have them all in quickly so I can load groceries in the back. All of the little extras, back up camera, being able to open the back with the key fob, and of course the 6 disc changer are perfect for our family, especially for road trips! I like feeling a little luxurious, even with 3 young children.

- Natalie T

All things considered, this has been our favorite vehicle.

I have never had a vehicle I've enjoyed more. It's classy and comfortable to drive. I like sitting up higher than a standard sedan because I can see my surroundings on the road. The car has more bells and whistles than I very use, including the rear entertainment system, and the cooled seats. We have received lots of compliments on the Escalade appearance. The car handles nicely, and never hesitates when quick acceleration is needed. On the negative side, using Premium grade fuel is pricey and our average fuel economy is just 13 mpg, mostly town driving. Parts are also expensive, although, luckily, we have not needed many replacements over the 70K plus miles driven so far.

- Judy M

My dependable and comfortable SUV.

Big and heavy and dependable. No real problems with SUV. Big enough to see over cars. Reliable vehicle to drive. Heavy to getting hit with out dents. Smooth when driving in traffic or no traffic. Comfortable to fit 7 passenger comfortably. Big tank but have to fill gas up every week. Leather seats that can heat up or cool down when driving. DVD player to watch movies inside the SUV without being bothered by others.

- Sharon Y

Features of the 2008 Cadillac escalade:

This car is a beautiful cream-colored Cadillac escalade, with four doors and all wheel drive. It has front and rear facing cameras with a video display in the dashboard so you can see if anyone is behind you, hands-free tailgate lifting, heated leather seats and three rows of seating. An upgraded stereo system has been installed, too. The only drawback is the low gas mileage, otherwise it is wonderful!

- Janice M

Very good motor even has a lot of miles.

It's a very good vehicle and very trustworthy. Taken long trips on it with no problems. Captain seats are very useful to have. Never given me any problems besides the battery. It's a very smooth on the highway and the city. Also very luxurious. Traveled to Minneapolis Minnesota, Orlando Florida and thru south Texas with no problems at all. I have put many miles on it and it's still in great conditions.

- Nora A

It is a fast truck is a roomie truck is a beautiful truck.

It's a good truck gas is a problem it takes 90 2 fill it up a week but other them that it is a good truck I use it 2 take my race car to the racetrack it pulls it wit no issue at all it hold from 6 to 7 passengers sound system is nice stereo system is good interior is lovely and it is the king of trucks.

- Brandon F

Cadillac escalade 2008 grey.

I really enjoy my escalade. I believe it is very spacious, perfect for road trips or big families. It has a 5 disc changer which I believe is just neat. I also love the leather interior and that it fits nine people. My old car had a third row but was very difficult to get into compared to my Cadillac.

- Ana D

Cadillacs are great and reliable.

It is reliable; every once in while, there's a issue with the engine. But for the most part, it works and runs fine. I love my car and hope it runs for another 10 years or so. I might have not have to buy another car, so I am happy. If I were going to buy another car, it would another Cadillac!

- Christine J

You pay for the name. Make sure its want you want and need.

Eight cylinders. Eats gas. With the third seat there is no trunk for storage. Parts are more expensive because of its name. Has a lot of good/fun features. DVD player, sunroof, hands free phone, etc. . . Rides smooth. Seats are heated which is really nice and rear has own temperature control.

- Cecilia N

Great features. Love this car and will buy another.

I love the engine in my car, it has so much power. All of the features are great.. I do not know how to live without remote start these days and where would I be without my seat warmers and coolers! I love the rear control of the radio and ac/heat for the people riding in the back.

- Michelle C

It does look so luxurious and very taken care of.

My Cadillac has a lot of good features. It also has some bad ones. When I press on the brakes they squeak. It does not have any Bluetooth features which sucks when I am driving so I will not have to be on my phone. The AUX cords do not really work at all so I can play my music.

- Crystal C

It takes a lot of money to fill up car with gas.

I really enjoy my vehicle, it glides smoothly across the road and is very spacious. The vehicle holds many and is great for family trips and traveling. On the other hand, it does cost a bit much for gas but other than that the car is great. I really enjoy the vehicle.

- Sparkle C

Luxurious and comfortable

I have had the following issues - service suspension system, service air bag, air conditioning problems. I love the heated and air conditioned seats and the DVD and navigation system equipped. Has headphones so you can watch DVD and listen to music at the same time

- Miranda T

On board DVD player and sunroof.

Drives smooth. Sunroof. Built in DVD player. Great for kids. Full navigation system. Leather interior. All power. Good power in engine. Parts and repair are expensive because of its name. Eight cylinder motor eats gas. Limited trunk space when using third seat.

- Cecilia C

It drives good and I like it.

It works really good and I like, and it drives pretty well, and I got it for a good price, and its white my favorite color, and its a SUV, and it works for a big family, and it drives fast, and it has a lot of space, and it has 8 seats, and it is a escalade.

- Anthony O

It has three TVs! Two on each head rest and one of the very top.

Rides very smooth and comfortable, there is no Bluetooth in the car so I cannot talking on the phone while driving. My kids love having a DVD player to watch movies. One of the back doors does not unlock, we always have to jump in the back to unlock it.

- Amber R

Best truck ever made for pulling and hauling things.

My vehicle has never broke down. It can fit 5 people and I can also haul anything from beds to furniture. The sound system is great and also is Wi-Fi accessible. I can pull a horse trailer or a boat especially off-road it comes in all different colors.

- Darnel M

It handles great in all types of weather.

Love it, the comfort, sunroof for sunny days, sires xm radio when on long drive is nice, DVD player for the kids/grandkids. I can change the seating around for my needs. The only thing I wish is that I got the extended version.

- Valerie A

It is worth the price - quality within a normal price range.

I love the fact my Escalade drives like a car. So easy to park. I am disabled and the in and out is easy most days. Only issue we have ever had is the a/c has issues at approx 200,000 miles even with regular maintenance.

- Sheila F

Great vehicle, terrible fuel economy!

Very comfortable vehicle. Terrible fuel economy! We purchased this vehicle used and have had very few problems with it. It has more than 200K miles and is still running well.

- Phillip Z

IT is comfortable for the entire family to ride in.

I love the look of my vehicle and the room it has for my family. I don't like that it holds a stigmatism with it as people think I deal drugs as a result of driving it.

- billie f

Maintenance costs are high for this vehicle.

I like the look and size of my Cadillac. I also like the way it rides and how many passengers it holds. I dislike the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption.

- Andre J

It has durable equipment and is great for transporting my large family comfortably.

I love the way it handles, I also love the luxury features. The backup Camera, remote start. Button push hatch. I dislike the gas mileage wish it was better.

- Jess M

Cadillac Escalade family mobile

It is very spacious and all the seats are comfortable. I like the way it looks and how it performs. It is perfect for my family of 7!

- Mary K

It's really nice it does not have Bluetooth which sucks. And it needs its tires.

I like that it fits all the family. I dislike that the AUX do not work and it's always messing up. The brakes squeak too much.

- Crystal C

This vehicle is a wonderful family vehicle & easy for women to drive

I do not like how large it is on the outside yet small inside. I love the double captain seats. I do love the turning radius

- tori H

Good purchase of a used vehicle

I purchased my vehicle a couple years back used. It has never given me any problems and still rides smooth to this day.

- Leo B

Roomy and expensive when broken.

It is roomy. The car is comfortable. It is luxury and can hold all four of my daughters. It is good for long trips.

- Ashley L

Great travel car, but not best for running around town shopping and parking

Too big. Nice conveniences, heated seats steering wheel, electric running boards, etc. Expensive to work on.

- Angela H

Gets good mileage on the highway and is very comfortable to ride in. Perfect for the family and great for long road trips

Handling, smoothness of the ride, interior design good sound system vehicle handling not great on gas mileage

- Jennifer G

Luxury is a man's best friend

I love my Escalade. It is a luxury car. I have so many options.

- Lisa K

Others should know that this car is expensive and always a very big gas guzzler

I like the luxury of it. I dislike it's expensive to fix

- Brandy J

I like that the vehicle is large enough for my family. There are 8 seats. Lots of room in the back end. Is an SUV so it is good in weather.

It is a very safe vehicle and handles the road well.

- Jackie B