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A 9 year old escalade has more "bells and whistles" than brand new vehicles.

The escalade is an incredibly comfortable vehicle. The seats are some of the most comfortable and luxurious I have ever sat in. For the most part the 9 year old vehicle has not had any major problems but because it is a "luxury vehicle" when small issues arise they generally cost much more to fix than your average vehicle repair.

- Erin T

Awesome SUV with tons of space and power.

The power is awesome! So comfortable and spacious. I love my vehicle and would recommend it to anyone. Does not get the best gas mileage because of the size though. Great power to tow a trailer also. It also has great screens for DVDs for traveling. Also has an awesome backup camera, navigation and Bluetooth.

- Sara C

Luxurious and Comfortable

I absolutely love my Cadillac Escalade! It's wonderful for traveling because the ride is so smooth and it's very spacious. I feel so safe in this car and have never had any mechanical issues with it. I love it so much that when I do get a new car, I will probably get the same one, just a newer model.

- Nicte L

This car is 9 years old and still has the get up and go of a brand new car and you feel like you are riding in luxury during your trip.

I love the exterior look of my year and model of Escalade. It doesn't look boxy like some of the older and newer models. The interior has so many luxurious features like seat warmer/coolers, sunroof, Bug screen for the radio/ front tv.

- Brianne C

A cool thing about the Cadillac is that locking the doors with the lock button on the door honks the horn and delays locking until the door is actually closed, so you don't lock your keys in.

Most of all, I love my Cadillac Escalade for its bold styling and lines. I love the roomy interior and the seats are some of the best I've ever had in a car. Also, even with mine being an older model, I get pretty good gas mileage.

- Robert S

That it is reliable and I feel safe while driving my car

I like that it has a lot of room to fit people and things for going on vacation, moving, etc... Also, I like the interior and touch screen. Available Sirius and XM radio. Comfortable seats

- Sarah T

The most important thing that one should know is that it is mostly reliable.

I like that it is very quiet and it has a lot of features. The cargo area in the back is also very nice. I dislike the uncomfortable seating of the escalade.

- Sean C

I feel very safe in this car.

Love the comfort, size and OnStar system. It does use a lot of gas as it only gets an average of 10. 7 miles per gallon. I live in an urban area.

- Carol D

It is an excellent family car. We have two kids in car seats and it gives us plenty of room. I also love the third row which gives us lots of seating options for extra travelers.

It is a very nice looking car. It actually rides a little rough for how I imagined a Cadillac should ride. Otherwise, it is a great car

- Jackie K

Smooth ride luxury big enough for big family.

I am good we have fix the struts and brakes but suspenses issues be fixed already I love my truck no problems whatsoever.

- Isabelle T

The most important thing to know about my truck is that it takes a lot of gas.

I love that it has a lot of room for my friends and job. It was a great deal on the price and it's easy to keep clean.

- Chevy J

My favorite feature is the blind spot indicator!! A little indicator light comes on, on the outside mirrors. It is so helpful.

I love my suv, I feel safe driving it. It is very comfortable and roomy on the inside. I love everything about it!

- Rhonda D

It is powerful and there is so much room for people and storage.

I love the power and the room inside the vehicle. I love the way it looks. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Sara C

It only gets 19 mpg highway miles.

I love that it has third row seats. I like the room and space it has. I love the luxury of my vehicle.

- Eva J