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Cadillac's are great vehicles!

I love it. It's what I always wanted and it's a great vehicle. The seats heat and cool. It has back up cameras that warn you if you get close to anything that beep like crazy. If you are trying to switch lanes or turn you have warning signs in your mirrors that warn you of other vehicles. Only complaint is it is a gas hog.

- Page B

The back up camera is wonderful as this SUV is very large.

Safety is the most important feature that I love about my SUV, I do not love how much gas it uses. I have not had any performance issues and the extra features like heated and cooled seats are a huge perk. It does not ride like you would think it does due to the very large wheels and tires it requires.

- Mickey R

Very smooth drive and equipped with Bluetooth radio.

None I do not have any problems with my Cadillac Escalade thanks anyway try Escalades they are very dependable and with that being said I am very satisfied with my vehicle not having any problems and also I have a very well equipped experienced and knowledgeable mechanic whom is the best.

- Angela W

Best truck ever for a family lots of add owns.

Great truck. Lots of amenities. Great car for the road. Have taken plenty of road trips with the family. Lots of room. The TVs in the headrest are awesome. I would recommend this for a family vehicle any day. The kids have plenty of room to not be on top of each other.

- Bright B

Cadillac escalade must check out.

I really love the Cadillac escalade. It is very spacious and reliable. I would recommend to everyone. It is good on gas for a big car. I really enjoy having two settings for temperature for me vs the passenger. Also the heated and cooling seats. It is a beautiful car.

- Mary R

Cadillac escalade - comfy but rides like a truck.

The gas mileage is not that good but the ride is comfortable and roomy. Maintenance can be pricey. Still rides like a truck but with luxury bells and whistles. We have had to replace the shocks both front and rear - otherwise it road like a Jeep. Overall nice vehicle.

- Sue C

It is great on gas, safe and very cost efficient with repairs or oil changes.

I love my cadillac escalade SUV because of its' passenger space. I also enjoy driving my SUV instead of sedan because it offers more protection, in the event of an accident. I enjoy all the bells & whistles & that my engine starts at the touch of my key fob!.

- Carolyn T

My 55th birthday gift to me: escalade!

Heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth, XM radio, cruise, all leather. . No service issues outside of regular maintenance and new tires. . . The original tires were not the best and only lasted about 40, 000. The vehicle has less than 60, 000 miles on it to date.

- Laurie M

It has roomy comfortable seats, especially for larger people.

Love the roomy seats. Love a luxury truck. Dislike that our ext. is no longer available. We did not like that we could not upgrade to have a DVD player without getting other upgrade options. Such as automatic foot rail that slides in and out.

- Ashley K

When buying this car, try not to tow anything uphill with it. The car will overheat in a high desert environment and will suffer if placed in hot climates.

The car does well through the years when my family decides to move around. We do have issues now with the cooling system, and the radio has been replaced several times. The best part is the engine. It runs wonderfully after a long time.

- Samuel B

Very expensive to repair broken down parts.

I. I like that it is spacious, comfortable and the color black is my favorite. I however dislike the fact that it is expensive to maintain, it consumes a lot of gas and it is subject to theft especially in dangerous neighborhoods.

- Winnie B

It's a very reliable vehicle, I have never had any problems with this car.

I like the amount of space that my vehicle has, it's perfect for my growing family. I dislike the amount of gas that my vehicle requires, it would be better to have a more fuel efficient car. I like the overall look of my vehicle.

- London W

My vehicle is very safe to drive and also for the passengers.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It also drives very smooth. Stereo system is very loud. It is also very spacious and has plenty of legroom. It comes with 3rd row seating so there is plenty of room for extra passengers.

- Mike J

It steers terrific!! Tight corners are no problem.

It's very comfortable. Auto dual control temperature function. Cooled seats. Heated seats. Heated steering wheel. navigation system. I hate that there is a whistle when you go over 45 mph that I can't figure out.

- Delores H

It is a great family vehicle and is worth the investment.

I love how it fits my entire family, and that I can easily store a lot. It has lasted a while but is finally falling apart. I dislike the cooling system when towing, the car overheats if above 85°f outside.

- Sam B

The Cadillac makes a very safe vehicle to drive and be in.

My Cadillac SUV is such a great vehicle. It is very safe for all passengers riding in it. It is also very comfortable when sitting in it. I highly recommend this vehicle for your family.

- Mike J

It is very dependable and safe.

It is a very room vehicle and rides very nice. I can fit everyone and everything I need in it. I do not like that it is not very good on fuel and expensive to replace parts.

- Megan D

Great long lasting comfort for families

Car has over 200,000 miles and still runs great. It has plenty of room for a large family and is very comfortable for road trips. It is currently leaking oil.

- Jess L

My car has 3rd row seating and is very safe in crashes.

This has been a very reliable vehicle for myself and family. Aside from general maintenance things, we have not encountered any major issues.

- Maggie W

No thanks I don't want to do this anymore.

Love it very easy to drive. Its my mothers car but I use it sometimes. I can't wait to get my own car and not worry to use other people cars.

- Amanda C

Cadillac lover and car enthusiast!

I love my cadillac escalade i've had no problems from it at all. It runs fine smooth driving! The only thing is I wish it was better on gas.

- Keisha Y

Very big and long sometimes hard to find parking also not all parallel parking spaces is made for this type of vehicle

Very comfortable and spacious had a oxygen sensor problem and the motor in my seat went bad other than that really haven't had any problems


It is dependable, and it is safe for you and your passengers.

6.2 engine, fully loaded and it hardly ever causes issues. It is easy to maintain but has the newer technology that I like.

- Stefani V

Good in gas and it is a very pretty looking vehicle for me to say I have.

Easy to drive. Runs good. It is good on gas. Really do not hate anything about this vehicle that I say I drive.

- Sue T

Love my Cadillac Escalade best decision ever.

I love that it fits my entire family of 6 very comfortable and we have plenty of space for luggage and all.

- Nora R

I absolutely love the vehicle. I have had it for a couple years and I have not have any major problems with my vehicle.

I think the luxury aspects of the car have been one of my favorite features.

- Carmen W

it takes to much gas and it is hard to find a parking spot

to be honest I can't think of anything I disliked about it

- david m