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I love the mirrors that can be turned in while going thru a car wash.

Of all the Cadillac's I have owned over the years, my escalade have been one of my favorite. We have took many trips to Oklahoma to visit relatives. Our escalade has given us comfortable rides every time. I suffer from arthritis in my lower back & especially if the weather is about to change, it can be very painful. Because it has a heated seat & back, I can turn it on and feel the comfort of heat on my painful back. After about 15 to 20 minutes I can turn it off & turn it to cool & refresh my back with cool air. Doing this several times along the way really helps me to endure comfort for our 8 to 9 hour drives. One other feature is if it is cold outside I can start the vehicle & warm up the engine. That way the heat will come out without waiting for the engine to warm up.

- Jo G

A Cadillac: luxury at a price.

I love the way my vehicle looks. It is pearl white and the platinum version. It is fancy and I like fancy. It is very reliable and comfortable. It has both heating and cooling seat feature. There are only two things that I do not like. First, it is not the best on gas mileage. Secondly, any parts or services are extremely costly. Of course, you must be willing to pay the cost for a luxury vehicle.

- Tanya E

My beautiful Cadillac miss pearl.

My vehicle is a pearl white color and in excellent condition. I've hardly had any problems with it. I did come into problems with my fuel pump and got it fixed but it was more expensive than I expected just because of the brand. I would have to say that my overall satisfaction of my vehicle is a 8 out of 10 as my only problem is the price to fix something just because of the brand Cadillac.

- Joanna S

It's a cool car and runs great. I love the interior!!

Good and comfortable. Enough room for my family on long road trips. Vented seats okay gas mileage. Rides smooth on highway and side streets. The interior is leather and the seats are automatic. The dash lets you know miles until empty, tells you if you have low tire pressure needs oil changes check engine.

- Jessica L

It is perfect, comfortable, reliable, fast.

It is great, it is fast & big enough for a family. It is good on gas mileage. Has four wheel drive for winter and runs perfect in the snow. You will not regret purchasing one. It is the best choice I have ever made. It is also comfortable for long rides, has heated seats & TV installed.

- Britt R

Perfect and comfortable for family, but be ready for repair cost.

For big families is perfect! Very comfortable, but the one problem is if anything breaks the cost for repairs are high. Besides that you will have plenty of room for the kids, DVD, cup holder that heats and cools the liquids and does not consume too much gas like our older SUV car.

- Stephanie G

Family car with plenty of space.

Its a large SUV that has plenty of room for a family and large trunk space. The entertainment system is nice. It is expensive to repair when problems arise. It is good in the snow and has been pretty reliable. It does not have good gas mileage and is expensive to maintain.

- Maura L

Wow! This vehicle has it all!

Beautiful car inside and out. A very comfortable ride. Nice air conditioned seats and offers third row seating or not. Retractable running boards are a plus. Hot and cold cup holders. Heated steering wheel. Sun roof is handy. Grandchildren love the individual DVD players.

- Pamela D

The very versatile Cadillac escalade.

I love my Cadillac escalade! It is very roomy and comfortable. It is a big vehicle but easy to drive. We have taken it on very long road trips and the gas mileage was amazing. I would definitely recommend it to large families. The third row seating comes in very handy.

- Amy R

It is dependable, excellent handling, will get you from point A to B in style and comfort.

I love my Cadillac! It is super easy to drive, it responds well in it's handling and is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It is very dependable, I keep up the regular maintenance and have had no major mechanical problems.

- Jill H

It is a great ride with beautiful interior and exterior.

Great vehicle! Very gutsy engine comes in handy when passing. I love the air cooled seats and the hot and cold cup holders. Another favorite is the retractable running boards.

- Pam B

Repairs and maintenance are expensive. Insurance, too.

My Hennessey is my baby. I bought it because nobody I know has one. In fact not many were sold in Dallas. It embodies my attitude. Smooth ride, great brand.

- Vincent P

It is very spacey and easy to drive. There are a lot of whistles and gadgets that I don't know how to use that would probably appeal to many.

There have been a number of problems that have had to be fixed. It has also gotten several flat tires, but interns of the vehicle itself I like everything.

- Sarah B

Love everything about the car but the GPS system. It is hard to use. Love the bucket seats and there is plenty of room to carry things. Even more if you take out the third seat. Smooth ride and plenty of legroom.

I feel it is very safe because of the size and weight and being taller than many vehicles. Is comfortable ride even though it is built more like a truck.

- Laura B

My Escalade as a true SUV

It is an excellent car for work and personal use. I use it daily as a work vehicle and as my personal vehicle on the weekends. It is very comfortable

- Bill B

My car is roomy and has power. I love how it handles on snowy roads

I love the look and style of the vehicle. I don't like the gas mileage and have had trouble with the towing and cruise control going out

- Sara S

Great for a large family!

There are no issues with the car. It is very dependable and has tons of room for our large family. It is also very nicely designed.

- Krystal K

People get out of the way for you.

I like the stance so I can see pretty far down the road, Have really had no major problems in 7 years and replaced tires twice.

- Al J

Comfortable and roomy front and back.

Great car, excellent acceleration, good for errands, could keep forever but ready for a new one. Pricing has not changed much.

- Al P

My vehicle is extremely safety oriented which I love because of my grandchildren

I like the size and comfort of my vehicle and the way it drives the only downfall is how much it takes to fill the gas tank up

- Jacqueline H

Safe smooth ride. it has great style and makes a statement,

I like the size and look. I also like the features. only complaint is storage for size of vehicle, and gas mileage

- Zach J

It gets me from point a to point b.

I do not like that it doesn't have bench seating. I like that it is spacious. I do not like the interior color.

- Stacy L

Very roomy! Awesome family vehicle. Escalade are high class!

Love third row. The space is great. Dislike gas mileage. Dislike year wish it could be newer.

- Jolynn S

It is luxurious and very comfortable.

I love the car. As well as the extras. And the services provided.

- Richard E