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The escalade has surpassed my expectations a very reliable and comfortable ride.

The comfort of the escalade is beyond top notch. Seating is spacious and comfortable. The heated and cooling seats in the front captains chairs are exceptionally nice year round. The 2nd row is captains chairs also that are heated and are excellent for passengers and especially the ones sitting in the rear bench seat. The mechanical reliability is exceptional and has never had any major issues besides normal wear and tear. The motor is solid and reliable even in the harshest conditions of living in the northern part of the united states with negative temperatures. The all-wheel drive of living in a state that gets a fair amount of snow can stand up to any four wheel drive pickup out there on the market. The performance package and suspension of the escalade makes it unmatched to another SUV of it is kind on the market! It can go through any type of terrain and ride smooth on the streets and highways. It has all the bells and whistles you would expect on a Cadillac and they work perfectly. I would complete recommend a Cadillac escalade to anyone in the market of purchasing a full size SUV. The entertainment system makes long rides a breeze with dual DVD monitors and headrest DVD players. The Bose sound system with surround sound will make you want to sing along to any song. I cannot say enough good things about this ride with the roomy interior and sharp looking exterior will have you sold on being a Cadillac owner. The reliability and functionality of the SUV is unmatched and then to take into account the roominess and comfort. Do not forget the nice size engine for those that want to haul that boat to the lake or camper with the tow haul mode makes it easy to do so. The handling of the vehicle is exceptional and you do not feel like your driving a lumbering vehicle more of a nice riding large SUV. The feeling of being in one of the safest vehicles on the road today with OnStar at your fingertips will make you want to travel anywhere the road may take you.

- Jennifer H

Cadillac escalade esv - the perfect 'mom car'.

I absolutely love the roominess that the escalade esv offers. Having three children means having lots of stuff. All of my kids belongings, along with groceries, strollers, diaper bags, etc.., fit in this car. I feel safe when I drive it, and like how we are higher than in a regular car. I definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Kelly M

My luxury car my whole family enjoys.

Problems are: can't see well out of the back window, there is also a blind spot on the right side of the car from the drivers side. Pluses are its very comfortable I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel. It rides very smooth. There's a lot of storage compartments.

- Carolyn A

Makes the road more visible and the driver feel more comfortable and safe.

No complaints other than the gas mileage could be better. If I could have had a hybrid, then I would feel better about as far as more economical. Over all it is a very good, reliable, safe vehicle for my two small children who ride in car seats and myself most of the time.

- Jenny G

It runs better on premium oil and gasoline. I have my oil changed every 6 weeks instead of every three months.

I love my vehicle. It is the right size for transporting my family and it has all the right feature to make me feel like I own the road. However, it is getting older so it requires more maintenance and repairs than it used to.

- LaReina B

If you travel a lot take in consideration the gas as it doesn't get good gas mileage.

I have only had one issue with my Cadillac Escalade. The windshield wiper fluid doesn't come out. I have yet to have problem looked at. But overall a very reliable vehicle. Very spacious and comfortable.

- Miranda S

Cadillac Escalade; the only suv you'll ever need and more features than you actually do!

I've only had my car a few months now. Some of my favorite features are parking assist, backup camera, Bose sound system, heated/cooling seats, heated steering wheel ...I could go on and on

- Maureen H

It's perfect for families.

I love that I have a family car. It is very spacious and very comfortable. I don't like to be low to the ground and so I appreciate that I am not low. I feel my family is safe in my car

- Alyssa G

Smooth and comfortable ride. Easy access if you have kids, the dvd keeps them entertained for the ride

Comfortable, smooth, easy driving suv. Great with kids, easy to get them in and out of also plenty of legroom. They really enjoy the dvd features. Overall great family suv

- Mindy B

Love how much room there is inside. 3rd row seat comes in very handy.

Best car I've ever had. Rides so smooth and is very quiet on the inside. Safe, family vehicle. Gas mileage could be better, but is expected for a large suv.

- nicole l

The personality of the escalade

The performance of the cadillac escalade is beyond anything that you could imagine. The nice, spacious room in the interior is very luxurious.

- Lathan S

Cadillac is a GM made vehicle and uses same parts as a Chevrolet.

It is a very nice truck/SUV but the maintenance on it is very expensive. Just the air ride alone cost thousands of dollars to replace.

- Jason S

It is my favorite car, comfortable to drive.

It is easy to drive. It is fast and comfortable. It makes my life easier. It is very helpful to me, I can go wherever I want. No.

- Vanessa S

You have to know how to cut off or the battery will go dead.

My vehicle is perfect for my big family. It needs a paint job. It needs new tires and a battery. Other than that no complaints.

- Joan W

It is good to drive long distance.

It has a very smooth ride I love the sunroof all the storage area is very nice. It has a bad blind spot on the right side.

- Carolyn A

Dependable and reliable transportation.

I have no complaints. I enjoying driving this SUV.. I love the way it handles, and I particularly love this model.

- Mae M

Awesome car to own and drive.

Cadillac is a reliable car. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. They provide excellent service and warranty.

- Kathryn A

Great family car for those who do not wish to drive a minivan.

Super comfortable, smooth ride, reliable, very roomy for family and luxurious could get better gas mileage.

- Heather R

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

Power reliability is very good. gas mileage is not very good. No complaints.

- Dixie B

It has a lot of room but expensive

I like how roomy it is. It's an expensive vehicle.

- Brooke r