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My biggest complaint about my car pertains to the electronics that control a majority of the features and functions of the car. I wish this wasn't something that was SO expensive to fix...it's INSANE! Especially since I feel there are issues with the electronics often. Also, the parking assist goes crazy when there is a small speck of dirt or a dead bug on one of the sensors in the front of the car. Don't get me started on this issue when it rains! The car just makes alarming beeping noises throughout your entire commute (unless you turn parking assist off).

- Jodi F

Easy Driver w/ Power when needed

This is my second Escalade, and by far this is the most impressed I have been with any of them. This truck handles like a dream, such a smooth ride, I am looking forward to taking some long distance drives to tour the country.... something I haven't done in years. And.. the Power!!! they have fine tuned this corvette engine to react quicker than the previous years! I love the interior design and the heads up display and the dashboard cluster is easy to navigate. and the smart assist for cruise control, makes driving easier...

- Phil P

Fun family suv for traveling.

I love my Escalade. It fits six people comfortably and/ or 2 people four car seats. The kids love the entertainment package. The GPS isn't as reliable as maps on my cell phone so that is a little irritating. The leather is wonderful and the heated seats are the best in cold months. The sound system is Bose and we love it a lot. We travel with the family all the time and love the room in this suv. This is my second Escalade and third Cadillac to own. We will continue to upgrade to another Cadillac once it's time.

- Annette N

Luxury Durable Sleek looking SUV

Besides normal maintenance it has been problem/issue free. The great thing about the Escalade is it's fairly good on gas considering its size and it takes 87 octane gas. The car is certainly a luxury SUV but had the ability to handle off road driving. It is extremely durable as I was rear ended by a car and suffered very little damage while the car (also an SUV) that hit was totaled. This is my second Cadillac Escalade and I highly recommend it!

- Tanya J

Cadillac escalade, the best car.

The car is comfortable and easy to drive. I love having the touch screen radio, it lets my friends easily use the radio. The gas mileage is great. The seats are easily adjustable and comfortable to sit. My car is cherry red and I get compliments all the time. I am happy and feel honored to own this car. The cruise control feature is amazing. I am often driving 200-400 miles away from home and out on the interstate, I turn it on.

- Brooke G

Great SUV love it and getting the same SUV but newer model.

I do love the SUV but what I really find that I don't like about my SUV is that when you go for a tune up on the engine I seem to notice that the car runs funny like it needs a tune up and just had one it last for a few hours and the it stops I noticed this a few times when I had a tune up no one could give me a answer a of why this was happening love the SUV a lots of room.

- Preston A

Cadillac's are a good buy the interior is great for a family.

The seats are very nice comfortable and there are enough seats for my family it is very handy when going to work a dance recital soccer game etc. One problem is that the seat belt clip can get stuck in the seat if you have very rowdy kids. It is good for long trips the color is astonishing they have the best seat adjustment for the driver and all around a good buy.

- Kayla B

Sleek, beautiful Cadillac Escalade

I love my Cadillac Escalade. It's big and roomy for my family of four but not too Big. Easy to park with use of cameras. I love all the extras like Wi-Fi, cameras, DVD player, heated seats, cooling seats, cell charging console, plenty of charging stations, captain's seats, sunroof. The sleek look of the vehicle is very appealing and looks nice on the road.

- Jen C

I love it but there are tweaks to be made after purchasing, it slides in the rain when pulling out from a stoplight.

I dislike the stereo system, only one cd player, I dislike that there's a long delay when you use the auxiliary cord to connect your phone or when you use bluetooth your conversation gets lost in transition and the volumes as well you have to turn it all the way up. Also, the rear seats are heated but no ventilation. I like that it's classy


White grayish color 3 seat rows 7 seats nice comfy.

Nothing wrong with it tires are really good and durable it hasn't broke down had for a year still haven't had to replace tires or anything. Couldn't ask for more if anything needed fixing I would know immediately when I need an oil change this orange oil button pops up so I have a few days before having to change it.

- Jennifer J

I love the back up camera and the on star. It makes me feel safe while traveling

It rides smoothly. I love the side mirrors and it is great on gas. It's very spacious on the inside and my kids love that they can watch movies when we are traveling. The sunroof is great and very clear to see out of. My love for this vehicle has grown as I didn't like when the body changed but it grew on me.

- Michelle M

My luxurious awesome Cadillac Escalade

No problems I love my ride! Couldn't ask for a better vehicle. It's for sure luxury and nice. It has backup camera. It has all wheel drive. It is leather interior. It has rims and they chrome. It has a jam up stereo system inside that the factory base sounds like you put your own souped up system in it

- April B

Other should know that these Cadillacs are worth the money. The luxury that you get for the money that you have spent is worth every dime.

I love my vehicle. I know that I spent a lot of money on it however It's worth every dime. I like that it's flashy I like that it's luxurious I like all the features that's on it. I did get it in Black however and I wished I wouldn't have done that. That's the only thing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Early M

This vehicle in black looks sexy.

The seats are very comfortable and it didn't come with the annoying car smell. I like the sleek design and how the seats and shaped. The only thing I dislike is the rear view mirror. It fits all my friends and we like to go on night drives. It also looks pretty cool so it makes me look rich.

- Audrey B

Riding in luxury, one of the best vehicles to buy.

Love this car. Great ride and has all the bells and whistles! Love the longer version for hauling kids and pets to the cabin and back. The heated and air conditioned seats are a must in MN due to our extreme climate. The technology is top notch, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and on star.

- Jess S

My vehicle is my life. When people see my car they know what time it is.

I have had this car for about 3 years now and I have had no problems with it at all, I make my oil changes like I am suppose to and keep it maintained. Only thing I ever had problems with was my air it was cooling cold enough but after I fixed that I have had no issues with my car.

- Mario F

The finest SUV made in America today.

I do not have any problems with this vehicle except that I have found it is just a little too big for me. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a big SUV. Everything is top notch. The interior is luxurious and the technology is beyond cutting edge. Cadillac is back in it is stride.

- Mark M

It is wide and it may take some people time to adjust for that. I don't have a issue with it. Also, the second row captains chairs don't slide forward to adjust for taller people sitting in the back row.

I love the size, I have the extended version and am able to transport kids with lots of area for sports gear or groceries. IT rides like a sedan and handles really well. I wish the second row captains chairs could slide forward to make room for taller people in the back row.

- Laurel G

My spacious yet classy ride

My vehicle is fully loaded it comfortable and plush like myself. I love taking trips to the beach with the kids as well as having a girls night out on the town. Its spacious and classy. I love the heated seats and extra foot step to step up in and hop down out of with ease.

- Jackie M

Cadillac Escalade is worth every penny.

So far everything has been good. No problems. The SUV is comfortable, reliable, and durable. I haul my grandkids and equipment daily. It has television for the kids. The third row seating is a plus and comfortable. It also Has great storage. Excellent for long rides.

- Octavia R

In all it's a great car that's why I am getting to same car just newer year.

The gas mileage it's great the car rides nice looks great with great safety things about it. doesn't have the best wait fulling but does have great horsepower to me I am changing cars but I changing to a newer year car with same model with more new technology.

- Preston A

The best thing about my vehicle is the way it drives.

The only problem that I have with my vehicle is the color of it. Other than that I do not have any other issues with it and I love everything about it. The seats are incredibly nice and feel so comfortable that I do not even mind falling asleep on them.

- Sarah L

Handles amazing in all types of weather.

This truck has everything, all options that you could ever want and more. Handles amazing in all types of weather, especially on icy roads. I never had any problems with it. Comfort level is a 10. I always feel safe and secure traveling in this truck.

- Theresa V

It has a lot of room! But it sometimes can feel like driving a bus!.

I really like the interior but I wish it had a Bluetooth wireless connection so I could play music in my car. It does, however, have a aux plug in which is better than nothing. I also love the heated seats it is best during winter time.

- Mckenna F

My vehicle is extremely gas consuming and it takes about 22 gallons to fill up

I love how spacious it is, as well as comfortable. I like the overall look of it, and like all the luxurious finishes that are included with it. I don't like all the recalls that have been made but otherwise, I'm extremely satisfied.

- Suni A

It has a lot of room inside. It's very spacious. If you have children it has enough room for them to be together but also to separate them if arguing.

I love how much room it has. I love the third row seat I've got children. It's white in color which is nice until it starts to get dirty it's more noticeable. It's kinda hard on gas but not too too bad.

- Tara S

My vehicle is a gas guzzler, it needs about twenty two gallons to be completely filled. It also burns gas extremely quickly which can become very expensive

I love the space that my vehicle is able to provide. I also, love how luxurious and elegant it is. Lastly, I love the headlights which allow me to see at night without any difficulties.

- Sunilda A

It drives like an absolute dream.

It drives very smoothly. It easily carries my large family. I dislike that it has been in a couple of times for squeaky brakes and they cannot figure out what's wrong with it.

- Stephanie R

A great decision.all i have to say is do your research

It is a great all around year and weather vehicle.very dependable and reliable.i think cadillac hit the bullseye with this one.i think personally.I think i got a great deal.

- David O

It is amazing and has such great features that help out so much!!.

I love my car and everything about the car. All the features are really cool. And I love the back up camera and tells me how much I am driving.

- Mill B

Affordable and safety of the driver.

As for now I don't encountered any problem from my car. the reason why I buy this car because I have a lot of knowledge before I purchased it.

- Marlyn J

The Comfortability and space, the color of the seats

I like the size of the car, it's comfortable and elegant. I would like to have more space in the trunk when all the 7 passengers are seating

- Ana K

I really enjoy my very spacious truck.

My truck allows me to lower the seats to make more room. This really comes in handy with all of the traveling my family does.

- Ador P

The car is safe and reliable. It is a big car feel but it does not feel like it.

Love the room and how it drives. It is a safe car to transport kids and family members. It is also great for long distances.

- Mary Ann K

It has Lots of interior space.

I like the interior space and styling. However it get very poor gas mileage. It is also difficult to change the oil.

- Mary a

It is worth the money for how it drives.

Love the ride, and the amenities. I wish it could tow more weight. I wish the tvs' had separate blu ray players.

- Sean R

Great to drive this truck.

It great vehicle to have it is safe n durable good on gas plus has plenty of room smoothly rides on any terrain.

- Samantha G

reliable has never broken down or failed to start.

I like the good visibility. I don't like the back up camera. I don't like the way the sound system is set up.

- tom m

My vehicle can be hard on gas which is not surprising because it is a large vehicle

I have had no problems with my vehicle. Good performance is snow. There is room for hauling my items I need

- Billie J

is very compact and easy to drive, sometime need maintenance

i like my car not because its features but because i but with own effort

- Hans T

that it's roomy enough for everyone to fit. It is expensive but worth it.

love the color. love the space. love that it's very big and roomy.

- barbara s

I love the way it rides. It's big and spacious. I just love Cadillac cars/trucks.

It's a safe vehicle and rides very smooth and very spacious.

- Tracey S

the size is very compact but at the same time is very cute

i like everything about it because i buy it, is perfect

- jhon k

It is a comfortable ride and has a lot of space and seating.

It rides smoothly,has a great entertainment features.

- Corey H