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Hi beautiful is great and angry condition and runs perfectly.

My vehicle is great is my first luxury vehicle I have ever owned it runs smoothly handles superbly I have the truck model because I thought it looked classy I have never taken it off-road but it does handle well in inclement weather honestly it is a great vehicle being a Cadillac but I am still young and would love to go off-road I would not recommend this to go off-road.

- Doug V

Love my escalade! Safety features are by far the best I have ever had!

Love everything about my escalade! Beautiful vehicle, quiet ride. Plenty of room, seats are comfortable for long trips. Bose sound system is clear and crisp and comes with XM radio for 6 months. Wish it was a little better on fuel but that is the trade off for size and performance. Love all the safety features too!

- Lisa A

Cadillac of old with modern day features.

The escalade is a very reliable, beautiful SUV that handles the road well, has numerous features, is very spacious, and it is safe because it is constructed like a tank. For me the safety features are paramount and I learned how it is wrapped in steel several times and is designed like the older Cadillacs.

- Valerie G

Beautiful, modern, spacious.

Very smooth ride as always expect nothing less from Cadillac. I live in Minnesota and this vehicle has always made it through any winter path. The leather is beautiful. Sunroof is a must. Also it's almost like the car can drive itself so be prepared. Never worry about fitting the whole squad in one car.

- Kayla P

A very reliable sports utility vehicle.

It is a very reliable car. I use it for both long and short distance drives. It looks sophisticated and it is a very comfortable care to drive. With the increasing price of gas, I wish it has better gas mileage but I guess I cannot have it all. It has a lot of space for luggage and groceries.

- Amber F

Cadillac Escalade. Very spacious and good for long distance.

Great. Lots of room and space. Can fit a cooler. Great for long road trips with kids or pets. The Totoro number of seats is 7 ! Awesome for fitting lots of people! It's pretty much good for anything! It has a DVD player which is fun. And the trunk is big. Good for fitting camping gear.

- Ross G

I Absolutely Love my Escalade!

My car drives well and is comfortable. I wish the running boards weren't fixed - I would prefer if they folded up and down. Especially because I always get road salt on my pants from the running boards. I like the sound system a lot, and the heated seat and steering wheel is great.

- Holly H

Amazing sensors in this vehicle

Very accusation sensors. Smooth ride. Comfortable seating and amazing 360 camera. Live the captain seats and easy to put down/up the 3rd row. Seat vibrates when something gets too close to your car so you can stop automatically. Also love the heating and cooling automatic seats

- Elizabeth A

One of the best driving cars on the road. Cadillac.

Love the ride. Very comfortable. Power steering is nice. Braking is 100 percent. Seating is roomy. Power windows. Love the interior design. Lots of room for family and friends and. I love Cadillac. My whole family drives and own Cadillac. The interior lightening is awesome.

- Anthony W

hieroglyphic screen above dash for the driver to have head-on view of odometer.

I have owned this vehicle for 6 months and have had absolutely no issues with it so far and I do not have any complains about the safety/reliability of the car. The comfort level of the vehicle Is also exceptional as well as the features of the car also being exceptional.

- Christina L

Its huge and spacious very comfortable.

It takes a lot of gas. It's a gas hog. I love it because it drive in the mountain terrain. So it's very good for family trips and hauling stuff. I like it. We have a nice sound system and Wi-Fi. We had Ipads installed to entertain the kids it very nice. Enjoy.

- Miriam M

Better user integration experience

I love the way my Escalade drives and handles the road . I would like to have seen better integration with my phone . It automatically starts playing music every time I connect to Apple CarPlay

- Karen B

My car has many technological and safety features.

I really like my vehicle. It is spacious, has high end finishes, and has the latest technology features. It is a smooth ride and has many features I enjoy. The exterior is presidential.

- Char S

The Cadillac escalade is a very excellent vehicle the durability.

I like escalade is a excellent vehicle is dependable reliable and comfortable I am so happy that I purchased this vehicle and I would suggest anyone to buy this car it is excellent.

- Lorena F

Ride is amazing. Options are superior

Ride is superior to other vehicles. Comfortable seating regardless where you sit. Options make driving fun again. Looks sharp, sounds good. Everything a Cadillac is meant to be.

- Nichole J

Perfect for the family and all the driving we do.

This vehicle is very comfortable and relaxing and has all the convenient of life. It is a very comfortable ride and the leather seats are easy to clean. The moonroof is a plus.

- Stephanie M

The color of this car is light blue.

I love the design on the inside. I love the design of the outside of the car. I love how the lights are and how easy it is to control and get the actual feel of the car.

- Jay D

Amazing features and very safe

My Cadillac escalade is perfect. I love it. It's so roomy and all the amenities are wonderful. The camera for backing up. The navigation system are all amazing

- Michelle S

It can seat up to 9 passengers

Large luxury SUV, all the comforts and conveniences that 1 could ask for in a big transport vehicle. Safe for my entire family, and fun to drive

- Greg b

It is the best luxury SUV in the market, period.

This is my 7th Cadillac escalade. It is the best luxury SUV for a family of 7. I would never drive any other SUV, I have zero complaints.

- Carmen S

Smooth ride, safe, reliable, dependable.

Its spacious. Good for all terrains. Ride is smooth. Escalades are the cutest SUV plus you get the best of everything in this car.

- Kimberly G

It handles nice for a big vehicle.

It is very good vehicle it is black with burgundy interior all wheel drive comfortably seats and drives nice.

- Roy B

It is fun nice and addictive but it is fun and fun but you can do a better t.

It is so awesome like I can ride everywhere I want without complaining about the way the car is driving back.

- Hannah M

It is expensive but well worth the money.

The car is very luxurious it handles well and it is fully equipped and it is what I always wanted in an SUV.

- Jane M

It is a beautiful car fully equipped and handles wonderfully on the road.

We love the Cadillac escalade we love the luxurious interior. We also love the way it handles on the road.

- May M

Its luxury and I like the gas mileage.

Really good on gas, large trunk space. Room for 5 adults. Would really recommend it to everyone with kids.

- Amy T

You can have up to eight passengers in the car at the same time.

My Escalade is a great vehicle. It's perfect, driving is so smooth, the car is beautiful inside and out.

- Kiarri D

Big car perfect for travel and leisure

Nice comfort, good engine low maintenance, perfect for long trips with all of the family specially kids

- Louis T

It's very roomy and spacious

It has a lot of room for my family. It also has a very sleek look. The car is also very safe

- Jess P



- JOHN b

it's very extensive and i hope it will last a long time. it's a very nice car

no complaints. it's a very nice vehicle. very easy to drive and looks good.


I love my Cadillac Escalade. It is so beautiful, i love how it gets so shiny after you wash it. Honestly I have no complaints about my car. Also, I love how spacious it is.

Other people should know that it is expensive and it wastes a lot of gas.

- Nelly G