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My car only had 1 owner before I purchased it.

My vehicle is really nice and reliable. It is expensive to repair at times, but it is worth every penny. I have minor issues with my car right now that will be fixed but it is still driveable. The ac, and brake light switch needs repaired. The driver and passenger seat interior needs a to be repaired. My car seats massages and gets warm. My car glove department needs replacement too. It takes 45 dollars to fill up the gas tank. The mileage has over 133,000 miles on it. There was only 1 owner before I purchased this car.

- J B

My vehicle is a blessing because despite all of it is problems.

I just purchased my vehicle a little over a month ago, it is by no means new. The inside lights no longer work, the headlights have frost on them so I cannot drive my vehicle at night, which is fine by me. I have to manually lock all of the doors and the trunk, the gas door can only be opened from the trunk, it occasionally has engine problems where it cuts off in the middle of the road. But it is good on gas and I am grateful to have a vehicle to get around in because there are people who are not that fortunate.

- Loren M

The Dashboard Display Review

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is the cooling system. It has been very reliability and has never broken down on me. It is very comfortable with lots of legroom for both the people sitting in the front and in the back. My favorite feature on this car is that the dashboard is all computerized and it helps make it more visible and helps show anything that could be wrong with the car

- Richard B

The motor is good for about a hundred thousand miles.

I love all the bells and whistles I get in the car and push a button my stereo turns to my station the seats move to my position the air conditioner goes to my temperature the mirrors moved to my settings the only problem is the transmission leaks fluid extremely bad it is a problem Cadillac fixed after only 2 or 3 years of that motor and transmission combo.

- Sue C

Pretty but runs terrible!

Cadillac's are expensive and hard to work on. Not worth it at all. First a water pump and then a head gasket after spending 2500$ I'll never own another one that's for sure. They just don't make cars like they used to. I do not like where the battery is located either.

- Tara R

The stylish Cadillac Seville.

A Cadillac has a lot features of comfort and styling in a car. It has cruise control, power seats and all kinds of items like a camera in the back to see behind the car, full stereo sound with speakers. Internet in the backseat area of the car.

- Les M

overall it is a good car older but has never let me down never broke down hard to steer but workable

it is very comfortable,like the sunroof,the security system,the 6 disk cd changer,don't like that there are things wrong with it the high pressure hose malfunctioned making it impossible to hold power steering fluid

- Jamie B

Cadillacs are the best! Although somewhat pricey, they are worth every penny!

I love cadillacs! I always wanted one, and now that I have one, I love it! It runs smooth. It is a pretty blue color. And it looks professional.

- Aimie R

It is a great reliable car, I have had it for years, with regular maintenance it has ran beautifully

Great reliable car, has run great for many years now

- Nicole V