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My 2006 Cadillac srx, it's a sweet comfortable ride.

For many years, everything was great with my srx Cadillac, then the engine failed, the transmission failed, and the paint started coming off. A couple of years later, the hatchback door started sticking and the door mechanism would stick and you could shut or lock the back hatch door. The leather seats also started to rip apart, and we had to buy a mew seat. Having said all that, I love driving my Cadillac for the creature comforts of nice ride, nice radio sound, air conditioner always worked well in the hot state of Florida.

- Debra M

It has been a wonderful car. I feel very safe in it.

I have kept this car for 12 years, purchased new. I have done regular maintenance on it, repairs have been reasonable. It is very comfortable and drives very smooth. It is not as smooth as a Cadillac car, but definitely a luxury SUV. I have everything I need, but Bluetooth, which is fine for me. I have CD, sunroof, Bose sound system, air conditioning in the rear, the back seat folds down for more room, tinted windows and a different grill than the original. I added a mess grill rather than louver style.

- Donna B

Love my srx with it is beautiful color and looks.

Have the car since 2006 no problems accept usual wear both turn signals had to be replaced after 12 years. Heated seats with double sunroof stereo and CD player 3rd row seating separate heat and air for back plenty of room. Leather interior, automatic lights and windshield wipers, automatic door locks with childproof advantage. Love the convenience of automatic windows and the SUV is just a beautiful vehicle.

- Peggy S

Car had some issues when we first purchased it but it was all covered within the 4 year 50,000 mile warranty. I currently have 146,000+ miles on the car and it still runs fine. Have 12 years with this car, so it has been very reliable.

I still have many original parts that I would never have guessed lasted for 146,000+ miles. Parts that normally need to be replaced at 100,000 miles or less, such as my fuel pump and my alternator, have never been replaced. They are all original. Speaks to the quality of the vehicle to have so many original parts after 12 years and 146,000+ miles.

- Dennis C

Amazing security and comfort driving all around.

Ultra long sunroof, comfortable seating and adjustments, perfect for family, rides smooth, built in GPS navigation, on star services, XM radio features built in. Back seating that drops down for more rear room ability. Seats are temperature controlled. Anti lock brakes, security equipped, perfect spacing for traveling and children.

- Angie V

Great car if you can afford it.

Car drives smoothly but minor issues are very costly with a Cadillac. Oil changes are double the average cost. Changing the front blinker lights will cost you $150 due to design and placement of bulbs. Overall, it is a nice vehicle if you can easily afford the extra expenses that come with owning a luxury car.

- Amy C

Car and truck all in one.

The rear differential bearing is going out. Its making the anti-lock brakes not work. The driver side heated seat went out. But other than that I really love the car. It's like have a car and a truck all in one. We haul horse feed in it. Or we can take it out on the town and be driving a nice comfortable car.

- Tracy T

Great looking car but high maintenance.

I have to continually replace tires when I bought the car it had aftermath rims on it and it has been a headache. Also replace wheel bearings. It is a very good looking car but very high maintenance. I can only use supreme gas in the tank if not it will mess the gas heads up and cause other problems.

- Cassandra B

I love the silver paint which makes it stand out especially when it is clean.

I love the style of my vehicle, the interior as well as the exterior. I love the large sunroof that extends to the back seat. I do not care for the cost of the maintenance. I love that it is very roomy and is a comfortable ride. I do not like that I see a lot of them on the road.

- Jeannette N

Do the regular maintenance! This car in particular begins performing poorly without timely servicing at all recommended intervals.

Mostly it's a fine comfortable vehicle, maintenance costs are too high and it's getting older now. I would have liked more A/C options for the middle row of seats, and bluetooth connectivity or at least a headphone jack front and rear.

- Richard P

My Cadillac is a beautiful car, but the Cadillac line through GM is NOT a world class car.

I love how safe and solid it is on wintery roads. I love the full glass roof for either sunny days or starry nights. I hate that it uses 2 quarts of oil in 1,000 miles. I hate the service that GM offers to less than ideal clients.

- Jason B

It is a good running dependable vehicle!

I love this car! The moonroof is my favorite part, the interior is beautiful and comfortable. It handles great even at 180, 000 miles! The only complaint I'd have is the settings are hard to understand. Love this car.

- Abby V

Although it has many problems it gets you from point A to point B.

The car has transmission issues and Cadillac converter issues. The gas miles are horrible $20 last about a day and if you want to fill up the entire tank it cost about $80. Ignition coil and spark plug issues.

- Rebekah S

All round good family vehicle.

Vehicle is a dependent safe vehicle. Has all wheel drive for those rainy and snowy days. I have a rather large family and it fits all 7 of us comfortably on a 12 hour road trip.

- Rabindranaz S

Holds up well for age, mileage and gas consumption

Has been a great road car with low maintenance Has a V8 engine and does about 24 or 25 on highway with 145,000 miles. Still looks like it is about 1 year old

- John W

Great SUV Crossover, with a lot of room.

Great crossover, feels like driving your couch. The only problem is the wide turning ratio, making parking difficult at times.

- Donna A

It gets me from a to b. The most important thing is it is still running.

I love the smoothness of the drive. I dislike that the speedometer cuts out randomly. I love the room in it for the kids.

- Elise R

It is made very cheaply. Everything falls apart in this car.

I like that it is spacious. I dislike the countless electrical issues that occurs with the car. It is very cheaply made.

- Josh l M

Bob's srx, the thing I like about it the most is the moon roof.

Had trouble with the liftgate twice, that has been my only problem. It rides very well. It is a fully loaded vehicle.

- Bobby R

Looks, runs and drives just as if I took it off the showroom floor.

No problems with this vehicle. Do all my own work if necessary. This has been a very reliable in summer and winter.

- Jim B

It has heated seats for those cold winter night s.

I love the drive its comfortable and very reliable plus the sound system is perfect a sound that only Bose provide.

- Xavier B

Gas mileage. Cost to repair.

sunroof several problems. Cats plugged. Very costly to replace plugs. Somewhat comfortable. Pore gas mileage.

- David D

It's worth the money to invest. Reliable is always a key word when you see my cadi

It has plenty of room. The panoramic roof is amazing. It also drives so smoothly

- Paul B

The safety features are awesome for this make/model of car. The ride is smooth!

I love my car. It is very reliable. I like the rear trunk space.

- Kathy C

- Debi B