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Mary Alice, our best friend!

The 2011 srx is the perfect car for a busy grandmother. All seats are easily accessible. The hatch back with a 40/60 extended cargo area allows for bicycles, twin beds, mobility scooters, dogs, groceries, everyone's vacation luggage. . Just everything! The seats are easy to adjust making trips of any length so easy. The heated seats do away with leg and back cramps. The sound system can soothe the smallest passenger or delight the coolest teenager. The ride is sporty and smooth. I am often called to help injured friends to and from doctor appointments. The steady suspension makes rough bounces disappear. The moonroof/sunroof delight all ages of passengers. It handles like a dream and makes safety the non issue. I love Mary Alice. . The name we've given my srx, as my granddaughter explains "she is our best and most happy friend!"

- Bobbie K

This has been the easiest vehicle for me to use with my 2 toddlers.

I have 2 toddlers, so hands free is awesome! I love the self locking feature as much as I love being able to unlock all my doors when I pull on the back door handles! I also like that I can open the back hatch by pressing the button on the car or even my keychain. And the child door lock is a button on the dash! Panoramic roof is super nice and easily distracts the kids or helps keep them awake. I get almost 20 mpg; my drive usually ranges from 70 mph to 30 mph, so it's not all city or highway. If seat heaters are an option, get them!

- Samantha H

Love my Cadillac! Great perks and few problems.

Just had to have major dry out from sunroof leaking unexpectedly. Otherwise - I have really enjoyed it. Great gas mileage, smooth ride, etc.. Easy to clean leather and great fold down back seat make it easy to transport my 100 pound dog. Easy to use Bluetooth for hands free phone and great perks like automatic lights and windshield wipers. Do not have to worry about key breaking with push button start and stop. Love the color - crystal ice - a sparkly white.

- Lisa J

Its dependable and good on gas, good family car.

I bought it used with almost a hundred thousand miles on it but i haven't had any problems with it. The only thing that is happened that is wrong with it is the airbag light has been on since i bought it, during the winter the windshield wiper washer fluid line froze and busted, and a speaker shorted and has messed up all the sound in the car. But mechanically no troubles, and its comfortable and decent on gas.

- Ashley M

I would say it is not that has on gas and I thing that is a plus.

I bought my Cadillac used. It is a very comfortable SUV to ride in, it has a sunroof which I like a lot, heated seats which are nice, backup camera and Bose radio. These features is what I like the most. The only problem is my traction light comes on and it wants to stall on me. But I did buy it used. Another nice thing my Cadillac came with is an air pump. Nice vehicle, I would definitely recommend a Cadillac.

- Jamie H

2011 Cadillac srx... Great car.

Very reliable, comfortable and a pleasure to drive. Has many good features such as navigation and ability to link my phone thru Bluetooth. Hands free calling is a plus. Keyless entry is so convenient.. Has lots of engine power and very comfortable seating. Looks and feels luxurious. Smooth ride and easy to maneuver. I would certainly by another Cadillac srx when I am ready for a new car.

- Stephanie M

Great for on the go people.

My vehicle is great for comfort, reliability, has all the features you could want, heated seats, GPS, power everything. Double moon roof, enough cargo space for 4 sets of golf clubs and luggage. We have the turbo version so highway driving is a breeze. The only issue I have if the turn radius of this vehicle is not great, getting out of tight spots is a pain.

- Mary L

My Cadillac srx, 2011, light blue, discontinued color.

Love the size, style and color. Easy to maneuver and comfortable for long rides. Decent mileage. The leather interior is beautiful and easy to keep clean. Sharp and classy. All power windows including sunroof and moonroof. I would prefer a large back up mirror. Current backup is on the rear view mirror. Too small.

- Donna W

Great SUV for family who do not want to give up to luxury.

Performance is great. Nice comfort and design and the mileage per gasoline is not bad either. My baby loves sitting in the back of the car and the trunk space is just enough for a foldable stroller and a couple of grocery bags. I would strongly recommend the make Cadillac and more specifically the model srx.

- Roberta G

Cadillac is a great family.

Cadillac is one of a kind. Dealership treats you very well. This car is well built, fun to drive, comes with a great 5 year warranty that even covers free batteries and free oil changes. Cadillac is the car I will buy again. I love this car, have had it 7 years and will keep it as long as it keeps running.

- Kari D

Very good vehicle, sporty and luxurious at the same time.

Really like the drive of it, but the abs magnet ring break and cause the speed sensors to not be able to integrate all the wheels. Other than that I love it. The ride and handling is very good, and is real comfortable. Gas mileage is fair for an SUV. Overall opinion is very good, I would buy it again.

- Garry B

Issues with the Cadillac srx.

Good performance but has issue with headlights, tend to have condensation in them and have to be replaced. Very good gas mileage and is the sporty Cadillac. It is a very popular model, see them everywhere. I have had problems with the liftgate shorting out after a heavy rain but that was repaired.

- Denise T

It's a wonderful and comfortable family car but beware of the leaky sunroof.

It is a very comfortable and spacious vehicle for a small SUV. I love the entertainment system, and all of the extra options it comes with. I do not like how the drainage system for the sunroof was poorly designed for all the models made around that time. We have a terrible issue with leaking.

- Cecilia G

It is a comfortable and economical vehicle with good performance.

I like the backup camera and the front as well as rear audio warnings. It is my first vehicle that is not a V8, but it still has enough power and fuel economy, to make me comfortable with choosing other vehicles with smaller engines. I have not found an element that I dislike with the vehicle.

- David S

Cadillac family is one of a kind.

Beautiful, well built, great five year warranty on all parts and labor, including batteries, you get free oil changes for 5 years or 50, 000 miles. Love it, would only buy Cadillac. Dealership is wonderful, very friendly and really care about you as a friend, Cadillac family is a loyal club.

- Cary D

Comfort and performance plus.

I love my Cadillac srx because of it is smooth ride, ease of handling, size of cargo area, luxury. Accessories, and ease of handling. I have had no equipment issues with it at all. The service from my dealership has been excellent and the performance and comfort on road trips is excellent.

- William B

Very good but not perfect SUV.

Very good price performer. Reliable and does not break down. Very comfortable and great for long rides. Service excellent. Leather seats are durable and stylish. Cargo room is decent but not great. Rear visibility is poor as is the side views. Blue color beautiful. No spare tire or jack.

- Richard H

All the comfort features are here.

My Cadillac SUV provides a smooth and comfortable ride. It has always been reliable. The reclining seats are helpful not only for rest during a long trip but also for reaching an item in the back. There’s plenty of storage room and it can handle heavy items you may need to transport.

- Nancy M

Cadillac srx 2011 complaints.

Floor board leaks, traction control always on, severe shaking at around 60 mph, mechanic cannot determine cause, locks keys inside the vehicle on its on. Overall I would not recommend. For a "luxury" vehicle we have had entirely too many problems out of this car.

- Kaitlyn P

Rides smooth looks nice, easy to clean,

Roof leaked, had problems with the fuel purge solenoid, no oil sign anywhere, you never know if your oil is low, the trunk wont open and no manual button to override the electric one, if the electric trunk opener does not work there is no way to open the trunk.

- Beth W

It truly makes driving a greatly pleasurable experience.

I love the options that this car has. It is extremely comfortable and makes driving just about anywhere a pleasurable experience. It's my first Cadillac, and I hope it lasts many years. But should I get another vehicle, it will probably be another Cadillac.

- Susan K

One problem is the lack of a spare tire. Not mentioned at the time of purchase.

I love the vehicle. Fun to drive and the srx is up high. The only dislike I have is there is no spare tire. I have had no mechanical problems although, I only have 34, 000 miles on the car. I am retired and do not have to use the vehicle like I used to.

- John M

OnStar is a plus and Sirius radio.

I really love my Cadillac srx. This is my first Cadillac. I have a sunroof, heated and cooling seats. I has a memory for the. Driver set so. You do not have to adjust it every time someone taller or shorter gets in to drive. It is good on gas.

- Valerie J

Cadillac SRX Good to Travel, good mileage, sturdy

I like my SRX: it is nice to travel in and rides comfortably. Gas mileage is good. Easy to drive with lots of extras. Moonroof is very big. Biggest issue that I have is that any repairs on a Cadillac seem to be more expensive than other cars

- Cheryl J

It is a very smooth ride and it is great for road trips

I like the exterior design, it is very stylish and sleek. The interior is nice to, but I do not like the material on the door. I live in a hot climate and it gets hot and when I rest my arm on it it melted. It is also a very smooth ride

- Bob S

Rides like a dream! Sometimes you go to fast & do not even know it.

It is such a comfortable car to travel in. I never used to like to drive - now I am a road tripping, sun chasing girl! It is a great car. Never had any major problems, always change the oil when my car emails me. . . Lol.

- Diane S

It is fast and the Bose system is great. Keyless.

I like that when you turn the lights turn too. I like the heated seats and foot thingy that extends your feet room. I love the back camera. Only thing I don't like is I had engine problems already.

- J H

Awesome look, handles great, wonderful exterior and extras.

I love the way it handles no matter what the weather is like. I like the style and the way it looks. I like that I can start my car from my phone so the temperature is just right when I get in.

- Mary P

It has a lot of power,decent gas mileage and tons of amazing features including safety features.

We just purchased this car about 2 months ago but love it so far. I love the backup camera,push button start, panoramic sunroof, heated seats, push button hatch and the rest of many features.

- Cathy F

We truly enjoy our Cadillac SRX.

SRX Premium Package - full length sunroof is a nice bonus. Some features that are a joy to have: AC front seats, heated seats front and back, automatic hatch, leather seats. Beautiful ride.

- Steve M

Cadillac srx best midsize SUV.

Its great. . . Good gas mileage. . . Runs smooth. Navigation system, hands free. Sunroof slides back to back seats. Enough room in trunk. Heated front seats, a/c vent for back seats.

- Lisa N

Hub assemblies abs sensor problem.

Hub assemblies have magnetic excited rings for the abs that brake. Which trips a code for the abs. Causing the wheel speed sensor not to be able to integrate the wheel speed.

- Garry P

It is very fuel efficient. It also has a great safety rating.

I like the way that the vehicle handles in the highway. It is very fuel efficient and elegant. I like the features that it has such as rain sense and the moonroof is a plus.

- Jeanette C

I Love the SRX. great trip car.

I love it. I have had to have the rear differential rebuilt, and replaced the AC compressor and some pillow thing around the AC. but not too bad for 7 yrs old. Love the car.

- Joanne D

Love the features of the car!

The only issue is when the check engine light came on, I got the issue fixed but it still makes a slight noise when I crank it up and no one can pinpoint the issue.

- Sherqueena M

It's a safe and stylish luxury vehicle.

I love that my car has adjustable pedals. I love that my car is higher up. but I don't have to climb to get in. I like all of the features my car comes with.

- Katie R

It has traction control which is awesome for driving, especially in the rain.

Love my car for the most part. Do not like the placement of the heater/ac vents. Also do not like that I cannot listen to my music through the Bluetooth.

- Elizabeth T

it is nice and high so you can see ahead of you well

it is low enough to fit under my carport it has enough room in the back to hold my organ. the back seat fold down so the dog has room to roam around.

- william G

Owning a Cadillac is very expensive to repair. Electronics are very expensive to replace.

like that is a luxury vehicle and looks very nice. design has some defects for the hatchback as I have to keep replacing sensor. very costly to repair

- tina f

As the car ages the headlights are very dim. It is difficult to drive at night

I love my car, it was my dream car. It drives really smooth and the seats are comfortable. The only thing I dislike is the headlights are very dim.

- Tammy S

Luxury at it's best the Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac srx is a very luxurious vehicle. Nice and sturdy on the road holding a straight line. Not much body roll and plenty of power

- Matthew S

Although it was a little expensive, it has been very reliable.

Upkeep is more expensive than I am used to. I like that it has all the features I was looking for in a car. It is very comfortable.

- Nick C

It's an older model, so it doesn't feature the more popular car inclusions

It's a little bigger than i'm used to, but drives really well. I don't like that is got some blind spots. It was a good price

- Diana C

Very few repairs, Michelin tires last 70,000 miles

It is a great car. Only routine maintenance. Very reliable and am looking to buy another. Very comfortable, handles well.

- Roe G

Very reliable and luxurious. Lots of extra features.

I love love this car. It's my all time favorite car. Drives great, smooth ride. I would buy this same car again.

- Lynn M

Best value in a luxury car. As good as bmw and mercedes

Very safe comfortable and reliable. Good service and sales team at dealership. Features life sunroof leather nav

- RichardH H

Low beam headlights could use an adjustment to make them brighter for safety.

Like that it rides smooth, great looking exterior. I dislike the way the air conditioning/heating is set up.

- Carrie K

It is ride, and how it handles.

Has a very good ride and handles great! Has navigation in it and is just a great vehicle all the way around.

- Garry P

Drives well and is pretty reliable.

Luxury and its a Cadillac with lots of features. Its runs smooth and it rides smooth. It has lots of room.

- James B

Mid range size and drivability and outstanding features.

The srx provides the space of a an SUV but the driving of a small sedan. The features are second to none.

- Allison T

Cadillac family is loyal to their customers like no other brand.

Great comfort, beautiful interior, sharp looking car, has had good performance,,would but Cadillac again.

- Ken D

Don't leave the key fob in the back of the car, you will be locked out.

Overall I have really enjoyed the vehicle and would recommend to anyone looking for a medium sized SUV.

- Trip P

It is a quality vehicle and has an amazing sound system.

My srx has great quality, great features, lots of space, runs well. Only dislike is it is getting old.

- Susan M

The car is perfect for a family vehicle. The size and functionality makes it a great car.

It is the perfect size and very comfortable. The ride is pleasant and it is an affordable luxury car.

- Angie H

My SUV is reliable and in good condition.

My vehicle provides a smooth ride. It is comfortable and attractive. It has pretty good gas mileage.

- Why M

i like the look, the speed, good on gas, low maintenance and on star

Most people think they cant afford this kind of vehicle. but, they can and it holds value.

- James W

The most important things others should know about my car is it's mine.

I like the comfortability of my vehicle; the sunroof top, and the ease of driving.

- WW S

I don't know if I would buy this brand/model again.

We have had several large repairs on the car both in and out of warranty.

- Darlene M

Drives extremely comfortably

Heated seats, built in navigation, Bluetooth, leather, hatchback, Onstar

- Kim M

It the right size for. It has all the bells and whistles that I want. It didn't come with a spare tire

Dependable and luxurious. It Gets decent gas mileage

- Pam W

It is very stylish inside and outside. It has a great interior with good cargo space. I wish it had a built in navigation system

It is a very smooth ride, and great for road trips

- Lisa S