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Beautiful style. Like it better than the 2017.

Original tires were shot at 24k, Michelins. That was a shock! But other than that, no issues. I have had the oil changed on a regular basis and have done everything as required and thank goodness I cannot complain. I have a 2012 srx and I currently have 49k miles on it. The hood is corroding on the inside and outside so I have to have the entire thing sanded down and repainted. Of course it didn't appear until after the gm warranty expired for that issue. So that will be quite an expense. But other than that, just the usual, front brakes at 42k miles and I need new shocks and back brakes now.

- Barbara K

Cadillac srx AWD classy and consistent.

Love the Cadillac srx AWD! Great panoramic roof and sound system. . I normally purchase a new vehicle every 3 years and cannot part with this car. Everything is working great, no tears in seats, carpet looks great and just a very comfortable car to maneuver around town in and take trips with. Good visibility for pulling out into traffic. No blind spots. I am truly wanting to buy a new car, as driving a car 6 years old has never been my style, but this cadi still has retained its looks, class and there's really no reason to sell it.

- Dawn B

Sleep & professional looking. Not gas friendly. Durable and friendly for short people. Performance is great.

The care looks very sleek and impressive from the outside. I've had it for 6 years and it still looks brand new. I'm not a big fan of leather seats so for comfort, I would give it a 3 out of 5. I'm only 5'2 but it I'm able to sit comfortable and reach the petals without any trouble. Performance has been great, only complaint I have is it drinks up gas like crazy! I pay $55 weekly for gas (premium), and I drive 6 days a week, about 35 miles each day.


Great for tall drivers, but not tall rear seat passengers!

I love the driver's seat, because I am tall it is the only car I found that has a thigh support that extends outward and then retracts for other driver's. The convenience packages with Sirius, OnStar phone pairing, etc. are great. Steering wheel controls are easy to use. The backseat is not the best because it is fixed in place with only a slight adjustment that can be made to the seat back. I love the rear lift gate controls!

- Kl C

Overtaking is sluggish, takes a few seconds to gain power.

Pros: I like the comfort of a cadillac. Interior has very nice detailing, what one expects for cadillac. I like the way it handles & sustain its speed once its up & running... Cons: prefer if navigation system was easier to use. The srx lacks pick up when going for slow speed to faster speed. Once its at a steady speed, seems to have no problem. Cannot find any other negatives really. Nice looking SUV.

- Mel M

Best inheritance gift ever!

I inherited this vehicle or I would never have been able to purchase such an expensive vehicle. It drives very smoothly. It has only needed new tires and normal oil changes. No problems except the no key system. I closed the doors and my car locked even though the key fob was in the car. I had no warning this might happen and it cost $75 to gain entry in my vehicle. Love the car though!!

- Debi H

You should choose Cadillac six.

No major issues. Performs well, gets good mileage, have not had any major engine or performance issues. Seats are comfortable, and I can fit 4 passengers, 1 child, and 2 dogs. Good hands free features. Many options for stereo, calling, and cruise on within reach on steering wheel. Heated seats. Defrost for back window and wiper on rear window. Storage compartments in trunk.

- Rebecca B

Positive facts about my caddy.

This is a very nice car. You feel very comfortable riding in this car. The car is very little outside but the inside has lots of room, The gas mileage is not good driving around town. This car has great mileage on the road or trips. It is very comfortable to drive or ride in. It can fit 3 large men in the back seat with lots of room. The hump is not high in the back seat.

- Sheila S

Vehicle that you can really enjoy!

I love the performance and handling of my vehicle. It's also big enough to handle my big warehouse purchases, but handles more like a performance car. It has been very reliable and I find the vehicle monitoring system helpful for regular maintenance. The most important feature is the driver's seat thigh extension support for tall people, it's great and very comfortable!

- Kerri C

The SRX is a good luxury crossover vehicle. that could be even better with a few tweeks.

The SRX has a great ride, it is comfortable and nicely appointed. The engine has plenty of power, but the gas mileage could be better. Visibility out of the rear window is not good, backing up without the backup camera would be a real challenge. There are two large blind spots out of the front windshield due to the size of the support pillars, which can be dangerous.

- Pam F

Great features on the Cadillac srx.

Some of the features that I love most about my car are the panoramic sunroof/moonroof, leather seats, automatic lift gate, and the back-up camera. I also really like the front parking sensors and the heating steering wheel option. I keep a regular maintenance routine with this vehicle and have never had any issues with it. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Amber P

Review of 2012 Cadillac srx.

Rides smoothly and easy to drive. Not sure about maintenance since I haven't had car very long. I have heard it is good Only drawback is the wide posts at both ends of windshield. They block vision at times. Computer screen could be less complicated. Use icons for maneuvering. Since I am relatively short, I'd like to sit up higher to see over hood.

- Gay H

Love everything but the seats!!

I love everything about the vehicle except the seats are not comfortable at all. Also, there is a lot of road noise. Performance is great, reliability is great, and has tons of great features but I a not happy with the uncomfortable seats. I have rode in other makes of vehicles that seem to have a way more comfortable seats than my srx.

- Patty J

Why I love my 2012 Cadillac srx.

Drive uber, last year miles 13, 000 with no mechanical problems. Customers love this car and so do I. Interior is leather, beautiful with plenty of electrical connections available. The back trunk auto lift for convenience. The auto lock function protects my car, plus I can from my cell phone, start, lock or locate vehicle.

- Lloyd M

I love my Cadillac srx! Amazing car packed with helpful features!

Overall this car has been great for me and my family. Some of my favorite features are the automatic rain sensing windshield wipers, the panoramic sunroof, and the automatic lift gate. This car has been very reliable and I keep this car on a regular maintenance schedule. I would recommend this car to anyone that asked!

- Amber B

Nice luxury SUV from Cadillac.

The Cadillac srx is a nice vehicle. The downside is space. We thought it had a little more space than it does. We love the heated seats and air conditioned seats. I wish for the cost we would have received DVD players. The sunroof is amazing, I wish we could use it more (weather sadly doesn't always permit).

- Jessica S

It has a hands free phone call ability.

It is too automatic. Too much technology. It is hard to unlock doors unless you are in possession of the key. Also, once the drivers door is open the other doors stay locked. The back hatch door also is hard to open unless you are holding the key. If key is left in car, it beeps and is difficult to start.

- Sonja S

It was purchased previously owned and still looks new!

Likes: Comfortable and stylish, luxury. Dislike: It feels there was a design flaw because at times I, as well as other drivers in my family, have noticed the way the wide edges that meet up next to the front windshield obstruct the driver's view when looking for traffic coming from side streets.

- Nancy Z

Smoothly ride. Too small. Air vents not in back for enough air.

Nice. Just too small. Its white and I had rather have black. I am use to the escalade which I like much better because of the space. However, the srx drives great and rides smoothly. We have 150, 000 miles and the srx has not given us very much trouble. Not enough air for the back.

- Max V

Great car-handles great, interior is great as well and the design is sleek!!

I love my srx. Love the GPS system, the sound system is awesome as well. The car handles so good, turns on a dime. Love how you can just slide into the car, do not have to step up or bend down, also, love how you do not have to bend over to put bags in car, just slide in!!

- Mary B

Great little sporty car. Looks great; runs great; carries plenty of cargo.

Very nice little SUV. Seats easily fold down to provide lots of space for cargo. I wouldn't change much about it except for the worthless MPG efficiency gauge on the dash. Not as smooth and quiet as my cuts, but designed for a different purpose and a nice little vehicle.

- Sidney H

Inside lighting around the dash and on the door area where it lights up Cadillac.

Wheel bearings go out quite often the performance is great. Mpg are around 19 in town 23 hwy. Comfort ride, I like all the bells and whistles. Downside is cost of repair, the GPS has the be upgraded and that cost itself is 279. 00 Which I think should be a free update.

- Diane W

Cadillac six is a great vehicle.

It is very smooth and comfortable to drive. I installed a tow package and it tows my boat just fine. The back seats are cramped but fit 2 car seats with no problem. There is not a spare tire but comes with a compressor with fix a flat. The auto start feature is great.

- Jared C

Things I like about my caddy.

It has very stiff steering. It has very comfortable heated leather seats. I love the moon roof. I like everything about the car except the stiffness of the steering. It has good cargo storage area with a split second seat that folds. Down for maximum storage area. .

- Kathleen D

Black Cadillac srx 2012 vehicle review.

The brakes have gone bad but otherwise it's a great car. Rides very smooth and very dependable! The seats are leather but I prefer cloth actually. I love the large sunroof. It's one of my favorite parts about the vehicle! I also love the Cadillac name and brand.

- Lauren S

This girl is a Cadillac girl for life.

It is a great vehicle. It is comfortable and performs well in any weather. The maintenance is very low due to the fact that all the instrument panels keep me updated at the performance of the car. I love my moon roof and the heated and air conditioned seats.

- April O

Runs smooth on highways always.

So far I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It drive smooth on highways, it's a good family vehicle has plenty of space. I like the heated seat feature and navigation system. The gas mileage is excellent. The sunroof is amazing and the sound system.

- Regina A

Great SUV for the money. More vehicle for the dollar than its import.

Reliable. With decent gas mileage, well appointed interior. Auto wipers, lights, and power read door. Keyless entry is a great feature as is the heated and air conditioned seats. It rides and handles very well and was way less than its import counterparts.

- Uriel O

Sporty vehicle, holds it is value, fast, good gas mileage.

Very comfortable. Handles well. Reliable. Good gas mileage. Tires are expensive to replace because they are low profile performance tires. My back up camera has a glitch ne is currently not working. Other than that, has been a great SUV crossover.

- Carla K

It is Reliable and Classy. It keeps us safe while looking stylish!

My SRX has been reliable over the the past six years. The only issue I have had was a bad oxygen sensor that the dealer replaced. Rides smooth and love my navigation and heated seats. Some blind spots in the front window, though.

- Lisa L

Practical Luxury for everyday

This is my first SUV/crossover and it's been a great transition for me. The SRX has features that matter everyday like the back up camera, and rear door that opens and closes with the touch of a button.

- Kristi S

If you want to ride in a safe way, pick a Cadillac

We bought new and still love the ride and style this SRX gives us. It has been a very dependable car and fits the family well. The ride and luxury that the SRX provides is a matter of being spoiled>

- Bart B

It's mine and I worked hard to deserve it, and I take very good care of it.

I like that I have a backup camera, sunroof, leather interior and lots of space. I like that it is decent on gas and rides smooth. I dislike that it seems I have had some suspension problems.

- ashley j

They will enjoy the very smooth quiet ride.

I enjoy the smooth quiet ride. I love the panoramic moonroof. I am so irritated by the constant flashes on dash about problems that do not exist with tire pressure and rear axle.

- Valencia M

Its smooth and handles great.

My car features remote start, keyless open and keyless start, heated front seats, heated wheel, dual climate control, extended sunroof, navigation, leather interior, and LCD hub.

- Jarrett L

The style and body of the car looks great. It runs smoothly.

My car is very attractive looking. I would like the front seat area a little roomier. The seats are a little hard. Pretty good on gas. Overall it is a pretty nice vehicle.

- Brenda L

I makes you feel safe and the seating is comfortable.

I love the size of the vehicle. I love the driving assist that warns about leaving the road and things in front of you. I think the navigation system is difficult to operate.

- Karen M

that it will break down frequently but you will still love it

I like the way it looks. the seats are very comfortable. it drives smoothly. I don't like that it was expensive. it has broken down a few times and that seems weird.

- Kelli W

It's safe and reliable. A true luxury vehicle for the family!

Love my car. It's roomy, safe, luxurious! My family uses it every day. The only downside is that it doesn't have enough air vents in the back seat for hot Texas weather.

- Melissa C

All the bells and whistles

It has everything the only thing I would add is a place for my purse and the middle console in the front seat and little bit small and also the back seats don't move

- Christie M

higher than a car, more view and safer

smooth ride, alot of safety features, good gas mileage. would be nice to have better armrest. steering wheel. frame on both sides of windows are bad blind spots.

- joo m

This brand is economical in the long run. The dependability is unmatched.

Best vehicle I have owned. Very attractive, very dependable, good on gas and very comfortable. Durability of a cadillac is great! Nothing I dislike about it at all.

- Christina H

It has many different trim levels and is surprisingly powerful.

I love the technology of my vehicle and the way it handles. I love the style and look of the car and the interior look and feel. I love the way I feel driving it.

- Pam C

Sporty and luxury car combined together.

This vehicle is very comfortable. The vehicle turns easy making parking easy. Great visibility when driving. This vehicle gets a great average gas mileage.

- Christina T

That it does not ride as nice as your sedan type of Cadillac.

I love how my vehicle has a lot of features. It is a stylish vehicle and trendy. The thing I dislike the most is the rough ride overall of the vehicle.

- Bryan F

It feels secure and steady when I drive in it. AndI can take 4 passengers in addition to the driver.

I love the comfort and feeling of being secure when I drive my SRX. This car was used when i bought it but has been reliable. I have no complaints.

- Bevely Z

It is good on gas and is very comfortable and reliable.

No complaints. I am on my 2nd one I love the luxury amenities the heated seats. Easy to use navigation. On star. Phone. And air conditioned seats.

- Sally B

It is safe and reliable but it does not hold its value.

No complaints, easy to drive and easy to maintain. Comfortable for long rides and easy to load and unload for longer trips. Very good in snow.

- Mari H

Reliability and luxurious. Perfect size SUV for a single person or young family.

My vehicle color is black and has chrome rims which gives it a sleek look. It's luxury with leather seats and has all the bells and whistles.

- Elle R

It drives like a dream and is so easy to drive.I love all the extras it has,like built in navigation.

My first ever cadillac and i love it . Love the sunroof and bose sound system.Only complaint is you have to take it to a dealer for repairs.

- barbara r

The headlights are HORRIBLE at night. you have to have your brights on all the time at night just to see where you are going.

Seats are very uncomfortable, air stinks in the car, feel like you have to have it all the way up just to feel it. Back seat is small.

- Amy P

It is solid as a rock and has plenty of power to get you safely out of the way.

It has a few blind spots but I love the way it drives and handles. The seats are very comfortable and there heated if it is needed.

- Jim W

Cadillacs are a great luxury car to drive.

I love my Cadillac SRX! It drives very well and has a great interior. The navigation system gets us to wherever we need to be.

- Lauren M

Safety. Feels like a tank.

Love the look, feel, and safety. Not really any dislikes, just that I wish the windshield didn't leak. More maintenance issues.

- Roseanne N

This SRX is Awesome and It Turns Heads!

I love this car and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's quiet and drives smooth. I will definitely buy another Cadillac!

- Steven S

That it is well made and reliable and mostly fun to drive

I love the luxury feel. I love the roominess. I love the technology! I love the look and feel of the car! I love the power.

- Pam C

Best Small SUV out there!

Love my car. No complaints at all. We have never had any reliability issues. Dealers are typically super helpful as well!

- Mary C

Smooth easy comfortable ride.

The Cadillac six is one of the best crossovers. It is comfortable. Handles well. Smooth ride. Great mileage. Impressive.

- Rosemary M

They should know how smoothly the it rides.

It rides smooth lee still does not look old since the model has not changed. It has not needed extraordinary repairs.

- Jeanne C

I like my car. It has been reliable for me. I have kept it maintained.It has over 127,000 miles, but it is paid off and still looks new

It's paid off lol.... Also, it is reliable. In part due to it having all scheduled maintenance done at the dealership

- mathilde y

it is not a large car but you will never average 25 mpg

while it is a cadillac and it is a nice car, it really isn't special compared to other other cars not named cadillac

- harold m

It is the new black man why?

I love the leather seats and heaters in chairs, the sun roof and I had so far no problems. Drives great on highways.

- Regina A

Great on gas and very spacious.

The seats are not as comfortable as they should be and there is road noise. I like everything other than that.

- Patty E

Looks good drives well. Good stereo system.

Electrical and key fob issues. Squeaky. Comfortable. Great gas mileage. Great heat and air. Stereo is great.

- Sandra D

I great gas mileage on this vehicle.

It is a well made vehicle. Drives very well and is very comfortable. Has many extra features which I like.

- Linda F

It is functional for trips.

The car is a smooth ride, it portrays class and style. It is really a luxury car that also is functional.

- Bob G

That is as nice as I had hoped.

The style and comfort is what I like. The headlights are dim and poor gas mileage is what I do not like.

- Javier L

drives nicely with a comfortable seat. Has given me several years of great service..

no complaints really. the back up viewing screen could be bigger It has been a good dependable car.

- james f

it is high class SUV and comfortable and you can feel confident

I like the style. it is the most prestige car for GM. and i feel confidence when i drive it.

- Roham H

not as fuel efficient as I would like

Nice large doors; stays in style from year to year; paid for; like my dealership;versatile;

- Bernie S

It's super comfortable to take road trips in. It fits everything nicely also. We have very good gas mileage . Road trips are something we do often in our Cadillac

It's drives smooth. It has a sunroof. Also has a wonderful stereo system. Very good on gas.

- Raquel S

Nice for long trips, very comfortable.

Comfortable ride. Great mileage and plenty of power. Nice interior and stereo.

- Matthew H

It's very efficient suv with an elegant and classy look.

Comfortable and efficient. Paid off vehicle with no note. It's very durable.

- Jay A

It's a beautiful car that drives smooth. Just wish it didn't have blind spots

I like the body style and the way it drives. I don't like the blind spots

- Susan S

Does Not use as much gas as other suvs. Good pickup on highway

Good on gas. Looks good has many features that compliment It's interior

- Tani S

Affordability and Reliability are the main reason of my purchase.

Style and comfort and interior is nice. Basic maintenance.

- Sam L

pure luxury a classy car that is great for a family or a professional

love the smooth ride, large trunk space, back up camera

- Terry R

it does not have many miles

it is a nice car. It is pretty. It is my only car

- Steven B