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I am 70 mom90. We do day long road trips regularly.

I do hand painting on small furniture items. I can fit them in my car with ease. Then later on after working with the furniture I am fashionably off the events. My mother used a walker we just pop the door and in back it goes without my having to unload all of my painting tools my daughter lives in Atlanta and my sisters in south Louisiana and my mom and two dogs drive there regularly. It handles the road like a charm. And this 70 year older arthritis, double joint replaced does all the driving with no problem from the back or joints. I usually ready to hit the thrift stores for pieces for my next projects. The only regret that I have related to my car is that it is not ted and I didn't buy it sooner!??.

- Bert D

Luxury crossover, comfortable driving.

There is a blind spot on the passenger side, near front side mirror and Edge of windshield. Electronic touchpad will probably need replacing after 5 years or so. Driver seat controls had to be replaced twice. Backseat is cramped if both front seats and pushed back all the way. Cargo area and setting back seats down is sufficient for hauling groceries and supplies.

- Sharon C

Love my 2014 loaded Cadillac srx!

The most smooth, easy driving and comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Love the backup camera, Bose XM radio, heated seats and steering wheel. The navigation system is awesome. Car is pearl white with tan/cong yak leather interior-very pretty and sleek. It also has retractable sunroof and theft protection as well as keyless starter. Love it!

- Lynn W

Low Maintenance / High Reliability

This is my second time to own a Cadillac SRX SUV, and I absolutely love it. I never have mechanical problems, or have to worry about whether or not it's going to run. It's extremely reliable, and I actually enjoy taking it in for service, bc Cadillac does such a great job of providing excellent customer service!

- Christina K

Cadillac srx review ~ love my Cadillac!

Beautiful vehicle with a sleek exterior and luxury interior. All the bells and whistles!! Plenty of head and leg room for growing teens. Spacious cargo space. Smooth driving experience. Not enough good things to say about my Cadillac srx!! I would definitely buy another one in the next 5 years or so.

- Laura C

There are no blind spots!

This car has not given me any problems. I love sitting high to see all traffic. The dark color (blue) shows dirt quickly. Plenty of room in the back seats and the cargo hold. Makes my life easier! I can carry more people in it than our other car. We get great mileage around town and on the open road!

- Deborah C

That while there's a lot of bells and whistles, it can add up when they stop working.

I love that my SRX has a lot of luxury accommodations like heated and cooled leather seats and dvd player in the back. My favorite feature by far is the panoramic sunroof. The downside is that the transmission had to be replaced after only 100k miles and everything is expensive to fix.

- Danielle W

Best riding SUV I have ever owned.

My Cadillac SRX drives awesome. It handles the rod well ad is very comfortable. It is loaded with features some of which I still do not know how to use, but overall I would definitely recommend for the great comfort and performance. My next car will definitely be a Cadillac.

- Melinda B

It is very reliable cheap on gas and it is a Cadillac.

Love my Cadillac SUV it is big enough to fit everything in but small enough to park easily. My fiancé's want me to get a new one but I don't want to trade it in. I have less than 50, 000 miles on it and have not had any problems with it except having to put new tires on.

- Melissa K

Cadillac six great car needs some improvement.

Touch screen went out. Gas mileage ok the performance of the car overall is good. Very good looking SUV great on the highway. Love the luxury of the car. Little cramped in the back seat. Love the keyless entry Bluetooth works great little delay on the cue software.

- Craig S

I love my caddy, driving a dream.

The car is beautiful and classy and is comfortable and luxurious... Feel safe and has a beautiful sound system... It is a car I always dreamed of having. It is my first high end car. If my financial circumstances allowed I would buy it again in an instant.

- Kristen G

Performance and handling.

My Cadillac has great handling and style. The performance is awesome and others great style. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for their next car. Make sure it is fully loaded, to enjoy all the benefits this vehicle has to offer.

- John L

It's great to drive and comfortable to sit in for a long time.

I like the size, the interior roominess, the layout of the controls. I also like its acceleration and the extra large sunroof. I dislike the screen and software. It's not intuitive and hard to use while driving.

- Barbara B

Great luxury car with spacious trunk

I love my car. Worth every penny to go with the luxury options this offers. With back seat folded down, you can lay down fully extended. Have used for camping with a thin blow up often.

- Kelsey R

I think the most important feature would be the auto dimming of the lights at night. It automatically knows when to turn off bright lights when a car is coming without me having to do it!

I love the back up cameras on the Vehicle. I also love the way it drives. It is so smooth and no road noise. It is also very roomy and has heated seats and steering wheel!

- Jessica S

It gets very poor gas mileage. It only gets 18 miles per gallon.

I think my car is a sharp looking vehicle and I love the wheels. I also like my seat heaters. I prefer a little bigger SUV that sits up higher off of the road.

- Sherry C

It's a nice vehicle and family friendly if you have two kids or less. 3 car seats will barely fit

Good safety features and technology options.. only complaint is that it doesn't have a 3rd row. The searing/space will be a priority with my next vehicle

- Jamie R

The adaptable cruise can be quite frustrating. Also the future repairs will be expensive!

The ride is wonderful. interior is quote comfortable. Repairs are quite expensive. A simple fog light bezel insert (self installed) was near $300

- Chip P

Rear hatch has had intermittent problems with the remote release.

It is a reliable vehicle that achieves decent fuel economy for a mid size SUV. Routine maintenance is relatively inexpensive as long as kept up.

- Franklin C

This car is great in the snow.

The only complaint is gas levels. I like to know how many miles before empty which this doesn't have. I like heated seats and steering wheel.

- Lisa C

It is classic in quality but contemporary with the numerous amenities.

My car is comfortable with several amenities. It is attractive in color and style. Maintenance can get a bit costly due to the name.

- Joe B

It's gorgeous and you will love driving it...it easy to park and drive! It's great for at least 4 passengers

Great gas mileage---fun to drive..I love the color red..it's got plenty of room in the back and I love the trunk..I would buy it again

- Freida C

It is fuel efficient and easy to drive.

The only problem I have experienced with this vehicle is the Cadillac cue system has had to be replaced twice since I have owned it.

- Tina P

Six speed automatic transmission.

Speed is a little delayed. I like the sleek look of the srx. I like the cabin of the car. The 6 speed transmission is problematic.

- Charles C

It's comfortable and easy to drive especially long drives.

Love the acceleration of the sports model. I dislike the headlights they are not bright enough at night. Love the sleek look.

- Nina T

It is very expensive to fix.

Too many electronics. Expensive to repair. The tailgate does not have a key entry. The quality of the seat leather is poor.

- Alessandra F

It is beautiful economic and great on gas.

I like the look of luxury of the vehicle the design and features love the panoramic view in the roof. And all the features.

- Kim O

it runs great has everything you could want in a car and is good on gas.

i do not dislike anything about my car. i do not dislike anything about my car. i do not dislike anything about my car.

- pat z

Very cozy to ride in for long trips.

No complaints at all love the car.. Sewell dealership is why part of the reason I love my car as they are amazing..

- Dana E

It rides extremely smooth.

The car has given no problems in performance or reliability or comfort. It has been everything I expected and more.

- William H

It does not have many problems at all.

I like that I haven't had many problems with it. Easy to drive. Comfortable on long road trips. No complaints!

- Leah C

It has the blind spot so you should be careful.

Its cadillac. I love it. It's a luxury car. It does have a blind spot while looking over your shoulder though.

- Kayla L

Just a good looking vehicle.

Rides like a dream, good gas mileage and has the power to go when you need it on the highway. Looks good too.

- Ray L

It is a good price for what you get.

The technology could be improved and also the handling of the vehicle. It does have a good amount of space.

- Ashley M

Comfortable smooth driving vehicle. Very reliable Performance exceptional Leather seats, air conditioner, CD player, seat setting heated or cool

Driving vehicle so smooth, don't feel road bumps. Adjustable steering wheel. Nice riding vehicle.

- Annette T

Drives beautifully but be warned of many maintenance issues

I really like the style and the way it drives but I have had way too many things go wrong with it

- carrie b

low to no maintenance needed only regular check up

love the touch of class and the luxury elegance it has. smooth quiet ride

- Mary B

It rides amazing has navigation heated seats heated wheel

Very comfortable. Rides well. Good size dislike are more storage space

- Amber C