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The xts is a good value among luxury large cars.

The xts’ base v6 engine has sufficient pep, but some classmates offer quicker base models. The vsport trims feature a twin-turbocharged v6 that gives the xts a boost in acceleration and passing power. A six-speed automatic transmission comes standard with both engines. Fuel economy is middling for the class, at 16-18 mpg in the city and 24-28 mpg on the highway. The xts prioritizes a serene ride over sharp handling, yet it feels nimbler than most cars its size. Front-wheel drive comes standard. The available all-wheel-drive system features torque vectoring and a limited-slip differential, which both improve traction on slippery roads. The xts’ sumptuous cabin showcases standard leather seats, which are power-adjustable up front. Some used models have heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, a rear power sunshade, and a heated steering wheel. The xts has comfortable seating both fore and aft, but taking sharp turns quickly reveals the lack of lateral support. The rear seats are particularly roomy. They feature two complete sets of latch car-seat connectors on the outboard seats and a tether-only connection on the middle seat. Standard amenities include dual-zone automatic climate control, remote start, an eight-speaker Bose sound system, and a Wi-Fi hot spot. The standard cue infotainment system has dazzling graphics, but its overly sensitive touch buttons and complicated menus distract from its beauty. Available features include a rear-seat entertainment system, navigation, tri-zone automatic climate control, and a 14-speaker Bose surround sound system. I love it.

- Bianca P

My 2015 Cadillac srx is beautiful, comfortable and reliable.

I really enjoy my srx. For me, it is the perfect size. It has lots of storage. It is easy to get items in and out of the back. It is very reliable, comfortable. I love to travel in it. I think it is very pretty, love the body style. I had a 3012 srx before this one and I thought the display information was much easier to access. This one is more complicated. I have had a couple of problems. The display unit had to be replaced and the left side mirror had to be replaced. It is a certified vehicle so these repairs were covered by this warranty. It also covers oil changes. These benefits exist to 100, 000 miles.

- Betty Q

Heated steering wheel and start the car from your phone!

Ride of the car is very smooth and quiet. The comfort level of the seats are great, and can be altered to fit your body with lumbar support, leg extension and moving the bottom, back and headrest. The only issue I have had with the car is the maintenance with the touch screen. It needs to be updated once a year, which takes about an hour, not bad at all, but the touch screen will start to glitch and not work. It has a lot of space, I have moved almost my whole apartment with my car. Also the heated steering wheel and push to start from your app on your phone is amazing!!

- Ella A

Cadillac crx4 is an all around vehicle.

I really haven't had any problems with the car yet. Its compact and performs well. It has all the features that I was looking for in a car and SUV. It's easy to maneuver and easy to maintain. The car came with the radio system that I loved plus the heated and air conditioned seats. It has the back up camera and navigation system. I have always loved the Cadillac and love driving this better than our bigger escalade for going back and forth to work. It's also easier on gas. It has the sunroof as well.

- Laura G

My car is very comfortable and reliable for driving on long road trips.

I really like that it has USB plugs so that I can charge my phone. I love the comfort of the seats and the fact that it has dual controls for the temperature settings. I also like the backup camera. I dislike the visibility. I can't see out my windows to check the traffic around me like I have been able to in previous cars. I also dislike that the Bluetooth feature has a mind of Its own. I will be listening to one thing and it will switch to something else without being told to!

- Patty S

The Cadillac SRX is an SUV.

The screen and touch tone buttons quit working right after the warranty went out. The screen then starting cracking and has 'spiderwebbed' throughout. When the headlights are on they don't even look like they are. The shape of the vehicle make it very difficult for people to get in and out. The backseat is very small and very uncomfortable with a car seat. I will never have a Cadillac SRX ever again and I will advise others not to purchase either.

- Holden S

It is a very reliable and comfortable car.

The Cadillac is a very awesome vehicle. It drives well and I have had very little problems with this car. The ride in the car is smooth and the seating environment inside the car is very comfortable. I would suggest to anyone who was in the race to look for a car they would be very satisfied by the Cadillac srx. Out of the several different cars I have had this one is my favorite.

- Mary J

Luxury vehicle without breaking the bank.

This vehicle is loaded! It is has everything! AWD, heated seats heated steering wheel, power seats, doors, automatic starter, alarm, sunroof/moonroof and the list goes on. The negative about this vehicle is it does not do well on gas. I spend $100 every two weeks on gas and that only includes to and from work and school drop off and pickup. Otherwise this is a great vehicle.

- Nikki N

Self parking, alert you when you're entering narrow roads, If the road is icy

The car is honestly a luxury experience, leather seats with heat warmer, beautiful roof top that opens, you can start the car inside the house and let it heat up in the winter, lots of room in the feet area, secret compartments, many places to charge your phone, self parking, tells you when someone is breaking ahead, tells you when your eyes been off the road to long etc

- Jasmine K

Cadillac srx is an experience of luxury.

My favorite features on my Cadillac srx is the ease of handling, the aesthetics inside and out, and the reliability of the brand. It is a smooth ride, that handles turns and bumps with ease. The interior feels luxurious. While the maintenance is pricier than other vehicles, I have had minimal issues or wear and tear. Overall, it is a high quality vehicle.

- Kathryn P

Wonderful for short and long distance driving.

Extremely comfortable driving for long trips. Heated seats, heated steering wheel, excellent driving in the snow, love the warnings signals for drifting into other lanes and also for cars coming up on the side of my vehicle. I bought it use certified and love the dealership that we bought the car from. We have another Cadillac in the family as well.

- Cathy F

A very comfortable car with few negatives.

I really like the ride of the vehicle. The interior is very comfortable. I like the lane change notification and the blind spot warning on the mirrors. I do not like the fact the electronic navigation and radio system needs to be changed after about 50, 000 miles. The car is roomy and I am able to get all the items I need to transport in the back.

- Cindy B

Cadillac is most certainly a must have car when wanting luxury

I love my Cadillac. It's most definitely a luxury car. Handles very well. A plus for performance. Very reliable. Extremely comfortable. Love the features. It turns on hi-beams for you as needed. Collision detection feature is great. Birds eye view makes parallel parking extremely easy. I would recommend this beautiful car to everyone

- Lisa M

Amazing car, wouldn't want any other!

The steering wheel is heated and it also has heated seats. The leather interior is easy to clean. The double moon roof is a must for pretty days. The automatic trunk button is a life saver. The back up camera and sensor on front of car is a must! Overall best car I've ever owned. Nothing negative about it.

- Tori N

I love my car. I am not sure what to put here.

I've had no problems. The car is comfy and very safe. I would definitely buy this car again and recommend it to my family or friends. By far the best car I have owned. My only complain would be the screen. It's too detailed. Especially when driving. Plus it went out, but the car is under warranty still.

- Pamela C

It is a fantastic car with lots of extra safety features including blind spot notifications, safety belt notifications, back-up camera and a vibrating seat with a light-up dashboard.

I own the luxury edition of the Cadillac SRX and I love it. It replaced my Mercedes and my Cadillac has many more extras than my Mercedes did. I love that it shows me that my children have their seat belts on, it has blind spot notification and that my seat vibrates to keep me alert when necessary.

- Heather d

I like the color, front seat and trunk.

It runs smooth, no problems yet and hopefully no time soon. It pretty comfortable in front. Back seats are too tiny not a lot of room. Truck size is good. I do not like that navigation only works if you buy a plan from OnStar. If not I will not show the navigation on your board.

- Ivette E

Drive in comfort/luxury and carry most anything easily.

Love it! Right size, luxury features. Flexible seating and quiet ride. Only problem is the GM seat memory sucks! Cannot figure out how to customize the seating configurations and key fobs are no longer marked #1 and #2 so you have no idea which one you have in your hand.

- Ruth S

This is a very luxury car. The most interesting detail is the double sunroof.

Very comfortable especially in the front seats. Technology easy to learn very helpful at night and on long trips. Automatic high beams in dark area. OnStar available. Bluetooth and aux. Hands Free cell phone use. Seat warmers. Large trunk space. Trunk cover. Double sunroof.

- Mercedes A

High quality automobile that has exceeded my expectations.

Rides well, good gas mileage, I like the style. Plenty of room for hauling stuff. It has all of the safety features I wanted in my new car. Speakers are excellent. Sounds great. Seats are a bit stiff when purchased but loosen up after some use. Overall high quality.

- Thomas P

Amazing car! I love my SUV!

None, I love my car and would not change anything about it. I only wish it had air conditioned seats and a kick sensor back hatch. Smooth ride, amazing features, it has been a great car since I have bought it. I highly recommend if you are in the market for an SUV.

- Kristina G

Stylish, Practical, Family Friendly

The Cadillac SRX is functional, yet classy. The design features allow the car to look stylish while being extremely practical. Kids love riding in it and enjoying the full glass roof. The storage solution in the cargo area is great to secure items of all sizes.

- Mitch F

Car is good for someone with no kids or only one kid.

I love the way my car looks on the inside and outside. I have had problems with the computer part of the panel that runs everything so it's super frustrating sometime. If you have more than one kid I wouldn't suggest this car. The back seat doesn't have much room.

- Whitney R

Cadillac - very disappointing.

Performance issues, constant recalls, drive train is horrible. The tires constantly spin out and I have had it serviced many time. Eco mode causes chugging, memory mode for seats reprograms itself. The car has been constant issues since the time it was purchased.

- Bella P

You will never want anything but luxury again The features make life easier

I love all the comfort conveniences. The leather seats and automatic adjusters for the seats. I like the sensors that indicate if I am too close to something. The touchscreen for the radio is wonderful I also like being able to make hands-free phone calls.

- Caitlin M

Terrific Cadillac 2015 srx.

Good looking, ride is very smooth and comfortable, great roomy cabin and enough cargo space. Very reliable. Great safety features and quiet. Leather interior is good quality and electronics are sufficient. Have had no problems in 3 years of ownership.

- Michael M

Great Luxury and Performance from a small SUV

The car has 50k miles. We have had zero problems and have been enjoying Cadillac's premium service included while under warranty. The car drives smoothly and is quite comfortable. We enjoy the unlimited WIFI and XM Radio to which we subscribe.

- Vincent B

That it's awesome! I really have no complaints, it's like being in an exclusive club.

I currently own a Cadillac SRX, in black with the performance package. I love it because it's sporty and cute while being practical enough to hold all my stuff and passengers. So far it's my favorite car I have ever owned, very advanced.

- Jamie B

Cannot change radio stations or use screen navigation, not sync your phone.

Nice design. Our biggest complaint is the touchscreen in the console. It is been frozen for months, and a review of different internet sites shows that it is a huge problem, to the point owners are asking for a recall to fix it.

- Bonnie K

All the safety and warning features are amazing! Warns you of all cars near you on any side of the vehicle. All the sensors are a great feature!

I love all the luxury features. I think it drives very smooth. I love that I do not have to use an actual key for any part of the car, the key fob only has to be in close proximity to the vehicle for me to get in, start it...

- Tanya W

This is a luxury car that is also a great family car this is a great choice.

Driving the Cadillac srx is like an escape from the day to day life stress. It provides a smooth ride with comfortable seating. The navigation system makes it easy to get from one place to another without getting lost.

- Brooke G

Many blind spots and very poor quality of leather used.

I like all the new features, keyless lock and unlock, keyless start. I can start it from inside the house, so it can cool down. I like the backup camera. I don't like all the blind spots and the leather is very cheap.

- Monica T

The Cadillac SRX is an SUV that combines luxury with reliability at a reasonable price.

My vehicle is the perfect size for my family. We make great use out of the bluetooth capability, onboard touchscreen interface, and hi-tech safety features for driving. I do not have any complaints about my car.

- Kyle T

My car is very nice and has all the features I was looking for in a car.

My vehicle has all the bells and whistles. I love that it can fit me personally. My seat, mirrors will stay the same unless I make the change. I also like that it uses regular gas and can be a luxury car.

- Michelle R

It has a wonderfully comfortable ride.

I like the ride. This is the second Cadillac SEX I have owned and I find them to be fortuitously maintenance free. Now if we could only do something about the oil changes and brakes, etc.

- Fred H

Because the vehicle is a large SUV the gas mileage isn't great.

I love the smooth ride, luxury features. I do not like the gas mileage. I love the leather seats and the roomy inside cabin. There is room in the rear for my two dogs which is also a perk.

- Debra H

It has a hiding spot behind the radio.

I had an Acura to before this and prefer it to the Cadillac. I've had it 2 years and still never sure about the wipers, the cue system had to be replaced, just more issues than expected.

- Melissa M

In dry conditions, it is a pleasure to drive as it handles the road well and has surprising power

The car is large enough for my 6'2" frame, and the interior is laid out well. Electronics are simple. My only dislike is that it does not handle well is wet and snowy conditions.

- John Z

Cadillac SRX-Exceptional vehicle that lacks cup holders

I really enjoy this car. It drives well and has lots of safety features. The interior is beautiful. I only wish that it had a third row and that there were more cup holders.

- Danielle M

Heated Seats, Space, Change lane alerts, gap for cars in front of you.

I love my vehicle. It has so many bells and whistles. I love the size and power of the car. I love the way it looks and the way it drives. I feel like its a luxury car.

- Alice D

it's a safe car and low maintenance car.

Love the comfort, smooth ride, gas mileage good, very reliable. Love the heated steering wheel, the room in the SUV, the keyless entry, and the button to close the trunk.

- Robin H

It gets much worse gas mileage than you would expect.

I like the look and handling first and foremost. I strongly dislike the touch controls on the console. I find the interior very comfortable on short and long drives.

- David S

Cadillac srx luxury experience.

I love my Cadillac srx. It has great, smooth handling. I love the luxurious aesthetics and interior. The entertainment system and gas mileage could be improved.

- Kathryn P

For all of the features it has,above most it is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

I love the reliability of my SRX..It has great acceleration,handling,traction in Winter,a roomy interior with everything you need,it is safe and it looks good.

- Lane P

It's super gorgeous! It looks amazing on the road and rides great!

I love my SRX! It's super reliable thus far, looks really sharp on the road, and is so luxurious! This has been my absolute favorite car i have had so far!

- jamie b

That is an american classic.

It is stylish. It is solid. It has good horsepower. It is comfortable. It gets good mileage. It makes a person feel a little above the rest of the world.

- Glenn J

It is practical and yet classy.

I love the way it drives. Very smooth and comfortable. The backup camera is great as I do a lot of parallel parking. There is no dislikes about this car.

- Deb M

It has a really smooth ride which I think is very important.

I love our Cadillac! I love the looks, the ride, the features and the size. I don't like the lever I have to use to adjust the steering wheel though.

- Judy D

A great family car as it fits my grandkids and all the shopping we do well.

This car is a very smooth and reliable ride and fits my 3 grandkids very comfortably. I have had it three years and have had no problems with it.

- Debbie M

My Vehicle engine parts are too good. I did not face any issue related to engine in the past 3 years

Performance of SRX is too good. It is reliable to travel. Comfort and extra add on features make it more amazing. Mileage has to be improvised.

- Sowmya R

Good mileage reliable quiet ride automatic back lift.

Drives great color computer radio comfortable seats heated steering wheel fog lights holds five people backup camera wheels love Cadillac by gm.

- Kathie T

comfortable cadillac ride

love the vehicle except for the heater. It is always on and blows either air or heat way too much. very comfortable for trips long and short

- judy p

My car is white and it has leather interior and it is just fabulous to drive

Cadillacs are so luxurious. Just beautiful cars that handle fantastic. My car is pretty and comfortable to drive and loaded with functions.

- michele m

Comfortable to drive as the seat can be regulated to your exact specifications.

Love the quiet ride. Remote locking system. . Love the sound system. There is nothing I dislike so far. I have vehicle about three months.

- Patti B

It is the safest I have ever felt driving a car.

The light leather stains easily. Very safe feeling ride. Had to have my headlights replaced within a few years which cost a couple grand.

- Danielle C


I Have the performance SRX it has a high level of equipment. It the base that the XT5 was built on. It has great gas mileage for a SUV.

- Jim M

It is beautiful and is a reflection of my personality

It is classy and nice to look at, it gets good mileage and fits my lifestyle well, I like high end cars and this is perfect fit for me

- Denise H

It drives really nice. It is very nice looking to.

I have no problems so far with this vehicle, it rides and drives great. It is very comfortable and it really is not that bad on gas.

- Heather C

That it has excellent handling, comfort and overall performance.

I love how well it handles. I like the strong engine. I love the overall performance and luxury of my vehicle.

- Bradley E

Nice ride, excellent safety features, reasonable pricing.

Very reliable, no problems, rides a bit rough compared to a sedan. Map is just ok, I still use wade or google.

- Tom P

Others should know that this Cadillac has one of the best gas mileages I have ever owned.

I like how comfortable it rides. Very good on gas mileage. Classy looking. I have no complaints at this time.

- dale r

2014 Cadillac. Gold in color very great car.

Very dependable not a problem great ride. Love my car lots of features and comfort. Safe car love it so much.

- Pam C

It drives very smoothly. It is spacious without being unmanageable. It is very comfortable to ride in and get in and out of.

It has a very comfortable ride, which I thought was surprising for a small SUV. It rides more like a car.

- Thais H

Very comfortable, drives great.

No problems, very comfortable on long trips, love all the features GPS system, hands free calling great.

- Vicki M

Black, leather, 4 door sub, very modern and up to date. Gets good gas mileage.

Very comfortable, reliable, minimal problems so far. Gas mileage is good and it is a very smooth ride.

- Page S

smart styling, good visibility from the driver's seat. minor blind spot to the left and right. something you have to get used to.

Reasonable gas mileage. Very good ride quality. Trouble free. Good dealer and service department.

- Duane D

this vehicle is pure luxury. It drives smooth handles great and the amenities are beyond my expectation. This vehicle was not purchased as my everyday use vehicle but after driving in it i do not want to drive my other cars.

This vehicle is very comfortable to drive especially for long road trips with the family.

- Liz C

My SRX has all the features I would expect. It makes it fun to drive.

I Love the features. The ride is comfortable. There is nothing I don't like.

- Diane R

very technologically advanced.

Very powerful and responsive. Comfortable ride. Fuel efficient. Quiet.

- john B

Quality, good road car. Classy and comfy

Great traveling car. Great moonroof and interior. No complaints

- Donald C

The car is extremely comfortable and very easy to handle

Smooth ride - easy handling - programmable driver's seat

- Eleanor M

Has all of the features I wanted. Very comfortable for traveling. Attractive.

Worth the price. More affordable than you might assume.

- Cathy T

Safety features. Heated seats and plenty of room. Great winter handling.

My favorite car ever. Safety and comfort are the best.

- Bruce K