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I will never buy anything other than Cadillac!

This vehicle has been the best I have ever owned. Cadillac does not skimp on anything. The interior is sleek and comfortable. Its rides like a dream. I did have an issue and when I took it to warranty department I was blown away! They changed my oil, washed my car, fixed everything free of charge. They also had every snack/drink free of charge in the waiting room, tablets for you to use, and a rental car if needed.

- Chantal S

Cadillac srx features. Great visibility, as well as nearby object alarms.

Not too high off ground so still easy to get into. Good visibility down the road as it is slightly higher than most sedans. Have six cylinder which gives you good acceleration when needed. Very smooth ride with large tires that come as standard. Also, roof has retractable inside top all the way to the rear of the car, which gives rear passengers as well as front ones a nice view of the sky. View f the sky.

- William C

This car provides a very smooth ride. It feels like a luxury car.

I really like that it rides very nicely and has lots of added features. What I dislike the most is the section between the front windshield and side mirror. It is angled and very wide at the bottom. Sometimes it blocks your view when you are turning or blocks your ability to see another car coming down the road at an intersection,

- Paula I

Fancy stylish vehicle with few problems.

The car equipment inside is awesome. Very easy to use but very sophisticated. I have had problems with popping noises. They have changed a control arm which fixed it for a few weeks but this week the popping is back. Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the vehicle and its equipment. Gas mileage is also decent for an SUV.

- J C

Style and comfort along with performance is e most important.

I like the drive and comfort of the vehicle. I sit up higher then the average car and love the style of the vehicle. It gives me room to carry all the extra baggage or other things I need to carry. It is roomy for anyone who wants to drive with me. What else do you want me to say. I love this vehicle and am glad I bought it.

- Kathy L

Cadillac-luxury at it is best.

The six has great performance. Awesome comfort and luxury features such as leather seats, Bose speakers, dual syncing air and heat. It is great to have the lane change and blind spot alerts. The full retractable sunroof is the best on I have ever had. You just cannot beat the Cadillac ride. This vehicle is the real deal.

- Linda C

Cadillac srx is a beautiful ride.

The srx is very reliable. It is a very comfortable ride. It also has premium features. The gas mileage is ok for the size. The navigation system works good. It is now integrated with the OnStar system which can make the system pricey. If you want navigation, you have to have the upgraded OnStar package.

- Janice T

Cadillac the highlight of my vehicle is that I bought it for a very good price.

I really like my vehicle slot because it looks very pretty and I do not worry about it breaking down. It goes very fast and I also receive a lot of compliments. I also love my vehicles color and the size and also the way the inside looks. I also love the inside color and the way the leather feels.

- Tracy W

Comfort wins; some design flaws.

Great ride, comfortable for long road trips, decent gas mileage. Only complaints would be cup holder position makes it difficult to have 2 drinks at the same time and there's very little legroom in the back seat. The navigation/audio system is difficult to operate while driving.

- Martha O

Love the roomy, comfortable ride.

My vehicle is very reliable, a smooth ride and very comfortable. I have 2 car seats in the back seat and there is still room for a small adult or another child. The hatchback portion is very roomy and holds a lot of groceries. Both back seats fold down for additional room.

- Linda D

The art of service - how to lose a loyal customer to another brand.

Service at the dealership does not compare to the service for my former vehicle, a Mercedes glk. They service the car and forget to turn off warning signals, like the change oil light, have to fix problem multiple times, no rental car provided. Overall sub-par service.

- Donna S

It has exceptional safety features that can prevent crashes from your changing lanes when there is another car too close. The backup cameras can prevent hitting vehicles or pedestrians as you back up.

Love the vehicle because it is comfortable, safe, and dependable. It has the latest safety features such as showing other vehicles in the side mirrors, a reverberation in the sides of the driver's seat when cars are close, and front sensors and rear cameras.

- Beth B

It is dependable. The ride is smooth and love driving it.

I can get in the vehicle easily and love the ride. Comfortable to drive and the seats are very comfortable. This is the first time I bought a van and love feeling higher in the seat. Would recommend this to anyone. Once you buy a van will never look back.

- Kathy C

My mother owned a Cadillac we thought it was coolest thing ever.

I love the way it looks, rides and performs. It is comfortable beyond belief and has more features and buttons than a jet plane. The takeoff is phenomenal, riding for long distances is not tiring and the gas efficiency is beyond belief.

- Iv J

It is a Cadillac in every sense of the word, luxury abound.

It is very comfortable and rides well. It has a lot of extra items like cruise control and a navigation system. The stereo is wonderful. I do think it could stand to get better gas mileage though in the city.

- Dan G

What is an upgrade in many vehicles, comes standard on this one.

The only thing I dislike about the vehicle is the lack of legroom in the back seat. I wish there was more space. Other than that, I love everything about the vehicle. There are too many extras to list!

- Robyn C

It scores very high on consumer safety reports when dealing with child seats.

My vehicle has leather heated and cooling seats which we love. It also has a heated steering wheel which is great in winter. I love the remote start app and the automatic proximity locks.

- Katie B

Reliability, control, good gas mileage.

Great all round car. Power locks and windows work easily by driver control for those little hands trying things out. Good gas mileage. Entertainment center clear and easy to use.

- Sara B

It has the bells and whistles and gives you a luxury car experience

Power sunroof with heated, power seats and heated steering wheel. It is not that great on gas but I do enjoy the free maintenance for a few years that comes with the purchase.

- Nicole P

Sporty, preppy, beautiful in an SUV. Get the Performance Package, not the base.

Some electronics do not work correctly or are hard to figure out. Car has good road hugging sports car feel. Beautiful design. Front cab needs a little more elbow room.


Beautiful and quality made.

I love my car due to the great gas mileage. The car is super spacious for our large family. Being about to ride around in style for a fraction of other luxury cars.

- Morgan B

Comfortable, dependable and lots of room for luggage when traveling.

Most comfortable riding vehicle I have ever owned. Lots of room for traveling and pets. Dependable and great on gas. Love the dual climate temperature controls.

- Marsha S

pros and cons of cadillac srx

I don't have a replacement tire just a tire fill kit and the gas mileage stinks, but it's one of the safest vehicles as far as accidents go. Nice leather too

- Mary K

The vehicle has a very smooth ride on both the main and back roads.

I love the smoothness of the drive and the way the vehicle looks. I also like the electronics of the vehicle. I am not that happy with the gas mileage.

- Michael K

Overall my vehicle performances well.

I love the performance of my car. I have had it for almost 3 years and nothing has ever gone wrong with it expect the touch screen, which was replaced.

- Taylor b

It rides smooth. Great control.

The screen in my dash cracked when I first got the car. It looked like it got too hot and the heat cracked it and made it looked webbed glass.

- Casey B

My car has comfort and luxury in one car.

I love the comfort of my vehicle and gas mileage per gallon. Currently, my cue has been messing up and the touch screen does not always work.

- Hannah M

Saves money on gas, first got the car thought it would "never" run out of gas.

My car is very comfortable to drive. I love the backup camera. My car has large truck area. My car has beautiful exterior and interior.

- Judy S

Not only does the Cadillac SRX look good but it is also a sturdy car that makes you feel safe.

I like the rich and classy look of it. It has all of the options I need. We all fit comfortably in the car. It is a very smooth ride.

- Erica G

We loved the touch screen navigation, heat, radio but it quit.

The navigation screen quit working. Otherwise rides nice and looks pretty. Heated and air conditioned seats. Very comfortable ride.

- Sue V

I has large blind spots in both sides and can be hard to see vehicles.

I love the comfort of the vehicle. I love the way it drives, it feels so smooth. I hate that the vehicle has huge blind spots.

- Michelle S

It is very reliable and economical.

I do not like the engine power. I like the comfort of the car. I like the reliability of the car and that feels safe to be in.

- John R

It is luxury and very reliable. Interior is perfect with great fit for all the parts.

I have no problems with my SRX...it has been extremely reliable. Gets 20 plus mpg around town and about 24 on highway.


That it is no longer a model made and the following model similar to it is just as nice

I love my car and the quality of vehicle. It truly upholds the standards of buying a Cadillac and has tons of features.

- Lauren R

Luxury SUV used for work and pleasure.

Not major problems have occurred with my vehicle. There have been some cosmetic issues but were quickly resolved.

- Rich L

Most smooth ride, very comfortable. Clean & luxurious, easy to keep clean. Has every well & whistle someone could want. Good on gas with powerful engine.

Best car I have ever had! Compliments all of the time on the style, a lot of room & storage. Very powerful engine.

- Meghan R

Smooth like a Cadillac. . .

Best vehicle I've ever owned. Very reliable and the maintenance is easy. They have several plans to choose from.

- Nicole M

It's my favorite car of all the way around and I absolutely adore..

I love my Cadillac SRX because it's so classy. It's dependable and gorgeous. It's very comfortable and styling.

- Mara R

It is comfortable and nice to drive. It is an extremely attractive car!

I like everything about this car. It is attractive, stylish, and a joy to drive. I have no complaints about it.

- Susan S

My Cadillac SRX4 is comfortable and a smooth ride. It comfortably fits 5 with plenty of legroom. There are plenty of extras that come standard on this model, but it does not have Apple CarPlay, which is a disappointment.

It gets good gas mileage for a mid-size SUV. It also take regular unleaded. It doesn't need the premium gas.

- Jan P

It is a good reliable brand and it is a safe car for families.

I really like the size and quality of the vehicle. It is very nice looking and feels safe on the road

- Mel B

very little to minimum maintenance, as long as you do the regular oil changes and service at required times

excellent vehicle, smooth ride, good performance, handles well in rainy conditions, good acceleration

- todd b

There are many safety features included. Service from the dealership is outstanding.

Very comfortable on long trips Safety features. No complaints

- Sur B

Looks Great Good for the price overall nice car

Sexy, luxury easy driving smooth great handling on the road

- Debra M

Very dependable and classy. Plenty of legroom and a smooth ride. The navigation and onstar is very helpful.

The ride is very smooth and quiet for a midsize suv.

- Ann R