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Leg room and features galore!

This SUV is the best of both worlds! The first thing I was concerned with finding was a vehicle with all wheel drive since I live in Wisconsin and winters can be tough with a front wheel drive vehicle. The XT5 is awesome because you are able to switch between FWD and AWD for better gas mileage when it's not snowing! The next thing I had to make sure of was that myself and my boyfriend would fit-- I am 5'11' and my boyfriend is 6'5'. In the XT5 I had to move the seat up over half way to reach and my boyfriend in the passenger seat doesn't need fully extend his chair in order to be comfortable. The best part is, even if we are fully extended in the front seats the back passengers have plenty of room. The other fantastic part of the Cadillac is all of the standard features. I have the heated seats, steering wheel, full sunroof with an automatic shade, wireless charging, and so much more. Cadillac also offers a fantastic warranty that they stand behind. It's definitely worth it paying for luxury when you can!

- Haven P

Cadillac does not disappoint.

I absolutely love the Cadillac xt5. The reliability has been great, and the only performance issues I have had in the first year are related to the tires. I am not a fan of the white and grey interior. I thought I would prefer it to the darker interior, but I was wrong. In my opinion, one of my biggest issues with the Cadillacs is the upgraded technology each year. I would like to be able to upgrade my car's technology software much like we upgrade our computer platforms each year. It is unfair to think that someone could trade in a vehicle every year, but you would have to in order to take advantage of these upgrades. I also really like the switch from the srx to the xt5. I prefer the shorter nose and wheel base to the srx, although I have noticed a slightly less powerful engine in this one.

- Kelly M

Comfortable, classy and love the colors inside and out.

I have had no problems with my car but have only had it for about 6 months. It handles and drives great. I have heated seats they are great and also the heated steering wheel which I didn't even think I would like and now love. It is extremely comfortable and has automatic adjustable seats that me and husband love. Also has the lumbar which is great because I take long 2 hour trips to pick my grandson up from his college about once a month and this seats make it bearable because I have a bad back. The gas mileage is okay but it wish it was better does not get as good as I would like on the expressway but gets better than I thought in the city stop and go driving.

- Nora B

Easy and comfortable driving.

So far no problems, very comfortable even on very long drives - seats are easy to adjust with many different settings, lots of room for lugging stuff - was great for camping, great pick up on hills and the highway, lots of safety features that make me feel I have an extra pair of eyes, the in car GPS can be a little tricky at times but is great once it is set, the voice commands are sometimes a bit difficult - it does not always understand what is being said so it wants to give you something completely different, and the mpg has been better than expected pretty much 20. 9 city and 36 highway.

- Ellen D

This car tells you when to get an oil change!

I have really enjoyed driving the xt5, it's a very comfortable vehicle with great safety features. My dash always had a display of current tire pressure, oil life, avg. Mpg information. It's nice to always have the oil life in particular displayed plain and clear. Another great feature is a red light accompanied by a jolt in the actual driver seat to notify driver if the car in front of you has suddenly put on their brakes! Another feature that is nice is the car is Wi-Fi enabled, so long trips with kids is a breeze; put a movie on a tablet and you're on your way no complaints!

- Marie V

It is too complicated to operate and I often don't know how to make it work as I want.

The car is nicely appointed and rides well. I do not like all the electronic, computerized aspects of the car. The owners manual reads like an aircraft manual with so many options and complicated instructions that it takes hours to figure out the simplest task. And often the manual says to go to the Cadillac website for further information on how to make the car do what you want it to do. It is a great example of providing more capability than the average driver can handle, and sticking technology into the vehicle simply because they can.

- Keith B

What doesn't the Cadillac XT5 have? It makes your drive comfortable and safe.

My Cadillac XT5 is a perfect size for a SUV to drive in a large city. It's easier to park in any tight parking spaces. Getting around is easy like when you are lane changing and also great in bad weather conditions. The seats are heated and very comfortable. They have a memory button so you can have the seat perfectly where you want it just by hitting a button. It's also a very safe vehicle. It comes with many alerts as well like when reversing or lane changing. It also has a rear view camera to assist you when needed.

- Eric C

Modern Cadillac provides a smooth and spacious ride.

I love my Cadillac xt5. I have had it around a year now, and I have found only one issue that I am not fond of. The car tends to have two major blind spots, but that is to be expected with most SUV style vehicles. The car runs smooth, is very user friendly but still "modern" in performance. The cars space is amazing. I have recently moved and had to pack my car down to make room and it easily allowed for me to fit all of my belongings inside.

- Kayla P

Love my Cadillac, only minor issues, definitely worth the cost.

The 1 real issue is the technology connection, there are glitches & it works about 60-70% of the time. There is a bit of a blind spot but not much difference from other vehicles. I love the style and look, the leather is exceptional, & the small touches make it even more enjoyable! Personally I am very comfortable but my husband (6’3”) is not as comfortable when driving. The seat is a little smaller than most SUVs.

- Amy M

Great car, when it�s working!

I owned a 2015 XT5 prior to this new one & the 2015 was much better. The 2017 has taken out a lot of the storage in the front console & this one has had several mechanical problems. Apparently when the car computer needs 'update,' which you know nothing about the entire car shuts down no matter where you are! I will say that it's very comfortable & when it's running correctly it is a smooth drive.

- Jennifer W

I love my Cadillac XT5! The Rear Vision Camera is amazing!

I love my Cadillac XT5. I enjoy driving it everywhere I go. I haven't had any problems with my Cadillac and one of the features that I love the most about my Cadillac is the Rear Vision Camera, it is really helpful because it alerts you if a car is coming on your left or right side and it starts beeping. Also the engine stops when the vehicle is at rest in a traffic stop and that saves fuel! So far I love it!

- Heidi S

The lane assistance and vehicle alerts are some of the safety features.

This vehicle is incredible. Some of the awesome features include: panoramic sunroof, heated seats, heated steering wheel, and lane assistance. The backup camera is extremely convenient. The car also alerts you when you get too close by vibrating the seat. The driver seat can be adjusted in length. The cruise control is super easy to use and keeps your speed at the correct speed.

- Kendall R

After 2 years runs and looks new.

My XT5 is very reliable. The performance is spectacular. It gets good gas mileage and handles well in high traffic areas. I have owned my XT5 for 2 years and with regular oil changes, tire rotations (which comes with the purchase) it handles like it is new. Additionally, hand cleaning the leather seats once or twice a month keeps the interior like new.

- Stacey V

This car is total quality. The fit and finish is superb.

This is the most comfortable automobile I have ever owned. This is an ultra premium vehicle with premium features. From the 18 way adjustable seats to the automatic wipers and headlight dimmers. From the automatic wipers to the automatic braking. From the automatic lane keeping to the intelligent cruise control. The engineers have thought of everything!

- Larry B

Love my Cadillac SUV. Best SUV ever !

Fabulous SUV. Nice smooth comfortable ride. Car has lots of power and drives so smoothly. Very quiet ride. Although this SUV is fully loaded, one of the best features is the rear view camera that allows you to see what is behind you. Also, love the warning lights on the front car mirrors that let you know when there is a car on either side. Great feature!

- Bonnie H

Enjoyable and comfortable and fun to drive with great safety features.

The camera for parking is great. The ride is smooth, quiet, and comfortable. Love the heated and cooled seats and lumbar support. Smaller than our old suburban but yet versatile. Love the adaptive cruise control. Saves gas mileage and wear on brakes. Great with gas mileage. Looks nice. Love the top of the line interior with leather and suede.

- Susan F

Love this car! Got this car for retirement, couldn't be happier.

Smooth ride, comfortable, great interior. Feel safe. Tires very expensive, no spare. Love OnStar and internet. Back up camera is great, and looks great, the technology in this car is fantastic. Saw the Cadillac at a car show, went that day and got it. Cannot say anything bad except prices of tires. Cadillac has excellent maintenance program.

- Cindy C

The Cadillac XT5 is the perfect compact luxury SUV for use in the city. It's easy to maneuver and fits into the tight parking spaces!

The car is the perfect size for our family of three. The features are perfect and make the car a joy to drive. It is actually fuel efficient for an SUV. The car provides us with enough space to carry stuff inside (like for our child's sporting events), and with the added roof racks we can carry larger items like our surf and paddle-boards.

- Shawn H

It does not have a CD player and it is not even an add-on option.

It is comfortable and gets good mpg on the road. I like the size of the vehicle and it is comfortable but we had a Lexus previously and really prefer the Lexus to the Cadillac but the cost of the Lexus prevented us from buying another one. Cadillac needs to have the option of a CD player, a larger NAV screen, and more cup holders.

- Sharon B

There is nothing that is a significant improvement over our last srx Cadillac.

There is not enough room on the driver's side for my big and tall husband to feel comfortable. Aside from this problem, I have really found no negative features. Our previous vehicle was an srx, and he did not have this issue. He is also not really comfortable with stopping at traffic lights and having the engine 'die.'.

- Grady C

Cadillac xt5 is a great vehicle.

My Cadillac xt5 is spacious and roomy but not so large that it is intimidating for a petite woman like me. My husband, who is a tall man, is also very comfortable in the car. It has a lot of technological features and is a Wi-Fi hot spot, which we thoroughly appreciate. The car feel safe and comfy with a touch of luxury.

- Sandra C

Cadillac- 2018-xt5-a beautiful automobile. I feel safe driving a large car.

The car is very pretty. It rides smooth most of the time but auto stop is a nuisance. Also the back up camera is not good at night. The light is very poor on the display. It is reliable and I have had no repairs on it; although I have taken it into the dealer and they cannot find the problems. - windshield wipers etc.

- Ann K

The car has a well powered engine that is very quiet.

This car has just the right amount of room for us. It is powered well and runs smoothly. The interior has the luxury feel of a Cadillac. The features are perfect such as heated seats and wheel, auto start, lane assist and tech features. I do not like the new technology where the car's engine turns off while at a stop.

- Marikae C

Great family and durable vehicle.

My favorite part of my vehicle are the automatic features such as the wipers, walker alert, back up camera, sensor, and crash protection. It is super reliable and is actually pretty good on gas as far as mileage. I wish the trunk was a little bigger because once I put my child's stroller in nothing else really fits.

- Lt L

Very user-friendly car easy to get in and out of I love the height.

The shifter buttons are a little confusing to people and you have to remember to use the side button because the top button is only for park. Also the black interior is not able to be kept clean as some other vehicles of other make and model. I love the heated steering wheel though in a lot of the other features.

- Cher M

Practical, Comfortable, Reasonable Car! This vehicle is perfect for any age.

I love this car. It is extremely comfortable and practical. The perfect luxury brand car for not a bad price. I love that it is safe and reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage and I don't have to spend tons of money on it. Service is super easy. Only downside is getting premium gas but I really can't complain.

- Lauren Y

My smooth riding Cadillac xt5.

I love my Cadillac xt5. This car rides so nice and smooth, and it is very roomy. It handles like a charm, and when you need to have some power it does not let you down. The xt5 comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a Cadillac. All in all I have been very happy with my 2017 Cadillac xt5!

- Andrea M

Cadillac reliable and dependable

Love my truck. Besides regular maintenance, Cadillac is truly reliable. My brakes have lasted since I purchased the vehicle. Handles amazing in the snow. Sport mode and the shifting patels are so much fun to drive. I've had other Cadillac models. By far Cadillac is my most trusted and dependable vehicle

- Barbara R

Feel very safe in this vehicle but is costly to drive

It needs to improve gas mileage and there are times when transmission slips. It's a heavy car and I feel very safe in it. I have had some computer problems with it. Vehicle has turned off on its own. No problems with Dealership. This car is a little to big for me. Has lots of bells and whistles.

- Linda S

How I feel about my Cadillac

I have had no problems with me car. The only repair was for squeaky brakes and that repair was for free and not required. It runs smooth and is very comfortable. I would recommend this vehicle for its safety features and good looks. I am sure this is the favorite of all the cars I have owned

- kathleen F

It is the right height for me. I have arthritis in both knees.

I drive the crossover Cadillac because it is the right height for me. A sedan is too low and hard on my knees when I go to get out. The big SUV is too tall and you have to climb into it. My car gets pretty good gas mileage I have a good warranty and never seem to have many problems with it.

- Shirley S

Great vehicle with lots of features.

I enjoy my Cadillac xt5. It has been a very dependable vehicle mechanically. It is also very comfortable for long trips. I enjoy the many comfort and technology features, as well. It is equipped with many great features that make it stand out from other brands. Really great vehicle.

- Lynn C

Cadillac the ultimate luxury vehicle.

It has great pickup. It is great on gas mileage. The safety features can take some getting used too. Very comfortable and roomy car. It also has great trunk space. I enjoy going on long drives the ride is smooth it is comfortable and a fast vehicle while still giving a smooth ride.

- Melanie B

Comfortable to drive and as a passenger.

I love the aesthetics of the vehicle exterior. However since moving from SRX to XT5 it seems some features are lower quality. For example the console is touch friendly but feels like very flimsy plastic. I also don't like the eco feature of the engine turning off instead of idling.

- Jaime G

Great cruise control system.

This is great car but it has some functions that are hard to use. In particular I do not like the way the audio system works. The touch screen is also distracting for drivers. The automatic cruise control is very useful. I will probably get a Cadillac for my next main automobile.

- Dave P

Seats are amazing and my car is better than mine

This car has every feature imaginable. The heated and cooled seats are incredible and so comfortable. They literally can be adjusted a million different ways. The audio is the best out of any Cadillac that I've ever owned and the last 5 vehicles that I've owned are Cadillac

- Kim G

Cadillac for future generations.

The Cadillac xt5 is an excellent vehicle. Safety, value and performance are very good. Quiet ride and style are keys to its status. Looks are solid, but gas mileage leaves much for satisfaction. We would recommend the xt5 for the discerning customer. Enjoy the ride and comfort.

- Pete S

Peppy, very maneuverable, enough cargo space.

The space for my left leg/foot is too restrictive. There is not enough room. On occasion my left foot is behind the brake pedal. Now that I have had the car for over a year, it leads to fatigue on long trip. Gas mileage in town is fantastic. Also lots of pep. Fun to drive...

- Richard P

I love the windshield wipers that automatically increase when the rain increases.

I have no problems with my car. I did want a luxury SUV that had no road noise. I am guessing that is for $60k cars. Other than that it is a nice comfortable ride, great gas mileage, very roomy! Nice interface on console. Last car was a Camaro so this is a great upgrade!!

- Jill H

Luxury no detail overlooked.

I love my Cadillac xts, it is a beautiful automobile, with plenty of legroom, front and back. Plenty of cargo space, rides smooth with reasonable fuel economy. I do wish I heard less road noise. When people ride in the rear seat they tell me it is like riding like a king.

- Paul A

Love the interior running lights.

Smooth ride. No wind noise inside cabin. Much better gas mileage than six. Super easy connection to phone/Bluetooth. Auto off can be annoying, but ‘secret’-if a/c is on, engine will not turn off! There’s no lag time accelerating even if engine does turn off though.

- Christina R

Great price for the versatility.

I love the option to carry several passengers or to move the seats for more cargo. I love most the fact that the driver's seat has an leg support extender on it since I am very tall. I enjoy all the safety/convenience features and the open feeling of the panoramic roof.

- Megan M

I love my Cadillac and all of its features

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is black on black leather. Very comfortable. My favorite feature is the Cadillac Cue. The automatic windshield wiper features comes in handy as well. Hands free calling feature is amazing. It is better with an iPhone vs Android.

- Toys S

The Cadillac reliable brand!

Love, the Cadillac model. When driving I like to sit up a little higher. Also when we travel it is comfortable. It is also comfortable for passengers. We have not had a lot of problems. Like the fact it takes regular gas. The Cadillac is a very liable brand. Love it!

- Cheryl G

Gm forward achievement for a new generation.

My Cadillac xt5 is reliable, fun and safe! The one and only drawback is the 21 mpg.. Cadillac has done an outstanding job with trim and accessories. Pretty good head and leg room. Performance is solid. Gm is striving for excellence and they are close on the xt5.

- Pete D

I'll never switch from Cadillac!

No problems. Cadillac service is 2nd to none. Very smooth ride. Solid car with all wheel drive. Does use a lot of gas. But I feel safe and very comfortable when I am behind the wheel. This car has everything in it. Navigation- heated seats and steering wheel.

- Kim M

Great rear view on my SUV.

Very comfortable easy to see out of vehicle love the rear view mirror that uses the rear camera, this gives a good safe view of rear, the seat heat up or cool which is great in summer. I am not a fan of sun roofs but on a cloudy day it is ok, it is really big.

- Cathay M

Information about my car.

Very smooth ride. Great on gas and has a nice luxury feel. Clean and simple. This car has all the bells and whistles you need in a car. Back up camera with full screen to see and sensors. Bluetooth hook up so you can listen to any music and do Apple carplay.

- Alex B

Love my Cadillac! Highly recommend getting one!

I love my xt5. Would absolutely recommend it. This is my 4th Cadillac. Hope I will always drive one. The service is great. My dealer provides free oil changes, tire rotation and will also wash it. How much better can it get! Just as good as the foreign ones.

- Susan H

Beautiful vehicle, reliable performance.

The touch screen occasionally turns off, but overall very comfortable, sleek, and reliable vehicle. The heated seats and steering wheel have me spoiled and I will want this in the future. Love the look and overall appearance as well as the larger sunroof.

- Stacey K

Safety and satisfaction in the Cadillac.

I love my Cadillac xt5. The ride is smooth and all the features make driving a breeze. The sensors in the safety features are extremely sensitive, making parking a bit nerve racking, but it just adds to the fact that the car is built with safety in mind.

- Maria M

I like how easy it is to drive this car.

My vehicle is a great luxury car. It drives beautifully and is very comfortable. The features are top notch and it is a fun car to drive. It is sleek and a very beautiful car. It is the perfect size and I love it for short trips as well as long trips.

- Maggie P

I love my car and you would love it too.

Very fun and comfortable to drive with great safety features. Smooth ride and would buy it again. Performs well in all weather conditions and has a great look. I wish the gas mileage was better in the city, but it is great to travel road trips with.

- Mary M

Very reliable, we have had no issues with the vehicle.

It is comfortable but I wish it were a little quieter on the road. It suits our needs for travelling with children/dogs. It has great features for safety and comfort (dual a/c controls in front, XM radio, availability to get OnStar).

- Kelsey D

It is do safe I feel very protected when I'm in this vehicle.

This is my perfect car. It's luxurious but not over the top. I can shop and shop and shop and there's still room inside for more. The ride is so smooth and quiet. I'm very pleased with this car. No complaints at all.

- Ellen L

Cadillac equals quality - smooth quiet ride with fabulous safety features.

No complaints, I LOVE MY CAR. Sits up high like an SUV but rides like a Cadillac sedan. Smooth ride, new technology. Especially love the intellibright system (bright lights that know when to come on)(and off).

- Beth H

It has many safety features that alert you to danger.

I like that it has a backup camera. I like that there are sensors all around the vehicle to warn of dangers. I don't like there is no CD player and no way to rewind music on satellite radio like previous car.

- Mary M

Cadillac quality is back and not that expensive as this vehicle has been well thought out.

Nice Crossover vehicle. Comfortable, handles well, and excellent care to detail and finish. Mileage is great for a vehicle of this size. The addition of side mirror directional lights would be nice.

- Vincent G

It handles well and has many safety features. The safety features are something I would miss if a future car did not have them.

I like the safety features, especially the warning if there is a car in your blind spot. I also like the look of the dashboard. Also, the exterior is understated simplicity, not showy, but classy.

- Deb H

It gets much better gas mileage than one might expect.

This car has plenty of power. I am very happy with the fuel economy (mpg). It is extremely comfortable. It has the best air conditioner I have ever had in a car. Perfect size. Dislike gearshift.


It is a very safe vehicle to drive because of all the systems it has.

The trunk space is huge. The seats are very comfortable and can be moved up and down so that my Mom can easily enter. The car responds quickly to stop, etcetera. The color is gorgeous.


This is great and excellent car.

It is reliable dependable good performance Stanley comfortable and gas efficient. The suspension is good, runs smith and fast. The interior is great and design is excellent.

- Maria L

The safety features are amazing. I've never felt so safe in a car

It drives beautifully & comfortable. The steering is very smooth. It has a great deal of safety features such as alarming you if a car is behind you when you are in reverse.

- Sharon M

Luxury how it should be and more

Cadillac XT5 is a premier luxury SUV it has the bells and whistles and performance excellent it is exciting to drive and looks and feels like a luxury vehicle should.

- Tessie B

It has really great safety features, airbags everywhere, and a backup camera.

Easy to drive, great sound system, safe for my family, plenty of room. Love the sleek look. Luxurious interior. Backup camera is extremely helpful. Great technology.

- Rachel S

I love that the car has a heated steering wheel, it is convenient in the winter.

This is the best car I have ever owned. It is super reliable and has never had any problems. The leather seats are comfortable and the carplay feature is the best.

- Sierra G

Cadillac Has the best in customer service.

Safe, reliable, comfortable for long trips. Customer service for Cadillac is excellent. I have had a Cadillac for over 10 years and will never again change brands.

- Jean L

That is very safe and comfortable to drive or ride in.

It is stylish, comfortable, and dependable. It also has a very smooth ride and has a lot of safety features making me feel more comfortable driving it.

- Greg H

The car i drive is a roomy car with ample trunk space

I like the heated seats and steering wheel. I like driving an suv as it gives me a better view and perspective when driving. I also like keyless entry.

- Sue K

It is very fast with 333 hp.

Like the handling and the styling of the new xt5.... Dislike the lane departure sensor - seems very different then previous srx model - not accurate.

- Mike H

Supercar, beautiful and stylish.

Excellent car. Love it! Comfortable, reliable, stylish. It is my dream car. Beautiful color. Plenty of features. Safety features are a huge plus.

- Patti B

Stylish,classy and roomy with an enjoyable ride.

My vehicle is classy looking and roomy enough for back seat passengers or items in the cargo area. It's a comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

- Jennifer G

The elegance and comfort for a great price. It is good on gas. The technology is great and simple to use. It also comes with Onstar and XM radio.

I love the comfort, style and elegance. It drives smoothly and has all of the tech you could want. I do not dislike anything about my Cadillac.

- LaTanya L

The crash rating and safety are at the best with a 5 star rating

The performance is smooth and the V6 engine is wonderful for power. This car has a fantastic crash rating and is an overall comfortable ride.

- Steve C

It's appearance and drivability along with It's dependable driving

My car is superbly built. It has a great engine and body appearance, ait rides very smoothly . It is a classy looking car. no complaints

- fred k

Cadillac and the features that make it the best

Cadillac makes the best cars. They make the cars sturdy, reliable, and they are made for comfort. Nothing is like driving a Cadillac!

- Anna T

Some programming of personal preference items can only be done in park.

This vehicle is very comfortable for passengers as well as the driver. Performs very well in snow and ice as well as dry pavement.

- Michelle C

It has plenty of room. In the cargo area.

I like it because of its comfort and ease of handling. The style and beauty is better than my old car and I get great gas mileage.

- Rick D

Very smooth ride. Feels like a luxury vehicle.

I love everything about my vehicle. The basic model has many features that would normally be an upgrade. Have not had any issues.

- Ari C

MY XT5 — Great color interior and exterior.

Love, love this suv. Great mileage. Comfortable ride. Large enough to move grandkids into their college dorms and apartments.

- Lois C

It is a high performance vehicle, that rides very well.

I do not like some of the updated features, such as the gear shift and the brake cut-off feature. Otherwise, I love the vehicle.

- Susan B

The car is very comfortable and the camera system makes it very safe

Nice car. Handles well, comfortable, excellent for long trips. Good gas mileage, comfortable seating for driver and passengers

- William T

The full range of safety features offered on the Platinum model.

Like -Safety and security features along with luxury comforts. Dislike - Think the price was a little high. Complaints - None.

- William H

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It has an information center and it rides very quiet.

I like the comfortable ride, no outside noises,and it is very fuel efficient. I like the sun roof and the navigational center.

- Pamela N

OnStar navigation road assist mileage and crash features.

Comfort features reliability= like. Dislike= mileage otherwise it's a pretty reliable car is fine no problems at this point.

- Cheryl H

Love My Car! Find Out Why!

Great luxury vehicles. Performs well and gets great gas mileage. Love the stylish look. Also has a great service department.

- Christina M

It is very safe, very sturdy,. I would get another one in a heartbeat if needed.

I enjoy the quiet comfortable ride. I appreciate the styling and I really like the way it performs in all kinds of weather.

- Francis D

Quiet and comfortable and easy to drive.

Comfortable, all wheel drive, easy to drive, easy on fuel, many safety options, no complaints, easy to clean, good vision.

- Don D

The camera that helps with parking.

Comfort and convenience and all the extras that are offered on the vehicle. I don't really like the place for your purse.

- Diane B

It is nice to drive and has been easy to maintain.

I love my vehicle. Functions well and the size is suitable to my needs, great fuel mileage and dependable. No dislikes.

- Erica C

It rides great and is very enjoyable to drive. Cadillac did a great job with this one.

I love the luxury feel of the vehicle. It rides very smooth and quiet. I don't like some of the rattles that I hear.

- Sarah M

It is great to drive. It looks very nice and leaves a nice silhouette.

I love this vehicle. I love the way it drives and the way it looks. It has good gas mileage and very comfortable.

- Richard M

It is a luxury car.It's quality represents the Cadillac name.

It has a Nice smooth ride. It has good soundproofing so it is quite to ride in. It has nice comfortable seats.

- Barb H

Very spacious. Drives smooth and is easy to get in and out of.

I like the style, color interior and features, safety items. I dislike the poor gas mileage and no spare tire.

- Tom B

Best Car Ever! I love it!

I love my car! It rides smooth and is so comfortable for both me and my passengers. It's very roomy inside!

- Lauren R

I love that it is a hybrid and gives me great mileage

Love the exterior design, roominess inside, great storage in back, love seamless connectivity to bluetooth

- Lisa P

Dependable. Great to look at.

Comfort, style luxury. Service is great at dealer. Love all features. Great sunroof and navigation system.

- Norman S

Everything works as it should. There have been no problems with the build quality

The car has many nice features, but the collision avoidance system goes off at times that are not needed

- Tom K

It handles well in all weather, rain, snow, or muddy conditions.

Love the camera system for parking and backing up. While Its a smaller SUV, there's so much room in it.

- Theresa M

That my car is very comfortable to drive and the safety features make me feel confident about everything going on around me. Not worried about blind sports.

I have nothing I dislike about my vehicle. It has been a joy since I purchased. Nothing I would change.

- Jeff G

My car is comfortable and spacious.

My car is comfortable. It drives very nice. It has lots of room. I love the way it looks very stylish.

- Nancy O

I like how smooth it rides. It's much more comfortable to ride in than other cars of the same type by different manufacturers. It's sunroof is giant which is a plus. Main downside is that given it's brand its more expensive to get things repaired.

It's paint has a very pretty shine to it but unfortunately I don't have time to get it washed enough.

- Jessie B

It has a ton of space on the inside.

Great car, love it, perfect size and holds everything. Good gas mileage, rides good, and no problems.

- Marie T

It is very good on gas and saves money by filling up less

It is very nice interior. Runs very good and is very good on gas. It has a very good air conditioner

- Jennifer R

My vehicle is sophisticated and refined. It has many features.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I like the way it drives and the looks of it.


How to operate the transmission shifter

I like the styling of the vehicle. I vehemently dislike the transmission shifter

- terry B

Value and safety with solid ride and performance!

Quality inside and out! performance, value and quality! Style with technology!

- Jim D

Has a few safety features but it is very comfortable

I like how it rides. I would have liked more options. It is good on gas mileage.

- june s

The car drives well especially on the highway but is very popular in Michigan

Drives nice but seems to have some issues. The trim came off in the wind.

- Dan F

I think that this suv is attractive. But it needs some upgrades.

I hate this xt5. It has squeaky brakes. I am afraid that it is unsafe.

- Shontaya S

Be ready to spend $50 thousand dollars.

Very attractive, easy to handle, lots of goodies inside, seats go down

- Claire D

I guess the most important thing about my car is that it is reliable

our car is very comfortable and very nice interior and exterior.

- ann S

The shifter . It is very small and a push button. I just have to tap it into drive.

I love driving my caddy. A lot of technology and very comfy

- Candace K

This is my first Cadillac. Now I see why Cadillac owners are repeat buyers. It reliable, comfortable, luxurious and performs very well. Color me very satisfied.

The Cadillac XT5 reflects luxury, quality and reliability.

- Gerone L

I love my Cadillac because of the carbon plum interior. I also love the wheels. It has a lot of technology and safety features.

It's stylish and looks good yet it is a practical vehicle.

- Sarah A

dependable and good looking

perfect car.easy to drive, quite good looking and comfort.

- jeff r

Drives great, easy to park and comfortable

It's great! Love the way it drives, and is easy on gas

- sharon J

Very nice ride and it has room inside. it feels more high end when riding

I like that it is roomy and very comfortable ride

- wendy R