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It a good van for work, and towing.

The van is reliable, it can carry a lot of weight, and tow a lot for a van. It is a little uncomfortable for long trips. Brakes wear fast on it, and the ac is always failing, the alternator is also bad, keeps burning out often. The seats are a bit hard to remove, but once they are out there is a lot of room.

- Gilbert P

7 passenger astro, great for your family!

2000 Chevrolet astro van, blue in color. It has minimal rust. 205, 000 miles. The van has issues with wiring in the brake light on the drivers side, as well as in the dome light. The van runs okay, but is in need of spark plugs replaced, as well as the o2 sensor. I have the parts ready to be put in the van.

- Jessica T

It gets the job done when others won't

I honestly have no complaints about it in general. It's very beat up with a lot of problems but that's do to poor upkeep and not being able to afford repairs. With that in mind my van is one tough hombre, it won't quit running and has a lot of power, very durable vehicle.

- Richard G

It's very spacious and the 4 wheel drive makes it great all the way around.

The van is absolutely the best vehicle I ever drove. That 4.3 motor is great on gas,and performed very well. The drive train also performs well.i only have problems with the suspension and ABS unit.

- Rudolf B

2000 Astro van review, oldie but goodie

Ultra reliable, fuel pumps gets clogged easily, suspension wears out, but it has over 250,000 miles, so some failures are warranted. Lots cargo space, removable seats, a bit heavy for older folk.

- Rod K

It runs great and has lots of room inside!.

It is old and falling apart. The van has rust, does not do well in the heat, has had electrical problems. The only reason I still have it is because of the wheelchair lift in the back.

- Lauren H

How durable and reliable the Astro van be; will last for a long time.

I like how durable it is; had for like years and still works really well. Not so much maintenance has been made and still runs smoothly. 4 wheel drive makes it good for snow.

- Alam A

It's great for camping, getting groceries, hauling, towing. Its 4WD is also great in the snow.

I really haven't had any problems or issues, just regular maintenance. It's been reliable so not much to warn about. The Vortec V6 engine has been bulletproof.

- David F

it has enough space to fitb eight people and luggage.

I like being able to fit my family and luggage in at once. The car is very reliable and a blessing to me. I love having a vehicle that is reliable.

- aj T

Battery dies instantly. So make sure to have charged phone just in case.

Battery cables have a short. Which keep killing alternator. So battery need to get replaced. Then battery, and alternator, also battery cables.

- Nubia C

Good on gas and comfortable.

I like it, just wish that the belt would stay on. Other than that I am pretty happy with it. It is comfortable enough to fit the whole family.

- Brittany S

It is not very reliable with long distance trips.

Leaks radiator fluid, does not like to take off like it should, amongst many other issues and it is not 100% suitable for me and my family.

- Jacqueline T

That it is a reliable work vehicle.

It runs well. It is ugly and old. The engine squeals with a loud annoying noise. Motor is definitely the best thing about it. Reliable.

- Shawn M

Chevy Astro is a very very reliable than the only real problem with it is that in the AC stops working

Chevy Astro van is very reliable it has much room inside for passengers it's a little tiring for long journeys but is it strong then

- Gilberto C

It gets very few miles per gallon and costs over sixty dollars to fill

It's a gas guzzler. I do however enjoy the interior. The speakers work well and the lights inside are super cool. AWD is also nice.

- Alex L

Tan 2000 Chevrolet astro van

My current vehicle is a 2000 Chevy astro van. It runs and drives great. I bought it in March of this year and have no problems

- Amanda S

Team we love our actor van.

We have had our actor van for quite sometime now and it's been good to use reliable trustworthy strong engine good on gas.

- April R

My van is brown and 2 wheel drive

It is a good card it is reliable and it never fails. There is a lot of space inside and it doesn't waste that much gas.

- David C

It's a passenger van and I can remove the back seats for cargo.

LIKE It's a sturdy vehicle. DISLIKE Low gas mileage like 14 mpg. LIKE It's a van I could sleep in.

- Art D

can comfortably sits 7 people. you can put the two seats down and transport large items. it is paid for.

it is getting old. a few things need to be repaired. but it is nice not having car payments.

- l c

It is loud. I would rather have something smaller. It's not very economical.

It gets us where we need to go without dying or overheating and it's better than walking.

- Jessica D

It's well built of metal not plastic. I would have purchased a newer one if they had continued to make them.

It is lasting longer than expected. It's a great vehicle.

- larry r