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Tent and vehicle all in one.

This van is nice. It does seem to have issues with wheel bearings for some reason. I use this van for everything.. It was my work van for a tile company for a couple years and I have also taken it on a few camping trips. I camp right out of the back of the van. The last trip I drove it 2000 miles all over the upper peninsula in Michigan. It handled very well.

- Elizabeth S

Sweet astro van home on wheels.

Lights are constantly going out and small things need to be repaired more now than ever but I get great miles on the highway, the ac works tremendously amazing and she is my perfect mobile home that I drive all over the country; even with little mishaps she has never broke down on me while I am traveling.

- Rose M

Comfort and Reliability at a Great Cost

Very easy to work on. Reliable mechanically. Very inexpensive fixes. Spacious inside. Great for families. My family and I have driven across the country with little to no issues, all the while experiencing superior comfort. This a wonderful investment for families of 3-4 on a fixed income.

- Charles B

It can seat up to 10 people, so it is very nice for beach trips.

Astro van is very reliable and easy to fix without going to a mechanic. Most parts are easy and cheap to find. One thing I do not like is the gas mileage and how heavy and wide it is on the road. It is a reliable vehicle compare to the Honda I previously owned.

- Mathew K

My car may be old but it is regularly serviced and cared for with some of the best products available.

I like my Chevy Astro Van because it is large and has plenty of room for the things we need to haul. I dislike that it is so old and has so many miles on it, and certain little things do not work.

- Heather P

It is very comfortable and roomy for trips. And it is dependable.

Other than the fact that the original transmission just went out I don't have any complaints. There is plenty of room for carrying both passengers and cargo. And it is comfortable.

- Vernetta E

It is durable rear wheel drive.

This van has everything I need.It is great for moving,transporting passengers,etc.the one thing I don't like about it is the poor fuel economy

- Stuart G

Its got a good engine and it is very spacious. I kinda feel like I have a pickup truck because I have hauled about everything in it including furniture

For the year it runs great. I have very little trouble out of it. I have only replaced a battery and starter and of course regular maintenance

- loretta g

It has a big gas tank and gets good mileage for the size of the vehicle.

The engine is great on the astro van. Very comfortable and reliable van . Some problems with the electric windows due to age of vehicle.

- katy t

I like the fact that it has a lot of seats for the whole family can fit in.

Power steering goes out & the transmission slips. Other than that it's a good van. All my kids could fit into it easily.

- Heather M

Good engine like a sewing machine. Has much mileage

Nice but old. Has quite few mileage on it but still in great condition. Good interior and exterior.

- Anthony W

It runs great even though it is 17 years old. Nothing is automatic, and I think that helps it from needing repairs.

It is actually a Saturn L-series from 2001, but there was no option to select that vehicle.

- Kel V