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Love the size of mini van.

I love the room and handling of my actor, I wish they still made them because I would have a newer model. I have always felt comfortable in my van, but now it is getting older and I am not as trustworthy of it anymore. I am looking to buy something different, but haven't made a decision yet. My actor has always performed good and this is not my first mini van, I like them because of the room they offer and the comfort.

- Bonnie B

Football mom van perfect size for me and my family. Would like to get something.

Nice interior drives well plenty of space for the children. Gas hog though would love to have a car that did not hog as much of the gas. Have had a problem with brakes need to get them fixed. Nice air-conditioner and heater have not had any problems with those on. Would like a different color do not like the green but that something up to me to fix. Overall though nice vehicle to drive for a football mom.

- Rebekah L

It's a work vehicle that has a friendly feel to it.

I like the storage capacity. It's also very easy to get into the back of the van via either the sliding side door, or the double doors on the back. It's a little wide on turns, but otherwise handles quite well.

- Rachel P

My van is lifted and can go off road which I love.

I love my astro van. It is very reliable. It has over 200,000 miles on it and we have to do maintenance on it from time to time but nothing major has gone wrong in the years we have had it.

- Deandra V

This vehicle services all my specific needs. I have no complains about this vehicle. The one thing I don't like is this is the last year that Chevrolet manufactured this model. I think Chevrolet is crazy for not continuing this model. I know that other people feel the same.

The van services all my needs and excels in dependability. I will never get rid of it. When the engine goes because of age, I intend to have another engine put in it.

- Vicki A

Astros last forever. You can easily put 200,000 miles on one and it will keep going.

The Astro is a good workhorse type of van. It's roomy and comfortable. They see to run forever. I don't like that the vents in the dashboard do not blow very hard.

- Alex H

This van will last forever

The Astro is a good workhorse van. It is big and roomy. You can carry a lot of stuff in it. The rear a/c and heat vents are wonderful The dashboard vents suck.

- Joshua N

The Astro Van is like the bunny, it just keeps going and going.

I like that the van is roomy. I really like the rear air conditioner and heater vents. I do not like the dashboard vents and the defroster.

- Josh N

That it is mine, and I love it.

I like the amount of people it can carry and the cargo it can hold. I like It's versatility and durability. And I like the way it looks.

- Michael W

my astro van sits high like a truck and has plenty of cargo space

my astro van is comfortable with cd player. air is mostly reliable but can blow a fuse unexpectedly but is easy to access to replace

- mandy g

The Astro Van just keeps on running and lasts a very long time.

I love the size of it. Astro vans last forever. I don't like that someone hit me and wrecked it.

- amy n

Its 15 years old and requires repairs but so far repairs have been reasonable.

Great gas mileage. Inexpensive to repair. Lots of room inside. Low initial purchase price.

- Eddie P

it runs good. i like it. i have had it for a long time.

i love my van. it is old but still runs good.there is nothing i dislike about it

- barbara m

It's good if you are wanting to move stuff, and travel.

That it needs repairs done a lot, It's loud and needs new brakes soon.

- Jeremy L

the mileage is great. it is comfortable. it is a great vehicle

it has lasted a long time.it is comfortable. love to travel in it.

- jesus v

u can pack the whole family and all the luggage

great car very few issues even as old as it is

- kay D