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Wish Chevrolet still made the Astor.

The turn radius is not as good as the 1994 one was that I had. I haven't had any problems mechanically with it since it was purchased other than it is not made very well, the small pieces that have the vehicle logo have fallen off and it appears was just glued on. The door locks quit working not too long after I purchased it as well and I was told it happened to lots of them. I just use a key now and not the key fob to lock or unlock doors.

- Gail F

Great condition box style I have always liked.

Love the room it has. Drives great very reliable. Easy to fix when things go wrong. Parts are easy to come by. Does have a lot of issues with electric like the lights on dash and radio burn out a lot. The weird back hatch lock sticks. Cannot get it to open an sliding side door sticks when it is really cold. But for a 2004 it is still running great an is a reliable vehicle.

- Jennifer P

Fast for a van! Overall 8 for 10. Great utility vehicle.

Very roomy, handles well for such a large vehicle. I would say it is almost better than any sport utility vehicle you can buy today in terms of usefulness. Small but powerful and efficient 6 cylinder engine, with the ability to tow as well as stand alone efficiently. Decent gas mileage both highway and city. Really just a great vehicle for most occasions.

- Bryan S

This is a dependable vehicle with a comfortable ride.

It is a bit too big and clunky. The mileage isn't great. But it has been dependable. And being such a heavy tank, it is probably safer if one would get in an accident.

- Lee R

This vehicle is not holding up well.

It uses oil. The windshield leaks. I don't feel safe in it, but it is expensive to get it worked on. Air conditioner does not work, wont hold Freon. The radio works.

- Jena G

That it is versatile for what we are involved in.

I like that it has plenty of space. I wish that it had side doors for both sides instead of just one. We can take all our family on short trips, which is good.

- T b

It is Roomy & very comfortable. It fits 7 people very nice. Chevrolet are the best

I love how my Astro Van is roomy and can fit 7 people very comfortable. I don't like that air leaks around the passenger door.

- Wayne M

2004 Chevy Venture. Great van!

Runs great. Gets good gas mileage. Wipers need replaced & fixed. Drives well. Can hold a good amount of luggage & my 4 dogs

- Marjorie M

It drives real good van to drive.

What I dislike is that it is hard to fix the van... Like is that it is paid for. It is comfortable. It can haul things..

- April K

That it is hard to work on if it breaks down . Trying to work on is a headache

No complaints Enjoy the van. I wish it has more room in the back seats . I would of liked a different color

- April K

The front passenger window does not roll down and the windshield wiper only work on high

It is having several mechanical problems and I no longer need a van . Now I'm the market for a truck

- Terri S

I get great fuel mileage.

handles exceptionally well,awesome gas mileage,very comfortable to drive very long distances.

- bob C

Older van in mint condition! Come see the amazing astro

Very reliable. Long life engine. Comfortable. Bad on gas mileage.

- Mike W

it is reliable. i wanted a work van that was small enough to find parking in a city.

i wanted a minivan and i like that it is a work van, also.

- tanya V