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This truck has been mechanically sound since buying it used in 2006.

I love my Avalanche. It's an old truck-2002-but has never given me any major issues. I keep up on the scheduled maintenance and she never lets me down. My favorite thing about the truck is the versatility. I can take the tonneau covers off and have a full size bed. I can fold the back seat down, remove the back window and fit extra long items in the bed. I go camping, move furniture and have driven all over the west coast. The leather interior makes clean up inside easy and the heated seats are especially nice during the winter. Now that the truck is 16 years old the AC sounds a bit whiny when I turn it on-but she's headed to the mechanics next week for a tune up so that should be good as new again as next week. I keep saying as long as she lasts one more year-and I've been saying that for 5 years now. I hope to buy another Avalanche when this one finally stops moving.

- rachel r

Unsure at first but love in the end

The performance of my vehicle really surprise me when I first got it. I thought it wouldn't be able to keep up with the workload but it can. I'm over 200 thousand miles and the engine is still running strong. Of course with routine maintenance. The only con for me is the Electric System. More so my dash lights and radio went out on me but was an easy fix. Herd of alot of other problem from this year but I believe it's it how to take care of you vehicle. Also the truck make up in storage with two build in tool boxes and on doubles as a cooler which is really cool for beach day and riding in the woods

- Bruce H

The spacious Chevy avalanche.

My truck is amazing in the winter. I have four wheel drive that gets me out of any amount of snow. I have heated leather seats. There’s a sunroof that is awesome for spring or summer days. There’s so much room in the cab for my kids. We even take it to go camping and bring two kids and four dogs. The bed space is nice as well. It is not a regular size bed but it is the right size for me. I can haul anything I need to from point A to point B.

- Sara H

This is a great truck to drive.

It is a four door full size truck with four wheel drive, which is great for winter. It is red in color with black trim, has a tow package, sunroof, leather seats, automatic seats, and weather proof floor mats. The back seats fold door to make the truck bed a full bed. It drives great and is always reliable. I have had to replace transmission lines, replace the water pump and have front and back brakes repaired.

- Amber S

It is a versatile vehicle and handles incredibly well.

Chevy avalanche is one of the best trucks made, it is small enough for anyone to drive and handles well but still big enough to haul larger objects. One of the best features is that it has the capability to convert into a fuller sized truck but handles like a smaller sucks. I've not had any real problems with the vehicle with the exception of a sensor or two going out but they were cheap easy fixes.

- Misty C

14 years and counting of reliability, comfort, and love for my Chevy avalanche.

I have had my Chevy avalanche for 14 years. The only “work” I have had to do on it is a loose wire for my low beams and a loose bulb in my fog light. Currently one window probably needs the motor replaced but that is it! I love my truck. It goes in any weather and is a heavy vehicle. The gas mileage is not very good but the comfort and reliability is outstanding!

- Melody B

the fifth door leaks like a sieve

I bought the truck second hand. I am pleased with I, though it's had several problems, including dash lights coming on when no problem exist. Also have had to replace a lot of the trim as it's put on with cheap plastic clips. The gas mileage is horrendous but I enjoy driving a truck I can haul things in and don't drive much so gas is not really an issue with me

- Bret H

Avalanche built to last. It keeps going.

Very reliable. Never had any issues with the truck. Starts every time without hesitation. Has plenty of power for towing and good get up and go on the freeway when needing to pass someone. Very comfortable inside with lots of space. The truck has smaller bed but can fold down the back seats and take out back window to fit full sheets of plywood. .

- Justin B

Lots of power.. Smooth ride.. Dependable..

Well there's a lot of good and bad about my big black truck.. I would say things that I love the most about my truck is the power and size.. The smooth leather seats.. Ac blowing cold air on a hot muggy day.. I love that it never have to compromise between a smooth ride and power it is great and would never trade my truck in for any reason.

- Richard A

The avalanche is the best truck I have owned.

This truck is rugged and reliable. Our avalanche has been trouble free. We are her second owners. We take her off-road a lot and she handles great. The covered bed lets us keep our stuff in there without worrying about weather or dishonest people getting to it. We have only had to buy new tires, shocks, batteries, and lights.

- Correct W

Avalanche made for the road.

This is a great truck and comes with a great amount of options leather seats sunroof great stereo easy to get in and out and I have had no major issues with it also I have never had to give it a major tune-up in my entire time of owning it. I do not know exactly how many miles I get to the gallon but it is not bad.

- Milton W

It�s a good truck and has different features than most.

I like the truck overall but here lately I've had issues out of the transmission which I'm going to have to get either rebuilt or buy a new one either way it's not going to be cheap. In these early models the transmission isn't worth two cents and I've heard this is very common in their early 2000 models

- Jeff C

The lifesaver of the my life for every year.

The only problem on my car is my bearing and my abs system and it got lots of rust on it but it still running and take me where I want to be so still more life on it. The good thing I like about my car it save me money on gas the mileage still low I do long distance twice already it still running good.

- Winly W

02 Avalanche is a good fun truck.

Had more problems with the brake system than anything. Has 198k miles on it and the rear ended just seized up. Replaced tranny 2 years ago and replacing engine next year. Being able to open up the back of the cab is a great feature! Also like all the extra storage. Have no intentions of getting rid of.

- Brian B

My 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche

My avalanche does have some flaws like the rust above the back tires. I have owned it for more than 5 years now. It does need maintenance like the starter, water pump etc, overall it has been a very dependable vehicle. I haul rock, tow cars, it's been a family driver as well. I do love my avalanche.

- Michelle B

My 2002 Chevy avalanche special edition.

My Chevy avalanche is a 2002 north face special edition. I love it. The interior and exterior are green and grey. Has leather seat which is great for you if you have kids. Power windows and seat stock radio. It is 4x4 so I do not ever get stuck. It is runs so great I hope I never lose this truck.

- Tabatha T

The leather seating and roominess of the cab is the greatest feature.

The interior is the greatest part about the avalanche. It feels luxurious and roomy. There is plenty of legroom. It is great cosmetically and drives flawlessly. It is very reliable and perfect for towing. The bed cover allows you to use the bed to put anything from groceries to an at in the back.

- Samantha P

Reliable and capable, but it will drink fuel.

Honestly out of every car I have ever owned my avalanche is my favorite. It's the perfect mix of comfort and function for me. It can be a little tough on fuel but is a very capable vehicle. It's going on 250,000 miles now and never had a major problem. Honestly I would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Randall T

Want to buy comfort, look no more than Avalanche.

Avalanche 1500 5.3 engine. One of the most comfortable trucks I have ever rode in. And talk about snow, wow. Its like its on rails. I guess maybe the weight but the traction is unbelievable. Now it doesn't get good gas mileage. About 17 mpg at best. But you will not find a more relaxed vehicle.

- David W

Chevrolet avalanche 4 wheel drive 1500 four door.

It a awesome vehicle 4wd is awesome on pulling vehicles and etc!! A lot of room leather seats heated seats good vehicle to have. Back glass pulls out the truck bed has covers for it cozy vehicle takes $40.00 to $50.00 in gas to fill up great running truck lots of compartments n room in it.

- Jamie B

The back window comes out, the back seat folds down to create more cargo space.

Runs great, very dependable, very comfortable to ride in, handles easily, defrost works for side view mirrors. Repairs can be pricey. For this size truck, gas mileage is pretty good. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone! It also has a place on the bumper to step up into the truck bed.

- Harold H

My avalanche is 16 years old and still great!

My 2002 avalanche is just as good as new. . The only money I spent on my truck is tires oil change and one time when squirrels made a nest under the hood and chewed into wiring. . . I had that fixed bought a new belt for it and that is all. . . That is the highest amount I have spent. . .

- Lee M

Capabilities of a car with the utilization of holding power and space of a truck

My truck is a 2002 Chevy avalanche it is red in color four wheel drive sunroof I might do have a few modifications I have 22 inch rims I did put a cold air intake. The performance of the truck it's great it is a phenomenal pickup truck has great towing ability as well as space and comfort

- Donovan W

All American family friendly truck.

I love my avalanche rarely have to fix anything runs and rides great would recommend them to anyone if this one ever dies I will definitely be getting another best truck I have ever owned roomy interior great for hauling kids and all of their stuff love the built in side boxes in the bed.

- Jennifer Q

2002 Chevrolet avalanche 8 cylinder automatic.

It is a 4 door 8 cylinder stereo automatic transmission windows and seats heated front seats great mileage on the highway smooth ride great braking system I love Chevrolet wouldn't drive any other brand my whole family drives Chevrolet sliding back windows light for the back in the bed.

- Rita T

Good quality car, inexpensive and cute.

I have had the Jetta for 5 years, I keep up on maintenance and haven't had any issues. It drives smooth like a small sporty car. Love the blue color. There is 93000 miles on it now and still nothing needed other than average maintenance like: regular oil changes, brakes, & tires.

- Shannon A

Rides like a luxury car with the space of a Chevy suburban.

It is a very comfortable ride. Has great suspension and spacious seating. There is a middle gate that opens into the cabin adding extra length to the bed. It comes with built in tool boxes on each side of the bed. Switches from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive at the push of a button.

- Pamela P

I love how the back of the truck comes apart

I love everything about it no complaints. Has a lot of room, comfortable ride, good on gas for a v8. Sits up nice, fits my family comfortably, takes bumps very well, the 4 wheel drive is awesome never get stuck off roading or in the snow. Really no complaints I love my truck

- Gary S

Nice truck, but should have had recalls.

Transmission issues, brake issues, good motor I like the ride and the cladding is an absolute pain. It is hard to keep it looking because you have to find a product that will last longer than 2 or 3 months. Other than those items the truck has been pretty reliable.

- Joe N

Worth the money I have spent on it.

Performance is great strong motor drive good do not like bed cover rides good on 24" rims sporty vehicle and nice body style dependable truck has great pulling power I use my truck to pull trailer to haul merchandize love it Chevrolet did a great job on this vehicle.

- Morris S

It is good on gas. It will get you from point a to point b.

It is funny because at first I hated these kind by of vehicles but driving one and seeing and feeling the performance. I just love them. There's nothing I hate except that I which they came with a display monitor for directions to places, gps. But love my avalanche.

- Jane R

The best truck ever built.

Great vehicle. Plenty of room and power for towing; boats, motorcycles, houses, etc. That bad boy has the legendary Chevrolet 5. 3 vortec making a whopping 285 rwhp! Cannot think of anything this baby does not have. From 4WD to heated leather seats it is got it all!

- Cody T

The best part about this truck was the space, and the durability.

The only big problems is the alternator! The alternator shut down randomly and was a lot to replace. Second the truck is so heavy that my wheels consistently needed work done. Comfort level was wonderful and it was an overall fun car that gave me a lot of memories!

- Nina W

The vehicle's suspension system matches well with its 4 x 4 all wheel drive.

Air bag light active at purchase. Oil change light at purchase. Narrow track. Bulky but sturdy. Strong pull, nice accessories, solid electronics. Easy operation. Durable. Good warranty history. Multi point inspections across ownership. Moonroof, truck bed canopy.


Very comfortable and extremely reliable.

I love my truck. It has run without any major problems since it was purchased. It is good for difficult terrain as well as regular transport around town. It gets okay gas mileage. The avalanche is a surprisingly comfortable truck with a fairly spacious back seat.

- Amber H

There's nothing I would change in my vehicle.

I have the Chevy Avalanche z66 it is has a lot of miles in it but the only problem I had with my vehicle I had to replace the transmission and make sure u keep the oil change regular and I have leather sets an I love my vehicle I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Tiffany A

2002 black with gray trim avalanche.

There are major mechanical issues. Leaking fluid. Rear passenger will not open. Front passenger window only rolls down from driver side. Needs three new tires. Leaking coolant tank. Needs front brakes replaced. Makes grinding noise. Has trouble with steering.

- Davina N

middle back seat comes down with armrest cup holder tray great for kids travel

My truck runs great has over 2,000 miles on it and is in good shape. Reliable engine start up in Minnesota's coldest weather. Great air conditioning. Heated seats. Comfortable leg space for the family. Hauls trailers with ease. I'm keeping it till it goes.

- Maggie S

Amazing Avalanche 165,000 miles.

4WD, Leather seats, Lots of room. Eats a lot of gas. Running boards, seat belts. Can take the tops off. Needs a mass air flow sensor. Easy fix. Lots of power. Can pull stuff. New tires. Has had the front end redone.165,000 miles. Automatic lights. Stereo

- Maria H

Old truck last for a very long time.

Being 17 years old. It's quite reliable. Yeah there are minor things wrong like no radio( got stolen) to only some interior lights working (might need just bulbs or are unplugged) not sure yet. But overall major medical is fine. Highly recommends it.

- James P

The back opens up. No other truck does that.

It is a truck to haul stuff. It is also adaptable to to open back so I get the wind like a corvette or convertible. It has rear coil springs so it has a nicer ride than a regular leaf sprung truck. It is a Chevy. Very important to me.

- Michael D

That it is very reliable I would trust it to do anything that I needed to do.

I like my truck it has a lot of room in it. My truck can also add more room by letting the seats down and taking the window out. I have hauled a lot of stuff in my truck like my winter wood and coal. It is very useful to me.

- Betty B

It's the best of both worlds for me.

My vehicle is over 10 years old, and has over 100, 000 miles on the engine. But it runs great. There are a few cosmetic issues, but it is in overall great shape and I love the make and model. It fits me.

- Barry D

Everyone seems to think its just a little 1500 truck. I like to make sure everyone knows it's a 2500. It's very unique for an Avalanche.

I love that my truck is a 2500 so it has enough power to pull my trailers around. It has a great turning radius and a large cab. It's only downfall is the smaller truck bed and terrible gas mileage.

- Nick T

5. 7 liter v8 with plenty of power!

Large truck with a lot of room. 5. 7 liter v8 that is plenty for any task at hand. Plenty of storage inside and outside. Plenty of room. Would add a larger skid plate to the bottom of the truck.

- Brian M

Pretty good in gas for a v8 truck.

There's plenty of room for my daughter and her friends. Great for going to the drive in. Even with a smaller bed it can hold a lot of stuff due to being able to expand it up to front seats.

- Jennifer G




It's very comfortable and its very good in the snow.

It needs some tender love and care. The motor will soon be going bad and I would eventually like to get a new one. I like to drive my other vehicle but my avalanche is a nicer ride.

- Michael E

I love that the backglass comes out and the seats fold down.

Very comfortable, reliable. One of the only problems I have with it is the rusting above the wheels. It is on everyone I have looked at. Maybe why they don't make them anymore.

- Bobbie K

It's a little hard to judge behind you when parking if you don't have a rearview.

Easy access in and out for older people. Uses regular gas makes it great for long road trips. Has most of the bells and whistles and has plenty of storage space.

- Milton N

That it still looks and drives great! It has 178,000 miles and is still like new...

It is 15 years old and has started every time and I have only put out 900 dollars on it to fix some wiring and besides that only gas and change oil buy tires

- Luwahana M

The avalanche dependable and long lasting.

It's been really dependable, has only had a few problems, I bought it at 30, 000 miles and I have 130, 000 now and it still runs great. It never fails me.

- A O

Tough, all around vehicle that can handle what you need it to.

It's a tough, all around vehicle capable of working on the farm and taking family vacations in. It has a smooth ride and I feel safe when I am in it.

- Donna I

It works well for my family. I don't think we would get another one, though.

I like the fact that it can haul things but it uses too much gas. It is very durable and a pretty comfortable ride. It has a lot of miles on it.

- MaryAnn A

it holds my family comfortably as well as hauls things like a truck

It is a fun car. It is a very versatile vehicle in that it has the capability of being both a car and a truck. I use it for everything I need

- kel L

It is a valuable purchase. It runs strong and keeps going.

The truck is beyond reliable. It is the best car I have owned. It has need repairs here and there, but it is running strong a 180, 000 miles.

- Elliott F

It has waterproof covers for the back of the truck.

I like that it has a covered back. I do not like that it has blind spots. It is roomy and has the appeal of both the truck and an SUV.

- Dani D

It is off road ability for fishing.

My avalanche is great for me. I can take it fishing at the coast. It is a z71 so when the weather turns bad it can handle the road.

- James W

It's as good as any gm truck. Comfortable and tough.

It's a very flexible vehicle, very comfortable, I have over 200000 miles on it, the worst part of this truck is the gas mileage.

- Eric B

The comfort and gas mileage for a truck.

It is a comfortable ride and lots of room. Also good on gas mileage. You can tow anything under 7000 lbs. with no trouble.

- Brenda K

Comfortable and smooth ride, no crowding.

Comfortable, turning radius, smooth ride, comfort to a truck and body color and style extra space on the side for storage.

- Kathleen L

2002 Chevy Avalanche in good condition

We bought used, but in good shape. Headliner coming down on sunroof and front passenger seat is not very comfortable.

- Karen E

Very big and awesome lifted truck.

A lot of room inside and back seat leg space. Good on gas and very comfortable to drive. Have not had any problems.

- Selma B

Its mine and its paid for.

I like the sporty look and sunroof. I like the 4x4. Sometimes feel like can needs more room feels cluttered.

- Abby E

it just keeps running. Follow the correct maintenance plan and it wont let you down.

It is a truck that just keeps going. We have had to make some major repairs, but it is still running strong!

- elliott F

Chevrolet Avalanche truck

It is a great and reliable vehicle. I love how the back window can be removed. Comfy and easy to drive.

- Brittany M

It's very enjoyable overall.

A lot of electrical problems. Feels like there will be more work than it's worth.

- ryann A

It's been very reliable, although repairs are usually costly.

I like the fact that we can haul things, but the gas mileage is not very good.

- Mary A

it's a dependable vehicle so far but the transmission issue is one that is concerning

transmission problems but great otherwise. gas mileage is not the best either

- padgett m

It looks good & it's fun to drive. So far it's been a good vehicle for us.

My husband chose it but I am the primary driver. It works for us anyway

- Peggy R

It lasts forever if taken care of. Ours has over 300k miles on it.

It's very roomy and can still haul a lot of stuff with the short bed.

- tricia k

that it is a chevy and it can go anywhere because it is four wheel drive

like everything about it i can drive anywhere that i want

- jimmy C

4 wheel drive is great for snow and/or ice,or heavy rain.

4 wheel drive,comfortable,good radio.mileage ok.bed cover

- wilfred w