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I LOVE MY TRUCK and wouldn't get anything else

When I first got my Chevy avalanche, it ran great. It; s so roomy. I could fit everyone in it with no problem. The radio searched for my kind of music and programmed it in. Everyone that road in it LOVED it. I took it on long trips and it would start right up. If I ever needed help, there is a button I can push and someone would ask me if I needed help. It's all electric so you know if something goes wrong with it, it's going to cost a lot of money to fix. I have soft seats that recline. I love that for when I go on trips I can sleep in the truck. I can remove the back window for more air. And the very back of the truck, is as big as a regular size truck.

- Stephanie M

Best truck I have ever bought and reliable since day one.

I have an 03 avalanche that I drive daily. I love it,I've owned it for 9 years. The only problem I have had with it is my air conditioner had a leak. I got it fixed now it works excellent. It does have a small bed but with the back window able to come out completely it makes it a longer bed. The inside is very spacious,I've had 6 people in the truck and they still could move around freely. It has a moon roof that's nice if I don't want the side windows down. I have taken the truck on many trips and always got to point a and b safely. I also have loud pipes on it which my son loves:). I would definitely buy another one any day.

- Cristina P

Chevy Avalanche: good looking and versatile

I think the seats are very comfortable. There are lots of adjustments so it can fit any size person from short to tall. I love the versatility in the bed size where you can have the 6 foot bed or you can make it longer by removing that lids and putting the back seat down. I do not like that it rusts on the back quarter panel over the tires every avalanche I've seen rusts in the exact same place and it rusts a lot. It's been very reliable for me as a four wheel drive. I've never gotten stuck. For a 1500, it's got pretty good towing capabilities.

- Beckie S

2003 Avalanche 1500 z66 2 wheel drive

I really like this truck. It has over 250,000 miles on it and has never given any major mechanical issues. If you just take care of them they go a long way. The worst that has happened is a water pump and a dead battery. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking a for a good truck. The added in bed cover and locking tailgate and side boxes is a major plus. Very roomy on the inside as well

- John A

My green machine: has room and power, and functionality.

I love that it is a truck, but the gas mileage stinks. It is a 2003 Chevrolet avalanche. It is my first truck. The performance is good, but I wish the Chevrolet brand had a better gas mileage. It is a reliable truck and will never get rid of it. The avalanche has a corvette engine, which is cool. I guest I rather be in truck than a small, low to the ground vehicle.

- Sheila C

My trucks back seat can fold down like an SUV.

My vehicle functions well overall, but once in awhile it breaks down from certain engine problems and sometimes the backlight falls out. Also as a handyman I like space in my truck and the little compartments in the back and the sides make it so I cannot fit an small sized truck toolbox in the back or a lumber rack on the top which is very disappointing.

- Cecilia D

The Chevy avalanche is like having the room of a SUV and the bed of a truck.

I love the room inside of the cab. It is like having a SUV with a full truck bed attached. Even though it is a 2wd we've not had any traction control issues in rain or snow. And the way the back glass sides out of the way and the seats lay down it gives you even more room. It is an amazing vehicle. It is like it is the best of a SUV and a truck.

- Hope J

Big red. It is always gotten us from point A to point B.

I love my truck. We call him big red. We've had since my daughter was born in 2011 and wouldn't trade him for the world. Seats are the best, almost like a recliner. And 4 wheel drive is a plus for this truck. Many beach trips and some off-road attempts. Never had any major problems out if it. Normal maintenances. But overall a great truck!

- Tam S

It's reliable, versatile and quite comfortable. Relatively low maintenance.

Comfortable, reliable vehicle. I like it for its functionality and versatility. This I don't like which seem to be common among similar recipes by the same manufacturer, daytime running lights one seems to keep burning out, and issues with the dual cabin climate control, it heats on only one side due to diverter door sticking

- Kenneth J

2003 avalanche is a reliable car to own.

It is a very reliable vehicle. We have had it for sixteen years and it is still running. It is also a very safe car to drive. It has survived accidents and inclement weather. It is great in the snow and the rain. The seats are very comfortable and it is a very smooth ride. It is also super roomy and has space for five adults.

- Gabby D

Chevrolet avalanche is a great family truck.

The Avalanche is a great vehicle for people that want the ability to haul goods while still having the convenience to haul family and friends. It is highly reliable and drives very well. It is a little expensive to work on when it needs work. I would recommend it to a family that needs both the space for people and a truck.

- Ryan A

2003 Chevy avalanche truck.

Great for driving on the beach. Good on gas. Very roomy. My husband is tall and has plenty of leg space to sit comfortable for long periods of time. Seats 4 grown adults and a car seat with no problem. Drives nice, wish that the sound system were newer but what do you expect from a 2003? Otherwise it is a great truck.

- Kimberly W

Nice dependable full dive truck with a little extra to it.

It is very reliable and has plenty of power. Does not have major issues and it gets ok gas mileage for a v8. I love the fact that it has power seats and a functioning sunroof. The heated seats come to good use. It has plenty of room in the cab for passengers with plenty of cup holders. I simply love the truck.

- Joshua B

Chevy avalanche his the most luxurious truck ever!

The Chevy avalanche is a great vehicle! This truck is completely reliable, it drives like a luxury car. Converts to hold any size cargo. Traveling is easy with the huge cargo bed, side storage panels that hold a lot, can be used as a cooler and lock, and the roomy cab that hold six people comfortably.

- Mia G

Good on gas considering it is a beast.

I love my truck, drives great, went to Huntsville Alabama 70$ -100 mph drove like a dream, sits up so you can look down on others, turns on a dime, I call it the beast, the radio is awesome, big enough back seat for me to sleep comfortably, I love the get up and go it has, and my son loves it too.

- Sharon T

2003 Chevrolet avalanche great for hauling and towing things.

It is a very good truck for hauling and towing things, it is very powerful, it is comfortable but it takes a lot of gas, my husband tows a utility trailer and a 21 ft travel trailer with it and also hauls things in the bed of the pickup, it is more of a work truck than a passenger vehicle though.

- Tamara J

Power durability long lasting power has many stamina

Oil consumption is very prominent. The car is very heavy. Turning is not as agile as other cars. It needs to put air conditioning all the time because it gets hot way to often. It carries a large load. It is very specious it can fit all types of things in there no problem. The windows are thick

- Danny E

Love an avalanche and you will too!

I love the versatility of the avalanche! It is a SUV but also a full size pickup truck when needed. Comfortable ride and you feel safe in the avalanche. Love that the back window can be taken out. Well made! Tough vehicle! Leather seats and Bose radio makes it feel like a classy vehicle!

- Laura D

Happy with my decision buying my truck. It is my first truck.

The most troubled problem with the Chevy is the abs system which is the brake system. It's; a little pricey but it is worth the fix because my children and I love my avalanche. It is great for hauling heavy items. I would recommend this truck for people who have kids and like to vacate.

- Que B

It's nice it has a bed and the seats in the back go all the way down.

Overall it's a great truck never had any problems with major problems. I bought it use with 83000 miles on it had it for 3 years it has 133000 miles now the only thing I needed was tires and battery and hub bearing. It drives nice its gets me around I am overall happy with the truck.

- Tara L

I can extend the bed into the cab of the truck.

It's used and was when I bought it, so it has its little problems. The speakers need replacing, I've replaced 2 of the door handles and a transmission. However, if the previous owners took better care of it, I believe there would be none of these problems. It runs and drives great.

- Crystal B

Chevy avalanche good vehicle.

The Chevy avalanche that I own I bought used. The previous owner said that the engine would need replacing. Well I have been driving it for almost 3 years and it is still a reliable vehicle every day. Very good vehicle. Highly recommend. Only drawback for me is the cost of fuel.

- Jane J

Good vehicle for everyone.

The wires in both the gauge cluster and passenger tail light shorts out often. It came with coves for the bed. Aux works great. Automatic headlights. Bench front seat. Seats six people. All with seatbelts. After repairs were made it is very reliable. Never breaks down.

- Avery P

Really good truck. I love it!

It is a really good truck. I would recommend it to anyone who wants space and dependability in a vehicle. It has been really good to me so far. I feel comfortable behind the wheel and love the size of it. Mine is quite beefy with a custom exhaust that makes it louder.

- April D

Truck that's not for sale

Needs computer and new battery..but other than that the vehicle is a champ when driving was available.I love the color and the trim and off road package. Tiny windows and backup up camera with a stereo system already included in the vehicle. Overall I love the truck

- Stack H

Tough four wheel drive truck for any application

Reliable tough truck haven't had any major issues mechanically since I've owned it. The only drawback is the use of a lot of plastic trim that get easily scratched and faded over time. Other than that a great truck with plenty of power and an aggressive stance

- James W

Seats with more durability and all white lights

The performance it's great in all this years it has been broken a few times and also we have plenty of space inside the truck, makes a good option to have a road trip. I would put seats with more durability. And also white lights on the exterior of the truck

- Milton R

Comfortable seats and reliability

It hasn't had anything major happened to it. Transmission had been replaced. Regular oil changes have been performed. It is a very reliable vehicle, the most reliable one I've had. It has 4 wheel drive, anti lock brakes, power windows and power steering.

- Tamara S

Compact enough to find parking in a busy city, but large enough to haul what you need.

I like that I have the option to lay down the back seat and have a full size bed, but still compact enough to park in a busy city. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. Large enough for the whole family, but still gets good gas mileage.

- Timothy G

It is dependable as well as versatile. It is also a comfortable vehicle to drive.

I like the versatility of my vehicle, and it is dependability. Also it has required mostly, basic wear and tear maintenance. There's not much about it that I do not like. However there's been a few issues that are costly repairs.

- Kenneth J

Reliable. Good highway mileage.

Very reliable truck as long as you keep up with general maintenance. I enjoy the spacious inside. Drives very smooth. Even when the truck hits 100, 000 miles. I have not experienced any major problems. I would buy again.

- Jennifer W

It's dependable in any weather condition. From ice to rain, it gets me where i need go.

I love this truck! I live where we get all kinds of weather conditions. I have had tires that needed to be changed and STILL made it through snow drifts. Plus It's a very comfortable ride.

- sharon h

The most important thing is its reliability. As a vehicle it can do many things and is helpful if you have a family, and do lot of driving as it is comfy.

The vehicle is very dependable overall. It is not the greatest in any one thing however as a family vehicle it is great. It has not had many problems until it was at least 8 years old.

- Fredy G

It is a spacious vehicle, but it is always having mechanical problems.

It is not the best vehicle I have ever owned. It seems like every time I turn around, something else has to be fixed on it. I am constantly sinking money into this truck for repairs.

- Heather F

It's a great value for families and gets better gas mileage than you would think for a truck.

I have a white chevy avalanche. I like the size of the truck bed, the heated seats, the overall size, and the way it drives. The only thing I dislike is that I'd love a newer model.

- Dina J

The most important thing about my vehicle that others should know is that with this vehicle you get the best of both SUVs and trucks.

I love my truck. The sound system is good. I can haul anything when needed. It has a comfortable ride. Only dislike is that it is getting older, so repairs are becoming more costly.

- Phil N

It is too expensive, but seems to be a good vehicle.

There really are not any complaints. My boyfriend bought it used about a year or two ago. He was in a wreck last December and it is damaged so he has not driven it lately.

- Selena M

It was the most versatile vehicle made. It is too bad they don't make it anymore.

It is one of the most versatile vehicles ever made. It's a SUV when you need one or a truck when you need one. The only thing bad is the gas mileage.

- Dan H

It is relatively good on gas.

It is getting old, and is starting to break down. The starter has major problems and it is a gas guzzler. It is not going to last much longer.

- Elizabeth T

I take care of my truck and I love it. It helps me with my hobby.

My truck is roomy. My truck is versatile. My truck gets poor gas mileage. My truck has over 200K miles on it. My truck is dependable.

- Terri J

This model is not made any more.

I like the bed cover, pass through, stability, room, 4 wheel drive, sunroof, heated seats, fold down rear seats, removable rear window.

- Marie Z

It is one of the safest cars on the market. A+ safety.

The drive of this vehicle is amazing. There is plenty of room for a family to sit in this car. Reliably gets from point A to point B.

- Tyler H

My favorite vehicle 03 Avalanche

The avalanche is a great vehicle. Comfortable, dependable, rugged, 4x4 Mine came with dual DVD players in the head rest for the kids

- Kristina W

That it has been a very reliable family and work vehicle.

Has been a very dependable vehicle. The outside appearance still looks new, but the interior is outdated compared to newer trucks.

- Justin G

It gets around well in all weather

I like the versatility of the removable rear window for more hauling room. It is a gas guzzler and difficult to change the oil.

- Steve H

It's a very beautiful car and should be your first decision

I receive the vehicle when my handed to me it was really amazing for my first. I really excited to know its drives very well.

- Jonathan D

It's great for long trips, and has a lot of storage space

It's a great vehicle, and is perfect for long road trips. But the fact that it's a large truck can be difficult to maneuver.

- Abbie W

low maintenance luxury drive truely an enjoyment for long trips

drives like a Cadillac never have had a problem with it other than normal maintenance it's perfect for hauling 4x8 size wood

- glenn a

Great mileage. Also goes up to 300, 000 miles.

Very comfortable and smooth ride, especially for the age. Only problem is body rust by wheels which can mess with shocks.

- Hope S

Comfort and adaptable last very kind with very little upkeep.

This vehicle drives like truck but rides like a cadillac. One of the most durable and dependable vehicles I have owned.

- Michael K

It is a good truck and I have had it for awhile.

I like it because it is a truck. It is a big truck not one of the small ones. I sit up high and look down at the cars.

- Riley M

Great gas miles for getting a truck, drives very smooth

I love my Chevy Avalanche it's great four Mountain Adventures and traveling very spacious! I highly recommend one!

- Lauren M

It gets me where I need to go in comfort, secures any small truckloads with It's standard equipped hard tonneau package.

Love the body style & 4 wheel drive capability. Easy to maintain. I hate the cost of repair parts. No complaints

- Darrell M

Pretty economic not problematic at all

It's economic and I haven't had problems at all just the regular ones like oil change and the stereo sometimes

- Ana P

My car is very reliable and has not let me down yet. It has good mileage compared to my other cars.

This car comes equipped with a t.v. for the kids, saves gas, and has enough room for the whole family.

- Nidia J

We love our Avalanche. It is a great family truck, plenty of room in the back for our son and his car seat, and any passenger for leg room. It is great for hauling things in the bed or with a trailer. The back window and seat fold down to make the bed longer too! We use it a lot for our business to haul wood and furniture. We got lucky and the person before us took great care of it, there is only one small area that has rust on it, and it had low miles for how old it is.

Great pick up truck, we use it frequently for hauling wood with or without the back wall folded down.

- Jessica S

It runs great, has plenty room and looks good too.

I like the way it looks. The back being covered is very helpful. Room for whole family.

- Vicki D

400,000 miles and going strong.

Very comfortable ride. Well built, except for the running gear. Has held up well.

- j L

I like that it is a Chevrolet. I like that it is a truck and an SUV. I don't like that it is rusting at the bottom

The most important thing is that my Avalanche has never left me stranded.

- Gina H

the space of the truck and the interior inside is nice and comfortable

it's a okay truck it has a lot of space and has a decent speed to it.

- Josh M

It's just a reliable vehicle. I bought it and haven't had a major breakdown on it. Traded my Dodge Charger for it and got a great deal

It will take you where ever you need through rain, sleet or snow

- chantoun j

It has a name and has its own personality which is pretty funny.

I love my car. It is old. But it is super cute and clean.

- Katie A

It's tough and comfortable and gets me where i need to go

I like the space in it and the ability to haul things.

- Robin P