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2007 Chevy avalanche review.

My truck has over 180, 000 miles on it, and still runs like a champ! A majority of these miles are highway miles. Living in Wyoming, having a big truck is a necessity when it comes to driving in the snow, and my avalanche has never had any problems with driving in harsh weather conditions. However, because it is such a big vehicle, it is hard to navigate through smaller areas such as parking lots, etc. The turning radius on the truck is not the best either. As far as comfort goes, there is lots of space! It seats five, and I usually take four other friends with me and they all have room to be comfortable. It rides smooth, and the sound system is great. It has a sunroof and I usually have it open as often as I can, weather permitting. It is a super safe vehicle as well.

- Rae K

Good on rough terrain, does not have size capacity for hauling or loading cargo.

I noticed immediately that there was something wrong with the electrical features. The headlights, tail lights, and blinkers would randomly stop working at times but when we replaced the parts they still wouldn't work times or would quickly stop working again not long after replacement. I guess the wire harnessing kits are prone to connection issues if you drive on rough or bumpy terrain or during rainy or snowy conditions. So that was really inconvenient. Aside from that it handles the road wonderfully, especially in the winter with icy roads or even in deep snow. I have never ever gotten stuck and not been able to get out.

- Mathew S

Love her but she has a few quirks.

My vehicle is more than a car it is an SUV with 4 wheel drive, great for snowy climates and off-road terrain. If you like tailgating it is perfect for storing and hauling items in the bed of the truck. It has built in coolers and sits high enough to look down on others. The sunroof is perfect and the back window is removable. Bad side is it is not kid proof, my kids have broken the tuner dials and outlet covers. I have also replace the seat adjuster handles on the minor side of things. Major repairs include a new rebuilt engine and the more miles the more frequent oil changes.

- Shem S

The engine switches v8 to 4 cylinder to save on fuel.

Best general motors truck model made low in maintenance long as every schedule maintenance is done. It holds its trade in value. I love the 5. 3 v8 engine great on gas for a large truck. Again a engine general motors did well making. The seats are so comfortable and the radio set up is very easy to work. OnStar is good feature and XM radio. Coverage over the back of the truck.

- Tina B

Get one because it gives no trouble at all.

My truck is full dive; v8 engine. Great pick-up, great turning ratio. It's a very sleek looking, I get lots of compliments all the time. What I do not like about it stall rally high up. I have short legs and the older I get the more harder it so for me to get in about of truck. It does have a step but u could use two steps to get in out of the truck.

- Yvonne R

It can be considered a truck or an SUV. As the back comes off to be more like a truck.

The truck is very versatile. It can be considered an SUV or a pickup. The back seat is very spacious as I currently have 2 large car seats there. The issues I have with the truck is the back does leak and the dashboard has cracked in several places. I still have the truck and intend to keep for a couple more years until it wears out.

- Tabby B

Looking sharp; feeling safe!

Reliable. Sharp looking, as well as not being too bad on gas mileage. It comes with the space in the bed of the truck, and I am able to drive through the snow with ease. I do have a continued problem with the front ball joints, as I have had to have them replaced about once every 2 years. Other than that, I love my truck so much.

- Kiara L

I love my Chevy truck because it safe, reliable and comfortable.

There are not any problems I experienced yet. However, I wish the fuel economy friendly, because it burns a lot of gas in a short amount of time. It has very comfortable heated seats and is good for the winter conditions since it has 4WD. I love the sunroof for sunny days. Overall, I love the fact that its a 4 door truck.

- Adrian H

I love my Chevy Avalanche so much, I've purchased two of them!

I love my Avalanche, so much so, that when my first one was totaled in an accident, I purchased another one. The interior is large and comfortable with all the bells and whistles I could want. The bed with the Tanno cover is perfect for hauling large items without having to worry about weather or things falling out.

- Kelley D

My truck has amazing gas mileage. I didn't believe it.

I haven't had any major issues with it, just want something bigger. I have little stuff wrong like rotors, brakes, axle, u-joints, etc. I have replaced oil pressure sensor, done 3 or 4 oil changes and I have had since February. I love it, my kids love it, I just want a Tahoe due to expecting another baby.

- Marie I

A true gas guzzler but almost perfect.

My vehicle is the best sports utility vehicle with truck and the gas mileage sucks as well as the bumper gets scratched and bruised easily. If the gas mileage was better and there was a little more trunk space, it would be perfect. The truck bed capacity fits standard items but not large pieces.

- She S

My avalanche is a great, overall, all in one vehicle.

My avalanche is bigger than a car so I can transport more than a few people however, my avalanche is smaller than a pick-up truck but big enough to move furniture or anything else you need to move. There is plenty of space for seating and very comfortable for traveling. Love my heated seats too.

- Jodi S

Chevy avalanche: comfortable and roomy!

I love my avalanche. So far it is been pretty easy to maintain, no major problems. I love the leather and heated seats, the sunroof and how much room there is! My kids can sit comfortably in the back and there’s more than enough room in front. I would buy another newer one in a heartbeat!

- Sarah C

I love when you lock the truck up the tailgate locks and everything is secure!

I love that my truck has the comfort of being like my jag yet I have the full capability to move desired materials for my remodel project with ease! I can easily tow a trailer if necessary to move bigger items. My grandkids love the video player in the back seat on long road trips.

- Ava T

Has leather interior and economic in gas all week it will last even though its a v8.

I love how it runs and drives great in bad weather has 4 wheel drive and leather interior has DVD system for the kids and rear ac with is very important to have in a vehicle with little ones in the back seat. Also it has Bose sound system with sounds great it's comfy to travel in.

- Edna B

I love my Chevrolet avalanche.

I love the Chevy avalanche. The ltz trim package is luxurious, and it is a great vehicle in general. No major problems in 10 years. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants a high performance luxury truck or SUV. I really hope Chevrolet comes out with a new model soon.

- Jennifer F

It has plenty of room and lots of comfort. It is like having a truck with a bed cover already installed.

I Love my vehicle. It is as big as a truck with all the capabilities, but with a covered bed. Chevy is one of my favorite makes and it carries most of my favorite features. I also have a sunroof and that is a must for me. It has plenty of room, all the horsepower, and comfort.

- Mindy M

Nice running unique vehicle with lots of features for its year.

Runs and drives like a chip love how the motor sounds and how fast it goes has lots of potential and it is 4x4 this vehicle is amazing can reliable on it. Leather interior and sunroof has very nice color and is lifted by 5 inches very unique car for my family great.

- Rosa V

A dependable and stylish avalanche, luxury and rugged without compromise.

The avalanche is comfortable and dependable. It has features I was interested in, like heated and leather seats, a very roomy interior and ability to seat six passengers. Very sturdy and dependable, minor to no maintenance left than basic oil change and up keep.

- L H

The gas mileage is good. Only fill up once a week.

I haven't had too many issues. Only complaint is ac box keeps going out. I have had to replace it twice within a year. Other than that I have no complaints. It's decent when you come to gas. I fill up once a week. I drive about 30 miles per day during the week.

- Constance R

Chevy avalanche is a great reliable family vehicle.

Love it is reliability. Backseat is spacious and the tailgate is great for hauling sits tall people comfortably the truck gets good gas mileage for its year of make as long as u take care of the basics like oil changes and other things. Great vehicle for kids.

- Kara L

2007 avalanche four wheel drive.

Full leather heated seats, Bose radio, many options, handles great, love driving it, gas mileage is about 14 per gallon. Plenty of cargo room. Adjustable pedals, seat memory, steering wheel controls. Self tinting side mirrors. Rain sensing wipers. Fig lamps.

- Mary R

Great look and drives like a luxury car.

Pros: versatile, comfortably fits 5 people, great for long trips, rides smoothly, easily hauls various items and sizes, covered bed with removable panels, very reliable, cheap to maintain . Con: some year models use oil quickly, parking in tight spaces.

- Ashley F

I think knowing that the back will leak over time is important. you can take the cover off and treat it like a true truck but that defeats the purpose of the covers

The truck is just what i had hoped it would be. It is very roomy inside. Also I like the cover on the back. The only complaint is that the back did begin to leak in about a year so it does not keep everything dry as I had expected.

- tabby M

The tail bed covers and access to the back seat from the tail bed for storage.

Overall performance of the vehicle is great, however it does have Its minor flaws, like the dash cracking due to outside heat. The access to the back seats from the tail bed and removable cover pieces do help though.

- Chris S

It rides very well for a truck.

I really like the ride and the having a covered truck bed. It has good versatility to lay the seat down and take out the back window. The biggest complaint that I have is the gas mileage is very poor.

- Brian P

Gas mileage sucks, you get about 14 mpg.

I love my truck, it is fully loaded, lt is z71, leather interior, heated seats, Bose radio, everything electric, sunroof, fun to drive, back window comes out and seats fold down for extra cargo room.

- Marianne R

Great truck but typical Chevy issues

The 07 has several issues that Chevy knows about. Some they addressed but poorly.others they are waiting to see if anyone sued them over. By one of the original body avalanches instead of this one

- John W

great family truckster with power.

I love the way it drives. I have room for 5 with four doors. I like the covered bed and folding seats to create a large cargo area in the rear. I like the look of the interior, classy.

- Kyle B

the best thing that could have happened to me

good is an excellent truck with good engine and a lot of comfort could actually go anywhere with her for your comfort and recomendaria to any buyer is a very useful vehicle and very good

- Eric a

Love the functionality and versatility of the Avalanche.

Its a truck. It is a multi purpose vehicle for me; attach bike rack, pull trailers, haul stuff in enclosed box. Functionality of back seat provides more options when hauling stuff.

- Angela P

Very smooth riding and has 20 inch tires.

I like the removable cover on the back. I like that it has a sun and moon roof. I like that the back seats go down and the whole back opens up. I do not like the poor gas mileage.

- Gail A

That it can run on e85 or gas.

The ls engine that comes stock is one of the best ever made. It is easy to upgrade and work on. My dislike is the oil pump design and the difficulty changing the fuel pump.

- Jared N

It is a reliable truck that is very spacious.

It is a reliable truck. The interior is grey leather which in nice for my family it is easy to clean and keep clean. We enjoy the sunroof on warm summer nights.

- Iris A

Not designed to tow anything over 7 thousand pounds. Great on gas mileage especially if you use E85

Truck is comfortable simple features. So far had a fuel line crack and get the rear end fixed. This truck was not designed to tow learned the hard way.

- Shun S

My truck and the take care process will help you.

My truck is very roomy for me and road trips are a lot of fun and normal taking care of, is a must to make sure your car lasts as long as possible.

- Ruben G

The seat warmers are a plus during the cold winter months.

My 2007 Chevy Avalanche is by far my best vehicle I have ever had. I have had no serious issues with it at all. Its roomy and rides very smoothly.

- Dora L

I have a big truck that would hopefully protect me in a car accident.

I like that my air-conditioning still works, it is way too hot in Miami. I dislike that my truck uses a lot of gas, because I love to drive.

- Sherry H

It has a tow package, satellite radio, DVD player,

I just got my vehicle 4 months ago and I love it...nothing wrong with it in great condition and it has all the bells and whistles

- Cassandra K

I think I would want them to know how extremely versatile the avalanche is.

I just got it recently it runs very smooth. Drivers seat could be a bit more comfy. I love the hard top and locking compartments.

- Jeff M

Best SUV truck on the market.

It is very reliable. Makes moving things and running people around town easy. It is very comfortable in front and back seat.

- Ricardo R

It is big and heavy. Everything works as it should.

I would like to get better gas mileage.. My dashboard is cracked -common for this model.. I love that it is big and heavy..

- Bob N

All around good vehicle. Gas mileage not that great.

It's a good long lasting vehicle. Keep up on the maintenance and it treated me good. Haven't had any major issues with it

- Harry T

Has TV sunroof and it is leather.

How it runs and drives. great 4x4. works great. it is high with leather interior. love my ride. has TV for the kids.

- Edna B

The Best Truck out there.

Runs like a beast, about 100k miles on it and, haven't had a single problem with it yet, maroon red, 2007 chevy.

- Stephen R

Do not touch her. She scratches easily. In the winter you can crack my windows.

It is a Chevy. I love Chevy's. What I do not like about them is after 10 years the electrical goes up on them.

- Ronald L

This car doesn't have very good gas mileage. It takes at least $50 every time I fill it up

I love that it has built in DVD players. The seats are leather and easy to clean. Gas mileage could be better

- Laura B

great looking car and works great

my vehicle is great but cheaply made dashboard is broken and things are falling apart I would buy another

- vanessa n

They rust easy. Easy to maintain. Could be hard to get up into if your short

It has a built in DVD player for my kids. Leather seats are easy to clean. Gas mileage could be better.

- Terry B

It drives nice on the highway. It doesn't blow around, it's very stable.

I love it because it's big and heavy. I would like it to get better gas mileage. I hate to fill it up.

- Robert N

A great truck! It has been very dependable.

It is big and comfortable. It has lots of room in the back. A reliable car. It has been a great car!

- Brooke P

It's America made by the largest automaker in the world

Better looking than a pickup , the ride is more like a car than a regular pickup.

- William T

It is fun to drive but gets terrible gas mileage

Great size, inside and out. Great for road trips. Issues with the throttle body.

- Tyler B

Dependable and the gas is just very little to spend

Good and dependable car that I ever had I don't have any complain with my car

- Jilliane A

it's very unique you will never see another one like it on the road

always working on it like the space that it has dislike the gas mileage

- janelle b

The vehicle is not economical when it comes to gas

great to haul away stuff and reliable, would like to have more space

- cindy r

Does not matter as they do not make it anymore! Very unfortunate!

Like everything it is capable of doing Dislike poor gas mileage

- Pat L

Great quality vehicle, that will last for a long time.

Runs great. It's very comfortable. No major problems.

- Bob S