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Avalanche is no longer produced by Chevrolet; there are many still on the road.

Good gas mileage, comfortable ride, good sound system, standard size bed that expands to 8 feet when rear seats folded down and access panel lowered. Rear window removable if necessary to carry large size loads. Being ten years old, there rubber parts are declining and have been or will be replaced. O2 sensors have been replaced as well as various engine belts and parts.

- Robert B

Love the space and the cargo size that it offers.

Love my avalanche all around good truck, the only thing I didn't like was the facts of the flex fuel 5.3 lt motor the new DoD motors. Do not last or work nearly as good as the older motors. This would be the only reason that I give it a 3 grade on the 10 scale, if this truck would have stayed with the older style vortex motor this would be an all around 10 on the scale.

- Joseph J

Chevy avalanche is big in bed and cab.

I love this truck. It has big enough to haul stuff and big enough cab to carry four passengers. It is very reliable. I do not think the seats are very comfortable. I wish there was a lock on outside of truck to unlock. I like the ability to unlock all doors and roll down all window from control on driver door.

- Jill H

Love to drive it how it handles.

Has everything you need in a vehicle. It's a joy to drive, comfortable and handles very well, very reliable some issues with guzzling gas. The sound system is good ( Bose ). When in cruise control its very smooth, love the heated seats, what I wish I had was Wifi and Bluetooth. Better performance engine.

- Tom S

My Chevy, my rock and looks good too.

I have had my avalanche for 10 yrs and we have had to put a new trans due to pulling a trailer. But other than that I love it. I have never had and other engine problems. One of the running lights always blows after replacing the other side. And they are a huge pain to change.

- Melissa H

comfortable but currently unsafe due to the Takata airbag which if deployed will release shrapnel to the passenger

My vehicle rides like an SUV but handles like a truck, I am able to have 5 passengers, as well as open up the truck to a full size truck when needed. My only complaint about this vehicle is the Takata airbag recall which has no remedy to date and it has been over 2 years.

- Armida W

Comfortable and versatile vehicle. Very reliable. No problems

I like how comfortable the interior of the truck is. We have traveled across the country 3 times in it and have enjoyed the trips. There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle. I am unhappy Chevrolet discontinued this model as we would gladly buy a newer model

- Marsha C

Avalanche is at the mountain top.

There are few if any at all problems with this vehicle. Had some issues with door locks -all replaced under warranty. Have replaced tires, brake pads, wipers, fuel filter, the regular stuff. More reliable & durable vehicle I have ever owned.

- Michael T

My Chevy Avalanche is reliable.

My Chevy avalanche is very reliable. I have never broke down. The only problems I have had, is needing new tires and brakes changed. I have had my truck for over 2 years. It is fits perfectly into my life of both work and family.

- Gerry C

It is a flex fuel and the gas price on the E85 are great.

I love that it sits high. Helps me get groceries from the store. Really helps when me and my son do weekend activities at water parks or the zoo. Only thing I dislike is the gas and gas Millage that u get with the car

- Shonta V

Dependable and very flexible as far as the way you come convert it.

Great vehicle it is comfortable on long trips, it is very useful with it is design. Mine is an ltz trim package so it is leather with all the bells and whistles. If Chevy still made them I would buy another one.

- Kim M

It makes me and my passengers feel safe. I do have occasional hauling needs so it is convenient, and it has four wheel drive available and we get a lot of snow.

It is large, and it's reassuring after being in an accident in a smaller vehicle and having the vehicle totalled. It is very comfortable with all the amenities and it has a smooth stable ride.

- David C

It has enough room for the entire family.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive and it is a type of pickup. I love the power. I do not like the smaller box. I do not like the motor is having issues that are expensive to fix.

- Trisha E

Chevy trucks are built to last.

Love the size, the room, and the extra features of heated seats, and its gas mileage. I also like the ability to extend the box of the truck from a smaller to standard size.

- Teresa G

The Love/Hate Relationship

While I love my vehicle, it carries with it several pricey areas of concern. First, and most expensive, the flex fuel option is horrible and can cause piston failure.

- Rebecca K

Decent gas mileage for a v 8 engine.

Love my avalanche. I have no issues and I hope it stays that way. It is fun to drive. I bought it used with very low mileage. It is great for camping. It is very roomy.

- Sandra W

It's reliable, I've heard some negative things about this truck but with my experience it's been nothing but great.

I've always loved trucks this is perfect for me and my small construction business. The bed size could be a bit bigger but overall I'm happy with it.

- Eric C

for the size of the vehicle that i drive everyday to work which includes highway and city its get s very good gas mileage.

In every category it exceeds any expectations. Every single test or performance question you could think of about this car it can exceed it.

- Steven M

Super dependable but needs better interior quality parts.

Extremely useful features with all the options for the bed and extra cargo storage. The dash is cheap and has fallen apart over the years.

- Brian K

Not only does it look great, it is comfortable.

Looks great, rides great and very versatile. I hate that it has been discontinued because I would be interested in purchasing a new one.

- Warren S

It's nice and spacious inside. Gives the pickup truck feel on the outside but more of a suburban feel on the inside.

I haven't had a lot of problems with my truck. I've had to replace the breaks recently but otherwise nothing to complain about.

- Alex W

It has an expandable bed from 5 to 8 feet.

I like my avalanche because it is versatile and comfortable. I dislike my avalanche because of low gas mileage.

- Carrie C

I love it and they should make more.

Lots of room, big, slats to keep your stuff safe in back.. Roomy, good looking, keeps you safe from crashes.

- Anne K

Pickup has a short box which makes it difficult for hauling some things.

I love the heated seats. It has dual control heating and air conditioning. No complaints.

- Deborah M

I dislike the initial failures in the car. However, once it was fixed it was pretty reliable. Besides that I have no further complaints on my car.

It is way better than most of the other I have had, once I put in the work to fix it.

- Ivan L

Man's Chevrolet Avalanche durability & functionality tops all other vehicles, in any class.

No complaints whatsoever, best, most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

- Mike M

There is nothing that I dislike about this vehicle. I sure wish that I would be able to procure another one, just a newer version.. It is a very excellent handling vehicle, with a very smooth ride for a vehicle that is considered a truck.

just wish that it was still being manufactured. excellent ride.

- james D

convertible from SUV to pick up truck which allows it to have a full 8 foot box

like the ride, quiet, comfortable. Converts from SUV to pickup

- Tom J