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Chevrolet avalanche 2010 loving it.

I have had no issues with my avalanche. It does use a lot of gas. It is spacious, fully loaded. The leather is very sturdy no tear down after 8 years. The bed has tool boxes on each side which are very deep and I put all my tools in them and I do construction. I like that I can cover the bed with the hard covers or open it up to transport ladders or material.

- Candy M

It's had a long run, but it's at the end of it's road compared to newer models.

It's becoming older so its performance is nowhere the same. It's barely reliable and is a gas guzzler. I don't like the fact that the car is older it's not comfortable brake tube seats are worn out. If I could afford a new car I would. It's been in a family a long time and I like Chevrolet as a brand, I just need a newer model.

- Karen L

The Chevy avalanche is great vehicle.

I had to have the transmission rebuilt twice. The gas mileage is not the best but the size is great for my needs. The features on the vehicle is nice I have heated leather seats and a sunroof as well as a 6 disc CD changer. There is dual climate control which is great if you and your passenger like different temperatures.

- Adam B

Chevrolet avalanche is it the vehicle for you.

My vehicle is the great offering vehicle. It also provides enough room for my family comfortably while we are on vacation or traveling abroad. It is a great vehicle that has great gas mileage and also has a great look. The only thing that I do not like about it is the price of new tires.

- Steve L

Beautiful 2010 Chevy avalanche LTZ in excellent condition

I don't have a lot of problems with my vehicle. I have taken very good care of it from the day I bought it. I have some minor issues but that's it. I do have to replace one of the airbags but I'm waiting for the recall so I can get for free. I love my truck it is beautiful

- Sharon L

Our vehicle is reliable and I love the style and look of the Chevy avalanche.

I really like the look and style of the Chevy avalanche. Runs great. Has minor rusting on doors, but it is a 2010. Runs smooth and is reliable. Doors need to be oiled since they creak when opening and closing. Overall we enjoy are avalanche and would get another.

- Ann S

Smooth driving great sound system and great on gas.

The only problem I have had since purchasing this vehicle is that dashboard crack but I think that is normal tear. When driving you hear a clunk noise coming from the steering wheel. Corrosion on battery. Exterior accessory problems as well as interior problems.

- Rachel S

The covered storage in the back and the side panels.

Love it. Lots of room in the cab with full size seating. Smooth ride. Solid. Comfortable. Love the storage in the back and the side panels in the back. Love the heated and cooling seats. Great to drive. We have taken on a 14 hour trip and drove and road great.

- Lisa G

It is the most utilitarian vehicle I have ever owned.

This vehicle gets great mileage in the city and on the highway. It is comfortable for up to 5 people and it can be converted to a very usable pick-up truck in about one minute. No complaints at all, no dislikes.

- Bill H

It is a great family car.

I love how fast it goes. I like that it looks and behaves like a truck should but rides like a smooth sedan. I love all the bells and whistles. I love that its American made. I dislike that it uses a lot of gas.

- Michelle T

Works hard. Very reliable. Fairly comfortable to ride in.

Good vehicle, real workhorse. It's getting tired and we will be getting a new one soon. Very reliable, Like every vehicle, the tranny got tired around 130K.

- Cyndi B

It is a tank. It is literally huge but drives nice like a Cadillac!

I like the Chevrolet brand. I love that's it's 4 wheel drive, it's good in the snow. I'm able to use it like a truck/SUV. The only dislike is the gas mileage.

- Autumn A

One important thing people should know about my truck is it does not have heated leather seats.

It has leather seats. It is very roomy. I don't like that I can't see over the hood like I could in my other truck. However it gets me up high enough.

- Michaelle M

Heavy Chevrolet fan for all vehicles

Four doors, can drive through high waters, comfortable seating, TV monitor screens in the radio and the back of the head rests, and relaxing

- Ray M

It is priceless. I love love love it and will never get rid of it!

I love how it performs in all type of weather. It has been very dependable. I'm short and it is pretty tall is my only negative comment.

- Annette S

to be reliable. Easy to store materials in re bed space.

Large cargo space, comfortable seat, good legroom. Covered rear bed, auto four wheel drive good frontal vision poor side vision.

- Antonio C

Truck with a cars luxury and ride.

This vehicle has many blind spots. The bed is smaller than a regular truck. The black plastic material fades from the sun.

- Renee G

reliable, good transportation in foul weather large cargo space

large cabin space, comfortable seats, lots of legroom ,covered rear deck, automatic with easy four wheel drive on demand

- antoni c

Great styling and reliability

Love the versatility of the vehicle. Can handle all of the family stuff as well weekend projects that need to he done.

- David S

Awesome Chevrolet Avalanche

Awesome truck, rides great, well maintained, comfortable seats and interior, very roomy, great styling inside and out.

- alex k

It pretty much has everything a person could want.

I like the comfort of the seats. I like the drivetrain. I dislike the price to replace parts. I also like cheese.

- Joe J

We bought it preowned so that may be affecting the fact that it throws itself.

It has great power. The vehicle has excellent storage. The color is beautiful. The car is great for road trips.

- Brian G

Gas mileage is better on the highway. The stereo system is very good.

Very good truck. Very good power. Very good package. Get a lot of compliments. Very roomy. Comfortable seats.

- Ameen S

Durability and totally reliable

It's one of the most reliable vehicles that I have owned and I've had many. I would recommend it to anyone

- James W



- Eloise H

I love the room that it provides but when gas prices go up it's a bit hard stomaching the cost to fill it up.

That it provides a smooth ride and lots of space. It has most of the modern technology updates.

- Katie D

The avalanche is very functional.. it's a cross between a truck and a car

My only complaint is that the trunk leaks when it rains. We love everything else about it.

- Jordan H

engine and long-distance performance,and the prestige of the brand

is vehicle very good, famous to travel and durability


It's safe since it's so big. I can see well since it's high.

It's big and safe. Can carry a lot of stuff in it.

- Johanna H