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2011 avalanche luxury truck.

Very versatile truck that drives like a luxury car. Comfortable as they come. This is my second one and would buy another if Chevrolet ever decides to bring it back. The creature comforts are more than adequate. Plus last but not least the 5.3 engine has more than enough power to get light to medium work done like pulling trailers or hauling plywood.

- Ken M

It is really comfortable and versatile.

I love the versatility that the truck offers. It is great for hauling kid stuff, but also farm stuff. I love that it has the back cover to keep things dry. It has a lot of storage space and leg room. It drives like a car, very smooth. I wish they hadn't stopped making them because I would like to get another one.

- Kala G

Awesome truck that I would totally recommend

It's a really awesome car and I enjoy driving it I would definitely recommend buying this truck. It doesn't have any issues or anything wrong with them they work fine. It has automatic windows, and breaks and automatic locks. The one I have is black and silver with leather seats and air conditioner.

- Cecilia C

Poor quality would not recommend.

Paint not very good chip very easily, have owned 3 avalanches and most dissatisfied with this one. Dash cracked. Chrome on wheels peeling only has 78k on it. Replaced two door handles already. Replaced two ball joints. May actually consider a Ford next time. I have driven Chevrolet for over 40 years.

- Bernard C

Luxury vehicle, big strong truck when necessary.

My Chevy avalanche acts as an adequate multi purpose vehicle. Whether I am loading up the pickup with hundreds of pounds of lumber or just towing my waverunner, it gets the job done with ease. The extra large cabin space is a big bonus also! I have not had any engine or mechanical issues.

- Russell T

Its a Chevy best vehicle around.

I love my avalanche it's a perfect family vehicle. It works great for groceries as well during the rainy weather due to have the tunnel cover. I love having heated seats in the winter time. I like how can set the seat adjustments to two different people. It's great driving in the snow.

- Jessica G

I have had three avalanches, this one is the worst.

The chrome is peeling off the wheels. I have had to replace two door handles. Already replaced two ball joints one upper and one lower. The dealer is no help, runs up the bill and says it is normal. The paint is terrible last count it has 53 paint chips including the top of the truck.

- Bernard C

A interesting detail about my truck its lime green so it stands out

My truck hasn't given me trouble,I keep up with it and its performance is great. It drives smooth and the motor is soft. It is real reliable given me no problems and the comfort is real relaxing with the leather seats and the features are amazing looking like I spent a fortune on it

- Terry W

Interior design is very comfortable

The overall performance is great. It is very spacious. I haven't had many mechanical issues with this model but I have experienced minor electrical issues. It works great for a work truck or family truck. Chevy is very reliable. My favorite attributes are the sensors and DVD player

- Annie M

This vehicle has had many minor fixes and parts replaced.

The energy usage is not really environmentally friendly. The seats are comfortable, but difficult to adjust comfortably. Sometimes there are issues with opening and closing the doors and they very often get stuck. The air conditioning is average. Overall this vehicle is average.

- Maki H

2011 Chevrolet avalanche.

Very comfortable ride with 2011 Chevrolet avalanche ltz. Stylish, fun to drive. Has lots of safety features like 6 airbags. Nice pearl color. Really stands out. I love it, I hope Chevrolet will make another edition of avalanche in the future. Very cool.

- Natalia E

It gets good mileage which is important when one does a lot of driving.

I love the way it looks, handles in all weather. It has space for passengers and also for hauling cargo. I like the fact that I sit higher up, not like in small cars where you feel like you are barely off the ground. It is a safe vehicle slso.

- Connie B

Great for moving stuff and keeping it clean and dry.

I really love my truck. The best features are the covered bed and the fact that I can extend the bed my laying down the back seats. I can even remove the back window which then stores right there in the back.

- Bobbie P

My car is a space for me to retreat and listen to music, not just a way to get from home to work.

I love that it has the cargo space of a normal truck, but that it isn't as large. The gas mileage isn't great but it's good compared to most trucks. I love the black exterior color.

- Grant T

It has a ton of air bags.

The "distress" handle helps you get in the truck, but if you are in an accident you have to lean toward the windshield and airbags to grab it, putting yourself in more danger.

- Jessica D

The truck lets you know what you need to update and it has OnStar.

Very reliable, live the truck. Has very good gas mileage. And is very comfortable roomy when traveling. Love the way it lets you know when to change oil etc..

- April F

That the gas mileage is awful.

It gets bad gas mileage, but other than that, it is a great vehicle. Reliable and comfortable. It rarely has any problems. Just sucks up the gas real fast.

- Gene H

This 5'2 height of a lady can handle this vehicle with ease.

I like that it sits up high. It's fuel efficient & has plenty interior space. The bed covering is sturdy & easy to remove & replace.

- Talundria W

Comfortable ride and has been great for hauling and moving.

It is perfect for everything I do. Great ride. Has had no issues and perfect for traveling across the country in.

- Rhonda H

It is 2011 and it is a great car no problems.

No dislike I love my car it is my favorite it runs good! Best car I ever bought! I wouldn't trade it for nothing.

- Amanda M

its four wheel drive, good ground clearance, has good lighting

like it, fits my lifestyle, holds my family get fair fuel mileage hauls items I need has built in dvd

- bud g

Poor quality paint on the top exterior Too many interior issues have had to replace two door handles on the exterior

Only a marginal quality vehicle Too may mechanical issues for a vehicle with only 78k on the odometer

- Bernard E

It has a very small seating area. It runs on very little gas.

It's very reliable. It doesn't need a lot of gas. It very crowded

- Tasha M



- tonia B