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Its very spacious inside and out.

It is a very reliable and a very spacious vehicle. It looks nice on the inside and on the outside. It holds all of my families needs and power everything. It's really good on mileage and gas. Everything is still up to date considering Its 2011 model. Its dark blue on the outside and It's very easy to keep clean on the inside and outside. The back window rolls completely down and it has the option to be able to get into the back of the truck from the inside. The top of the back of the truck comes on and off for easy storage. It is also made to be able to lock in case u have important or expensive items in the back of your truck. It is great for family vacations and has the option for on star services.

- Lisa G

Old but still a reliable car.

It is an old car and it is definitely not in perfect condition. It makes noise when my husband drives it but other than that I do not think we have any more problem with our car. Performance wise I believe my husband is still happy with it, we never had a problem with it suddenly stopping in the middle of driving. Radio works great, we just had a radio installed by best buy few months ago. I can say it is comfortable and reliable to ride it except that it is kind of noisy, probably because the engine is old already but overall it is fine.

- Christy S

Avalanche: the vehicle that does it all.

This a vehicle that does it all. It can be an attractive vehicle for a night out or an open air vehicle to go mudding in the woods. Great style and performance. The ride is smooth as it is a one piece truck built on the suburban chassis. I have had 5 with little problems with the powerful 8 cylinder engine. This model is discontinued in 2013.

- Alice P

Chevy avalanche is reliable.

It is very reliable get me from A to B. I have had it for six years and have not had any major issues. You shouldn't have any issues as long as you keep up the maintenance and regular checks. I love that it has five seats and a bed so there is plenty of room. It is comfortable and convenient if I need to drive in any weather.

- Unique S

Great for a work truck and traveling.

The only thing I can say about this is electric problems with the dashboard maybe the first owner but I had problems with my radio cutting the headlights off while driving. Never could find the problem with it other that got for work on the road gas was great. Kids love to take trips on the road comfy for kids back seat.

- Shay F

The vehicle always had very smooth turning. Even when it was at its worst.

I am not gonna lie, the vehicle has problems. It needs a front end align bad. There is also problems with a brakes and the mileage is very high. But when it was performing at its peak, it was a very good car. It has a good comfy cloth sheet and a DVD player in the back for kids. It is a very nice addition to the truck.

- Antonio R

Exception body style, very spacious and comfortable interior.

Very comfortable, excellent sound system, flex fuel, good gas mileage, great fide, wonderful for long distance travel, needed to change engine mounts and main rear seal after 150, 000 miles. No other major problems. Regular engine maintenance oil changes and tire rotation every three months.

- Alex K

Chevy avalanche, if you wanna.

Not too bad of a truck for the money you are spending. Could be more durable but so far it gets me where I need to go. I do not really drive it my dad does but I am supposed to fill this out and make a decent sized review for whatever reason it may be. I am just here for money.

- Sydney T

Absolutely love the permanent back hard top cover

I love the versatility of the bed of the avalanche and the permanent cover on the back. Has all features except cooled seats. Kids love the built in DVD Player and headphones for long trips

- Chastity D

Gets great gas mileage, plenty of room and no serious maintenance issues.

It is a versatile vehicle that is nice in style for an evening out or an open air vehicle to cruise around in recreationally.. I dislike it only because Chevy has discontinued the model..

- Susan P

The vehicle has good performance in wet and dry lands.

The vehicle presents good performance in wet and dry lands, great fuel efficiency, its cabin has great capacity presents problems with flashing lights and with the security system.

- Esteban W

Great Truck for long trips

The is the best vehicle I have ever had. Smooth, comfortable ride for long trips and the gas mileage is pretty good. After six years of ownership, no major problems at all.

- Perry R

It has a big back seat,and heated seats.. it has a cool radio, and the seats recline very nice.

I like the color and the heated seats. I also like the way it drives. You sit up high and can see everything . I like everything about it..I have no complaints.

- Pam W

It has excellent safety features with back up assistance and big mirrors. Automatic breaks with excellent consumer safety rating in Kelly blue book and the Chevrolet website

I like the safety features I like the off road abilities I dislike how hard it is to get in the truck I dislike how much I spend on gas each month

- Carly L

It's very convenient. Pretty good gas mileage to for being a truck.

I really don't have any complaints. It rides smooth. It's also nice having a bed to haul stuff but at the same time having a luxury style cab.

- Ron L

The avalanche is multi functional. You can use it for your daily commute or as a workhorse. The short bed can extend into the cab if a little extra space is needed for hauling.

The avalanche has an appropriate amount of room for me to feel comfortable whether I am just running to the store or on a cross country trip.

- Joe J

It is roomy and realizable.

My vehicle is very comfortable. Not too big and not to small. I like that it is a truck and like an SUV. I also like the color of my truck.

- Jennifer R

It is very reliable. Haven't had any issues.

Overall a good vehicle. Plenty of space. The bed is smaller than a normal truck though. Gas mileage is comparable to a truck.

- Derek S

It is built very well. It is dependable and is strong to be able to tow or haul. The truck is very well equipped with 4 wheel drive and can go just about anywhere.

The truck rides and drives well. It is large enough to carry or haul what I need to. It is safe for my family.

- Danny C

gas isn't bad usage. Good pickup

I think it's a great car and very reliable. I like that it has good pickup and is good with gas mileage.

- joe p

That I am able to set up tall. That I feel safe. It is roomy for 5 passengers. It is more like a truck than a car.

It has many extra features. It is easy to drive. It has navigation.

- Pat E

Reliable and has power to pull the objects that we need pulled.

The truck is fine. Does what it is supposed to do.

- marylou f

It is very durable and it always has no engine troubles.

I like that it sits up high. I like how it handles

- Mason N

Once it is paid off, pay again!

- Vivian D