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An all around reliable vehicle, despite simplicity of features.

My Aveo is a great car in my opinion. It is simple and comfortable. It is small which really comes in handy if you are in an area where street parking is necessary. It is spacious on the inside with plenty of leg and room overhead. Keep in mind that windows are manual as are the locks which can prove a hassle. The seats are canvas and cloth and are very comfortable and easy to clean.

- Katie M

It is a good car as I said earlier I would like something better but at the moment it's okay

my car is reliable and delicate in the parts in which I use it, it has small details of paint that probably fixes this year and I also have to make an oil change for the end of the month, I use it to go to work and from time to time to take my children to the maternal, in conclusion it is a good car I aspire something better but for the moment they are excellent and reliable

- oliver j

Something in my life that I had to depend on and I could.

Its a basic car but excellent gas mileage and I have had absolutely no problems the entire time of owning this car. The performance of said car has also been without a doubt what I needed in a car. Reliability and comfort has got me to and from work since 2004 everyday and it was a 2 hour drive each way so comfort was important along with its features.

- Gretchen F

Don't buy this car if you're looking for a long lasting/family car.

It's older and I would like to have a newer one. It doesn't have a working radio, has electrical problems, and generally feels like a safety hazard every time I drive it. We have to do work on it once every few months it seems like, and my tires also don't like to hold air no matter how many times I change them/ buy new ones.

- Megan V

Good for college students; hatchback commuter.

It is had brake problems for a while, the transmission is faulty, and the abs and check engine light comes on randomly. It is uncomfortable for long drives due to being compact, but is great on mileage. It is great for me as a college student, but I wouldn't recommend it for a family of more than two people.

- L T

Love the size of my car (sorta)

I love that my car is a hatchback, it is large enough to hold more than you think it would, but small enough to park just about anywhere. I would like to find a similar model with electric locks and windows, in addition I would like the car to be ~1-2 feet longer for more leg room for the back passengers.

- Jill M

It's a decent little car. It had work done a few times with the water tank.

It is a great little car. It gets decent gas mileage and has worked for a long time. However, it has had to be fixed up a few times. Mainly the water tank and radiator. It has a decent amount of space but can also get a little crowded. Overall it's a nice little car to get around in.

- Katie V

A car that fits into almost any size space.

It is been a very reliable little car. I haven't had hardly any problems with it until recently due to age. The perfect car for a single person. There is not much space in the back seat but I was never back there. The hatchback in the seats lay down to make more room in the back.

- Jen H

My Aveo ls is still the nicest little car out there! I love my Aveo.

My Aveo is fast, does not need much gas and not much attention. My car is just the real thing, after having driven a big Chevy, my kids called "the boat' this little thing took me to pick up my granddaughter and friends from school and took me to go shopping all those years.

- Olivia N

Hold-mode transmission button, to override default gearing.

The Chevrolet Aveo is very economical for the cost. It has some downsides, like a conservatively shifting transmission, and a tendency for the timing idler pulley to break under high rpm if maintenance intervals are skipped. Other than that the car has been wonderful.

- Dylan J

It only takes $25 to fill up the gas tank.

It's a little car but its really good on gas takes $25 to fill up the tank the only problem is sometimes whether I hit the has to go it has a hard time getting up to speed fast enough it's also black which causes the car to be really hot during the summer time.

- Summer L

They don't make that exact model anymore.

My 2004 Chevy Aveo is great on gas mileage, is reliable when it comes to the battery and engine. Kind of small but a the same time spacious enough to fit car seats without being cramped. The ac and heat work fantastically and don't take forever to kick on.

- Emily H

The vehicle is red orange.

My vehicle is really nice and small. I will never have problems with this car. I have had it for about three year and I still really like it. I am planning on maybe getting a new car but not until 3 years. I do not know what else to say about my car?

- Dulce G

good to start has a good balance, is neither very large nor very small ideal for traffic the trunk is large so I can carry goods in the

It has good features is easy to acquire the spare parts to handle and is very familiar and comfortable also serves to work is highly recommended at the time of a ride as well as work I have always trusted this brand of vehicles

- mary t

Not many problems with this car. Maintenance is relatively inexpensive.

I love my Chevy Aveo. Great gas mileage. Great in snow. where I live winters are rough. My Aveo has air conditioning, power steering power windows and a power moonroof. A great car overall.

- Kevin B

Very economical on gas gets great mileage

My car has power windows lay down back seat for large items it is very compact and very easy to park in small spaces I've owned it for the past 4 years with only normal maintenance problems

- Dawn H

My Chevy Aveo is a good car.

The car has very good gas mileage, but is small, and sometimes uncomfortable on long trips. Occasionally, in bad weather, such as snow, rain etc, my car does not meet my expectations.

- toni e




Good on gas but not very roomy.

Reliable vehicle for a single person or couple. Anyone with kids I don't recommend this csr. It is very small and compact. Good on gas for everyday driving.

- Samantha V

Use the right oil for the car.

Good reliable car it's good on gas. It seats four people. The one problem we had is that you need to use synthetic oil when doing a oil change.

- Jorge M

This is an alright car. Easy on fuel.

No power, Engine is having problems and i will probably have to get a new vehicle. The mileage is less than 80,000 miles and already it is bad.

- Dameon H

small compact 4 door, great family car

we have issues with tires and we need to get the transmission looked at, but it gets great gas mileage and is comfortable for how small it is

- erin g

It's a great looking car with the number of safety features,.

It does not give me a lot of problems. It runs really well. I wish it was a little more powerful when I go up the hill to get to my house.

- Dulce G

I like my car and have had many good years with it. It has never had any major issues.

I like my vehicle. It has been very reliable over the years. It needs a little bit of TLC now, but that is to be expected at its age.

- Debbie F

This is a reliable and great car.

My 2004 chevrolet aveo is a great car. This car is great on gas mileage and its black and has four doors. It is a great car.

- Mary H

It's simply a utility car to get me to and from work, shopping, and errands.

It is fuel efficient for it's type. Comfortable for a smaller car. It is a bit old and beat up. I would like a newer car.

- Edward L

The most important thing people should know about my car is that is dependable.

I love my car because it is really good on gas. It drives good it is dependable and last but not least it is paid for.

- Amber S

It is good on gas mileage and has good interior space.

I like the compact size. It is good on gas mileage. It is a four door sedan. I dislike that it has no cruise control.

- Daniel H

It is a very small car. It gets great gas mileage though.

I like the gas mileage. I do not like how small it is. I do not like no cruise control. I do not like no power locks.

- Amie R

The engine will lock up & cost a fortune to fix.

It looks nice & drives ok. It is comfortable & fuel efficient. I just wish the engine didn't lock up for no reason.

- Too F

My car is great for me and my partner not to big and not to small ,perfect for us and our lifestyle.

My car is very efficient. It is very reliable. It is comfortable on long or short trips. It is a great little car

- Geoa J

It's still very functional even though it's over 10 years old

Although the car is old it still performs well and is manageable to take care of with a little bit of patience.

- Michelle G

It has good gas mileage. It's a hatchback, so that's handy I guess.

The stock seats are kind of uncomfortable and the AC works best when the vehicle is moving or in the shade.

- Russell L

It is a great driving vehicle.

It's a dependable car with a cost saving on gas.. Compact vehicle with a lot of interior space inside.

- Chiquita G

My car is very good to travel and it's fast

I love my car because it has very good speed and it is very comfortable to travel with all my friends

- Duban F

The car is great, but the engine can have problems.

I like that is compact. The gas mileage is great. It tends to have a lot of engine problems, though.

- Too S

good on gas and compact it is also good in the snow

good on gas ,compact but not much power not big enough for carrying a lot of stuff

- Joshua T

It has good miles on the aveo car. I think it very important to know.

I love the size of the car. It is also quiet. It drives nice with good miles,

- kayla m

It good gas.It like is orange you you pick it if crowd

It i good on gas. It is small and comfy. The hatchback it good for shopping.

- Carine B

It has been a great car and reliable. I have had very few problems with it

I like It is reliable and I have no payment. I dislike It is old.

- Josh I




You will get your money's worth in mileage and it's compact fits into small spaces

It's good on gas, compact but not so good in the snow

- Arline T

On long trips it's a bit uncomfortable, but short trips is very good

which is small and has some body and paint defects

- jose a

get me to where I need to go

It is a good car. Last for years. low repair

- john S