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Chevy Aveo's: light, compact, easy, cheap.

My 2005 Chevy Aveo is a reliable vehicle. My favorite parts are the size, the break/gas functions, and the lightness of the vehicle. Since an Aveo is a quite compact car, it is easy to park and get around other vehicles without worry of getting into an accident. I also very much like that the gas and break are very easy to manage. Plus, since Aveo's are so lightweight, they go fast! I have had my 2005 vehicle for two years and have had no problems, with the exclusion of maintenance (gas, wiper fluid, oil change, etc.). However, there are a few drawbacks on the vehicle. For one, the breaks can start to squeak if not regularly maintained. They work well, but the sound they exude tend to worry passengers and/or other drivers. Also, the lightness also has its drawbacks, as an extremely windy day could push the car in a certain direction. Finally, the smallness of the vehicle makes it worrying if I was to ever be a part of an accident. It would be likely that anything other than a very mild fender-bender would total my car.

- Morgan G

I love my Chevy aveo: this car is a small, spacious, overall a reliable vehicle!

It is an overall nice car to have. It is a smaller compact vehicle. I find that parallel parking in this car is really easy and can fit in spaces some compact vehicles can't. It is all manual, locks and windows. The performance is good. It has a little trouble accelerating, but once it does it has no problem maintaining speed. It has a lot of legroom and trunk space as well. It does very well on gas mileage, you'll never spend more than 20 dollars for a full tank. It is a very light car, so that means strong winds can slightly veer the car, and it is also top heavy so that means that you shouldn't go around sharp curves too fast.

- Katie M

Small car, great for the city.

The 2005 Chevy Aveo is a very small car. It is great for in the cities but not as much so if you live in the country. It is a very safe car runs well. I would not recommend for someone with children, because the car is small once you get the car seats in it leaves little room to get the baby in or out. The car has a good size trunk for it being such a small vehicle. Overall this car is not a bad car if you live within the city and do not need to put car seats in it.

- Haley S

What's it like to own an older car.

My car has lasted for quite a while. I believe that it is because I am taking better care of it than any of my other cars. I am getting oil changes regularly and have made sure that my engine is tended to when or if the check engine light goes on. It does not get very good gas mileage. And I have to have to manually roll down my windows and my stereo is old. I am sure that a newer model would be really great...

- Kimberly J

My Chevy Aveo with the gray flames.

I have had to have the engine rebuilt 3 times because of belt breakage. The car is really easy to drive and quite comfortable. I can get a lot of things in it during my shopping and other activities. The mileage is excellent, about 25 to 28 miles per gallon. I have had very little trouble with the car since 2011 when I had the engine rebuilt for the 3rd time. It is a good size for me.

- Sharon F

13 years r of dependability.

I have been very satisfied with my car for 13 years. It has been a very good all weather car. I would rather not drive in snow but I do not worry if I have to go out. I get good gas mileage also I only have 70, 000 miles on the odometer. I have considered trading it in but other than just wanting a new car I really do not have a good reason.

- Judy H

Small but packed with speed and power.

I love driving my car around especially in the city. It is small, and I like small cars. It is great for parking. I get wonderful gas mileage. The car surprisingly has a lot of power. I drove it in the hills with no problem! Obviously it is not the most roomy car, but great if you have to drive a little ways to work.

- Gretchen B

My never let you down car.

My Chevrolet Aveo has been the most trustworthy vehicle I have owned. I have never had to do any maintenance on it except routine. I love how small it is and comfortable to drive. The only problem I have with it is there is only a radio no CD player and the windows and doors are not electric.

- Elaine L

Good gas mileage on highway.

Too small Several recalls Electrical problems Cheap interior No CD player Cheap materials Had to replace serpentine belt twice Bargain bin of cars I have own Not trustworthy on the road Never has passed an environmental required test in the state of Washington. Engine light constantly on.

- Joanne F

Cute and small, but it does have some small issues that need to be fixed.

I am currently experiencing an engine misfire from an o2 sensor gone bad. Also an issue with the car's battery not being bolted down so it slides around and sometimes becomes disconnected. I also just became aware of a gasket valve that needs to be replaced as it is causing me to lose oil.

- James K

Busted old hand - me - down car.

One wheel bearing is bent and sometimes causes resistance while driving. The suspension is also broken and feels like the car slides on the frame from time to time. The car is too low in value to make it worth fixing the problems this late in the car's life cycle.

- Brent S

Compact Teal 2005 Chevy Aveo

my car is a 2005 Chevy Aveo. it's compact - probably the smallest car i've ever seen. people call it "The Jellybean." it's a bright teal, but the paint is peeling from sun-exposure. it's been in a few accidents, and the a/c is busted, due to those accidents.

- Jen P

Very compact and reliable.

None it is great, I get great gas mileage and it fits into any parking garage or space. I would definitely recommend this car yet they do not make it no more. If they did I was say it is a very great deal and you will not be dissatisfied with your purchase.

- Heather P

I love the color that the vehicle was manufactured in was titled "victory red".

It currently has more than 180, 000 miles on it and still has good drivetrain. It has hail damage due to natural weather causes and was involved in a automobile accident two years ago, but everything has been replaced and it is in still good working order.

- Faith E

Needs regular maintenance and children are regularly riding in it.

I like the gas mileage and overall safety of the vehicle. I like that is has 4 doors but I do not like the overall size of the inside. I do not like the air vents in it or the stereo system. It drives fairly nice overall but could use more power.

- Robyn B

My car is copper and I get comments frequently on how people like it

I like my car, but it is having some problems that i will have to have fixed, the air conditioner is not as cold as i would like it , also I might need to replace the starter. Otherwise it's been very reliable, getting me to work everyday.

- Cindy R

It is a very comfortable car, has excellent trunk space also.

It is a reliable vehicle and has been good to me. This car has been with me through some real scrapes and it is proven to be a very reliable car. And it gets me from point a to point b which is fine with me.

- Barbara R

It's a good car for economy reasons and for a first car for new drivers

The gas mileage is great. The cost of tires relatively cheap. However, lack of power in engine speed is a drawback. The a.c. is not a very good unit takes a awhile just to cool the tiny passenger space down.

- Dave C

There are many things that need fixing.

It has too many things wrong with it and it was made in Korea, not America. I like the smallness of it, yet it is roomy. I like the way it drives. I hate all the problems I have had with the engine.

- Sharon F

It is not an automatic car it is all manual. That sounds bad but it makes it hard to lock yourself out.

I love how cheap it is to fill up on gas. I runs well even to be so old. I have had very few issues. I wish it was a little bigger sometimes but I still love the size. I also wish it had better air.

- Gabrielle C

That it is very low cost to operate overall, and has been very reliable.

It is a big sluggish when I run the air conditioner, but otherwise it is a very reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage but it has no cruise control, so it is not very nice to take on long trips.

- Suzanne C

Small, but mighty. Great car for a single person or couple with one child.

The Aveo is great on gas. We didn't start having any real problems until over 200,000 miles. Since we have replaced the valves in the motor and the water pump, it's been running like a champ.

- Lisa C

That it has a new engine and other parts. The color is red

It gets pretty good gas mileage, not really a small car sits 4 people comfortable, still have room in the hatchback for groceries. It's easy to park and it has get up and go.

- Diane C

My car is basically a small tank. Regardless of small problems she will still run and get the job done

Many small electrical problems with the dashboard and headlights. Have noticed brakes wear out very quickly as well. Car is otherwise reliable and very comfortable

- Jesus C

It is a stick shift, not a manual.

I like my car because it is a stick shift and they are much harder to find. It drives well. Has had no major mechanical problems.

- Tiffany K

It is very safe but also very comfortable.

It is the 1st brand new car I owned. It gets great gas mileage. It is my favorite color black. I love how great it drives.

- Heather P

Most electronic features have failed and had to be replaced.

Too tight of fit - small. No air conditioning. Cheap interior. Electrical malfunctions. Two recalls. Few safety features.

- Joanne F

It's a cheap car expect to make many repairs. Cheap I repeat cheap

Cheaply made so sometimes require more maintenance than most cars, it's a good beater car or first car for someone

- Rose C

I loved driving my car but it took us to wrestling events, shopping,

The car threw a timing belt. It is not running right not. I may have warped the pistons and valves in the motor.

- Teresa T

It is a stick shift. Got to know how to drive it.

My car is reliable and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage and is a stick shift, so I love that feature to.

- Sarah W

Compact cars are really affordable for gas and they fit into the most tiny place.

It is cute and compact I do not like how light weight it is though so it gets pushed in the wind on the hwy.

- Tara C

Love that it is a 5 speed.

I really like my car. It's a 5 speed and it is just a very fun car to drive. It does not have any problems.

- Diane B

Do not take road trips with my car.

I like that my car is small and compact. I like the hatchback. The gas mileage is awesome. Seats are okay.

- Amanda M

My car is too fast on the road

I like my car too much because it is very comfortable to travel and it is very spacious and it is fast

- Robert I

I have taken good care of my car with oil changes filters brakes

It has good gas mileage easy to handle except in windy conditions does not have a large trunk area

- Alesa C

I got what I paid for it.

Manual locks and manual roll down windows. I also don't like that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Kat B

Check timing belt BEFORE 60 thousand miles. It will break early

I love my car, but it dents very easy, I wish it didn't dent so easy, it is a great size!'

- Kristi G

it has lasted me quite a while. Yes I have had to do a couple of major repairs but all in all it is a great car

It shakes if you go over 80 miles an hour. The gas mileage ain't what it used to be

- Charis C

The windows are controlled manually

It looks awkward. It breaks down too often. It handles bad and is not fast enough.

- Quetzalcoatl H

not good for city driving.....didn't do well when I lived in the city

great mileage, sturdy, gets the job done, looks good.....she loves country roads

- Carol S

it's the most economical car inexpensive and reliable car.

it gets excellent gas mileage and easy to drive and maneuver anywhere

- diane s

The windows open manually.

It looks awkward. It breaks down constantly. It's too slow.

- Quetzalcoatl Z

Bad battery if you dont drive it every day

I like the gas usage. I don't like the manual everything.

- Mark R