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Little Red Riding Car - Aveo Steals America�s Hearts, Then Our Patience.

I got the most basic package - no power windows, locks, or anything (except steering), no CD player (just am/FM radio)... that is something I regret. The car itself has been very reliable and required little maintenance over the years outside of the normal stuff like oil changes, tires, batteries, etc. Now that it�s a bit older (13 years!) it�s starting to have different problems - the sealants for the windows are dried and starting to get leaky when it rains, the paint is starting to peel (it spent most of its life baking in the Arizona sunshine), and belts are starting to dry and need replacing. I live in Philadelphia now and its size has been great for the city! Big enough to carry a few passengers for day trips to the beach with a trunk full of snacks, but small enough to fit into those tiny parallel parking spaces. I also got it in the bright red finish, so it is easy to spot! The ride is not what I�d call smooth, but it�s not terribly bumpy, either. Maybe a little below average. Maybe my shocks are just a little old now, too. I've had the a/c touched up once and it has still been cranking out cold air consistently. It�s cheap to maintain, and parts are never back ordered or out of stock. You can basically have any American auto shop fix it up. The seams on the seats have started to come undone and you can see the cushioning of the seat in some spots. Again, she�s an old lady and that�s a newer problem. I probably wouldn't buy one again, but it is a great first car or city car if you don't drive much and won't put it through much wear and tear!

- Nicole P

The thing I love the best about the Chevy Aveo is the gas mileage.

My Aveo gets great gas mileage! I just purchased it two months ago and it has had a slight vibration in front end. Dealership I bought it from said it needs a rotor replaced on the front passenger side. I have appointment to do that on Tuesday. Only problem I have encountered. Starts easily every time. The one I purchased does not have cruise control which I would recommend having. Electric windows and locks. Seats are not electric. It is an automatic and shifts into gear smoothly. I checked the oil a couple days ago. It is due for oil change and it has used no oil. I drive thirty five miles one way to work. I fill it up Sunday night and drive all week. Gas mileage is wonderful. Plenty of legroom. Overall pretty comfortable. The trunk is very roomy for being a small car I would recommend the Chevy Aveo to anyone. Very satisfied with it.

- Linda W

The car that breaks my bank and causes me daily stress

Every time I think I finally have it in good running condition something else breaks. Right now it is either the starter or battery. The engine starts humming very loudly if the car is on for too long. I had to have the driver's side window repaired because it stopped going down. The shocks are horrible! Does not drive well on anything that is not a flat surface. Bad for Midwestern winters! Everything is slowly falling apart on it. Including the body! I looked underneath and rusted parts fell down when I was trying to clean it! The door upholstery has been peeling. The horn stopped working. It does have a good size trunk and is great on gas. I hate this car. Because of the neverending struggles I will never buy another Chevy again!

- Angela C

Chevy Aveo 2006: an adorable 4 door with fair gas mileage.

I think that the Chevy Aveo has fantastic gas mileage and is very comfortable. It appears small on the outside but is rather spacious on the inside. The acceleration is a bit slow but it is not too much of a problem. So far I have not had many problems. The car has survived in Minnesota winter conditions and was able to drive on country roads. However, this car is not too great if you want to cart around a lot of people. Although the front seat is fairly roomy, the backseat is a bit tight.

- Samantha H

2006 Chevrolet Aveo small but roomy

I just bought this car used and I love it. it's a manual so that's cool, plus it it's easier to shift than other manuals I drove so it's good for people who are rusty or new at driving a manual car. Putting into reverse is a problem sometimes it has to be just right but that could be the previous owners doing. For a small car that gets incredible gas mileage I was surprised by spaciousness inside the car and trunk which is what a family like ours needs.

- Kimberley G

The perfect. Small car for semi active seniors.

I own a 2006 Aveo that fits my divorced, middle aged grandmother lifestyle perfectly. It is extremely fuel efficient and compact yet can transform IE laying down the back seat, to accommodate all my needs. I am an avid hiking, tent camping, rustic outdoorsy person and all my gear; tent, canopy, lawn chairs, kitchen supplies, cot, bedding, toiletries, food, clothing, etc. ; will comfortable fit. I have even slept in the back with proper padding.

- Jodi L

Looks good but has a lot of things wrong with it.

Too many things wrong with it. Seems something goes wrong with it every month. Right now it needs shocks\struts, AC does not work, wiper on drivers side quit working. I have replaced power motor for power window on drivers side and when AC doesn't work need windows. Had to replace thermostat for heater last winter. It's always something all the time, but it looks good and I like the sunroof (which so far is still working).:(

- Connie K

Aveo is very fuel efficient.

It's a good little car, but it does have it's problems. The car is mostly plastic and some parts that are meant to get hot have melted because they were not made of metal; the temperature gauge casing. Once you have the casing replaced with a metal one, it works fine. Great gas mileage, about 28-30 miles per gallon. Front and back bumpers are all plastic and will scrape and break easily when hit.

- Kayla C

Even though it is small, it has a very good amount of trunk space and is still fairly comfortable in the back.

One complaint I have is about the windows. The window cranks are harder to deal with when you are in the driver's seat and need to roll down the passenger window. The back of the car also takes a while to cool down on a hot day because of a lack of air vents in the back. Everything else about the car is fairly great. It is comfortable even though it's small and gets great gas mileage.

- Emily D

For not being a hybrid or eco-friendly car, this Aveo gets seriously amazing gas mileage.

Absolutely love the quality of gas mileage I get from the Aveo, and it's smaller size. The comfort inside of the car is very sub-par. The interior is not quality or well assembled either. Aesthetic parts that have gone untouched have fallen off and can not replace them easily. This car is also not ideal for small children as there is little clearance for kids in car safety seats.

- Kodi C

Used Chevy Aveo worth the investment.

I bought this car from a friend, used. It had 100k miles on it when I bought it. The gas door is broken and I have heard from others that is a common issue. I haven't had any real trouble with it, it is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is a little smaller than what I am used to so no big purchases without arranging for transportation first!

- Amy R

Great car but a crazy glitch

Runs great however I have been trying to get a smog no check engine light on. The check engine light only comes on when it�s cold outside. There are no codes that come up but when I tried to smog the machine said the check engine light was on! The mechanic said it�s probably a computer. The car is great runs great but can't get a smog.

- Tanya W

Best buy for a small car would give my car 5 stars.

I love my car color blue very good on gas. Looks small but very roomy. Large trunk area being Hacket back I find parts are very good on repairs (affordable)having had any major repairs just usually wear and tear. Does seat 4 people easy, sunroof and stereo radio great. Nice size glove box and 2 mirror and pocket on the front doors.

- Jacqueline K

It is a good starter car for the beginning driver.

Most of the outer trim on the car is plastic and breaks very easily. I went to open the door during the winter and the handle broke right off. It does get you from point a to point b with great gas mileage. The car's heating system works amazing during the winter. We own another vehicle and it does not get as warm as the aveo does.

- Angela N

I love the fact I can haul 200 lbs. of horse feed in the hatchback.

I have a small car as I commute 50 miles 1 way 5 days a week. I get about 30 mpg which is relatively good for my budget. Because of the size of my car everything is within arms reach. Radio and climate buttons are easily accessible. I am not very tall but my car offers me plenty of legroom and height. Seats are comfortable.

- Ed N

Small silver 4 door car with space, and easy to park around.

I have loved it but also after years of having it, there’s a lot of repairs and issues I have had with it. Including my battery, acceleration sensors. I have had so many issues with replacing the temp gauge, it is been about 4 since having it. All the repairs cost too much money, it is a good car up until a point.

- Vanessa R

Great Tiny Car That Still Has Ample Space

The car is a very convenient size. Its smallness allows easy parking and a great turn radius. However, it is still large enough to pack a lot of stuff in the vehicle. The hatchback trunk is very helpful. The lack of a CD player is unfortunate, as well as the lack of electronic window rollers (they are manual).

- Kayla W

It is reliable, but being small has disadvantages.

I chose this model because it has a reputation as a simple, no-frills vehicle. I like it because it has just what features I need, although the sunroof is kind of a luxury. Also, maintenance has been pretty straightforward. The only thing I dislike is that there is not a lot of space for taller passengers.

- Crystal G

Compact vehicle that gets great highway gas mileage

My aveo has been very reliable mechanically... but it has had some continued electrical issues with turn signals..wiring harness..electric windows. The clearcoat is peeling from the paint on the hood and roof. The interior has been great... but the weatherstrips have been faulty and detached from framing.

- Wendy G

Cute little hatchback for city driving.

Zippy. Roomy driver area if under 6ft. Easy to reach controls. Does have lots of blind spots for driver under 5ft tall. Back seat is cramped. Rear seats fold to expand cargo area. Running well at 13 years old, 2nd owner. Clear coat issues, but I think the last owner repainted it at a non dealer body shop.

- Jennifer W

My car is a blue four door sedan and is a manual.

It is a four door manual car, has over 200, 000 miles. Had it for almost 3 years and have not had a lot of problems with it. Have had to do repairs over the past few years but nothing too major. At the moment it needs to be aligned and change the brake pads but other than that the vehicle is driving well.

- Vanessa A

I love my pretty deep blue Chevy Aveo.

I bought my car used, but it runs really well for being over 10 years old. Also it is really good on gas, with me only having to put 25$ in and it lasts me, a university student, about two weeks. Also it is such a pretty deep blue color that I love! This Aveo is my favorite car I have owned so far.

- Julia T

My little Aveo! Love this little car super compact.

The main thing that sold me on my car is the size since it is a small vehicle it is super easy to maneuver. So far I haven't had many problems with it mechanically and also it gets great gas mileage! It is not super fancy or anything but it is definitely a decent car that drives and rides well.

- Elizabeth C

I call my Aveo my �egg� mobile

The interior is very classy and roomy, downside it has no middle arm rest. Solid gas mileage, not too slow but does have slow acceleration. Very tiny and good for people who have anxiety while driving as it is easy to control. The radio is EXTREMELY quiet and definitely what I dislike most.

- Alexis S

It's a great car that needs one minor part on it.

For off the aveo that I have is a great car the only problem that I have out of my car is that it cuts off frequently and its scary as much as it is dangerous but the reasoning for that is it needs a part that is call oulie sensor and as soon as that is put on it will be the perfect car.

- Kimdra H

Aveo, wonderful deal! Little troubles.

It is a very reliable car, economic and good performance. It is very spacious inside. Also, has a very big luggage carrier. I have a manual transmission vehicle and never had problems with it. The big problem is the timing belt, it is a mess. Also, the a/c does not work as I would.

- Alex A

it works great have out a lot of miles on it

the car works great we have driven it for 2 years. We have driving it from Minnesota to Oregon and have used it very often it has gone through a lot of ware and tare and still works great. The only downside is the non power windows but that makes it one less thing to break

- Jackson F

An interesting detail is that it smells good.

My vehicle is very small. Which is a good thing for me since I like smaller cars. It needs a tire alignment & new tires. The windshield wiper broke off I use a screwdriver to turn it on. It has good heat but needs air conditioning. The inside is in very good condition.

- Genesis R

The silver color matches the duck tape I am putting on the rust spots!

This car has never let me down. It is made many trips around the u. S. Just this year I changed my own valve cover gasket; the only thing I have had to do to my silver bullet! Really love it. I wish it didn't have power locks though; I do not like bells and whistles.

- Stephanie M

It's a good car I never heard of a Aveo so I took a chance and I am very happy.

I bought my car in a car auction it really works good I gave it a tune up and she drives good can't complain it's a small 4 door car and its blue and its 4 cylinder which its good on gas I like it and I am lucky to buy a good car it takes me everywhere I need to go.

- Linda M

Tank fills up with 20 dollars.

The only problems I have with my car are that sometimes it dies after I turn it off but I usually just get a jump then it works fine. The ac takes forever to turn cold but the heater works fine. There is this noise when I break but only if I am going slow and break.

- Angie E

Amazing and Reliable Car. Best Ever

Super reliable. Have had the car for years. Minimal problems. Good price. Great gas mileage. Cute and fun car to have. Very comfortable and good looking. Great option for a first car. Easy to drive. Will last for 20+ years as long as you take care of it.

- Christine B

Is that Facebook works, when looking for a used vehicle.

My vehicle is a very small compact car. It is great for a senior or a student first car. The Chevy Aveo is cheap on gas. A small car with great legroom in the back. It is very comfortable. A four cylinder car. It may not be expensive, but very reliable.

- Carol G

It's perfect for the city and fits in any parking spot.

I love that it fits everywhere and fits me. It gets great gas mileage at a great price point. I do wish some of it were made a bit sturdier, such as the cup holders and the fabric on the doors that has pulled out a bit.

- Becky B

Great on gas and easy to drive. Smooth transmission.

My car is the basic model. Does not have enough cup holders. I do like the manual windows and seat adjustments. Seats are cloth and comfortable. Audio system is adequate. don't like the dash design. It is great on gas!

- Susan K

My Chevy Aveo is the most reliable car I have ever owned.

My car has 365000 miles on it. It has been the most reliable car I ever had. I will be very disappointed when it finally dies. The only problem with it right now is the right passenger window will not go down.

- Annette S

4 cylinder, excellent gas mileage.

The Chevrolet Aveo is a reliable small car for driving short and long distances. Unfortunately it is not a luxury vehicle and the locks and windows are manual. However the Aveo gets excellent gas mileage.

- Brittany C

It has crappy tires. It was okay on but it did drive well for a small car.

Always had weird problems from the time I bought it, especially the tires. And the tires to replace were hard to find at the time and were expensive for what supposed to be a small inexpensive car.

- Tina F

Great for a commuter car, not so good as a family car.

I like how compact it is. It fits in a small parking space, but that also means it doesn't hold a lot of people or things. I also like the hatchback feature. It makes it easier to fit things in.

- Whit N

It is a great car for not a lot of money.

The AC does not work and I live in friggin texas. The check engine light comes on and off and I do not know if the engine really does not work or if it has an attitude. It really old.

- Rose P

Still drives good and is reliable.

overall a great car for the money, gas mileage 25 per gallon. Folding back seats. You can haul a good a lot in it, I have had this car since 2008 very small repairs done.

- Rita L

It's a good car good on gas But is underpowered and handles poorly

The car has bad braking The car handles poor The car has poor get and go Things I like about the car Never had a breakdown in over 10 years of owning the car

- Brian K

It needs special tires ordered.

I love my car! It is basically a roller skate because of Its size but I like having a compact car. The only problem is sometimes I struggle with the a/c.

- Rachel P

Highly recommend this car

It drives very nicely, gets great gas mileage, and is very comfortable for me. However, it may be uncomfortable for some as it is a smaller car.

- Victoria S

That it can be feel very small with 4 or 5 adults.

It is very reliable and dependable. I would like to be a little more roomie. It can feel very small when a lot of adults are in the car.

- Melissa D

I like the car a lot it is not for sale.

The previous owner was driving and a deer run into the car causing damage to the driver door, the front side panel and the windshield.

- Alicia S

Little & cheap, I call it my jalopy.

Cheap car inside and out, would not recommend a Chevrolet. Cloth seats, cheap plastic all inside, gas is cheaper than most vehicles.

- Chuck N

Looks really nice and drives good

Clutch repair other than that runs great. 5 speed. 4dr hatchback . New stereo. I have nothing more to say but a really good car.

- Harry M

Excellent mpg and fair priced.

My vehicle is my favorite brand. Chevy. It is small and good on gas, and was cheap. I would buy the same vehicle in the future.

- Michael L

She has a car that fits her personality . She always on the go with it.

My vehicle is reliable. It is old but it gets me where I need to go. I am a fan of the color but regardless I love my car.

- Andrea H

It has Great gas mileage! But, if you do a lot of driving, or need a lot of space in your car, this one isn't for you.

I love the gas mileage, it's great. I dislike how small the car is. I also dislike how cheaply made it is.

- Katrina H

It is too fast to travel.

Well my vehicle is very comfortable to my opinion it has good seats to travel and spacious to take friends

- Evans D

Great little family car or starter vehicle

Great on gas and super reliable. Really great car has never let me down. Very little maintenance required

- Kimberly D

The blind spots do not get any better over time.

I dislike the that there's no power windows. I like that it is small and economical. Very good on gas.

- Tiffany G

unsure of anything would say to others about my vehicle. what one person likes someone else may not

its comfortable and is good on mileage. it gets me from point a to b and there is nothing I dislike

- cheryl m

Don't ever buy a Chevy Aveo.

The only thing I like is that it's paid for. It's falling apart, a real POS

- Joanne C

It has been well taken care of over the years and makes a great little car for work commute.

It is a great little car. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

- denise s

It has had a strong mechanical track record.

I like that my Aveo has only needed two major fixes in twelve years.

- Randy M

it does have a bumpy ride is not smooth.

Love my car. It's great on gas mileage and is easy to drive.

- Nancy P

good car get me were I need to go save me on save me on gas

get me where I need to go. Good gas mileage. Good car

- john s

A little silver machine that will not quit.

- Kendall K