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The comfortable but somewhat flawed Subcompact from Chevrolet

I purchased My 2008 Chevrolet Aveo with the 4 speed automatic as a used car in 2017 And it has been very reliable car for me. It has always started right up and has reliably ferried me to and from work for over a year now. I'm 6 feet tall and 320 lbs. the Aveo is easy for me to get in and out of (I like that very much) and the sitting position and head room is very comfortable as well. however it has room to improve in several areas, the first is the engine power / power delivery (or drive-ability) horsepower needs to be improved without question, but I feel the real weak link is the transmission, it seems like it was done on the cheap it's poorly mounted to the car and the frame and it's common to see comments on Aveo fan sites about transmission failures and transmission mount failures, also the interior fit and finish has a lot to be desired, this also seems to be where Chevy fell short of a really quality product, everything except the head liner seems "thin" and "flimsy" tons of low grade plastics and fabrics. the dashboard ergonomics are not great but acceptable, and the digital LCD odometer and trip A & B displays fade in and out often. hope this helps.

Kemper B

The Aveo is Chevy's smallest and least cost efficient vehicle.

My 2008 Chevy Aveo is the first vehicle I have owned, I had purchased another vehicle for a year, but ended up going back to the Aveo after that. The Aveo is a very reliable vehicle, and very cost efficient. I can put twenty dollars into the vehicle, filling it all the way up, and drive around on it for a week. One feature I do not like about my Chevrolet is that it does not have cruise control, due to the fact I drive sixty miles to and from work, but that is just a downfall to owning an older model vehicle. I have had two issues with my Aveo. The speakers blew on me shortly after purchasing the vehicle, which needed to be completely replaced, and the a/c was went out recently. The Aveo is overall a great car, good amount of trunk space, and also very safe and reliable.

Breanna S

It is fairly cheap out the door but it will get you on the back end.

The first few years were great. It got decent gas mileage and was fairly low maintenance. After that, we started to have problems that might not have happened with a more solidly built car. Nothing major broke down but we started having small problems quite frequently. Our gas mileage dropped and we had to put in more and more money to keep it running. We will most likely get rid of it the next time it needs and work done that isn't minor.

Dennis K

I have had this car longer than any other vehicle I have owned.

I am not sure how relevant this is since I am not sure this model is still in production. I really like this car and it has served me well. No more than the typical repairs for an aging car. The only thing I would have liked is a little more comfort in the driver's and passenger's seats. Gas mileage is great and despite the size of the car, I feel safe in it. The folding back seats provide quite a bit of luggage and shopping capacity, too.

Mildred K

The '08 Chevy Aveo's Biggest Mechanical Problems (That I've Had To Deal With)

It's been a decent car. Three of the bigger issues though were: the shifter got stuck in park and I had to have that fixed. And the steering column had an issue where it locks your key in the starter. That was irritating. Then there was some sensor issue that trips the airbag light, but instead of just fixing the sensor, you have to replace the entire clock mechanism. I had to have that last one done twice.

Sarah H

My 2008 Chevy Aveo 5 has taken me to all kinds of destinations.

I love my 2008 Chevy Aveo. It gets great gas mileage & has gotten me everywhere. Unfortunately, it does now have power windows or seats, but I am okay with not having those options. It has been to Florida several times & also the lower part of Kentucky. I loved the hatchback feature & the fact that I can lower back bench seat & haul things in it.

Jasmine C

Small light way fun to drive.

There are some transmission slipping problems but other than that it's great on gas and is lightweight the windshield I'd very strong which is a plus over all the pros way out way the cons it's a good car. Plus the seats are really easy to clean it's a small car but still has space and the windows are not automatic which is nice on a hot day.

Mercy I

It's small on the outside, but it's bigger on the inside.

I like the fact that even though it is a small car, it can still carry a lot of stuff when needed. I do wish it had a little more power sometimes as getting up hope and accelerating at the same time can be difficult. I also would love ac, especially as it is the tail end of summer as I write this, but all in all I love my car.

Shaun E

2008 Chevy Aveo - great little car.

Have had several issues with brakes since purchasing it used several years ago, but it has been a reliable vehicle with decent gas mileage. It is a good size for me, as I was not looking for a large vehicle. however, it is not a good vehicle for transporting adults in the back seat. There is very little leg room.

Dawn K

Chevrolet Aveo; quite an interesting bug.

Our car is a little older and a little more used, but if it were brand new, I am sure it'd be a lot better. It is very reliable and comfortable. We recently had to change our gas line, but other than that we haven't had too many issues. I'd say with proper care and maintenance, this would be the best car for you.

Allie T

Overall, not a bad car. Many small issues that build up to larger ones. I would not recommend or buy another one, and I bought mine new.

Good: gas mileage, compact, somewhat inexpensive to repair or replace parts, inexpensive tires and aftermarket repair items. Bad: frequent engine/repair issues, not very sturdy of a vehicle, paint and sealant stripped quickly, abs not available, many options that cost more to buy new than to put in aftermarket.

Michael B

Simple, reliable, no-frills driving that meets your basic needs.

It's a reliable little car that gets you from point A to point B. I like that it's a hatchback with the possibility to fold down the back seats for more cargo room. I wish that it came with more features, and that it didn't use as much gas as it does- it's relatively fuel efficient, but it could be better.

Karen O

The air conditioner broke.

It is a small car easy to drive but sometimes it is to small. I need the seat to raise higher. I am short and I have to scoot so close to the steering wheel just to reach the pedals which is dangerous. Sometimes my automatic door locks go crazy locking and unlocking. I like the red color of the car.

Jennifer r

Awesome for a person who does not drive far distances.

Performance is alright, radiator hose went out at 70k miles, same with the spark plugs. Reliability is pretty decent. Haven't had any difficult issues with it. Comfort is alright nothing special about it. Overall this car is would be a great fit for a student in college or a beginner driver.

Liz B

The tic tac car will get you there.

It is a 'bare bones' model. No ac, no cruise control. . . etc. 5 speed standard transmission. It is tiny, I call it the tic tac. It has great gas mileage, and so far (knock on wood), has always gotten me from A to B. I do not care about appearances, and economy has always my main concern.

Rachel G

Fun car to drive, and very economical. I love my car!

I bought the car used in 2014. I love the car. I have driven it across the whole country. I have had no issues with this car. I have only spent 400 dollars on repairs. I have replaced spark plugs and spark plug wires. I also had to replace a head gasket seal. No other problems or repairs.

Theresa C

Very comfortable and reliable.

Great car I had this car for 6 years no major problems at all I travel with this car comfortable lots of room in trunk can lay seats down if I have something long or big to put in the trunk great on gas would recommend Chevy to everyone Chevy has the most reliable and affordable cars.

Carey B

Its comfortable interior space, and easy toy clean.

The only detail of my car is the air conditioning that fails sometimes, it is very smooth when it comes to driving, and I can park in many places, it is very convenient and economical at the time of maintenance, and despite being a small car is comfortable when shopping in the trunk.

Paula M

2008 Chevy Aveo ls pros and cons.

No power windows or locks, rear wheel drive, poor stereo system and speakers, no center console, great gas mileage, very reliable, easy to drive, not good to drive in snow, good heat and air conditioning, accommodates me and my kids, can fill up gas tank with twenty dollars.

Brandy C

Light small and compact Chevy Aveo will get you places cheap.

The car is very light so it won't take much of a hit. Sometimes there are problems with the back hatch wanting to stay locked, but the car is smaller which makes for great traffic and the seats are comfy plus its great on gas you can fill the whole tank up for about $15-$20.

Mercy I

Pretty good car, for the most part.

Good car, easy to drive, pretty good gas mileage, lots of legroom, easy to use controls, big trunk, great stereo system, can get to highway speeds really fast, really easy to maneuver and park, fun to drive, easy to adjust mirrors, easy to put car seats in backseat, etc.

Dakota M

I fits my size. I am a small person and it's a small car. I can see over the hood.

It is a stick shift. It was fun to learn and kind of scary. But it gets me around places pretty well. It is a super light car though and can slide on the road even though nothing is on the road. It also catches the grooves in the road which is kind of scary.

Cassidy F

Bad gas mileage, but only 20 dollars to fill up.

I think that the Chevrolet Aveo 2008 is outdated. It is not very good on gas and is a little on the small side. The seats are uncomfortable and the steering wheel hurts your hands when you drive for so long. The car runs okay, just always needs a new part.

Taylor A

I love that it is compacted and does not use that much gas at all.

Having fuel injection problems. But overall, it is a good reliable vehicle. The air conditioner and heater works very well. But the paint is chipping off a lot. The dashboard does not lite up as much as I would prefer and it shakes when I go over 55mph.

Sylvia S

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's rather average, but comfortable to drive and sit in.

some things i dislike about my vehicle is that the air conditioning takes awhile to actually get cold, and that it lacks some of the technology that newer cars now have. I enjoy the color of my car, as well as the comfortable seats.

Syfon S

Aveo 2008 Lt my experience

My aveo 2008 is the lt model, with four doors, it has a good performance in general, although it is not a car that can be very demanding, it takes me wherever I want and brings me back home in a very comfortable and quite safe

Luis R

It is a reliable car. I’d buy this again new if I could.

It is been very reliable for the last 7 years that I have owned it. But it is getting to be 11 years old now and lots of problems are starting to pop up. Most annoying is that the ac broke 2 years ago so it is been brutal.

Mary T

Being a manual transmission, it drives great in the snow.

My Chevy Aveo the perfect little car for me. Small with plenty of room inside for my kids, and enough for several shopping bags. I liked the fact it is manual, although it can become old changing gears all the time.

Alison O

Fuel efficient but small.

Vehicle is very fuel efficient. It was great for college commuting. Now that I have a baby, it is size does not fit my needs. I have had issues with the check engine, low tire pressure, and airbag lights for years.

Sarah S

Chevy Aveo, wonderful car especially for first time drivers!

It is a very reliable vehicle that I have had no major issues with. The only things I have needed done are normal upkeep such as oil changes and new tires. It is a very reliable vehicle especially in the winter.

Amy S

Great commuter car. Not great for people who need to carry a lot of people or stuff.

I both love and hate how small the Aveo is. It fits in all kinds of tight places, but its small size also means that not a lot fits inside of it. My partner, my daughter, and my dog make for a very full car.

Whitney N

A review on my car the Aveo.

The brake pads go out a lot! It gets gas mileage though! As someone who was terrified of driving this car really helped! It was not to big or small! Also as single adult it's the perfect car for traveling.

Sherry K

2008 Chevy Aveo Review: Problems and No Features

My car is a silver 2008 Chevy Aveo. It has had some problems such as a bad alternator, air conditioner has gone out, exhaust problems and more. It has no power features or anything special but I love it.

Ashley P

Good gas mileage. It is easy to park, too.

This car has no special add-ons, such as power windows and power locks. It is a very easy to drive vehicle, getting good gas mileage. For such a small car, there is a lot of legroom in the front seat.

Lynn S

Great on gas and ride good.

Nothing bad. Good on gas ease to drive. Good on the highway it has room for a small car make no noise air work real good this car hold its own for a small car. Might buy same next time. Or one bigger.

Robert R

The exterior of the car is shiny

my car is good. The interior is very much spacious. The journey is comfortable. It is wonderful inside. The system works smoothly. Never really had any sorts on issues. The color is beautiful.

Alan V

Don't buy one it has a short life span compared to other cars. It is likely the worst Chevrolet that I have ever had.

I like the length of time the gas tank stays full. I love the exterior design and how it looks. I hate the amount of time it spends in the shop and the poor quality of the internal parts.

Lillian K

Aveo: Reliable and Efficient

This is a reliable and efficient car. We have had minimal problems in the 10 years of owning it. The one downfall is the air conditioner is not powerful enough in the summer.

Carmen M

The interior is very roomy feeling, It's a good family car.

I like that it feels roomy on the inside, and the seats are quite comfortable. I don't like that it doesn't have quite as much "umph" as my husband's vehicle, but, that's ok.

Brenda A

For a small car, it's very comfortable to drive.

i like that it is a small car and easy to drive. It actually has a lot of legroom in the front seats. I don't like that it doesn't have power windows or power locks.

Lynn W

My tic tac car keeps on going.

My car is a basic model, it gets me where I need to go, economically - not fashionably. I call it the mighty tic tac. It is good on gas, and has not left me stranded.

Rachel G

It's great from point A to point B (Fuel). The gas tank is on the passenger side which requires me to open the drivers side door; which is only bad if you lock the doors at a gas station.

the vehicle is very light so there are some swaying issues on the highway. It is also a 4-cylinder so the fuel is good. The trunk space is good. Everything is manual.

Allen C

Really is an economy car. Only get one of you can't afford better.

It was cheap so I liked that. However it always has issues. The can and crankshaft sensors failed and the car still jerks when idling after replacement.

Tony W

It has 4 wheel drive and will get through any weather and almost every terrain.

I am a huge fan of Chevies. Always have been.. I have no complaints about this vehicle. It always starts and gets me thru the harshest winter weather..

Kimberly A

My car is pretty reliable.

I like that my car is a compact car. I like that it is very good on gas. I do not like the fact that I do not have power windows or locks.

Destiny O

How reliable it is and the interior.

I like the interior and the cloth seats. I also like that it is pretty reliable and nice looking. I don't like the steering wheel design.

Tyler G

Gets good gas mileage, full tank usually lasts 2 weeks.

Car has a lot of mechanical issues, ac doesn't work, no power windows, muffler is rusting, airbag and tire pressure lights stuck on.

Brandy C

That it is a great starter car. Especially if you are starting a family or just learning to drive.

I love that it is a little hatchback. It gets great mileage. I wish the air conditioner worked and the interior was a little nicer.

Krissy S

Small lightweight and compact fun and easy to drive.

Runs pretty well most of the time. I don't like how the cup holder is so close to the gear shift. Also its really light weight car.

Mercy I

This car gets great mileage

I like the fact that it gets great gas mileage. I also like the color very much. It is also small and fits into parking spaces.

Sue L

great gas mileage very roomy i get the best from this vehicle because i can move large items

I love it because of the great gas mileage i get very roomy and has where i can put down the back seat to transport large items

James L

It runs. It is good on mileage. it is reliable. It is small.

I like the height. I like the fuel economy. I am not thrilled by the shape of the car. I wish I had bought power windows.

Vinton W

it runs,i just wish there was a little more quality these days.

I like the gas mileage i get.there are a few bugs they could have worked out of it.They don't make them like they used to.

call N

That it does not have ac. .

I do not have ac in my car and it does not accelerate fast enough for me. I do like that it is small, but very roomy.

Hayden C

It is extremely comfortable to drive.

I do not like the locks. I like the size. I like the color outside and inside. I hate that my air conditioner broke.

Jennifer C

Its compact and run down.

It's a cheap car. It's getting worn down. It has kinda good gas mileage. Its to small of a car for what I want.

Taylor G

For it's age it still runs really well and is reliable.

The car runs really well for it's age. It's good on gas mileage. It's not the fastest but it gets the job done.

David R

Great gas mileage, runs good even after ten years.

Great gas mileage. Great for driving daily to work. Ten years old but still runs well. Discontinued though.

Cynthia T

Excellent engineering and technology.

Most important its a 2008 and still runs like new. Great millage. Also looks great for being ten years old.

Debbie H

It has no power windows or power locks.

I like the small car. It's easy to park. I do not like the fact it doesn't have power locks and windows.

Lynn S

I have had this car for 10 years and has always been very reliable

I love the car. Because it is very reliable. Has never broken down. Always starts the first time

Dan H

The back window does not roll down. If you roll it down there is a good chance it won't go back up.

I like that it was affordable and I get good gas mileage on it. I hate that it is so tiny.

Amber B

It gets great gas mileage.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage. It is uncomfortable. It is not enjoyable to drive.

Jake A

It's very reliable Get me to one place another Good air condition

Good mileage I wish I got more miles per tank of gas. i wish gas tank Hold more

Seth w

It has great gas mileage. It can go anywhere up to 33 miles highway per gallon.

I like the gas mileage. It is easy and fun to drive. Has ample trunk space.

Sarah C

It sometimes has issues with sensor lights turning on and needs replaced. It's a good size for a small family.

It's drives ok but due to old age it may have issues with driving on hills.

Emilia F

It's has no air conditioning

I like that it is small and gas efficient but I dislike it's just basic

Stephanie C

I don't care what anyone thinks about my car, I think it's awesome

I love my Aveo. It's great on gas. It's small yet it has a lot of space

Chloe B

It's perfect for a small family or individual a bit small for larger family.

Love the size. Like the look of the vehicle. No complaints.

Brittany C

Cheap but good. I'd recommend.

Like size and mileage. Dislike nothing. Very dependable.

Bob R

It's a great car with great mileage. Highly recommend.

No complaints. Works good. Gets from place to place.

Annie H