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The stearing is very touchy, and all curves should be taken with extra caution

It's very reliable. It was very cheap, that was why i bought it, cheap on gas also. You get great gas mileage. It is a stick shift. The gears shift nicely. When I first bought it, I had to break it in, like it wasn't used to getting into fourth gear and the first few times on the highway you could tellout went used to getting any speed, but it handled nicely. It is very small and cramped quarters, so it wouldn't be useful for a family, but for a single person I suppose out would be just fine. It handles sharp curves a little shakily, so it's best to go real slow around curves, but you don't get the tippy feeling as you might think you sound when taking sharp curves. There is no air conditioning so it does get pretty hot in the summer time, especially with the all black interior. The car is so little that yippy feel like a midget compared to all other cars on the road.

- Miranda G

Chevrolet 2009 Aveo review

Since I bought my car in 2009 it has done nothing but eat tires. For whatever reason it wears my tires unevenly and I do get my tires rotated regularly. The tire pressure light has malfunctioned is on all the time. I went from a car that got 16 miles per gallon to this car that I can get 30 miles per gallon. It is nice to only have to fill the car up once a week instead of every couple of days. The door lock is an odd system. The only way to unlock or lock the doors is to push or pull up the lock on the drivers side door. The passenger seat does not have an armrest and makes it hard to have passengers be comfortable in the car for long trips.

- Jessica S

Reliable, affordable, and a great first car.

This is my very first car. I got it in high school and it has lasted me up until this point. It has had a few things that needed to replaced here and there. I have probably spent about $1500 on repairs in the last four years. For the most part, it has been extremely reliable. I have traveled thousands of miles in this car to go to university and come home for breaks. I also have taken my car on a lot of road trips. It gets phenomenal gas mileage and it only takes between $20 and $25 to fill an empty tank up. It is definitely not luxury but it is nice especially right after I finish cleaning it.

- Sarah D

It is actually a model only sells in china I thing.

My car actually is a spark which I bought on 2009. It is my first car, a blue one. I can only afford that back to that days. It is small but I like it very much. I used it almost everyday commuting. It never lets me down. It is also cheap to maintain. It will have some small problems like the noisy when driving, the noisy of the wiper. After changing some of the small parts, it is like a new one though. I really wanted to sell it when the third year I owned it. But I don't want to sell it such a low price. I love it. So I have kept it till now. If I buy new car, I will not sell it.

- Gobby Y

2009 Chevrolet Aveo Review

My 2009 Chevy Aveo is a very reliable car with excellent gas mileage. I can fill up my tank for under thirty dollars. I have the cheaper model without the bells and whistles. The windows are hand crank and there is not power locks. However, the interior is still very elegant and sharp looking. I have not had any major car troubles since my vehicle was purchased in 2009. My one complaint is that it is a very small vehicle and there is not much room in the trunk. There is also no center console, which decreases some of the storage space I had in my Chevy Impala.

- Hannah F

Driving an Aveo is like driving a cardboard box

This car very much reminds me of my previous Kia Rio. I'm not a fan. I have to replace my headlights several times throughout the year, my air conditioning went out two years ago and it is a $300 fix. My paint is chipping and I feel like I'm driving a box. When I first bought the car, I had to take it back to the dealership in the first couple days because the car would accelerate past 15 mph. I have had non stop issues since I got it and would never buy another one. We own an other Chevy that we absolutely love but the Aveo has been quite a disappointment.

- Crystal G

Small is beautiful and carries a big load!

I never thought I could love a small car, but my 2009 Chevy Aveo hatchback is a perfect fit. It is quick and responsive. Good smooth drive. Maneuvers like a dream. Fits any parking space. With the back seat folded down it has cargo space for most things I need to haul around; perfect for a run to the dump or recycling center or supermarket. Also nice to put a weeks worth of gas in for less than $20! Yes, there are days when I miss the huge carrying ability of my old minivan. But lots more days when small is beautiful!

- Chris B

Manual windows are a pain!

The main thing I like about my vehicle is that it is an awesome gas saver. Twenty five dollars and the tank is full. One thing I don't like about the vehicle is that the windows are manual and for a 2009 year vehicle you would expect for them to be power controlled. But on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 7 only because of the windows but other than that the vehicle is great, reliable and saves on gas hands down.

- Rae F

2009 Chevrolet Aveo = a car for the working person!!

My car has been relatively free of problems with the exception of regular maintenance - it gets great gas mileage and is comfortable on trips and has a large truck - it is always reliable and is red which I love!! Even though I bought it used it has performed to my highest expectation and has never let me down - I would recommend this make and model to anyone looking for a good sturdy, dependable car!!

- Sandra S

It gets 40 miles to the gallon on gas mileage!

My vehicle is perfect for someone that is just beginning to drive or for someone that only has 1 or maybe 2 kids (but 2 kids is pushing it). It is a hatchback therefore there is not much room in the trunk or backseat area. As far as gas mileage goes though it gets 40 miles to the gallon so it is fantastic on that. It is a very girly car being that it is a metallic blue and is very small.

- Carlie P

Perfect for a first timer driver!

The gas pedal is touchy, and you feel just about every hole or dip you hit in the road. But the gas mileage is incredible. I use it mainly to get back and forth from work, 20 dollars fills me up and keeps me filled for two weeks at a time. It is a safe car as well, and perfect for someone who is just starting to learn how to drive. It is small and compact so parking is not a difficulty.

- Lacy S

Has been a dependable smaller car.

Back Seat folds down and can remove cover over trunk area. For a smaller car gives a lot of room to haul things. Very few rust spots for year of car. Sits up higher so easy to get in and out of. Have not had any major mechanical issues with proper maintenance. I do not like driving bigger cars so this is perfect as can still haul flowers, dirt, mulch, etc. Plus it is good on gas.

- Diane S

Super reliable cozy and very small vehicle.

I love the car because it is small and super cozy but I also hate that it is so small. My 3 year old is running out of leg room and with another baby on the way I needed to find something bigger. My little car has been a so good though when it comes to not breaking down and getting me to work no matter the weather rain or snow. It's not the fastest car but it sure is super reliable.

- Yasmin D

The little red Aveo. Great car, great gas mileage, fun to drive and awesome price.

Love the size of the car inside and out is very spacey. Car is very basic, but that's ok less can go wrong. I have a 5 speed which makes it fun to drive. Great gas mileage. Nothing about it I don't like. Headlights are very bright, makes driving at night easier. Changing oil by yourself is a little challenging, but once you figure out the correct tools you are good.

- Ann M

It is of low quality, no longer made, don't buy.

I just occasionally drive it is not reliable. Performance wise it is not a speed demon. It is not comfortable for drives of any distance. I did get a nice stereo system with this model. Around 100, 000 miles the transmission went out and that cost me $3300 or so to repair. If I had known was going to cost so much I would have scrapped it and bought a different car.

- Raymond H

Red 2009 Chevy Aveo. Okay car

The engine gave up. My front bumper fell off and my car overheated. After all that was fixed it's a nice car. I wouldn't recommend for families with car seats but it's great on miles and gets you where you need to go and back! Drives smoothly and I'm comfortable driving it. Good for short people I'm five foot and my husband is six foot so it's good for tall people

- Macy S

Compact car, good gas mileage, perfect for teenage girl.

My vehicle is perfect as a new vehicle for a teenage girl. I do not recommend it for a family car as it is much too small. Gas mileage is excellent, it gets 40 miles to the gallon. The door handles in the back on the inside are both broken (they are plastic and broke in my hands). The dashboard clock doesn't work and has never worked. It has issues with skipping.

- Carlie P

Compact car: great first car.

Compact car that has great gas mileage, it does have a small engine but it is a small car so its not that big of deal. The crash ratings are pretty good and the mileage on my car was very low when I bought it. The check engine light does tend to come on a lot due to sensors going bad. So be prepared to change out engine sensors at about 50, 000 miles.

- Meghan V

2009 Chevy Aveo- best car ever.

I love my Aveo! I bought it used and even then I still love it. It is comfortable to drive and can fit anywhere, easy to whip around real quick. It has an AUX input so that is always a plus. The tires are also really cheap to replace which helps me so much financially. Just an all around really great car, it being my first one I am so glad that it is!!

- Kelsey M

Teal 4WD used but like new besides all problems.

The engine light is on. The brakes need to be placed, all breaks, interior needs cleaning and flooring is lifting. Wheels all need to be replaced they are bald, bought the car at an auction and noticed the air intake tube needs to be replaced, there is a leak in the ac whole thing needs to be replaced, and alignment plus oil change needs to be done.

- Abigail D

Do not buy this car under any circumstances.

The car is not very sturdy. I ran into a curb and the entire front end came off. Also the car has had lots of mechanical issues. Thermostats, hosed, struts, transmission, computer, battery, engine just to name a few. There’s not a lot of miles on the car. Also no defrost or air conditioning. I would not recommend this car to anyone.

- Michele G

This car gets good gas mileage so I save money.

It has good gas mileage and I like it because it is small and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, I now have 4 grandchildren and all of us no longer fit at the same time. This Aveo has been very reliable with parts wearing out as is typical. The air conditioner did break down sooner than it should have though and needed repaired.

- Marcia A

Cute and roomy, smooth and comfy.

Current thermostat problems, timing belt needs watched, but other than that it runs smooth and shifts gears nicely, good clutch. Manual locks and windows are kind of a pain but not a deal breaker. Cool features it tells you when to shift, back seat big enough for a car seat, huge trunk space! Overall happy with the car I bought.

- Destiny C

The Chevy Aveo that will interest you

great starter vehicle. Great gas mileage with stereo system and automatic features. Good for everyday usage and even though small it is very stylish! Exhaust system seems to give many problems and the electrical system and be a hassle. If you find a great mechanic you'll be able to get parts and tires for little to nothing!

- Patricia C

Economical and fun with a lot of extras.

Chevy Aveo lt is very reliable. I have yet to have a problem with it. Gas mileage is great. When its not on the highway it gets 29. 8 mpg. This is great with ever rising gas prices. The lt comes with power windows, locks, cruise control, stereo with CD player. I am happy with it it's been an all around good vehicle.

- Jason P

Loud intermittent whistling noise with speeds above 60

I like that it was given to me for free and paid off in full. I like that I have not had any major problems since replacing the engine and brakes. I dislike that there is this awful whistling noise that happens when I drive over 60. It makes me feel like my car is falling apart as it only happens 70% of the time.

- malaysia H

The Aveo is a small car with good gas mileage and a fairly decent ride.

It gets good gas mileage but I have had to repair the air conditioner and replace the alternator. My car has less than 49000 miles. The ride is fairly comfortable for a small car and since it has 4 doors it is easy to get in and out of. The trunk holds a lot but the opening is small so larger items will not fit.

- Marcia A

There is no air conditioning.

Sometimes when I roll the window down it won't go backup. The keyholes are collapsed into the doors so I cannot lock it. The air conditioning is broken. When I roll the windows down it locks the door. It does not have bluetooth, GPS, or review camera. Good things are that it is cute, small, and good on gas.

- LaNiyah M

Mini but Mighty: Best Fun-Sized Value

The aveo is a fuel efficient car and has a decent amount of room for a smaller, compact vehicle. Buying tires is so much cheaper than most cars due to the smaller size. I tend to have a lot of trouble with the wheel bearings, but other than that, not much else gives me issues outside of typical maintenance.

- Mela M

All in all, it has been a very good little car for me that has lasted.

Some people have had issues with the model not holding up well. However, mine has and I think it is due to regular maintenance. I regularly get the oil changed, routine check up performed and new tires. Also, I do not add extra wear and tear on the car. I go to work and shopping and that is it.

- Jessica O

Reliable car tires are cheap.

Door handles break easy. It's too small. Hard to find replacement headlights. It is a reliable car the seats are not comfortable. And it has a/c radio CD player folding seats in the back cup holder in the rear. Has side pockets in the door had glove compartment. Has cup holders in the front.

- Kathleen A

The great thing about Chevy aveo

I haven't really had any problems with my car. It's good on gas and it rides smoothly. Very easy to drive and to maneuver. Love the OnStar I used to have to have and the handiness of the back seats when you need to have extra space is wonderful. It gets about 35 miles per gallon of gas.

- Tara L

It is like a little roller skate.

It is a stick shift, which was fun to learn. It is very small, but to me, the smaller the better. Although it is very light. I have to have cinder blocks in the back so the back does not slide so much. No matter what! It should be dirt, snow, rain, and sometimes nothing an I still slide.

- Cassidy F

fun 2009 aveo gets it and goes. Transmission will last longer being a manual.

Common issues all the way around. Unexplainable temp rises fast. Leaks coolant, through the cap as well as under. The valve cover gasket is made from plastic after 100,000 miles the oil will seep out causing your coil pack and spark plugs to need changed, if not it will misfire sputter

- Ashlyn P

The vehicle does not have power locks or power windows.

There have not been many problems with my vehicle and it has been very reliable for the 5 years I have had it. I do not like that this vehicle does not have power locks or power windows. When at a stop, the vehicle does not pick up speed very quickly when stepping back on the gas pedal.

- Megan C

Unless you enjoy wasting your money on constant and ridiculous repairs, stay far away from this car.

It's ridiculously difficult to work on and things break in/on it constantly. I've had to replace or have almost everything but the engine fixed. It hasn't had AC in five years because it's impossible to figure out what exactly caused it to stop working in the first place. I hate it.

- Torrie M

The Chevy Aveo ls is a light sedan that is a pleasure to drive.

The only problem I have with the Chevy Aveo is the brakes. The car is nice and reliable. The car handles and drives well. The car does not have air conditioning I wish it did. The seats are nice to clean up and the trunk is nice and big. I love the way they designed the spare tire.

- Ben M

2009 Chevy Aveo, low mileage.

It gets me from here to there. It is very slow accelerating when I get on the highway. And it has much effort going up a hill. I got the vehicle with very low mileage and it still has under 50k miles, so there are no major issues. I have had it through 1 winter with minimum issues.

- Jen M

It gets amazing gas mileage

It is a very reliable vehicle, it gets awesome gas mileage, if you should have to buy any parts for it they are pretty cheap and it is easy to work on. Out of all my I vehicles I have to say this is one of my most favorite ones. I do prefer the sedan model over the hatchback model

- Crystal W

Great on gas. Suggest it for long commute!!

My car is great on gas. Radio works well. The only thing the bugs me is that I have to manually lock/unlock my doors and roll my windows down. The intern color is good. The body of the car is somewhat modern. Trunk space is really great! This car is really reliable. Good commuter.

- Denise D

It's cheaply made. Reliable, and reasonable prices in order to fix it, but cheaply made.

It's been reliable for the last few years, but now it's falling apart. The handles are cheap plastic, and the car has had a lot of electrical problems the last few years. Usually it's easy to live with, but it just keeps adding up. I don't think it was made with quality in mind.

- Lindsey W

2009 Chevy Aveo is a great and comfortable car.

It is small but roomy, seats 5. Is easy to handle! Only problem so far was the battery! It is good on gas and very comfortable to be in! Has a nice stereo system, good brakes! It only takes twenty dollars to fill it up and I can drive for miles and miles on a full tank of gas.

- Helen D

It was inexpensive and can keep going for a long time if you do basic maintenance and take care of it. It's a good econo car.

It has been a reliable vehicle for the years I have owned it and it was cheap. I dislike that I'm getting to the point where I have to fix more major things on it and that it has little space in the back seats. It's perfectly serviceable though and that's all I really need.

- jan b

Chevy Aveo the good and the bad.

My car has four doors it's a bright blue, it sometimes runs well, just ha a new battery put in, needs a new alternator soon, the speakers work the auxiliary cord works, one of the vent screen has fallen off but it is still functional, needs a new coolant and heating part.

- Kira R

180,000 miles and still going. goes through tires in spite of regular rotation.

4 door stick shift. ok gas mileage. a little rust starting to show up. has needed thermostat replaced as well as other replacements of engine parts. check engine light has been on for years and check tire pressure receiver no longer gathers pressure info from wheels.

- fred s

Good car for short distances.

The motor of this vehicle is rather weak, leading to slow acceleration, and difficulty on highways. It is very small in size, which effects storage ability and comfort carrying passengers. This vehicle has a 10 gallon gas tank, and the gas mileage is ok but not great.

- Elizabeth B

It is a decent vehicle, I just have to make repairs often

It's a fairly reliable vehicle, I feel as if it's cheaply made though (flimsy plastic door handles, weak wheel bearings that you have to replace more often than most cars). It has a weird electrical problem that won't let me turn off my check oil/engine light.

- Nathan A

Gets really great gas mileage on and off the highway.

The Chevy Aveo gets very good gas mileage. That alone makes it a good car to get from point A to point B. It is also small so it is very easy to park. It is a smooth ride as well. I have had it 8 years and have not had too many issues with it and no accidents.

- Heather S

I love the bright yellow color.

My car gets good mileage and has few repair issues. There has been an ongoing issue with the tire pressure gauge remaining on all the time. It has a manual transmission which makes it easy to drive in the snow. I have been pleased with this car. Good vehicle.

- Eileen E

Chevrolet Aveo isn't the best car. Not fast. Very small.

Small compact car. Has had problems every 6 months. Replace two coal packs within the first year. Not much space. Good on gas. Not really made for tall people. Never been wrecked. But front passenger door gets caught on side frame. Not really a fast car.

- Diamond D

Chevy aveos are reliable until 80,000 miles

There were zero problems until 80,000 miles, timing belt is required to be changed at 60k miles, I had to replace could at 80,000 miles, also the engine needed flushed, the gas tank door broke and I had to fix that as well, this car gets great gas mileage

- Tia H

Cheaply made car that gives the owner lots of headaches.

Lots of repairs needed over the time that I have had the car--7 years. Every time, I turned around, something was breaking or needed repair on this car. Currently, it is on its last legs and I need a new car. Very disappointed in the quality of this car.

- Sara K

This car is great on gas. Good gas mileage that takes you a long way.

I have had my car two months and I like that I can fill it up with $25 and ride off that for half a week. What I don't like is that it has been in the shop twice and came back worse each time. Cute car but want something a little bigger.

- Jane B

The gas mileage is great if you have a commute longer than 15 minutes each way

My car is the updated version of the Aveo and I like the fact that it is really good on gas. The fact that I can go back and forth to work for a week on one fill up is nice. Plus the size of it is perfect for me

- Tiffany C

I often get 35 mpg and only fill the tank once a week.

We bought it new and it has been a very reliable card for 9 years. It gets great gas mileage and is very inexpensive to maintain. I don't really have any complaints. We also like our local Chevy dealership.

- Susan J

they last a long time, without being expensive or a lot of overt care. I have the aveo5 which is the hatchback, and on hot days I just open the hatch for a minute and all the hot air escapes. I will look for another just like it when i need a new car.

My favorite is that when backing up, my back window is the end of my car, easy to park and parallel park. perfect size for me. good gas mileage. bright blue and cute as can be. very reliable.

- sammi f

It is good on gas and handles easily.

Car battery is dead every morning, the cause is unknown for now! It is a good little running car and good on gas! Twenty dollars fills it up! The seats are comfortable and it is roomy inside!

- Helen D

It is a 5 speed and for a 4 cylinder it has power.

I like the gas mileage and the handling. I dislike that the car was never equipped with air conditioning and the windows/door locks are not electric. (I got spoiled driving my sisters car).

- Michele L

Aveo isn't a bad car to own.

It is a no-frills car, but it was affordable, and it gets me where I need to go. A little plasticy on the inside, but it looks good and is clean. There have been no issues with it so far.

- Deb O

It doesn't get the best gas mileage in the world and only holds 10 gallons, so road trips will be more expensive.

It's yellow, which I love because it's easy to find in a parking lot. It's a manual transmission which is fun and makes me feel like a racer. The stereo sounds like garbage unfortunately.

- Lauren L

This vehicle is very efficient and very affordable. Buy one !

Has been very reliable. Good gas mileage. Have not had any major repairs other normal things like oil changes, new tires, flush the radiator. Would recommend this vehicle to anybody.

- Rob H

The car costs was a decent price and was worth it.

I like the size of the car and the gas mileage I get. I would like to have electric windows and locks. I'm sure I could get them, but I didn't pay for it. Trunk is a decent size too.

- Dorene U

Even regular maintenance doesn't ward off expensive repairs.

I like my vehicle, but I've had to put quite a bit of money into it during the last couple of years. It's a decent starter car, but the longevity in the quality just isn't there.

- Megan P

Be aware that this car has been known to have problems with the transmission. I am at 130000 miles and is still running though.

My Aveo gets great gas mileage and is comfortable for driving myself to and from work. I have had transmission issues with this car and there is not much leg room in the backseat.

- Michele A

Its very small. Tall people should not buy this car. It works for a single parent with 2 kids.

It's a great compact car. A little on the small side. Barely fits the stroller in the trunk. Can fit 2 car seats, not a 5th person. Drive is ok. Gas is ok. Overall decent car.

- Kelly S

The Chevrolet Aveo: Performance and Reliability and the key

The Chevrolet Aveo is a compact vehicle that is great for any first time driver. I received it as a high school gift and it has been amazing. Very few serious problems with it.

- Cynteria A

No automatic locks or windows.

Door handles break a lot. Small tiny things go out in the car that cost way too much to fix. It does not have automatic locks or windows for a 2009 cars which can be a hassle.

- Megan S

Perfect for day trips and running errands around town

Great on gas, reliable and gives a good ride. Unfortunately I can't recommend the Aveo if you need to drive in the snow, it's simply too light to have any sort of traction.

- Karen S

It only runs best up until 55,000 miles. I started running into issues ever since.

It is a small car, a great first car for a new driver. I have run into another of problem with the air not working numerous times. Spark plugs and the car not running well.

- Lisa B

If you like a compact car, it is perfect. very good value for your money.

It's a compact car great on gas and very efficient. Lots of trunk and seating room. Quite comfortable for a small car. Has been a great car with very low maintenance.

- Merry H

The Chevy dealer has done a very good job of taking care of Elmo, however he seems to "eat" tires. Very poor mileage on tires.

Elmo is a good little car. He gets pretty good gas mileage and is fairly comfortable to ride in. We have plenty of space in the trunk and back seat for groceries etc.

- Lindy R

It is a small car that is easy to park.

A small car. Very basic. No automatic locks. Pretty reliable for a car that is 10 years old. I put $1500 into within the past 5 months but that is to be expected.

- Marissa G

Has a lot of power and go speed up pretty quickly.

It is good on gas but there's not enough room in it to haul stuff. I like the color which is blue, and oil changes and tires are cheaper for this vehicle.

- Roxanne R

The car seems very reliable and have never had a problem.

I dislike that it is little, its not spacious and the air conditioner is not working as good as I would like. I like that it has good gas mileage.

- Maria A

Save on gas and its size can be fitted in most of the parking lots in cities.

Small car. Save on gas. Great for city ride. Very reliable. Standard & practical car features. May not be suitable for very cold weather.

- Peggy B

Sleek, clean, reliable and safe

It's a 4 cylinder stick shift. I get amazing mpg. I don't like how it keeps breaking down. I've nearly replaced everything but the motor!

- Marissa T

It's wonderful to drive and maneuver. I never worry about not having room when parking or anything else. However, it doesn't feel as safe as a larger car.

Amazing gas mileage, perfect size for my family. Only 2 issues so far, needed a new battery, and a new hose. Easy fixed done on my own.

- Stephanie B

It is good in gas and is reliable.

It works well. It loses power sometimes, very good on gas. The tires are not good and hard to find the size. Tire sensor light stays on.

- Chelsea B

It has tons of room. Itis very dependable and gets me to where I want to go.

I do not like how it is chipped and it is just a very noisy car and is not a very smooth ride. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Skyler F

My car is a good investment

I really like it, the maintenance, the mileage, the style, the maneuverability. I would, however, like a little bit bigger vehicle.

- e P

Gas efficient in city driving. Only have to fill up every two weeks.

Love my car. Small, gas-lovin, had some issues with parts going bad at first. Needed new ball joints and tires right off the bat.

- Elizabeth D

Good gas mileage, but too expensive to maintain on a small income.

Too many curves inside- nowhere to put my cup or food or papers. Too complicated to work on by myself. Parts are too expensive.

- Steve F

It's bigger on the inside than it looks.

I love the gas mileage, the size an basically everything about it. The fact it has get up and go an the color of it.

- Terri T

I like that my vehicle is small and can fit in small spaces. I love the fuel efficiency. I love the power my little car has!

Small but fierce!! Don't let the small size fool you. It's a very good commuting car and it's very comfortable

- Lindsey L

It meets my needs and is reliable. .

I dislike that it is old. There are no electric components. It is too small. I like that it is affordable.

- Jodi G

The most important thing people should know is that it gets great mileage.

I like the mileage of it. I like the size of my Chevrolet Aveo. I dislike that it does not use flex fuel.

- Grace L

It is been very reliable for years.

Easy to drive, manual shift, fun color. Very little maintenance. Great in all kinds of weather. Love it.

- Eileen E

it is an older car and needs handle with care. It has things that go wrong with it a lot

i like the size and the color of the color, i do not like the way it drives and feels too small

- betty m

it is so small, I can't hold a lot of people or belonging in it

it is very small and fits in lots of places. But it does not have much up-to-date technology.

- elizabeth g

It is a smaller car, four doors, broken A/C, not very comfy, and always needs maintenance.

It is not comfy to ride in, and our car's a/c doesn't work. the exhaust is a mess as well.

- Sondra G

The fact it was built for gas mileage, not comfort.

I like the fact it is small and is easy on gas I don't like it not having cruise control.

- Debra F

It's small, and gets good gas mileage. It fits into tight places

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it only has a 4 cylinder engine.

- Sarah C

It is paid for and gets decent gas mileage. I like it

It has been a very sturdy car. It is paid for and has had very little repairs needed.

- Jessica O

It's easy to drive and very comfortable also. I like it.

I just got it and it is really nice to drive. It has a nice radio with an aux cord.

- Sarah E

That It's small, very gas efficient, handles like a charm too

Very small and compact. Very smooth handling with it. It is also very comfortable

- Tre P

It belongs to me. It gets me where I want to go. It is dependable.

It is the right size. It gets me where I want to go. It is dependable.

- Jim S

I purchased it used, so we ended up having to replace several coolant hoses. The air filter container also malfunctioned and would cause the car to kick. Other than this the car has worked well and its size/shape really fits my needs. It's a great driver too. Easy to control but not too sensitive.

It is small and requires some love. But otherwise it'll behave fine

- Andy M

Great mileage. Great looks

I like everything It's great. Great gas mileage. Great looks

- Wil J

Great car. Has good space for its size. Dislike it's age.

Maintain it. It should last quite a while. Good little vehicle.

- James C

Gas mileage is great, better than other cars I have owned in the past

It is a great vehicle good on gas mileage, no complaints

- Lorraine J

I actually really like my car. It is easy to handle, maintenance is fee but when I need something it is inexpensive. I get good gas mileage, plenty of room in the truck and four doors. I have had very little trouble with it.

Good gas mileage, fun to drive and really worry free!

- Amy K

It constantly has issues.... A/c has gone out twice, O2 sensor has gone out twice..... Many hoses, a couple batteries, endless check engine lights.

This car will suck your bank account dry! Money Pit!

- Melissa F

I don't like that the car doors don't lock when I lock the car. My AC doesn't blow out cold air.

the AC doesn't work & my car doors lock on their own.

- Ashley J