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Small but mighty, you get what you pay for and more with the Chevrolet Aveo.

For a small car, the Chevrolet Aveo, is pleasurable to ride and drive. The interior on the LT model is simple yet you are left with feelings more associated with that of a higher-class vehicle. I have driven well over 10,000 miles in my Aveo and had nary an issue except for a minor electrical malfunction which was fairly inexpensive to rectify. I can easily maneuver this car at both high and low speeds, allowing for tight turns at a moderate of speed. The engine is surprisingly quiet on my little Aveo and, so far, problem free. If I had to mention a downside to my Chevy (which pains me), it would be the loss of power when using the air conditioner and the fact that you can feel every bump in the road. El Paso summers are extremely hot and air conditioning is a must. You sacrifice power for bearable temperature; and that is fine by this reviewer. Potential buyers should be warned that this ride is a bumpy one. The Aveo takes it well, but it is shocking how you can feel every nook and cranny underfoot. I would surely recommend the Chevrolet Aveo to any twenty-something college student or first time driver as it durable and dependable and requires little maintenance other than the usual oil change and such.

- Reagan R

Affordable and efficient, but lacking modern niceties.

Many issues with overheating and belts. Reliable, so long as you take it in for regular maintenance. Comfortable front seats, back seats are very squished (it is a compact car). Lack of power locks is a hassle - to lock/unlock a door, you need to physically lean over and pull or push the lock stick. Manual windows mean window is less likely to break, but it is a hassle to open or close while driving, especially if you are the only one in the car, but want multiple windows open. Fluids are easy to check, and light bulbs are all easy to replace with basic tools.

- Sara S

My car is junk not worth buying.

It is a 2010 Chevy aveo. I got it off the lot as is. No warranty. It had 32000 miles on it. I got it in July 2018. It has fallen apart. Radio broke. This silver piece on the hood fell off i've replaced the brakes.Rotors. Wheel bearings.Battery.Windshield wipers.The air went out I fixed that. The coil packets were bad replaced them. The back window broke. The speakers were dry rotted and blown. And replaced 2 set of tires.

- Lori M

Economical and reliable (less 1 hiccup).

The 2010 Chevy Aveo has been very reliable, except for 1 issue we had. The first year after getting it the power would cut out randomly for no reason. Mechanics could not diagnose the problem. This happened 2-3 times, but soon corrected itself and never happened again. It has been rock solid ever since. The gas mileage is great and it's cheap to upkeep. It is a tad too small though for interior and storage room.

- Joshua T

Smooth riding Chevy aveo very nice and comfortable to ride in.

I really like my 2010 Chevy aveo. Although it is small, it is the right fit for me. It is all white with 4 doors and it rides very smoothly. I really do not have any problems out of my car. It is pretty good on gas and I just recently bought new tires. The speed is great it does not drive too fast but it can pick up speed. The performance is great and it is very comfortable.

- Karen J

The most adorable little Chevy Aveo.

I love my little car. It is got character and it is extremely easy to drive. I am not a huge fan of it just being white simply because I prefer something that stands out more. And the ac quit working on me which is not the best down here in n. C. In the summer. But my car feels like a second skin with how easy it is to drive. I plan on keeping it around for quite a while.

- Chelsea T

Manual Transmission Chevy Aveo

This car is a manual and it runs well. It is a great size for a small car being roomy on the inside still. It also maneuvers very well. The car has cost me a lot in repairs but that is because the previous owner let it sit for most of the time they had it. Do not let this car sit for long periods of time without being driven. Overall a good car.

- Laura S

Overall a very reliable car for in city driving!

Overall I have had very few problems with my 2010 Chevy Aveo, I have owned it for over 2 years with roughly 115,000 miles on it and haven't had to do any major repairs. It sometimes has trouble transitioning to a higher gear (anything over 40 mph) but as I do very little highway driving it's hard to say whether it is a real problem

- Emily W

It is compact, the perfect color and great to drive.

I love the size. Small and fits in almost any parking space. I like that it is a standard shift. Makes for easier driving in the snow. The hatchback makes it easier for packing in groceries or luggage for traveling. The only downfall is the windows are manual and not automatic. Perfect car for me or someone with a small family.

- Angela B

The Chevy compact car that saves gas. It has the greatest EPA.

I like the car and it is good on gas. It is not easy to do things in. But it is one of the best cars for gas mileage that gets you where you need to get to without wasting a lot of gas and you are always saving to get you to your location. It is not comfortable, but it is a reliable car and the features are easier to control.

- Chris A

The Chevy Aveo is the perfect car for anyone.

My Chevy Aveo has no problems. It's great on gas, has all the features you could possibly need and is affordable which is a very important factor. I've had it for many years and am so glad that I decided to purchase it. The gas mileage is 33 miles per gallon and that's really a bonus for anybody looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Hannah C

Its small but faster than expected.

Headlights and tail lights go out often, it could be because of the fuses but it's very expensive to get it checked out. Other than that it's a pretty solid car I guess, I really like how sleek it is but that's just my personal taste. It could be a little bit more comfortable but it was a cheap car so.

- Cam R

Best bang for your bucks.

The aveo is very spacious inside, the rear seats follow making it easy to haul even some big items. Biggest downfall is that it does not have much get up and go for acceleration. If it was not so sluggish I would probably like it more. Overall it is a reliable car and great on gas mileage.

- Miranda B

Black widow is a fun car to drive, handles hills well & snow well.

I have had to many radiator issues, suspension work many times, ac does not work but the Chevrolet aveo is a comfortable ride, I get great gas mileage, is difficult to find some parts for the Chevrolet aveo, I like having a hatchback for hauling materials, groceries, my dogs and cats.

- Karen H

Need bigger car for my kids and my boyfriend kids.

In 2016 I had to get new motor and new tires last year new brakes now a battery just had bad luck with this car. Now I need a big car I have 14 years old daughter and 13 years old son need big car to drive friends around plus I am dating he had 2 daughters so need A bigger family car.

- Beverly Renee W

An interesting detail is the windows are manual which is rare for a car of 2010.

My car runs great however the windows and locks are automatic. However with the locks being automatic mean I lock my keys in the car all the time. Other than that I love the car and it runs very well. The car itself is very roomy with plenty of seating and comfortable cloth seats.

- Trinity L

Automatic transmission four door hatchback.

It is a nice car. Not the best gas mileage. Automatic transmission four door hatchback four cylinders a little bit of rust over one hundred thousand miles now major repairs in the last two years small car easy to park has one tire that has a slow leak that cannot be found to fix.

- Robert C

It does It's job, and it was super cheap.

I don't need much out of a car, so this one is fine by me. It's not the prettiest car, but it has automatic windows and an auxiliary cable for my phone. I bought it used so it's needed a lot of repairs, which I don't love, but it was very affordable so I can't complain too much.

- Melanie Z

Junk... avoid...only gave some stars because its my 1st car I purchased.

I hate this car! Everything you can think of going wrong has gone wrong! After 120k the engine is a throw away! Doesn't handle well in the winter or wind... takes forever to get up and go from stopping. Just buy yourself a better car! It's definitely not worth any money at all!

- Dee A

The Chevy aveo is great on gas. Good to ride on freeway and in town.

I've had my Chevy aveo for almost five years. It's good on gas. I haven't had any problems with it really except the timing belt and a recall on the spark plugs. It's a car to drive in town or on the freeway. Tires don't cost very much for the car. It's a good car to have.

- Vee S

Never purchase an "economical car" the first year it is manufactured!

I originally thought it was great that it was such an affordable car and good on gas. Now, since they made so few of them, everything that I need to replace on it costs almost double what it would cost for other cars. It has given me nothing but trouble since I bought it.

- Darrell Y

Very economic to run automobile.

Easy to handle. It is easy on gas. Goes well in the snow and rain. Very roomy inside especially for back seated passengers with long legs. Parts to replace are about average cost compared to. The cost of other cars. Minimum repairs needed if regular maintenance is done.

- Kimberly L

My tiny Chevy Aveo perfect for my big life.

Usual standard maintenance. Some major fixes in 6 years of ownership. Great gas mileage. Perfect for small families. Decent size trunk space. Replacement tires are cheap. Some engine parts are plastic and easily broken. Replacement parts are relatively inexpensive.

- Rebecca D

Reliable and very manageable.

Very reliable vehicle. Very affordable. Easy to manage buy parts. Smaller vehicle so does not take much to gas up. Been having problems with the struts brakes often. Had problems with transmission. Very quiet and manageable. Could use easier way to find fuse boxes.

- Tammy G

small but reliable. Keep it maintained & it�ll last a very long time

very small, reliable car. Very good gas mileage! doesn't really have any extravagant features to it just a very clean, simple vehicle. Gets me where I need to be. Each tire is only 40-50$ which is good. I love this car but just wish it was a little bigger.

- Laura K

It is small and very good with storage.

It is reliable and compact good on gas. Nice to drive and people ask about it all the time. They like that the car is small. I drive it to the beach in the summer and wherever I go I can always find a parking spot because it is such a small compact car.

- Pam C

GREAT gas mileage. It is 8 years old and I still get 32.8 MPG city driving

This little car gets great gas mileage. I have found oil changes and basic repair seem to be a bit high. I have had trouble with the manual transmission. Clutch cable broke, shift pin came loose, and I had a leak.

- Kelly R

When you go to a car dealership all ways test drive the vehicle and look under the hood of the car to see if everything looks good.

Ever since I got the car its been in and out of the shop getting it fixed nonstop. An when I called the company to talk to them about trading out the car. they told me that I can not do that because of my credit.

- Jessica G

It's a lot of fun to drive and i've really not had many issues with it..

i LIKE THE FACT IT'S COMPACT AND PRETTY GOOD WITH GAS MILEAGE///iT LOOKS SPORTY AND TRENDY...The only complaint is the back seat is kind of small for my oldest son who's quite tall otherwise I love it,,

- Julie T

The 2010 Aveo is a decent car for local driving; lengthy commutes and vacations leads to expensive maintenance.

The 2010 Aveo is just barely spacious enough, but it has required a lot of costly maintenance. I prefer a smoother ride and an air conditioner which doesn't need replacement every 3 years.

- Yvonne W

Good gas mileage, needs repairs often.

It has been an okay vehicle. Great gas mileage. The biggest problem we have had is with needing a lot of repairs. It seems something is breaking every few months.

- Mandy K

Too small for a family of three.i would recommend a bigger car in case you have kids

Too small and needs a lot of repairs. The gas consumption is ok, but I would prefer a bigger cars since I don't feel comfortable driving it with my kid inside.

- Maria V

It is very dependable,gets good gas mileage,possibly my last car

The first and most important thing is it is mine. Then of course it is fully paid for. It is still like new ,as it only gets 2000 miles per. year on it.

- Thomas F J

It has a lot of mechanical issues, which is very frustrating.

It's a nice little car look wise. Mechanically it has been a money pit for me. Always something wrong with it. Would never buy one again.

- Melony B

it has served its purpose well and i look forward to the next one

i like that it is compact,fuel conservative,and is paid for..but it is time for a change....i don't like that its best days are behind it

- bob c

I like the way it drives smoothly.

Currently my car needs maintenance and it will need new parts such as a new radiator, thermostat, tires, battery, and radiator hoses.

- Brian D

very good and car of quality

innovative car for the whole family is also comfortable and with accessible parts in the dealers. is spoiled because it is necessary

- Rayford k

My car is very economical, it saves gas and it is wide inside.

I love my car, it is small on the outside and very comfortable inside. We have taken in many things and lived great adventures.

- andrea b

Cute and fuel efficient 4 door coupe

I'm satisfied with it. Comfortable and good on gas. But wish it had more perks. Such as cruise control and power locks etc

- Inga S

Has great gas mileage, low cost car

I love the gas mileage it has and have not had any major problems with it. The only problem is the low tire light stays on

- Jen H

Chevrolet Aveo eats tires

The Aveo is a car that goes through tires a lot. Every couple of months you have to replace the tires on this vehicle.

- Tina S

I get great gas mileage with my car.

I love the look of it, and that I can plug in and aux cord for my music. I do not like that it breaks down sometimes.

- Courtney M

It's a Chevy. I only buy Chevy cars. Anything else is junk.

I like Chevy small cars. You can turn them around in a small space. I have lots of head room. I get good gas mileage.

- Terry J

Not a lot of bells and whistles, but really gets you from one point to another.

For a small car, it has tons of power. Great gas mileage. Trunk has plenty of room. Lots of legroom in the front.

- Donna N

Is just for few miles you can not run on it.

Is not for run. You can not go fast because is not strong car. Is small and comfortable but not for running.

- Ana A

because a interesting brand

it's a brutal car because its a comfortable, speedy, modern, fast, beautiful and expensive brand with eco

- Rebecca s

Which offers the best driving experience and interior design

Its is compact model that stands out for its very economical purchase price and also for its ability

- dylan j

The most important thing I want people to know is that it's very expensive

I like It's handling I like your performance I like It's sound I do not like your consumption

- gerald s

That is a pretty color and that I think reliability is positive.

I like our car it is reliable. Our car is completely manual which isn't always favorable.

- Becka F

It doesn't always like to go fast and sometime it takes a while to accelerate

It's getting up there in miles but it does work to get me to where i need to go

- Amanda W

Good starter car for anyone.

I like that it has good gas mileage. I don't like that it is a smaller car.

- Trica H

The breaks aren't good, (the chevy aveo is known for this)

It breaks down constantly, the brakes are needed to be replaced yearly

- Breanna G

Nice color and compact with a lot of room inside, good gas mileage.

Low Mileage, good gas mileage, love the color which is yellow.

- Diania K

The Chevy Aveo gets good gas mileage but it is only a 4 cylinder motor in it. Has a small gas tank, slow to get up to speed. With all the problems it has it is still reliable.

The most important thing is that it gets good gas mileage.


The versatile, comfortable and comfortable to drive.

Safe, modern, comfortable, low gasoline consumption

- Humberto G

I would tell others about Gas mileage

I have no complaints. It gets me from point a to b.

- Mc J