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It runs. For the make and model the mileage is somewhat reasonable.

It's sort of a tin can right now. The left door is dented in so it leaks while its raining all the time and there's no auxiliary input so listening to the music I want to listen to is absolutely impossible. It only gets eighteen miles to the gallon and I am pretty sure that's on the highway. God knows how much it gets while I am in town. It does need cleaned and that would make it look a little better at least but still yet you can scrub it as hard as you want but the dent is still going to be in the door. It would be fun to go mudding in but the four-wheeled drive works in it only when it decides to and that's after two or three times after trying to get it to work. The inside of it is trashed and there is a smell in there that's almost impossible to get out. This is not my doing though. This vehicle was like this whenever I got it. Regardless though I am not going to sell it. Its my parents and for some reason they love it to pieces. I would help them out and do the body work myself but I don't want to put five thousand dollars into a three thousand dollar car.

- Travis H

That the gas mileage is not the best.

I love blazer for one because of how cost efficient it was and all of the options it has. It is nice but not too nice for dogs and using for work purposes. I love that I can lay down either one small back seat, the whole back seat, or the larger section of the backseat that includes the middle and driver side back seat. I like the power windows and locks and that it isn't too pricey to work on. I love the options for the rear hatchback where you can open just the back window or the whole door and I love the moon roof. I do not like the gas mileage,

- kelley C

Feels like driving a luxury car, but has the functionality of a pickup truck for hauling and moving

Been very reliable. The 4 wheel drive is very easy to use, push a button to go into and out of it. The driver seat and passenger seat are heated, you can choose high or low. Electric seat adjustments on drivers seat make long drives very comfortable. The back seat folds down for hauling things, which I like. I like having the ability to move things like a truck, but still have the extra seating capacity of a car. Other than oil changes I have only had to buy a new battery and replace the fuel pump. Runs and drives great!

- Teresa B

If you ever buy a vehicle make sure your title is put together right.

Blazers are the worst I have been nothing but car problems every week something new brakes but that also could be the people I bought it from so using screws these tape to fix everything and I had no idea the gas pedals falling off the windshield wipers have stopped working one shock broke loose the four-wheel-drive has stopped working multiple times I have had to fix everything the starter went out the alternator went out they said it was a rebuild engine on the plugs wires were changed but now it runs good.

- Eric S

Love it and want to keep it. And wire problems are a normal thing for blazes.

We have enjoyed our blazer. Its roomy and leather seats with a sunroof. It doesn't use a lot of gas as long as you keep the oil changed and the spark plug. And wires. And maintenance. We have also had a few wire problems. The. Gas hand quit for a while. And the heater coil has gone out. And you have to take the entire dash out and all its components to get to heater coil to. Change it. But it is a wonderful vehicle. And we plan on keeping it for a very long time.

- Angela F

Great for hauling, work, and entertaining

The Chevy blazer is a great multi purpose vehicle. It has plenty of storage space and options. I like how I can let the whole back seat down or either only let down the short backseat and still have panto of room for a passenger to ride comfortably while hauling things or you can let down the wider section of the backseat and haul longer slender items. This vehicle is not too fancy for work but cleans up well for entertaining guest.

- Kelley M

A dependable SUV with plenty of space.

For a car that is almost two decades old, the Chevrolet blazer has been a reliable and useful vehicle. The large trunk space has come in handy many times. It does not get the best gas mileage and it handles poorly in the snow because of it is rear wheel drive, but it is generally inexpensive to have serviced. The interior is comfortable and the back seat has plenty of room. My model has no CD player or AUX port.

- Carson F

Just keep up with all oil and filter changes and you shouldn't have problems.

I love my car. Not only bc its a Chevy but also bc its the 4. 3 Chevy motor. I have had my car for 6yrs and kept up on oil changes and not once has a check motor light come on. If I could change anything I would change the doors on it. They are heavy and tend to slack and you find yourself changing the pins and bushing more often than you would like. Other than that this is a wonderful car to have.

- Brittany C

Chevrolet blazer honest review.

Really love the blazers reliability and how it is four wheel drive. Great for winter and shopping due to its large amount of space in the back. On top of that it has a nice sunroof on this model and is nice for the summer. The air conditioning works great and so does the heat. My only complaint is because it is a SUV it does not get great gas mileage but that is something I am willing to live with.

- Leo B

It has issues with the doors.

My vehicle gets me from point A to B. Over all it has had a lot of issues. The pins in the drivers side door always break due to the door being made to heavy. Common issue among these vehicles and the latch breaking. I have replaced pins multiple times and it's to the point that the door wont shut and I am holding it closed with a ratchet strap. Would not recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Jennifer W

The perfect car for the band mom & football mom.

I love my blazer, I really do!! It has plenty of room for myself & three teens, my shortest is 5'5. My only complaints are that my exhaust fan rattles really bad & the blazer itself has started cutting back when I am going down the highway. In its defense it is 18 years old & those are my only problems. . . All in all it has been a wonderfully dependable & comfortable SUV for my family.

- Kala P

Old-school classy loved token care of.

Slow easy going car that needs a lot of work and time put in it. Has been owned for a long time given tender loving care too. This truck is great but the break and the doors are sadly a little rusty and weird. Hopefully someone would love this truck as much as me even though the heat hardly works and the driver side window doesn't go down. isn't it amazing ha-ha.

- Sharon S

It is a great off-roading car.

Considering it is an older car. . . Problems: the suspension is expensive to repair. The compressor broke down twice. Performance: smooth ride, nice transition between gears. Reliability: rebuilt the engine and it stays performing well. Comfort: wide cotton seats, seat warmers, fits up to 5 people. Features: small & simple radio, USB "aux" cord.

- Serena D

I can't love it but I can't hate it.

It's an okay car but I am short and the gas pedal is really far in and it's hard for me to reach. The speakers are horrible but the seats are comfortable. The stereo is okay but can be better. Its a 4 wheel drive but I have not driven it in that way. And the gas gauge isn't accurate so it's hard for me to know how much gas it has.

- Sandra M

Cheap parts if needed and great on gas.

It drives smooth. Easy to work on. The parts are not too hard to find or expensive. I have had my truck for 6 months now and I am the 2nd owner, and the first owner drove it 3 hrs. back and forth to work and it has almost 400 thousand miles on it, and only necessary work oil plugs and wires and new battery, nothing major.

- Tiffany D

Clean good interior runs good.

My vehicle is a 2000 Chevrolet blazer lt that runs good has 98000 miles the body has minor damage and the brakes need to be changed fairly soon all in all it is a great reliable vehicle that is safe and stylish at the same time. The interior is in great shape with tan seating power locks power windows.

- Shawn S

Best vehicle I have ever bought.

My Chevy blazer is one of the best vehicles I have purchased. As every vehicle has problems now and then, so does this one. I have had my blazer for 5 years now and only had the little things go wrong. All in all I love my vehicle and wouldn't trade it for the world. So look into getting a blazer!

- Amanda S

It is a nice car until you have it for a couple years.

The first couple years of having it is good but it can be a gas hog. Now that we have had it a while it's kind of run down and the brakes are not good on it. The air conditioning does not work well anymore. Luckily the heat is okay and their is heating in the seats which is good for the winter.

- Rai A

Still runs great! I want more like it.

It is just a beater with a heater. But it runs great. Smooth riding. I bought this as a backup vehicle. I have put a little money into her, but I do the work myself. No regrets. If I could find another one like her, I would buy it too. I love the s-series vehicles and would love to own more.

- Kevin L

My 2000 Chevy blazer is ok!

I have really not have had any problems from my 2000 Chevy blazer. The engine and transmission are great. It is very comfortable. The only real problems I have had is the front end needs about $1000 in repairs about once a year. It takes a rare tire size that can be hard to find sometimes.

- Donna H

It has lasted me 18 yrs with maintaining the maintenance on it.

It is a very good long lasting vehicle. It has its wear and tear and a few cosmetic things that could be fixed. It is good on gas mileage and roomy for a family of 4. Lots of space in back for luggage. It is only two doors so having a car seat or baby would be difficult getting in and out.

- Kelly G

2000 Chevy blazer review. Great first vehicle!

I love it. It is a bit hard on gas that is my only complaint. The issues with it have been the radiator cracked, the exhaust system has been replaced, and the seal for the coolant. It leaked really bad so it had to be done. It burns a bit of oil but it is 18 years old so no complaints.

- Jonathan C

Bright red paint! Safer on the highway!

I love the dependability of my car and all the extra features like automatic lights etc. I really like its bright red paint as most all the vehicles on the road now are silver or beige or some other color you cant see good on the highway which I think greatly contributes to accidents.

- Donna H

Chevrolet is the best, most reliable vehicle!

Most reliable car ever. I have had minimal issues that were mechanical. Have had regular services and check ups. Very comfortable. Only real problems were caused by an accident. I would love a new version. Chevrolet is my favorite vehicle brand. Had mileage is not great now a days.

- William B

Great reliable car four wheels drive.

Comfortable car with many amenities for a car in this price range. Reliable and easy to maintain. Parts are easily available. My vehicle has over 215000 miles and does not burn oil and runs smooth. Four wheel drive is a great feature. Fold down seats allow for carrying many items.

- Lynn K

4x4 Chevy blazer 4 door red.

I helped replace all circuits, brakes rotors, head and gaskets. I enjoy my blazer except it has a problem and doesn't want to start it is usually takes about 5 times before it'll start. It isn't very good on gas either because the owner before me took one of the o2 sensors out.

- Trent L

The size and the capacity.

It is safe to drive during winter and it is best for dirt road driving. It consumes too much gasoline but it does not needs much maintenance. We're using it if we need to haul heavy stuffs that does not fits in the other car that we have. It is convenient gravel road driving.

- A H

I love the seats and the access of the steering wheel.

It is a good car, but it has a lot of miles on it. We leased it that way, but it is a great car and it gets you from point A to point B. I cannot complain. It has plenty of room and it is very comfy. 4. 5 out of 5 for me. Gas has been the biggest issue, but I have seen worse.

- Taylor W

Loving my blazer. Has never let me down.

I enjoy my blazer, except the gas mileage sucks and rust likes to pop through above fender wells, overall I am happy. The radio and interior have held up well though the controls for windows can be touchy. There have been no issues with the drivetrain and she always starts.

- Grady L

Left to me by my father because I loved it. . Never want another vehicle.

Fuel delivery issues, otherwise love it, good mileage, easy to handle, great in winter. Comfortable to drive in town on interstates. . Been to Vegas and back twice. . . And on dirt roads to my country friends home. Moon roof is useful in summer and when sweetie is smoking.

- Sue A

Great SUV.4 wheel drive..Second one I have owned..Doesn't rust..Runs wonderful.

I have had know problems with this vehicle...This is the second one I have owned and I would definitely get a third..I can hook up a trailer to the hitch and you don't even know it's being pulled..The 4 wheel drive works amazing..Even took it mudding and never got stuck.

- Lillian K

It is a decent car. It is nice to learn how to drive on.

It is a nice starter car. I have low mileage on it and my check engine light comes on frequently. It is really roomy and comfy though. My back window leak too. But other than that it is a great car but it does not like the cold. Has a hard time starting when it is cold.

- Sammi B

Runs good and tires do last awhile nice ride.

Oil leaks and the hatch likes to break. Run good with 4WD and it handles well. Breaks go fast. Tires last a while it is comfy needs a bigger back seat it would be perfect nice everyday ride a weak stereo system isn't nice at all. Will get you three mud all day everyday.

- Cody L

Very trustworthy truck and nice looking.

My blazer is a 4 wheel drive and a very great truck. I have had it for 5 years now and it never has let me down cranks right up every time. The only thing I would like it to be larger. I have put a starter and a battery on it and that is the only problem I have had.

- Sean H

It is an older vehicle on the road but despite the small issues love it.

Clicks into 4 wheel drive when not needed most reliable that we own higher mileage oil and antifreeze needed on regular basis plenty of room for our 3 family members now and our 3 dogs passenger seat front bounces a little too much but driver side still pretty sturdy.

- Angie J

I think it is interesting that it has a cassette deck.

I like the heated seats and the interior I also like the shape of the car it does have a few issues that can not be fixed, but overall it is a good car for the winter snow there is enough room in trunk for all our stuff to be placed there the radio is a good feature.

- Jennifer L

My vehicle is blue and my baby drives it takes everything in my power.

This is a great truck, I love the way when you ride you can hear the horse power. I think this is a great truck for them off the road and campers. The tires are great for riding off-road. Everything about Chevy is great I would not change a thing. They keep me going.

- Jasmine J

The old Chevy: it maybe old but, it still gets to point b from a.

It is older, needs new tires. It has rust spots around the wheel casings. It is very comfortable with clean leather seats. The radio and CD player works fine. Heating and air work great, since I got that fixed. There are new brakes. The sunroof leaks in one spot.

- Cindy H

It's a good cheap car. Parts are relatively cheap and it's not that hard to work on.

I like that it just goes. It gets semi good fuel mileage. It passes small without fail. It has been very reliable and has only broke down a couple of times. The ride quality could be a little better but what more could you ask for from a 18 year old vehicle.

- Jonah B

My Saturn will she is the best car, she gets me to everywhere I need to go.

I love that it is a 4 door all leather and it is got all the bells and whistles. She runs great with her 3.7 liter engine and she also had excellent performance and gas efficiency. I must say the leather seats are awesome too have because I have grandchildren.

- Melissa L

Blazer is reliable if you take care of it.

Gas gage is worn out and not accurate, runs well, still has power. 4 Wheel drive works great on star compatible. Heated seats. Cassette player. Lots of storage and seating room. Air conditioner and heat work great. Has drove on dirt road a lot but still good.

- Jake M

Under the snow! My blazer is a 4 wheel drive with a automatic. Transmission.

My blazer is a very good ar. Last winter I spun off the road hit a large snow bank and got buried under 3 feet of snow. It took me the better part of the day to get back on the road. I was able to push through the snow but only if my car was the blazer I own.

- Lucinda L

Its white and has tinted windows.

Its leaking oil and power steering fluid needs door panels but it runs great otherwise has 205, 000 miles its an automatic and it has a sunroof and loud speakers and ac and heat work. Not for sale unless I get blue book value of at least 3500 dollars.

- Jon W

4 wheel drive and hatchback are awesome...love it!! :)

It's pretty reliable so far and the 4 wheel drive...AMAZING!! :) Love the hatch back n how you can just push a button to open just the window part of the hatchback without having to open up the whole hatchback... that comes in handy a lot!! :)

- Amanda A

I have had it for 15 years.

I bought it in 2003, so I have used it a lot. It no longer likes going up mountains, so I rent a car when I travel away from home. I now use the Blazer for commuting and drives within 100 miles from home. It has been a good vehicle overall.

- Tom C

It is pretty dependable and will go good when 4x4 is needed.

As of now the power steering pump is out. So extremely hard to turn at times. The gas mileage is not the greatest and I have had several of these vehicles and had problems with the heater switches but all in all it is pretty dependable.

- Delores B

Its safe and great gas mileage.

I like my chevrolet blazer because you can charge stuff like your phone while the vehicle is off. I like that it is roomy and a dependable truck. I just like it because it is in 1996 and I am having to do a lot of replacing and fixing.

- Lisa G

Tons of mechanical suspension and electrical issues.

Dislikes-tons of electrical issues. So many problems with vortec engine, windows, driver side power locks control module issues back hatch n sunroof quit working. Likes: 4 wheel drive spacious. Was fully loaded till electrical issues.

- Natasha S

Dependable and economical and fun to drive.

I like the reliability and comfort of my Chevy. I like the 4x4. I do not like how much gas my blazer takes. Overall I love it but I wouldn't choose something that costs so much for tires, upkeep and gas now that it is just me.

- Cassie W

Chevy blazer stands the test of time!

My 2000 4WD Chevy blazer is awesome! This vehicle runs strong even at over 200, 000 miles on it! The only problem that is common with this vehicle is the door hinges which is easily prevented and/or repaired.

- Melissa T

It is easy to find parts for the Chevy blazer. It's a good running vehicle and can be used for various applications.

It's an older vehicle, I like the type of vehicle it is, but needs lots of work. I like working on cars so I am slowly restoring many parts of it. Mostly complaints of rust. Engine is good and runs good.

- Andre T

The 4 WHEEL DRIVE Chevy blazer!

I just bought my blazer a few months ago from a private seller. He was an older man so it was maintained pretty good. Only a couple minor things wrong but its fine because this car is really easy to fix

- Tyler T

The brakes can be sensitive and the windshield sprayer doesn't work.

The things I like about my blazer is that, is has room for me and my family. There is plenty of room for groceries and strollers. I do not like the gas mileage. Now do i like how it has cold a.c.

- Abby B

That yes my blazer is 18 yrs old it's one of the most reliable vehicles I've ever had and no you cannot drive it.

I've had my blazer for about a year now and I love it. Tons of power, rides great and looks good. Strong 4 wheel drive. Only problem I've had is a window that wouldn't roll down. I fixed it.

- Jason O

Everything basically run on this car. Chevrolet blazer is a good truck to buy.

It is a great car. Yes it 18 years old. I been had it for six years. It is still running very well. No denying, no scary. Motor still run good. I think about if it was a new car.

- Carolyn T

My car is a tank. Its 18 years old and still kicking!

My 200p Chevy trailblazer is awesome, the space inside of the vehicle is fantastic, allowing me to move furniture, shuttle friend's, or just drive around in luxurious legroom.

- Kearnan H

Most important fact about my car is dependability.

I like my Chevrolet blazer, because it is my personal transportation, it beat committing on public transportation.I dislike the older model,not stylish enough to my liking.

- betty M

Take care of it. Check fluids, do not drive aggressively. It'll last a long time.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b and that it has 4 wheel drive. However I hate that it is rusty and old. It breaks down often and has many mechanical issues.

- Ashley L

It's not the best on gas mileage lol.

I love my s-10 blazer. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. My daughter gave it to me after 5 yrs of not having a car and living 25 miles from the nearest town.

- sunshine s

It's got well over 250,000 miles and is still running like a champ

I like that although it's only two rows I can still fit my three children who are all in car seats in the second row. I also like the space I have in the back hatch.

- Lacey C

It is reliable and comfortable, even though gas mileage could be better

It is comfortable and carries a lot of stuff, the next best thing to buying a truck. Does take a fair amount of gas to run but overall no major mechanical problems

- lynn b

Older vehicle gets the job done

Very reliable. It is 18 years old and runs great. It has had problems in the past but minor. I would say some maintenance is expected when your vehicle is that old

- Jamie D

It is a 4 wheel drive I can depend on.

It runs great it has 4 wheel drive has a car alarm it's easy to handle on rough roads takes me where I need to go. It is good on gas and does not use a lot of oil.

- Amelia G

Runs great. Old but reliable.

Runs real good the passenger side is damaged due to accident. I plan on getting it fixed as soon as I can come up with the extra money. Otherwise I love this SUV.

- Lisa B

It shakes horribly and often seems to have problems. Would only recommend buying car if it is cheap.

I like blazers because they are fairly cheap to buy. However, they shake badly when traveling at high speeds. They don't seem to be put together very well.

- John D

It is been through hell and back and it is still kicking.

It is not a bad car at all. For a year 2000 you really get what year your getting. If I could change anything thing it would just be update on year model.

- Christina H

Its dependable and gets me where I need to go.

Gas gauge does not work right but the seats are comfortable and the heating and ac work very well and there is plenty of storage in the back compartment.

- Karen N

It is a really spacious car and the seats in the back go down.

The door latch is broken so I have to keep the door tied shut. I couldn't get it fixed at a regular mechanic because I guess it is a welding problem.

- Unique J

This car is great for being roomy and is large enough to make sure I'm safe.

My Chevy is made for being durable and it has plenty of room for me to haul things and put groceries in the trunk or go on vacation and store items.

- Amanda O

It's in good condition. It drives from a to b .

Needs alignment done and steering done needs oils and fluids change . more comfortable seats . drives from a to be . needs to be checked out though.

- Kiki H

Perfect midsize suv with decent MPG

four door vehicle with room for 5 passengers. Black leather interior, and heated front seats. A reliable car never had any major problems with it.

- Jarryn B

really cheap car really reliable and really not so bad gas mileage good car if broke

big old car she's not a looker but she's reliable and pretty smooth little pocket jeep for the whole family cheap parts too all in all good car


Very versatile vehicle with good looks and comfortable.

I like the versatility of being able to haul larger things and they are protected from weather. It can carry 5 adults. Can handle all weather.

- Sylvia S

Transmission issues and tire issues.

I love everything about my vehicle even though it is older its reliable. I just wish it would do better on gas but it's worth it feeling safe.

- Megan C

That it has good tires and that it is safe.

I like passenger room. I like 4 wheel drive. I like the way it drives. I dislike no air-conditioning. I do not have any complaints.

- Martha P

It is big enough to haul my family and for me to feel safe in.

I have not had a lot of problems other than regular maintenance. It performs ok and is reliable, but it does use a lot of gas.

- Lynn W

The vehicle is magnificent aside from a few small issues that arise over time.

Cracked oil pan. Eats oil. Power steering issues. Other than that, she runs fine. 4 wheel drive is great for the winter time.

- Nick T

Its cool I like my rims it looks cool when I go out to places.

It's good on gas gets me where I need to go I do not like the color it's an overall good truck but I wish I had a diff color.

- Raymond T

250000 miles works great.

Often and frequently detailed with 250, 000 miles blue everything is great. No major rebuild no major purchase on any parts.

- Justin B B

It is highly reliable in Its day to day use.

It is a really reliable truck. Decent gas mileage, nothing fancy. It gets me from point A to point B in a nice smooth ride.

- Joshua S

The 4 wheel drive is wonderful in the winter.

I like it because it has 4 wheel drive. I like the color and style. There is enough room to haul small loads in the back.

- Anita W

My blazer is white with gold trim, it is a four door

My vehicle doesn't have any problems. I'm the third owner of my blazer and everything still works very well mechanically

- Tiffany G

I would buy another blazer.

It is very comfortable. It just takes regular maintenance. And with that it is very reliable. Best car we've ever had.

- Elaine M

It's very reliable. And very comfortable to ride in.

I like it for the room it has. I don't like the mileage. And now it is starting to need work done to pass inspection.

- Pamela B

It goes very good in the mud or mountains

It is a 2000 and its 2 door 4 wheel drive and it's been by far the best I have ever owned I have had it everywhere

- Tammy L

It is paid for, it also has all the amenities I want and need. In a vehicle.

Runs great and everything works well, good on gasoline. Very comfortable with lots of room in the front and back.

- Patricia T

Runs well for lots of miles. Comfortable.

Runs well and easy to fix. Parts are common and affordable. Lots of features for the money... Nothing to dislike.

- Karen B

I feel safe in my Blazer and it looks good. My Blazer gets me where I need to go.

My Blazer is dependable. I like my big tires. I like sitting higher than a car. I wish I got better gas mileage.

- Patricia B

Dependable vehicle with good options.

Reliable car. Has over 215000 miles easy to find parts. Has many features and comforts. 4 wheel drive is handy.

- Karen B

It was made loud on purpose.

I really like how loud and "big" she is, but has her issues. Dislike the issues it has and tired of fixing it.

- Kayla V

The car seems to always have oil changes or engine issues. But other than that the inside is very comfortable and being a Blazer it is a really nice size to drive.

Comfortable inside but does need a little maintenance every once in awhile considering it is an older vehicle

- Jessie J

All it needs is someone who can afford to give tlc otherwise great vehicle.

Has loud squeaky noise on front passenger side, sounds like the muffler is coming off, poor city gas mileage.

- Rebecca R

That it is about to break down.

It has gotten me across country a few times . It is starting to break down now. Might be time for a new one.

- Mark H

Does not corner well and it needs a new fuel pump so sometimes it harder to start.

Love 4 wheel drive. Live in a rural area. Gets good gas mileage. Only complaint is wish I had a newer one.

- Debbie H

it's 4x4 and its dependable in the hills and always make it from point a to point b

like ways it's made. don't like the brakes on a blazer, however does have pretty good gas mileage on it.

- janie c

Nice good gas for your money.

Good gas. Inexpensive and reliable. None no complaints so far. American made cheaper than Japanese cars.

- Lou S

Blazers are reliable and will run for a very long time with only basic maintenance.

This vehicle has been on the road for 18 years and still runs like a champ even with 200k miles on it.

- Chris M

Built to last and very comfortable to this day. It sits high enough to see over most traffic. It has dependable pick-up and go. It can haul most items I need to load into the SUV.

It's got 4 wheel drive for the winters. It's got a very comfortable and loaded interior. I feel safe.

- johanna b

2000 Chevrolet Blazer LT.

Very reliable. V6 engine, air conditioning, heat, CD player and radio. 4 doors. Luggage rack on top.

- David E

Great chevy suv that's good in the winter and snow/ice.

It's a great SUV and gets me where I need to go. Seats 5 with a big sized trunk space. And its 4wd.

- Ashlee H

You can't go wrong when you buy a Chevrolet. And Blazer is a good way to go when you deal with snow.

My Blazer is tough as nails. It rarely needs repaired. It on 200,000 miles and going strong.

- Sheryl D

It is fun to drive and it is low maintenance. It has enough room to sit comfortably.

I like that it is fun to drive. It is low maintenance. I have no dislikes about my truck.

- Dave W

Known transmission issues for most of them in the time period

Decent gas mileage. Lots of miles, issues with the transmission as well as the radiator

- Corrine C

it's good for a family of three. And you should buy it.

I like it because it is medium size and has a nice interior I also like how it drives.

- bob w

I love the roominess of it and the extra features .

I like that It's big and can fit a lot of people and stuff but dislike the gas mileage

- Matt S

4 wheel dr is very important to me

Great vehicle. Just regular maintenance. Runs good on road trips. Great room.

- Jesse J

It's a true suv, not a crossover disguised as a suv.

I like that it is a SUV built on a truck frame so has the height of a truck.

- Mary H

I have only had some major repairs made shocks brakes changed

small easy to drive and get around in easy to keep up no complaints

- james A

The blazer is badass. It is the b3st car i've ever had

The color is rad lol. The v6 engine is awesome. The ride is smooth.

- Jake T

It's spacious and a 4 wheel drive that is great in the winter

I love that it is a 4 wheel drive. It's very roomy. And ok on gas

- Kelly C

It is easy to drive and handle on the road. It is also easy on gas

no complaints, roomy easy to drive nice stereo and 4 wheel drive

- susan J

The Chevrolet blazer uses a lot of gas and I don't drive very far for work. Always putting gas in it.

I like how much room it has. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Sherrie M

this is my second Blazer. It is in much better shape than the first one! I like it. Rear window defrost is a godsend! My children do not insult it. The minivan was an old lady car! Children are so ungrateful.Hopefully, they will move out one day!

rear window defrost. We are good friends in the winter.

- Traci H

runs well, not too good on gas, 4 wheel drive, gets me anywhere I need to go

love the size, easy to drive no complaints, runs well

- Melodee C

Dependable, reliable, fuel efficient

Dependable. never a problem. Reliable transportation

- Linda K