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For family or for fun 5/5*.

Our little Chevy blazer 4x4 SUV is the greatest family vehicle we have owned. We bought it pre-owned with only 120k miles and one previous owner. She not only gets 25 mpg on the highway but fits 2xlarge adults and two well sized teenagers comfortably for an all day ride in the truck! We have had to give her love but nothing major just your basic plugs and wires; brake pads and rotors in the almost 2 years we have owned her. I strongly recommend this SUV for family or for fun. She's a beast in a mud pit too.

- Alexis H

Benefits of owning the Chevy blazer.

My blazer has all the features vehicles offer, all the extras. It has the v-six vortec engine which provides plenty of performance and power. The four wheel drive is incredible, there has been no situation where I gotten in trouble during bad weather..That is saying a lot for being in the north east. My blazers stock stereo has a CD player and really cranks..Great quality and sound. Both the heating system and air conditioning system work very well.

- Pete B

Love those electric bucket seats.

The 2001 Chevrolet blazer with the 4. 3 liter v6 vortec engine with two doors is the most reliable dependable longest lasting small compact SUVs to have ever been on the market for the year 2001 it comes with two front bucket seats and a "oh crap" handle in front of the passenger seat with electric \drivers and passenger side seats. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone just another great product made by a great car company Chevrolet!

- Adam D

Chevrolet is totally reliable!

I absolutely love how reliable my Chevrolet blazer is to my family. I never have to worry about it starting. The air conditioner is powerful and has never failed which is a necessity living in Arizona. I had one issue with the drivers side window slipping off the track 3 times however I was able to realign and put it back in place. I cannot roll it down though. It is sometimes difficult to turn the steering wheel as well,

- Lori T

Most uncomfortable SUV I have ever owned.

Does not have a CD player. But for some reason it does have a tape player... Also, the car always breaks. Now it always make shakey sounds and rattles. Feels like no matter how it is driven it wants to break. The seats are very uncomfortable, I always have cramped glutes after driving for a long time. Also, it is having oil problems all the time now and that is rather sad, but I guess expected for such an old car.

- Rich B

Love my blazer, comfortable and smooth riding.

My blazer is a great reliable car, its very good on mileage, I drove it mostly local. It rides very smooth and comfortable, I like being up higher when driving. The back seats fold down so there is a lot of space to use, it has a radio n CD player. Being an older model I have replaced the tires once, the radiator n a new battery. This vehicle I think would run for many years with normal upkeep, I love my blazer!!

- Rose D

It is very unreliable and constantly replacing front end parts.

I like the design of the SUV and how spacious it is, but it is unreliable, has many complaints from consumers, had recalls, and makes me feel just from this one vehicle I would never purchase from Chevrolet again. The company did not even address half of the issues they had severe problems with. The design and space, along with the 4 wheel drive is the best part of this vehicle.

- Charles D

Suzuki high performance sedan.

The Suzuki Forenza has a lot of power and overall performance. However the parts are expensive and hard to find. The car is always breaking down with serious issues. In fact it has run hot and locked up the engine I just rebuilt now. When running the car is a comfortable smooth ride. I like the look and feel of the car. Just do not like how it has so many mechanical issues.

- Justin H

2001 Chevy blazer bought used.

It is a used blazer and the person before us did not take care of it so it has a lot of problems. If it was all fixed it would be a very reliable car. It needs a new radiator, had to fix the bearings and ball joints on both the driver and passenger side. We have to check the oil and coolant before every use and it has to be warmed up before you can drive it.

- Ashley G

2001 Chevy blazer sunroof.

I love my 2001 Chevy blazer it has cruise control. I went 2 carhop and bought it 4 years ago. There was a lot of stuff that they said they fixed but they did not. It is very reliable. It gets me from point a 2 point b. It also has a sun roof air conditioner CD player. Spare tire. It also moves the seat back and forth. We also had the transmission replaced.

- Shelley F

Good all around vehicle for small families, and hauling.

Good all around vehicle.. Hate that the onstar system cannot be removed without disabling the vehicle, but love the compact size, and overall performance. Back seats that lay completely forward out of sight is good for hauling large items, or for an overnight camping trip sleep spot. Adjustable luggage rack on top of the blazer helps a lot too.

- Vicky G

It isn't very fancy, but it does what it needs to do.

My red Chevy Blazer is a dependable vehicle. It is getting old, though. Rust started forming on the exterior a couple years ago. It has had its share of mechanical issues. The AC, CD player, driver's side window doesn't work - making long trips annoying. Oh, and the dash radiates heat even when the air is off/all the way to cold.

- Christina H

Chevrolet blazer likes and dislikes.

I love SUV’s. I currently have a Chevrolet blazer and owned a jimmy in the past. I like the way they drive and also the fact that you are elevated above regular vehicles. My problem with them is there is always something that is going out on them. Something needing to be fixed or changed, mostly censors, but it is frustrating.

- Dawn N

I don't really have an interesting detail. I just love my car, lol.

I rarely have vehicle problems. The gas is the worst part. I used to have problems with how big it was. It would make it hard to control because it is my first car. However, it got really easy after a while. I love the features. It is a lot more than I was expecting. It is an amazing car and I would definitely recommend it.

- Desi A

2001 Chevy blazers have poor visibility but they are actually quite reliable.

Poor visibility due to windshield design. Huge bar on left side of windshield partially obscures vision and takes some getting used to. Quite reliable and relatively easy to get parts for. Not bad in terms of comfort, but is not the comfiest for long commutes. Has all the basic features and the core holds up nicely.

- Clark H

Nice blue comfortable vehicle.

Love the SUV but with buying it used it needs a lot of tlc it is big enough for my family and friends. Able to get errands done and get to and from workable to live my life to the fullest as possible keeps going no matter what comes my way haven't heard or seen any recalls on this type of vehicle.

- Christina M

I love the fact that it's so spacious!

My only problems with my vehicle are currently the amount of maintenance it requires due to it being old, the gas mileage not being equal to a comparable newer vehicle and not having as many amenities. Other than that, it honestly is very sturdy and reliable in terms of what I use it for!

- Andrea L

Why I love my Chevy blazer an what it can do.

I love my Chevy blazer. It has plenty room for people on plenty of room to move stuff. My Chevy blazer has 4 wheel drive so I know I wont get stuck in the snow or if I run off the road I know I will be able to get out. I love the fact that my back row seats fold down to make more room.

- Amanda L

2001 white Chevy blazer still in good shape with ac.

I am not planning to sell my blazer but it is a white 4 wheel drive two door blazer with ac and good fair interior. Runs well thou I do need new tires. It is a v6 engine and looks like it is due for a tune up. It has been raining so it will be needing a wash and some vacuuming. .

- Brenda L

Chevy blazer 2001 for the beginner driver.

It is a good vehicle to start young drivers one, however the mpg is a little lower the one would like if they must driver long distances. The ignition switch does have a habit of going bad every few years, but it is an easy and cheap fix. It is ideally safe car with a 4WD option.

- Emily M

Chevy four wheel drive blazer review.

Transmission slips terribly. Shifts good out of first and revs way up to come out of second. It is a four wheel drive, love the sun roof and room it has. I prefer an SUV for the comfort of the entire family. And it gets great gas mileage, and it is cheap and easy to maintain.

- Misty L

2001 Chevy trailblazer ext. Stock options.

It is great. Sturdy and stays running as long as you keep up with the maintenance, is great as a daily driver and comfortable for long trips, it is spacious and safe, the stock parts and accessories that come in it are of great quality, and it is a great family vehicle.

- Casey G

2001 Chevy Blazer 4.6L 4x4

I have constant electrical issues. Car stalls on hot days, making it look like a fuel pump issue. I have replaced the catalytic converter, fuel pump, and I am unable to locate the main issue. The interior is falling apart day by day. I do not recommend this vehicle

- Tasha M

Safety first! The blazer was one of the safest SUV on the road in 2001.

I love that it is built for 5 adults to sit comfortably. I do not like the fact that my drivers seats hydraulics are won't and I can't move the seat forward. I love that my family can all ride together safely and all be comfortable and ready to tackled the da.

- Alexis H

Great on gas and very dependable.

It's a little beater an I have two daughters an I do not like the fact that it is not in the best shape for kids to be in an I have put over $1500 with in the last few months for parts lots of parts an I can't rely on it to make it anywhere anymore.

- Kayla T

My old car and how it costs me.

The car is getting pretty old now and things are starting to need more repair and more expensive repairs. If it wasn't so expensive to keep running I would like to keep it longer. Very nice to drive car reliable car.

- Julie L

it is very reliable with a fun attitude. plenty of room inside the suv for storage or for passengers. pulls a trailer okay too.

fun truck and cheap to maintain. the a/c blows super cold! bad stuff - a lot of rattle noises with all the interior plastics starting to become loose from age. Gas mileage is horrible but expected with a truck.

- d s

My Blazer has fewer than 85,000 miles.

My Blazer is useful for mountain trips, both off-road and in the snow. I like that I can sleep in it and that it is not over sized, but It's fuel efficiency is poor, so I drive it as infrequently as possible.

- Gordon S

Reliability if you take care of it, it will return the favor.

Bought new in 2001. It's loaded with all the goodies and then some. Very nice ride and handles very well in rain or shine or snow with it's 4 wheel drive engaged. No complaints whatsoever after 18 years.

- chaz N

The car drives great and is very roomy.

The car does not hold up with age. The cabin is noisy. It is not comfortable. I had so many electrical problems with the car that I put more money into it than I purchased it for.

- Zachary P

Refer to the previous statement.

It is small enough and compact that it will fit in my garage and I can exit the vehicle without crawling out the window. And I am very in favor of the four wheel drive option.

- Gordon W

Classic Chevy, with the work.

Oil pan leak caused by a bad gasket that requires me to pull the engine is a pain to replace. But it's got heated seats and power options with a moon roof, which I love.

- Ryan C

It runs and gets me place to place.

I like my vehicle because it gets me around everywhere I need to go. May not be in good condition, but it gets me from point A to point B. Not a bad vehicle overall.

- Phillip D

I am totally happy driving an older model vehicle. My vehicle is dependable and perfect for my family's needs.

I like the size of the vehicle. I purchased the vehicle used in 2008 and it is still running with minimal repair work over the past years that I have owned it.

- Rhonda B

It is a Lemon-too many repairs and it costs a fortune to maintain.

It has been a lemon needing fixed all the time. Purchased in 2003 used from a chevy dealer. It is loud and the seating is not very comfortable. I like the size.

- Michele D

Needs to go to junk yard, everything is breaking on it, and is a gas hog.

I have replaced the transmission, fuel pump, brakes, brake lines, brakes, wheel bearings and tires and still runs, but everything underneath is falling apart.

- Jeanne H

I enjoy the fold down rear seats and dual opening back hatch.

The only problems that are arising are due to old age; i.e. rust & maintenance. Other than that, the vehicle is spacious, comfortable & reliable.

- Andrea L

The seat in the driver's side is never moved!

I like that it is dependable, and is not hard on gas. It is four doors, it has everything I wanted on a vehicle, goes great in the snow.

- Amanda S

Has lower miles for a 2001 and little rust. Has 4x4 and pretty sturdy riding truck.

Has two minor flaws one is slow speed regulator needs replacement plus purge fuel sensor needs replacement too. Like the 4x4 on it.

- Mary O

It's my car and it may not be the fanciest but it serves its purpose

It's starting to make a loud bizzare noise coming from the engine other than it's super comfy and gets me to where I need to be

- Melanie B

It is always there for me.

I like how reliable my vehicle is. I also like the gas mileage it gets. I dislike that it does not have many features.

- Kayla S

Runs daily never a starting issue. Gets driven two hours everyday.

Older goes threw oil and antifreeze every other week have to fill both. Otherwise still runs great over 240k miles.

- Angie A

It absolutely will keep your family safe.

I like that it is big and capable of keeping my kids safe. I do not like that it eats gas and makes loud noises.

- Kate H

It has its quirks and tricks to driving it. Buckle up and enjoy the ride

I like it because I can use it for work and make money. I don't like that I have had to do some repairs lately

- Jennifer R

Its sleek and nice looking and has been a good car for me for many years.

I have kept it up it works great its an older model so I have had to do some work and upkeep but its reliable.

- Katie D

They are very dangerous vehicles in rain or ice or snow!

The doors are falling off hinges. The windshield wipers fall off. It is terrible in wet and icy weather.

- Carol D

Chevy 4x4 a manly car but driven by a woman.

4x4 comfortable reliable vehicle that works well in the snow good on gas mileage seats four two door truck

- Jennifer B

Great on turns handling and just cruising.

Great but plastic parts break easy distributor messes up off but runs great if you didn't know all that.

- Felicia A

All around vehicle.Good for passengers,Grocery shopping,Family activities:Camping,Amusement parks.

My 2001 Blazer is well built and a nice smooth riding SUV.What I dislike not good on gas per mile.

- Philip C

Good paint gob.New tires. Good balance car. A lot of room to transition and hail all thing needed . Good air conditioning.

It's a good car,it gets to the places we need to go.The car is very reliable. But is hard on gas.

- Nathan Y

Has to many miles on it and is a 4x4.It also needs a muffler.

My vehicle is a SUV. I like it because can also use as a truck or pick-up. no complaints

- richard s

It's has the 4.3 vortec. Great motor on vehicle. Yup

I like the room. I dislike how old it is and how much it cost in repairs lately.

- Josh B

Blazer Reliable, 2001 great in snow, lots of storage

I like the way it drives in snow. I like safety features, I like the room it has.

- Jan C

need parts to fix it, seem to be almost impossible to find

great suv, have no complaints, other than it was totaled in wreck.

- June L

that it runs good and is dependable not a lot of rust on it well taken care of

car size of the motor,motor the way it looks like the wheels on it

- ray t

it sucks and sucks some more

it's a piece of junk horrible gas mileage falls apart all the time

- chris S

This vehicle has over 229,999 miles on it with very little maintenance.

Great work vehicle. Interior is very brittle.Motor is excellent.

- Scott A

I like my truck because I bought it with my own money. I dislike my truck because the person who sold it to me ripped me off. Every time it rains it pours on me the driver the whole time. I always have the left leg soaked by the time I get home.

It so far gets me where I need to go. Knock on a piece of wood.

- Brenda P

It's a beast i call it beats no haha because it safely transports my family

Its sturdy it runs good as long as you take care of it properly

- Richard M

That it has low miles for it's age, and it is a rock

It is 17 years old, and is still going strong, I love it.

- Erin N

Insurance cost. Reliability.

It's a car. It gets me where I want to go.

- Barry V

The vehicle is easy to drive and it is a really decent size.

- Elizabeth B