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Great quality midsize SUV.

The one problem I have had with my blazer is the window regulators. I have had to replace every one of them at least once and the back passenger window 3 times. As far as performance, my blazer has always been above par, it is a stuff cylinder that gets decent gas mileage for an SUV. This is my second blazer I have owned due to excellent reliability, I really haven't had any issues with the engine, the vehicle answers gets me where I need to go. The comfort of the blazer is wonderful, I find it very roomy for a smaller SUV. The back seats fold down to the floor for there to be a lot of back space available. I have all electric windows and door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, CD player, basically all the bells and whistles and they all work great. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to purchase an SUV, I do believe they hold their value well as well.

- Cara S

I love my Chevy blazer. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

This vehicle is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. There have been no major problems with it. The seats are very comfortable on long drives. It has been from Montana to Washington over 10 times and from Montana to Wisconsin 5 times. It runs like a champ and has since the day I bought it 10 years ago. The heater and a/c work great and it has a wonderful stereo system in it. Our dog loves hanging her head out the back window as we're going down the road. The 4 wheel drive works great. We get a lot of snow where I used to work and my blazer was the only one that could make it up the road. Everyone else had to park at the bottom of the hill and walk into work.

- Beth V

Like the roominess spaciousness and safety of the vehicle.

I love my vehicle I love how I am able to load up my own items. I can special friend that I can put groceries storage a variety of items inside without being in the elements. Unfortunately I do not like the gas being high. I like the performance like the four-wheel drive I like the safety of the vehicle. I like the four-wheel drive safety feature that helps in the elements rain snow sleet ice. Having problems with heating element in the vehicle. Having problems with the seats in the vehicle.

- Tj T

Chevy 2003 trailblazer, is good off and on roads.

I like the Chevrolet trailblazer I own now. It is a good running vehicle. However the main disadvantage I have with the 2003 model is that it is only a two door car. I hate this feature and would prefer a four door Chevy, mainly because I have two children and I find it difficult to get them in and out of the doors behind the front car seats. I do like the general style and great engine quality of this vehicle however.

- Tavia L

Chevy blazers are dependable car.

Had to replace transmission, radiator, brake lines hub bearings and a few other minor parts. It runs pretty good for the year it is. It has been driven on many long distance trips to see family and go on vacations. It is a dependable vehicle. I am paying too much for it considering the year and also the fact it had 4 previous owners before me. I plan on driving it for at least another year.

- Denise H

Reliability practicality and fun to drive

I love that it's incredibly reliable and can handle caring passengers, hauling something, or carrying something just right in the back. I've had my car for over 10 years and over 200,000 miles and it's never failed me, very sturdy craftsmanship. I am not thrilled about the fact that some of the interior buttons are starting to go but that happens with age.

- Al a

It is not a luxury vehicle but it's still kicking dirt.

Well my 03 Chevy blazer has been a mostly reliable vehicle. Except for regular maintenance and some small repairs we have not had an issues even with is being at almost 200, 000 miles. It takes a beating from my family but it is still going. It is not a fancy vehicle but it works well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg to keep.

- Jamie E

Best vehicle that I have ever owned.

My vehicle is in very good condition when it comes to overall appearance. I am constantly asked if it is new or where do I store it since where I live the weather can be very unforgiving. It runs very well I have had it for about 6 years and only recently had to change major components to it such as brakes and tires.

- Amelia G

The good and bad about my blazer!

Well it drives nice, but there are accident damage on it but it's not that bad. The inside is comfortable, it's got a lot of room witch comes in hand when I go get groceries. The radio came with a CD player already installed in it with the radio to of course. The heat and air conditioner all work very well.

- Tammy B

My vehicle is a black 2003 Chevy blazer. It is a rear wheeled 2 door.

I love my 2003 Chevy blazer. It is rear wheel drive so it took a little bit of time to get used to but it can take off on the highway. They last very long too cause it is still running. Only time I hate driving it is in the snow. It is also 2 door, which I wish it was 4 doors when I have people with me.

- Isaiah B

You can bungee cord almost anything to any side of it

my vehicle is huge and I can move a lot of stuff in it. It is all electric and simple to navigate. It has four doors and four tires which are very delightful. I would recommend a Chevrolet TrailBlazer to anybody who asked me any day of the week. It is a fine vehicle and it is a nice color.

- Deidra C

Drivable but not a mess on the monitoring.

The main was lost and the second key makes the driver seat moving to the original position. The brake warning lights on the board are on. The FM radio does not work and the washer fluid disappears. The handling is not tight and the car bounces. The gas monitor and the speedometer are off.

- Veronique A

SUV crossover. Like a Jeep.

It is comfortable for me to drive, I like the seats a lot. The vehicle is high like a Jeep which is very comforting to me as I do not like driving in low cars. The steering is quite comfortable. I love the space in the back for transporting things. Also the rack on top is convenient.

- Blue S

Amazing SUV, great use of space and handles well.

The only problem I have had is the rusting, and a squealing belt. Granted, we took the cab off the SUV and replaced almost everything, it still is an affordable and reliable SUV. The SUV really handles nicely, has plenty of cargo and passenger room and is fairly okay on gas mileage.

- Emily C

Not the most reliable of vehicles.

It has the worst gas mileage. If you are short the seats do not move up far enough in a comfortable position so you have to deal with a sore back if you drive on long car trips. I travel a lot and this is so unreliable I get so nervous driving my blazer where I need to go.

- Kara H

It is spacious and a good family vehicle.

It is getting old so it has to go to the shop a lot, but the sun has discolored the dashboard and the passenger door pops off sometimes. It does not get good gas mileage. The check engine light stays on regardless of how many times I have bought it in to get looked at.

- Aurelia N

I'm vehicle is durable and has lasted longer than expected in my family and has minor problems.

My Chevy Blazer has been in my family for a few years with my younger brother driving it before me. It still runs great and works well for medium to far distance trips. I've had some basic battery problems but besides that and regular services to it like oil changes.

- Nick J

my Blazer is reliable and economic. it not only goes great in the summer but it has 4 wheel drive for winter roads.

I have an older Blazer but it has been a great vehicle until recently I hadn't had to do much more than regular maintenance. It has required some work recently and I considered replacing it but it is fixed now and I will wait until later to buy another vehicle.

- Frances S

SECURE, comfortable and great when you have kids on board

I had an accident and nothing happened to the car . The other car that hit me was severely damaged. I think it's very secure and I love using it when I have baby on board. However, I have had engine light problem that still need t be fixed.

- Jane s

Very Dependable as a travel vehicle. Gasoline usage very good on highway medium rating for in big city driving

My blazer is roomy can haul my husband's power wheelchair with no problems. Our service dog has room to move around in our travels. Has had very little trouble repairs until recent days. So will be looking to get another chevy vehicle.

- Robert M

Comfortable, rides well. Looks good.

Runs great, was kept well, used with one owner. Chevy's are good vehicles but I don't approve of the Government Buy out so I will be trading with Ford from now on because they bailed themselves out & protected their employees as well.

- Lori D

It's a dependable car that works well. We can trust it to get us where we are going and it is in good shape.

I love that it performs well, we don't have problems with it driving. I like the dependability. I am getting used to being so far off the ground. I don't care for the gas mileage, it seems to guzzle gas.

- Heather W

Chevrolet Blazer, 2003. Red in color with all terrain tires.

My Chevrolet Blazer so far, has surprisingly been the best vehicle that I have owned. Being that it is a 2003, I bought it in great condition. I can honestly say that it a very reliable and comfortable.

- Emmanuel C

No, I don't want to sell it to you!

I've owed my Chevy Blazer for 15 years and I love it. It fits me in every way - physically; my personality; my needs. Sometimes I wish it was 4 door instead 2 door. Other than that, I'm happy with it.

- Jenny f

It's still going despite the fact that it's old and makes weird noises.

It's getting old and has quirks and noises that didn't used to be there. We've had the engine rebuilt and a number of repairs on it during our time owning it. I'm more comfortable in a newer vehicle.


The back hatch is so great! That is my favorite feature.

It has been a great first family car, and long-term distance traveler. It has had issues with radiator, and power locks. Everything else that has been done to it was a routine thing.

- Amber S

Great Car, look into it please.

I love my car, It has good miles. It is also very good on gas and I have only had one problem with it which was the brake fluid but it was a easy fix! Definitely recommend the car.

- Tyler P

It has sensors that tell me if an object is too close.

I like that its mobile. It get a me from point a to point b. I like that its a Chevy. I dislike that its air doesn't work. I dislike that its a piece of junk. I like that I own it.

- April D

Love the lifestyle in a Blazer

I love the room. It has both driver and passenger air control ,also control in back for them. It motor runs get nothing other than oil changes and routine spark plugs and tire .

- Debra I

Great vehicle with room to move/ transport large items

My blazer is 15 years old and runs great. Of course minor repairs have been done, ie: starter & alternator replacement. The only thing that could be better is the gas mileage.

- Stacy D

It's reliable & has cold AC, oh and it has over 315,267 miles on it..

I bought the Blazer @ a used car lot in 2011 & I love everything about it. It has cold AC & over 324,267 miles on it, but it's been reliable, I don't want to part with it..

- Necole B

4 wheel drive and a large engine.

Basic transportation. Good for transporting large material. I don't care if it gets dirty. Not great gas mileage, but I only drive 10 miles per day at most.

- Ken F

It's a very reliable vehicle.

It has been a very reliable car that has lasted a long time. I got it used about 9 years ago, and it started to have maintenance issues about 2 years ago.

- Victoria W

It sit high so it's easy to see the road.

Bad gas mileage poor performance it's loud it's big tires are hard to find the transmission leaks the brakes need replaced more often than normal.

- Harley K




It has lasted quite a long time.

It is reliable to an extent. It has high miles and I would not drive it on a long trip. a this point it is not worth putting more money into it.

- Arlene F

It is dependable and gets me where I need to go.

This car has been well used and is still running great. It is sturdy and well built. I am able to fit all of the things I want to in the back.

- Kristi R

It's very smooth sounding vehicle.

I like the gas mileage. The handling is great. Just the electronic systems are not that great. The back hatch comes unlocked when it wants to.

- Dylan H

Easy to drive. It is good for Chicago winter driving.

No complaints. I am retired, the car is tall so it easy for me to get in and out. Large trunk. It is good on gas and very pleasant to drive.

- Rose J

It is great for snow. 4 wheel drive is a must if you live in mountains and it snows.

In the mountains, you need a 4 wheel drive vehicle when it begins to snow. For me, as long as I am able to get out and around, I approve

- Amanda M

White blazer, 15 years old.

She's an old car, all old cars have problems. She still drives really well and can make it going from Boise to Moscow Idaho just fine.

- Corina C

Chevy Blazer is reliable.

It's a great, dependable vehicle but it could be better on gas mileage. It gets me where I need to go and that's what's important.

- Steven C

It has been very reliable. I drive it every day 60 miles round trip. It has great storage for everything I need to carry.

I've owned this vehicle for over 8 years and has been extremely reliable. I have over 220,000 miles on it, and expect many more.

- Brian M

It would be a great car for college student.

Its works great. Kept it well maintained. Kept up with oil changes. Never been used on rough terrain. And used only in winter.

- Anthony W

it is good in snow and it will get you unstuck if you put it into four wheel drive

it is a car I have always wanted. the transmission is not very good for this model. I have had to have it changed twice.

- Earl m

It is a safe vehicle and very relaxing.

I like how spacious it is. I like how reliable it is. I hate how flashy it is. I hate having to change the blinker fluids.

- Ash H

I've spent a lot of money on all my vehicle's.

I love Chevy that's all drive my Camaro is a project car and the truck is also are daily driver. Chevy love all the way.

- Tash P

Very cheap and reliable. It has a very good four wheel drive system and drives smooth

It has very good power for the Weight and is very responsive. Has had few transmission problems but is very reliable.

- Peyton C

Chevy Blazer is the bees knees

I love it! Plenty of room for me and my family, safe handing in the Chicago winters, and plenty of room for travel!

- Timothy G

Lots of room and comfortable seats very dependable

I like it because it's roomy and it has 4 wheel drive for winter and it also has cruise control it's very sweet

- Trina D

blazer chevy zr2 2003 s10

love it well built no problems drive it till it falls apart good vehicle lasts no problems good ownership

- scott k

That it is very comfortable to drive and it is roomy.

I love the Chevy Blazer. It is comfortable to drive. There is room for large loads of lumber or groceries.

- Melinda D

One important thing I think others should know is that it is reliable

My vehicle is reliable and durable. Haven't had any major problems while owning. Definitely recommend

- Steven R

It has a lot of seats in it .

It overheats a lot have to repair it the gas tank light doesn't work have to replace that as well .

- Casey O

Paid for and easy to maintain and drive..gas mileage is really good

I love the 4 wheel drive and the gas mileage..drives well..Low mileage..no complaints as of yet

- lisa w

I've had it for 8 years and have experienced very few problems with it. I always keep the oil changed every 3000 miles and do other preventative maintenance on it. It rides comfortable enough and the features are basic for a vehicle of its age. It is also good on gas.

I've liked its reliability as it has never left me stranded or cost me a lot of money to fix.

- Frank C

it has lots of room it is stylish with a sunroof it runs great and is 4 wheel drive

it is very dependable drives good in all weather it is cheap to fix when something breaks

- selina s

It's a sporty SUV that is fun to drive and very functional

It's been a dependable vehicle. I've helped people move, taken it on many road trips.

- Michelle L

I've been successful with putting well over 200,000 miles on it without substantial repair bills!!

Really like this small SUV. It has many many miles of reliable driving.

- Debbie R

Having to make things stay inside the pocket of my life

Nothing else doing right now and things will tend to get better

- Alexander S

Great gas saver, manageable and useful in all types is wYs

Easy to drive. Great gas mileage. Spacious and comfortable

- Andrea b