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2004 Chevy blazer, still running.

One problem I have is that after multiple flushes, there seems to be sludge in the engine and tends to overheat when driven long distance., I am not sure how it can be resolved other than replacing the engine I plan on driving it until it dies. I have had it for 2 years and it has 190000 miles. I replaced the ignition, the battery and the water pump., but that is all and it is very reliable. It is a great car for just getting around town.

- Beverly H

My vehicle is okay given for what it is.

Well for starters my Chevrolet trailblazer air conditioning has went out. Then second no heat. Also the passenger window does not roll down. It does not have a AUX cord. The gas mileage is decent but could be better since it is only a v6. The seats are not really comfortable at all. As well as the backseats. Does not have a backup cam. Nor does it have navigation system in it as well. It drives ok given for what it is.

- Michael D

Comfy for my family and myself. Very reliable

Very user family friendly. Fits 4 screaming and laughing pre-teens. Has always been very reliable. The 4wd is a God send seeing I'm in major snow country. There is plenty of storage space. Factory radio and CD player work great. Gas mileage sucks in town but descent on Hwy. I have seen on T.V. the new Chevy Blazer. Really would like to test drive one. Wish I could afford one. But, I do really like my 2004!

- Kelly B

My check engine light comes on and goes off all the time.

I love my blazer. Wish they would come out with us again. Never had really any problems except for wear and tear. Since it is a 2004 problems are starting to occur. Power steering cooler rusted and caused a hole and the fluid leaked out. Window washer reservoir cracked and can no longer use. When I make a right hand turn sounds like a clunking noise. I still have no rust and still love it.

- Sue L

Highlight of my blazer is that the far most side windows open.

The amount of space these wonderful SUVs come equipped with is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed having 3 daughters and a dog. Winter time is a walk in the park with the 4×4 especially how much weight the truck is. The rear seats all lay completely flat for maximum space for anything! Cargo rack on top. All around ac/heat! Automatic everything very much love this vehicle.

- Misty P

Soccer Mom/Busy Dad Vehicle

Great on gas mileage, plenty of room for groceries, kids, even building materials.Great all terrain vehicle. I am overall satisfied with this vehicle. It fits my families current needs and has never left me stranded or needing assistance on the side of the road. Recommend this vehicle to all as I have yet to have a serious issue with this vehicle in close to 5 years of owning.

- TaylorAnn C

My reliable American car, was a gift after having my daughter now she is a teen

My vehicle has been very reliable I honestly have done very really maintenance over the years. It runs smoothly and I've only had one major issue with it. At the moment my AC is out but I plan to get it fixed soon. The car is my favorite I've owned and plan to get a newer model when it's time for an upgrade. I recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Cecilia R

My big blue 2004 chevy blazer 4x4

My vehicle is a 2004 blue chevy blazer it has been very reliable so far it has almost 200000 miles on it and I hardly get any money into it ever since we are living on a fixed income. It has a little bit of rust on it and kind of bad breaks on it. It is pretty roomy and comfortable it is 4 door and 4 wheel drive and can go anywhere.

- Joshua D

Very dependable, good gas mileage.

My Chevy blazer is very dependable. I keep the oil changed when it is time for it. That is the key to its longevity. Whether I drive a short distance or a long trip, my blazer is very dependable. I never worry about a problem. If one will arise I get it fixed as soon as possible. It is very comfortable. It is also fully loaded.

- Kris A

Big enough to sleep in the back with seats down.

We bought this from an individual person. We have had no problems with it. We love the 4 wheel drive we live in Utah and we are close to mountains and we also get a lot of snow so that was one of the reasons we purchased this vehicle. It has a quit ride it almost rides like a car. We could not of ask for more in a used vehicle.

- Toni B

Pros and Cons of my Chevrolet Blazer

I received my car as a gift from my grandmother at 10 years old, and it runs like a champ! I've never had any issues with anything except the calipers seem to be prone to locking up. Also, I would not recommend for parents as the model I have is only a 2 door. Other than that, I couldn't be more happy with my vehicle!

- Allison S

Easy to lock in 4 wheel drive and fun to off rod with.

Runs and drives great it 4 wheel drive that I have used in off-road and in winter weather. The only trouble I have had was to replace the a/c compressor. It has a little over 73000 miles on it. I would buy it all over again. So if you are look for a SUV Chevrolet build a great vehicle that you will be proud to own.

- Dale B

Blazer of glory. I will not give up until she gives up.

It is a Chevy, body by fisher. The windows are loud and it feels all around rattly heater not real hot. It leaks un just about every spot it could leak. Although it is roomy and easily accessible, if I load it up I have horrible blind spots. Not bad on gas but all the other lubes I have to buy gets expensive.

- Beth H

She refuses to start up whenever it rains outside!

My blazer is the first vehicle that I've paid for all on my own without the help from anyone. I actually named her and her name is Ruby. (She's Ruby Red) aside the fact she's getting pretty old and the AC no longer works or passenger window doesn't roll down, I have no complaints and love my truck.

- Melissa C

I love that it is a big but easy to drive car.

It really has not had problems to be such a older vehicle my husband and I are looking at buying another one. We have only had to change the brakes and headlight once. It fits two up front and three in the back. It has a large truck and me and my husband have even went fishing overnight in it.

- Rachel S

Wide and comfortable for long drives.

I like being up high in a SUV or trucks. Plus it does not hurt my knees to step but a normal car is hard to give into. I like it is wide enough we can sit comfortable in the front seat, the two of us. I want a small truck for my next purchase, possibly with a smaller second seating area.

- Kimberly H

The car is a beast, with the power and space I need.

The blazer has been extremely dependable and reliable. Living in Wisconsin and working in healthcare it has gotten me to and from work safety in many snowstorms. It has the space I need for my pets, and the capability to tow a 7x12 enclosed trailer, with about 2000 pounds inside if it.

- Lindsay W

good condition, clean title history

good mileage, good transmission, hasn't been in an accident. red 4 doors original interior. This vehicle has a clear title history, the paint, body and interior need work and the tires may need to be replaced, pass a smog and safety inspection. The engine compartment is clean.

- Alicia A

It has had problem after problem and I wish we never bought it.

Has a ton of issues. All gauges on the dash do not work. The radio doesn't work 3/4 of the time and the CD player has never worked. The electric locks sporadically function and the windows squeak horribly when used. Entire vehicle has problems and have owned less than 2 months.

- Katie T

What do you mean, it is a good vehicle and I would get a new one for sure.

I really like my blazer, it has been very dependable, comfortable to drive, it is easy to see out of, and I feel very safe driving it. My insurance is very affordable on it, the only drawback is that it does not get that good of mileage. I have never had any problems with it.

- Dj L

It is a very reliable and strong car to drive, specially if you have a family.

I really enjoy my Blazer extreme. It is a reliable car. I always have my family in it as I trust it a lot. It seats 4 people. Has enough leg room. It is a 2 door car. The trunk in the back has enough space for groceries and more. It is a V6 so it has a strong engine.

- Jeshua D

My honest review on an essential model.

It has worked for a very long while. It has not let me down. My car enables me to get around from one place to another which is always a plus. It has enough space for my necessities, thus making it extremely convenient. It provides a smooth ride for my friends and I.

- Vanessa F

Reliable and smooth handling

Great handling and very comfortable to drive. Really smooth ride and amenities. Reliable vehicle and with proper maintenance has held up well over the years. Would recommend for people who like trucks or SUVs. Lots of room for hauling things without need for a truck

- Ryan K

Blazer bomb. It is uncomfortable to ride in it feels like a kid in a car chair.

It is uncomfortable to ride in the abs is shot the seat does not adjust to me I have a hard time looking at what's behind me it is slow to get up to speed I'm short so everything feels so high like I am peeking over a wall and it is white so you see all the dirt.

- Scott G

Repairing the Chevy blazer sometime this summer.

This truck has been through a lot. But it always comes through. It has had a transmission replaced. Each axle has been replaced. And now the air conditioning is not working. So that will be worked on soon. The truck also needs four new tires. Will get them soon.

- Susan M

The back door glass sometimes does not work well, And sometimes you have to press the button a few times to open it.

I like the fact it is 4-wheel drive, And where I live it comes in handy in the winter It has a very nice power moonroof and does very well on gas, My only issue is the CD player will not work and has one of my favorite CDs stuck in it.

- Tim W

Not well on gas mileage, little road crazy.

It is ok. Had it for 6 yrs. The one thing I would like one with better gas mileage. We've had medical bills that keeps our credit down. We've had poor credit because of it. We been married for 45 years and never had this problem.

- Kim P

It gets great gas mileage and it does not cost much to fill it up.

I like it because it gets good gas. And I dislike it because it is lowered need to go to a mechanic that has a certain type 9f lift to raise it up if need be. I love it because it is a compact SUV. And fits in a tight spot.

- Rebecca G

That it has been a very reliable form of transportation for me.That I have only had to have routine maintenance.I have not had to do any major repairs to my vehicle.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I like that it has plenty of space in it. I like that for an SUV it gets decent gas mileage.I like that I have not had to make any big and expensive repairs to my vehicle.

- Casey G

It is reliable and keeps on trucking.

Vehicle is reliable, has kept going throughout the years with little maintenance needed. I wish it was a little better on gas and that it had heated seats but it is a 2004. Overall I like this vehicle.

- Katie G

The Chevrolet is a nice car and does not cause to much of a hassle.

Well the only problems are with the brakes, sometimes it gets hard to hit a brake but I believe that comes with the age of the car other than that everything else is fine and it is a lovely car.

- Abigail L

It's got a custom made high performance stereo system in it. The underneath is lined with bright green LED lights that are battery operated. It's got nice rims on it.

It's a 2 door blazer. It's gold. It is in a descent condition.its an automatic with power steering. It's a reliable car that gets me to and from work everyday. Tires are in decent condition

- Jennifer G

Lots of space, not a good daily driver for a commute, but very reliable car.

Only issue I have ever had (besides it drinks gas) is the cooling fan broke when I hit a pothole, which caused the fan to slice through another part of the engine and caused an oil leak.

- Josh D

It is a really reliable vehicle.

I like that it is amazing in snow and has 4 wheel drive. I wish it didn't take so much gas and it would be nice if it was a newer model so I didn't have to have it fixed so often

- Ro C

Chevy makes the best ac units on any vehicle. Only thing we have ever replaced is the alternator.

Love this chevy blazer. We have been to 6 nascar races a year, pocono, bristol, atlanta, talladega, daytona and charlotte. Had blazer since 2007 and have put 288,000 miles on it.

- Patricia F

Best type of vehicle I've owned

I absolutely love this vehicle power windows powers seats a.c. very very reliable I would buy a newer vehicle if I didn't love this one so much I wouldn't trade it for anything

- Tracy B

it's my junker, but it's mine. no actually looks good.

love my little blazer, like the color love it has a sunroof. I do wish it had lil more room in the back seat so when stick car seat in hard to stuff 2 more people in it.

- bj j

The gas mileage on the car...couldn't be better. Not a fan of the gas usage.

It rides comfortably. It gets us to where we need to go. I don't like the gas mileage but it is a older car. I would probably get another one just new model next time.

- Kelly M

That the horn has issues, and the back glass latch sticks.

I like the fact it is four wheel drive and does pretty well on gas, it also has a nice power sunroof, the only thing wrong with it is the horn does not work at times.

- Tim A

Chevrolet American quality and reliability

It's a Chevrolet so it's American so that means reliable right there. Got 230,000 miles and still running strong and good. Nothing but usual repairs oil changes etc

- Joey B

My SUV rides better than most cars or trucks and very comfortable.

Rides comfortably, not too big and not too small. Had held up fantastically, repairs have been minimal. Mileage for gas has been manageable but it could be better.

- Carole A

It has a lot of space for a family and to load things into.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I also like that it has a lot of space for a family. I dislike my vehicle because the power windows don't work on occasion.

- Marissa K

It overheats in hot weather.

I like that its mid size and comfortable and dislike gas gets 13 mpg and it overheats I've put a lot of work into this vehicle maintain the quality of my SUV.

- Kay B

It has lasted many years and I have traveled cross-country in it

I like the all-terrain utility vehicle Lots of room and space for items and it also has a towing package so I can Tell my motorcycle trailer and boat with it

- Rachel V

Is that I have not had any major problems if you get your oil change and follow the manual rules about getting thing change .

I have four wheel drive and I love it , if you press the button and all the tires kick in that is a beautiful. Only dislike is I did not get running boards.

- Barbara H

It's had issues from time to time i had it 4 and a half year and mostly It's been a beast,a beast in a good tough was

first off i own a pontiac grand am 2004,not a chevy,i love chevy but at this time i own a pontiac,it was not on your list and there was no other on your list

- tod C

It is good new, but does not last very well under heavy use

I like the vehicle itself but it was wrecked before I bought it. Have had numerous issues because of the accident. Has rusted through in several areas

- Brenda I

I put a lot of work into it to keep it running.

Like the way it drives and how it turns. It has a good amount of space for me and what I need. The gas mileage is bad and it is only rear wheel drive.

- Daniel C

Very reliable, dependable vehicle. Would only buy a Chevy.

I love my Chevy Blazer. Bought her used. 40, miles on it. I have put 260, thousand miles on it. Has all the room for my fishing and scuba diving gear.

- Patricia W

It is a 5 speed. Bad design for passengers.

Great design for the driver. Not any passengers. The glass lift in back never works predictably. Even with new shocks. Love that it is a 5 speed!

- Phyllis F

I have put a lot of work into the car to keep it running and I am proud of how long it has lasted for me.

The car drives well and has a really good turning radius. The gas mileage is not great and I have started to run into a few problems recently.

- daniel w

It's not 4 wheel drive. It's only 2 wheel drive. Every couple of years we have to have the timing realign ,as it has a tends to start skipping.

I like this vehicle due to the room in the cab and passenger areas. I also like the room of the cargo area. It drives nicely , handles well.

- Kristina B

that it has been a good suv, I have no complaints and I feel that the chevy brand is great

I love my blazer, it has been a good vehicle, no major mechanical issues (yet), but because of its age, I am expecting something to happen

- gayle s

It's been faithful. Not a lot of problems for an older model vehicle

I like how its been faithful getting me to where I need to go. I also like how comfortable it drives. I dislike how nasty the floors look

- Joni H

2004 Chevy Blazer 4*4 awesome ride

i love my 4*4 blazer. I use it on rd and off rd. all in all this has been a great automobile. I recommend anyone to get a chevy blazer

- Davey F

It is old and needs work. It has bad gas mileage. Makes a weird noise.

Everything keeps breaking. It is old and has bad gas mileage but it does get me to and from work. Interior is falling apart also.

- Mali B

Does not have power anything like windows locks air conditioning.

It is dependable clean and good on gas the interior is in pristine condition and it drives smooth and is comfortable to sit in.

- Scott G

It is roomy and can fit a lot of things.

I like that it has a sunroof and remote starter and it was the newest vehicle that I ever owned. I do not like that it is old.

- Tracey S

It's very reliable, and you will get many compliments on it.

Love it very reliable! I would suggest this vehicle to anyone in the market for a new car. Wonderful safe and reliable car!

- Beck L

It can go through harsh weather.

What I like about the vehicle is that it can go through slick condition and one dislike is that it has so many miles on it.

- Joe S

Durable vehicle for daily or offroad

Have the 2 door. Great vehicle. Use as my daily and off road vehicle, didn't do many modifications. Small suv worth having

- Bernard M

It is very dependable. Thinking i'll get another 8 to 10 years out of it.

Dislike the amount of gas it consumes. But do love the amount of room. Fits 8 people. And also good as a work truck.

- Robert K

That it is reliable and has never given me any trouble since I have owned it

It is reliable and I have not had too many problems with the car since I bought it. The design is a little outdated

- Jeremy D

its got 4 wheel drive , can fit 5 people and the seats are comfy

i like that it's roomy and love the 4 wheel drive in the winter . dislike that there's not much room to haul stuff

- Jason J

Sturdy but when it goes bad, it really goes bad. Great in winter though so that's a plus.

I like that it has 4 wheel drive but it has a lot of mechanical problems that are getting very expensive to fix.

- Melanie B

The rear tire outside the vehicle allows for maximum room inside the car.

It is a great vehicle. Very comfortable and safe.The 4 wheel drive works great and is helpful. Would recommend.

- Ali C

Very reliable and trustworthy vehicle.

My blazer is very reliable, except for the common maintenance replacements and up keep, I have no complaints.

- Kathy G

Starter driver perfect. Love it

Really Good and air condition is good. Perfect for first time driver since its tall and not scary to drive

- Irine B

This vehicle has been a very reliable one, I have only had to replace normal wearing out parts.

This has been a very reliable vehicle for me. It has never left me stranded. The vehicle is well built.

- Mark E

Others should know that it has quality wheels and is safe on the roads.

I love my vehicle! It is compact. It gets me where I need to be. I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Chiara B

I love the radio. The speakers are great, and the reception is awesome! The seats are comfortable and the room in the back is great for hauling off trash and debris.

Performance is great, even when we had to take it out in the ice storm to get food. I love my Blazer.

- Jeannette F

Tinted windows and comedy

This vehicle is very reliable and comfortable but brakes go out a lot electric doors and windows love

- Susan G

It's safe. I don't worry about my kids safety in it. Also, it's apparently hard to dent...

I like the dependability of it. We rarely have issues, just regular wear and tear. It's good on gas.

- Jillian R

My truck has four wheel drive

I like that my blazer has four wheel drive. This helps in the winter. Sometimes it is hard to park.

- Becky R

It is reliable and it starts on the coldest days.

Is big and the gasoline last longer the seats are comfortable is really cheap than many other cars.

- Jacqueline E

Third row seating!!!!!!!!

I love the third row seating. I don't love how much gas it chugs. I love how easy it is to drive

- Raven C

it is great to drive and it is easy on fuel.

it has been great..i like it because it has the room I need. it is just the right size for me

- velma A

Rusty but trusty better interior

Like that's it's loaded has everything hate the bad gas mileage and that it's getting rusty

- Renee w

It runs very well and has never let me down at all.

Runs like a champ. Has a squeak but nothing major. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Heidi A

Maintained properly they last and are dependable. Gas mileage is ok, but not the best.

It is older, but still runs great. The only thing I dislike is fuel consumption

- Vicky S

It is reliable and it never fails to start. I have had it for 6 years or more and it runs real good. I am able to haul all kinds of stuff in it.

It runs real good, even tho it has over 200,000 miles on it. It never fails me.

- Darla S

that it has a new engine and still looks good for It's age

very nice little suv that i love to drive and has 4 wheel drive if needed.

- eric b

mechanic issues as its older and alignment problems

I like that it's an suv but its older and causes some mechanical issues.

- maggie a

it runs smoothly and do not cause any motor problems

it's great vehicle runs well no negativity and saves gas long distance

- Todd P

Sound system, engine, steering, power, top speed..

It is built like a tank. It runs great. Known to run for many miles.

- Eric s

The Chevy Blazer is comfortable, sturdy and useful

Currently has quite a few mechanical issues that all failed at once.

- Nick B

It's still running for me and gets me where I need to go !

We have had to replace almost all parts . It only has 130,000 miles

- Marty M

It goes almost anywhere even in the snow or ice or rain!

It gets me there. It has storage space! It is great in the winter!

- Martha J

It's a Chevy and runs great. Much better than ford does.

It runs good, and does not suck up gas like must vehicles do

- Christina B

Love the size of car. Easy to get in and out of, lots of room to move stuff around. Engine has lasted a long time

It is paid for, old,and dependable. Car has great tires

- Nadine G

I love my car but I would like a more modern one

I love my car but I would like a more modern one

- Daniel D