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4.3L vortec V6. 4-spd. AT w/ OD. Ride height and size. Tough chassis and drivetrain. Uniroyal liberator A/T. Acceleration. Body style might be old, but I still like it. Cargo size with rear seats down

Gone places that blazer should have never went. It's a little mountain climber, Sand hills, mud, and snow. all around the blazers gas MPG isn't to bad for a SUV. had to fix a water pump but that was my fault. it got clogged and water couldn't move to the pump. Other then the water pump. This vehicle is a tank for having 151000 miles on her. It's perfect for fitting subwoofers in the back and easy to find places to install the wires. Just off the battery im running 1200 watts for two 12's. and the volts stand strong. Still have stock alternator. Really loud. This SUV is worth it. Love my Blazer.

- jefferson F

Blazers best 4 wheel drive ever.

The blazer is great has lots of leg and head room. Back seats fold down for extra space in the back we can take our dog with us in complete safety and he has room to move around while leashed in the back. The four wheel drive is so simple to use and a real help in our Wisconsin winters. With regular care and upkeep it has served us well no major issues and has over 150000 miles on it so far I would not hesitate to drive it on long trips. Fuel economy is about 20 mpg and even better on the highway when traveling. Will be keeping this vehicle a lot longer it is very reliable.

- Agnes S

It does cost a lot to fuel it up and uses a lot of gas because of the V8 engine.

My blazer is very nice. Leather seats, heated in the front. Seats 7 people. Has built in DVD player so kids can watch movies on long rides. Does awesome in the snow, it has 4x4. Has a V8 engine so does use a lot of fuel. Its big and roomy and very comfortable to ride in. It has a lot of cup holders both in the front and the back. I have had this vehicle for about 8 years. It's been a good and reliable vehicle.

- Marsha N

The foldable seats and the extra comfortable seats are a must in my vehicle.

I love my vehicle. The only one thing is problematic is, how much gas I use. Performance wise is the best vehicle and the room is awesome. Especially since I have 3 kids and the extra room I have in the vehicle is great. The sears are very comfortable also. And I love how I can fold up the back seats to make extra room, is a huge plus for me and my family.

- Vanessa P

My Chevy blazer is a beautiful blue color and a lot of people admire it.

My Chevy blazer has a 4. 0 liter engine so I go through a lot of gas I have had some transmission problems. I also don't find the truck comfortable at all. My check engine light is always on and even after I get it fixed it comes right back on it has power everything even the seats and a cool sunglasses holder built in it also has a great stereo system.

- Roxanne M



- clara l

Great family car with plenty room for luggage or groceries. Plenty of legroom.

Since I have had the car I haven't had any mechanical problems. Its roomy and comfortable. I love the gold color, . Helps not to see dirt. I get at least three hundred miles per fill-up in gas. The sound system gets really loud. It handles all the curves in the road very well. It also has airbags on both driver and passenger sides.

- Sandra M

2005 Trailblazer four door white family car.

2005 Chevy trailblazer its white runs great has heated seats that I love because of my back pain sunroof and a DVD player grey leather seats. I do wish it had more room like a larger SUV like a escalade it would help because of the baby car seats and dogs and the DVD player is great when we travel the kids have something to do.

- Alexis M

It is old but still loveable.

My blazer is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It is wider than other SUVs so there is plenty of room to haul things. Mine has a sunroof that I absolutely love. It is older so has had some mechanical issues. The fuel gage quit working and the passenger window is closed but it sounds like it is not. It is a little loud.

- Sharon M

Perfect medium couldn't ask for better vehicle.

The blazer is very reliable and quick to warm up in the winter. It has a few sensor problems but other than that it runs and drives perfect. I couldn't ask for a better vehicle. It tows without a problem. It has plenty of room in the back for hauling anything. It's a happy medium between a small pick up and CR-V.

- Mark W

Blazer: the story, part 5.

My current vehicle was given to me as a gift. It was supposed to be for my brother but he died a couple of months ago. So it has sentimental value. Its old out of shape but its reliable. It get me where I need to go and places I want to go. If it were a new car I believe it would be a great purchase.

- Tyler K

Reliable and Faithful, never let's me down

Our truck may be older but we take good care of it and it runs really well. I love the weight of the truck and that it feels so heavy. It helps to feel safe in the winter. I live on a giant hill and never has the truck let me down...when it's time to get a new vehicle I will be sad to see it go.

- Kristen G

Key points on a old blazer.

Does not rust easy. The interior is starting to rip a little but is comfortable. Motor is still in good condition and has only needed basic repairs. It was no extra features on it. I like that it is durable enough to go off-road with it and the 4 wheel drive is easy to turn on and off.

- Fall S

It is reliable. I have had it for over 10 years and it is still kicking.

My blazer has been reliable over the course of my time driving it. I have had several minor issues with it, most of them cosmetic. I haven't had any serious engine problems or transmission issues. I have been driving the blazer so long that the comfort is perfect for me.

- Brady H

It's a good all around vehicle.

I like the gas mileage and the storage capacity. It's a smooth ride and has some nice cup holders. I'm not a fan of the color, there weren't many options where I bought it and every time I look at it I think ugh that's an ugly color, still I like the SUV otherwise.

- Russell J

Great car with minor issues.

It runs great but the headlights keep going out, so I spend around 35 dollars buying the sensor for the lights almost every 6 months. My gas hand is not accurate as well. Also I have no third row which is bad because I have kids but other than that I like the car.

- Ursula G

It looks great and handles very well. One of the most reliable vehicles I've owned.

The blazer is reliable and handles the road very well. I wish the interior were quieter. As speed increases so does the sound of the engine. For some reason, the rear window wiper will randomly swipe, which at first scared me. Now I'm used to it happening.

- Diane F

Blazer life works great for me, work and family.

I really love my blazer. It is used to get me back and forth to work and also as a family vehicle. It is comfortable with seats that recline. The heat and air conditioning both work very well for me and my family. I have never had any problem.

- Don B

it is really easy to handle, and is comfortable to drive

i like the suv being higher up to get in and out of, and being higher on the road. it handles well,and is comfortable to drive. I do not like that it is only a 2 door. the back seat is not real easy to get in and out of.

- donna S

I love it and it belongs to me. My car says something about my character.

I like that it's up in the air and not low to the ground. It's lots of space between me and my passenger. I absolutely love Chevy it runs good and last a long time. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

- Stephanie F

Overall a very trustworthy brand and model; I am very happy to recommend Chevy to others.

It's been very reliable and I like the size. Overall I have no real complaints. It does get surprisingly good gas mileage compared to other suv brands.Would buy another Chevy product again.

- Nick P

The comfort on long drives, the mileage that I get and what a smooth drive I get

I really like my car. It gets great mileage and it gets me where ever I need to go. Great color and it looks great. We have been through a lot together and travel to quite a few places

- Patricia B

It has a great engine with minimal maintenance. It has always been very dependable.

First of all, my vehicle was not listed on the previous menu. I have a Pontiac Grand Prix and I totally love it. This is my third Grand Prix. If I could by a new one I totally would.

- Sheri G

Engine is noisy and engine needs some work.

Not a fast car and the engine is noisy. Needs a cleaning. Could be a bigger car. Color is black, grey would be better. Gps does not work, need a backup camera installed for safety.

- Les M

air conditioning no longer works

It is a very old car, but has low mileage and runs quite good for the age... However, would love to afford a newer car.. The ac does not work anymore, but everything else runs.

- Gale m

Reasons to buy a Chevy trailblazer

Very reliable, comfortable,and dependable. It's also attractive so I won't be trading it in anytime in the near future. It gets good gas mileage, around 28 mpg highway.

- Zee R

It's higher risk for rollover

I love my blazer it is spacious but at the same time It's is one of the smaller suvs. It's just the right size for my family. The back opens up good for storage.

- Imarie B

It is a Chevrolet Vehicle. One of the most reliable brands in the country today.

I like that it has room for me since I am tall. The engine is real nice, also I have had no problems with it. What I don't like is how it gets dusty so quickly.

- Luis R

My car has lived a good long life.

My car has been in the family for over 10 years. It has been through two owners. It is a reliable vehicle. The exterior has also stayed in good condition also.

- Crystal R

The safety features with side airbags.

It's really old and is garbage. I always need to repair the vehicles parts which are costly. I've had it for a while but it has always given me problems.

- Michael C

Small backseat - even feels small for me to be putting my son in the backseat

Back seat is to small- you feel cramped up and has same mechanical issues that many complain about online. The very back is very roomy is a plus

- Laura S

My blazer looks badass lol

I like the color and how it makes me feel safer than other vehicles I've owned. I like the radio and how you can fit large items in the vehicle.

- Stephanie P

I like the fact that my car is grey

I love my vehicle. It is beautiful clean and runs well. The air works but the heat is decent. I think it runs quite well for a car 13 years old

- Kiara C

It is a very nice car, if your into that type of car.

I don't really have any problems with my car, it is short on mileage but I only make stops here and there when I am traveling a far distance.

- Jessica W

It is sturdy and extremely safe.

Needs cleaning. I make sure that the oil is changed runs great looks good. It is no longer built, so it is harder to find some of the parts.

- Robin S

It has no power but is extremely dependable tons of room and handles great in the snow

It's a gold trailblazer its been reliable but its gutless as heck. It has 110 miles on it. But it hasn't been to. Problematic. At all

- Ricky O

That Chevy is a good manufacturing company, they make good cars

Vehicle very dependable, lost of room from kids and plenty of space to haul big items. Gas is ok. Never had a real major problem.

- Crystel M

It's ok, I've had better . I will not buy another

My left blinker has a short in it, has happened twice, it runs pretty good, does eat a lot of gas, it is roomy and comfortable,

- Trina G

That 4 wheel drives make you able to go everywhere in the snow.

I like the style and the quality of the SUV because I is very reliable to travel far it is transmission is very strong amazing.

- Joselito P

Has a good anti-theft system in it.

Absolutely love this SUV drives run smooth it has not let me down once has power windows power locks and a nice stereo system.

- Sherry C

This vehicle is the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned get yourself one.

None yet I love this vehicle surprisingly I have yet to have any major work needed to be done on the vehicle yet thankfully.

- Steven M

It is a great family car. very spacious and reliable but upkeep is a chore.

I like everything about it besides the issue of it shuttering and the headlight keeps seeming to have problems repeatedly

- Emily h

I really like my car blazer

I really like my car blazer but I would like to buy a more comfortable one with advanced technology to be able to travel

- Larry H

Very expensive vehicle - great customer service at dealerships.

It is not big enough for my family, as it is only a two door blazer, also it needs a lot of cosmetic and interior work.

- Oscar F

Chevrolet Blazer that is a piece of junk

It's a piece of junk. Really slow. The interior is not very nice. The windows roll down very slowly and stick a lot.

- Michael R

Reliable, Dependable Vehicle

My Blazer has been a very reliable and sturdy vehicle. Comfortable ride and handles great off road. It handles well.

- Twila M

Decent, Reliable Vehicle and value for the price.

It's been a reliable vehicle and fairly decent on gas, for a car it's size. The seats are comfortable and roomy.

- Twila M

Upgraded air filter for better gas mileage.

Extremely comfortable seats in front and back, smooth ride, great gas mileage, updated stereo with DVD player.

- Toni C

The get up and safety features.

I love that it has 4 doors. Everything is electric.It is very comfortable can fit all my children comfortably.

- Jessie S

Great Vehicle for daily life

It is an old but very good vehicle with great mileage. Great for long distance travelling and daily commuting

- mohit m

That it is a great car on gas. And it also has great gas mileage.

My vehicle is great. I never have problems with it. And it is also the best car on gas that I have ever had.

- April F

It is a smaller SUV that fits a lot.

The car runs smooth. Sadly it is a bit slow but not that bad just wish for a bit more. Fits a lot of stuff.

- Kurt T

Anniversary edition convertible.

Anniversary edition, convertible very well maintained, stick shift runs great new brakes, radiator and ac.

- Renee M

I think it's very good the thing about people is good

I think it's reply good and it helps everyone here understand it and also bring light upon the situation

- Christian C

I love the body style and have much space it has

It runs very nice but it is starting to have some issues. The electric part of the vehicle is acting up

- Stephanie D

very reliable and comfortable

vehicle is reliable and comfortable. able to use it to get to and from work. a small family fits inside

- michael t

Nothing else it's very stable and dependable and I enjoy driving if

I really like how powerful the engine is.. I also really like the red color. Nothing I dislike about it

- Phillippa S

It could be better. It's a used car that breaks down a lot.

I like that it gets me where I need to be. I dislike that it breaks down and needs repairs constantly.

- Mariah S

chevrolet blazer black roomy

mine is a good vehicle. i have had no problems so far with it. i like room it has. it holds my kids.

- teresa t

It is affordable and meets all the things i need to do in my life.

It is a reliable vehicle that gets good gas mileage and basically provides all the needs I require.

- Samantha W

It's awesome and try it ..you'll fell in love...cheap and cost effective cat

Oi love my chevrolet and love its look and feel...there is nothing i dislike about my car

- Veena D

My SUV is the lost dependable vehicle out there and the 3rd row seating.

I love that it has three seats and lots of room for all the family and kids

- Kathy P

It's always messing up and needs work done on it. There's a lot of miles on it.

It's always having problems. Not enough space. I like the color.

- Katelyn S

Reliability, Longevity and comfort. It's a vehicle that will keep you driving for years

It drives well. My mechanic thinks it's a good vehicle for me.

- Stephanie R

That it's easy to maintain. Parts are day to get and relatively easy to work on

Fuel efficient. Handles well. Drives smoothly. Easy to maintain

- Charles B

Best car I've ever owned.

Like the mileage and handling of the vehicle. No complaints.

- Harry C

We keep it well maintained

Love everything about it! Great in winter weather.

- Virginia G

the safety and the predictability

beautiful and Amazing car gets everything done

- Abdul C