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It's Electric. I pay less than $30/month in added electricity to run my car.

It's electric. That's super awesome, not paying for gas. The range is good, I never have range anxiety. The seats need improvement, as does the infotainment system. The car can be naggy, and makes assumptions about what I want (like automatically turning the radio on). The are also less than ideal, though I'm not sure what the path forward is. Stuff always ends up bunched on the left side of the windshield near the center of my vision.

- Mark H

No more gas stations! Easy to maintain - no oil changes, radiator overheats, etc. And with regenerative braking, very little brake work. Just rotate the tires.

I like a full electric vehicle like the Bolt. It has great range. And I don't miss gas stations! The seats are comfortable. There is enough head and leg room so that it doesn't feel like a small car. Passengers in the back are not cramped. There is plenty of cargo space. It runs very quietly and cleanly - no gross exhaust fumes. Maintenance is very easy. My only complaint is that there is no CD player.

- Shane R

No worries about distance and never worry about gas prices again.

I love the convenience of being able to drive without ever having to worry about buying gas. By charging overnight and pairing with my solar panels, my coat of ownership is minimal and my electric bill has actuaLly dropped, thanks to time of use billing. The range is amazing and the power impressive. I'm in love.

- Greg T

Great sporty reliable rude.

Comfortable, looks nice, easy to drive, like that I do not have to get gas. Many great features. It reliable and handles well in the snow. The sears are comfortable, and there is a lot of legroom for backseat passengers. The trunk is a good size, and the back seats can be folded to provide more room for cargo.

- Anne M

Bolt ev- fun, economical and easy.

We love our bolt ev. We've only had it a few months, but it is fun to drive, easy to charge and has a range that works for us and how we live. Almost zero maintenance and with one pedal driving you almost never have to touch the brakes. It is a crazy thing and took a little bit to get used to, but it is great.

- Mary C

The car is electric and does not add to climate change.

I leased a 2017 CHEVY BOLT because I wanted an electric car. The car performs well. I like the fact that it has a heated steering wheel. Since I live in a home with solar panels and use an outside outlet to plug in the car, it barely, costs anything in charges. However, there is no room for a spare tire.

- Barbara F

This is a great electric vehicle.

As an all electric car it accelerates smoothly, and quickly. It is well constructed and maintenance free. Only thing I have done in nearly 2 years is put air in the tires and windshield washer fluid in. The hatch back design is very practical - with the back seats down there is significant cargo space.

- Lorin S

Great little car for daily use!

The car is an awesome size, goes far, and fits plenty of people/stuff comfortably! I love the range and availability of Chargers where I live, as well as the speed of charging. The car drives well, handles well in snow and rain, and looks nice. Overall great vehicle!

- Elizabeth F

Electric vehicles are cool and reliable.

It's a great car. Lots of "zip". I can do a 200 mile trip without having to charge. I no longer pay attention to the price of gas! The batteries lose their charge faster in cold weather and it takes a lot of "juice" to run the A/C or defrost.

- Nancy S

it's all electric with a good range

I love my Chevy Bolt. I love that it's all electric and quiet. It also has a lot of power and is very responsive. It's comfortable on long road trips and can be charged fairly quickly at fast charging stations. So the car is very versatile.

- jeff s

All-electric vehicle like a Tesla but half the price and about the same mileage.

Love that it's an all-electric vehicle. I have a 100 mile commute every day and the the Bolt saves me tons of money on gas. I get free charging at work so I essentially commute for free, and it's environmentally friendly.

- Marie N

Kiss Auto Maintenance and Gasoline Goodbye

The lack of maintenance was the number one reason for buying an EV. Not having to buy gas is a major plus. The availability of fast charging stations is sorely lacking but that will change drastically in the next year.

- Roy E

You generally don't need to worry about running out of energy if you use it like most people. It also has amazing pickup.

I like the fact that as an electric vehicle I'm not required to fill it up with gas. It saves me money on upkeep and of course gas, and charging overnight when rates are low makes it extraordinarily affordable.

- david K

Save money while you drive a quiet, nice-looking car that handles and responds extremely well.

I love the fact that I can charge my car at home. I save so much not having to buy gas for my car. It is easy to drive. It has great horsepower when I need it on the freeway. I really don't have any complaints.

- Mari M

It is the first long range battery electric vehicle not produced by Tesla.

I like that it is a battery electric vehicle and doesn't require gas or much maintenance. It is a very cost effective vehicle in the long term. It is better for the environment than most other vehicles.

- Ben A

This car is amazing. It is powerful for it to be electric, efficient, stylish, and even spacious!

I like this vehicle because it is super efficient. It is a small size yet spacious inside of the vehicle. Since this vehicle is electric, it is also good for the environment.

- Kayla H

All electric car with great range.

This is a great all-electric car, with a range of over 200 miles between charges. The all-around camera is what sold us on this car. It makes backing up and parking a breeze!

- Kate J

What is the seat belt is broken but aside from that everything else on the car seems flawless.

It is a reliable vehicle. At time I fell it could be better though. I really enjoy driving around with it at night. All in all it's a very reliable vehicle.

- George S

No gas No smell easy to drive, great pick up and fun to drive and quiet!

Easy to drive and no more gas stations. It has plenty of room. One problem there is a blind spot created by the framing around the windshield.

- Lin s

It is fun to drive and is a great way to save on fuel since electric usually costs less than gas.

No gasoline is fantastic. It has a good range at least 230 miles on a charge. We can go on many day trips without charging until we get home.

- Constance P

very quick acceleration / no oil changes /

I like EV's there's no maintenance , no oil changes , and no smelly gas to pump and acceleration is great and car is very quiet

- tom f

Truck space is bigger than it looks.

Fast and love not going to gas station. Could be more comfortable (seats). It is cute and love how many miles I get per charge.

- Tara L

That it is totally electric.

I like that it requires very little maintenance. I like that it doesn't use any gasoline. I like that it's peppy.

- Mary A

It's an everyday car that can do some awesome things.

To small to carry large items. Love the range and low maintenance. Wish the interior was better and wider.

- Demetrius S

The gas mileage is great for the price.The car is a really affordable option.

It's very affordable.The options for it is great.The car has really great gas mileage for the price.

- Jack J

how efficient it is for the charge/battery it has.

good mileage per charge. very simplistic dashboard though - would be nice to have a little more.

- Ann H

It's all electric, so you'll need to account for how to charge the car, and how long it will take. The mileage also varies a lot between summer & winter

Fun to drive, energy efficient, good acceleration, love the android auto setup

- Heather S

Good on gas. East to drive and park. Like the design.

You will like the Gas mileage. It is easy to drive.

- Carole P