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Ride or die my car best friend.

My car is great. It is 18 years old but it still runs really well. It is original owner bought it brand new and drove it for a year so it sat for 15 before I purchased it. It is only issue is it is oil leaks but other than that it is still a great car. Some of the interior pieces have broken off but nothing that affects the performance of the car. It is very low to the ground so beware of that. It was having issues accelerating a little while ago, but it seems like the issue has gone away. It does not work well in the snow and probably is not the safest in the case of car accidents, but in optimal conditions it is a good car.

- Haley G

The sporty car is a great vehicle for the cost.

The car body style is small and sporty. It comes with T-tops which is an excellent visual to the car, their great in the summer. It rides smoothly and handles like a champ. It gets good gas even though its a sports car. The car is exceptionally fast if you care to drive it that aggressively. It is a 4 passenger vehicle however it really only seats 2 comfortably. If your looking for a roomy car or one for the family this is definitely not the car to purchase.

- Wendy L

I absolutely love the top model.

The outside of the car still looks perfect but the floor pans have rusted completely out. If you are not a mechanic this could cause you great difficulty and costly repairs. V-6 still runs great but had to have the transmission rebuilt at the cost of $1,000 and that was the cheapest route. Hard to drive in the winter because it does not leave a standstill slow so a lot of slipping and sliding just to get moving.

- William F

Jim's awesome Camaro review. !

I love my Camaro it's very comfortable, reliable, very fast, and it is the best purchase of my life. I haven't had to put it in the shop. don't have any leaks for being 18 years old I wouldn't trade it for the world. The only problems I have had would be the technology at the time wasn't where I would of wanted it. I wish there was a way to upgrade would be so awesome.

- Jim B

Sporty but comfortable transportation.

I love my car. I have had very few problems with it. When it was about a year old I did have issues with the driver's side window. The motor had to be replaced I think and I had one other problem later when the catalytic converter had to be replaced. It drives nicely and is very comfortable for a car of its size.

- Laurie H

Nice ride great functioning convertible top easy op keep.

Smooth ride and the convertible top works great. The pickup is very nice for a V6 engine. Sits low to the ground so people with back or leg trouble will have trouble getting in and out. The bad is the turn signal bulbs need to be replaced every couple months. They keep blowing.

- Derek R

2000 Chevy camaro: color: silver.

It is reliable and I haven't had any major issues with the car. It is almost 20 years old and still running. I have done routine maintenance and the car is still performing well. I like the way it handles and drives. It is not too bad as far as gas mileage goes.

- Brittany D

The car has excellent gas mileage.

Runs great, reliable, easy to ride, seats comfortable, not a lot of leg run though, drives smooth, easy in gas, transmission is great, motor is great, does use a lot of tires, shifts good, not comfortable with more than two people, kids do not fit good in back.

- Tabatha D

Use metal not plastic, feel safer.

I like the old metal not this new plastic stuff on cars that do not keep you safe at all. Very comfortable but not family orientated, need more space vehicle, Chevys seem to have gasket problems a lot. But all around love the car favorite car is a Camaro.

- Amanda L

Runs like a scalded dog and never giving rid of it.

I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car I do not want to sell this car.

- Amber M

Without a doubt, the Best Bang for the Buck!

Exceptional performance for the money!! Very reliable, comfortable and with an abundance of features considering its price was less than half of other vehicles with similar performance.

- Arthur l

It drives like a dream and it is comfortable.

I have no real problems with my car. Only problem is the carburetor problem. The T-tops leaks and I am having problems finding weather-stripping for the t tops.

- Karen S

It's a sportier car and sometimes hard to get into.

Its an older car I like it but want to trade it in for a new or newer car. Before my car gets in bad shape and starts breaking down.

- Sheila H

The gas mileage is still pretty good.

Even 27 years old this car is still amazing. It can get up and run! It gets really good gas mileage for an old hot rod!

- Anne C

Camaro chic live them or leave them.

It head issues with electoral system but it performs for otherwise and ice lived Camaros since I was little.

- Tabatha G

Compared to other sports cars It's not to much money to upkeep

Like it because it's sporty, but I would rather have a 4x4 truck or suv because I like off road capability

- Michael H

The chairs are raised!!!!

My vehicle is very nice, and it is very comfortable. I like how the chairs are raised I love my car

- Marie J

A camaro is fun to drive and I once you have one you will never want anything else.

Love the engine, the handling, the look! Don't like that the upkeep is expensive.

- Anne P

Its fast. It gets good gas mileage. Its low maintenance

Love it ! Its beautiful and has been a great car. I have no complaints.

- Sharon L

It is a nice car, it is fast, has a nice V8 engine it is a convertible car.

I like the V8 engine. I like the convertible. I like the sound.

- Nikos U