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It is not a family car. It is very difficult the older you get getting in and out of the car.

It is very good in gas. Having problems with the turn single lights though. They have stopped blinking though the light still comes on however it does not flash. My windows has fell threw and had to be replaced as well and the passenger window doesn't roll down now. Over all I've had cat since 2002 it's been a good car. Just need the fuel pump replaced.

- Amanda P

2002 Camaro is a great modern day classic.

My Camaro is amazing. I've always liked to be the fastest. I am really lucky that this model was available for the price I paid. The paint seems to be magic as its never had a scratch. 2002 Chevy Camaro are great on gas as well. I drive across state twice a week and the only repair I have to make was replace the brake pads.

- Sarah F

Fun summer car. Reliable. I have only 82k miles on my 2002.

Hard to get in and out with my arthritis. Difficult to work on. Expensive repairs. It's a fun car. Love the t tops in the summer. Its fast. Generally reliable. Tough to drive in the snow though. It is hard to judge as far as parallel parking. You cant see where the front or back is when parking.

- Annie L

That it is very enjoyable to drive. It has a nice solid feel when cruising on the open road.

Likes: It's a very nice looking car. It is sporty. It has removable sunroof panels. It has a powerful engine that give snappy acceleration. It drives very smoothly. Dislikes: Wind noise at top-right corner of windshield. A little gear noise in differential. Numerous squeaks around T-top seals.

- Robert M

Everything is fine with my car I have no problem with my car.

None I don't know have problems with my car and I think it drive fine and is in excellent condition for me I don't need a car now I just bought this 1 month ago you really want me to quit this survey I don't have anymore to say my car is just excellent thank you for asking goodbye.

- Teresa W

Beautiful, reliable car, that will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

I love my camera! It's very reliable. Even though its almost 20 years old it runs like a dream, and I have only had to do minor repairs and regular maintenance for it. Overall, Chevrolet is a very reliable brand, and the camera model has by far always been my favorite.

- Patricia W

Performance, ride, & shine.

It is very nice looking. I often receive compliments on it. Every so often I am approached by someone asking me if I would be interested in selling it. The car is very enjoyable to drive out on the open road or the interstate. Not so much in stop and go traffic.

- Robert M

Problems after time and not simple ones.

Camaro is general have electrical issues after a couple of years and it is the whole system from brake lights to windows and it sounds easy to fix but it is not at all. So I would not buy a Camaro I would lease it and have it for a while then trade it in.

- Tabatha G

The vehicle is very comfortable. Great for a small family.

Engine lights always shows up the lack of power the ac has. Speed for the vehicle slows down at times. The seats are very comfortable. Takes you from destination a & b. Good casual vehicle for a everyday use for a small family vehicle at its finest.

- Carmelo B

It only has the v6 but I still enjoy it.

It has the t top which really is incredible. It is a nice red color, which is perfect for a sports car. Of course it is a Chevy, and you cannot go wrong with a bowtie. It needs a little bit of work, but I will get it there some time.

- Dylan T

My car handles well, gets good gas mileage, is fun to drive and looks good.

I like the exterior appearance. The car handles well. The car does not drive well in the snow unless the standard tires are replaced with narrower winter tires.

- Lisa C

It's a great choice, my job is far away and it never left me Its always running.

Very reliable and I have had it for many years, I am currently going to switch cars but just because I am treating myself and passing the car down.

- Sue M

It's unique like me, feels personal and is a perfect fit for my needs

It's small like me and easy to drive. Handles great, and gets decent gas mileage. Wish parts weren't so hard to find to replace.

- Kim L

It is very comfortable and safe, and should be considered by everyone seeking a smaller car.

I like the comfort of the seats. I also like how easy it is to get in and out of. It's pretty durable.

- Kevin W

2002 Chevy camaro sport car built to last

2002 camaro comfortable sports car ,reliable economical built to last , 4 seats with leather interior

- Oralia G

It's fast and powerful, fun and exciting. It is an amazing car and i love it.

I like it for its appearance, sexy lines, fast and powerful engine and how much fun it is to drive

- Sean F

That It's a cool sports car

I love the power it has, but since it's so old it falls apart. Plus, no a/c...

- Kathryn G

My car may break down when traveling long distances.

I like the fuel efficiency but I absolutely hate the high repair cost.

- james A

If you happen to get the model with the t-bar roof, They tend to leak after time

I love the color, I love the pick up, I dislike how long the nose is

- Anthony c

Fast so fast. Don't challenge me to a race

It is fast and drives like a dream. No complaints. Very happy

- Tamara S

it works,wish i could afford a better car,at least i can get to work

too old,It's gets me to work and around town to do errands

- annette t

It's a ver practice car even though it's a two door

Love the performance. The build quality is not very good

- Cody M