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2011 Chevy Camaro Opinion.

The Chevy Camaro is a great vehicle in my honest opinion. I have had it for over 3 years now, and I have not had a single problem with it yet. I realized I care more about comfort than performance, so I do not think I would buy another Camaro, or sports car, simply due to its size. The front row is somewhat comfortable, but it sits very low to the ground, so it makes it somewhat difficult to see the road under the driver. The back seats have hardly any room, so if you are going out with others, it will be uncomfortable. I am 6'2, and whenever I sit in the back seat of my Camaro, I have to duck my head to the side because the roof is so low. Performance wise, the vehicle is great. Runs smooth, has plenty pick up, and as long as you keep up the maintenance, it will run for many years.

- Carlos s

I love the way my Camaro drives!!

Camaro is marvelous! No problems as of yet; very reliable and dependable. Comfortable seating in driver and front passenger seats. Comfort in the backseat is a drawback, since the foot room is limited. This car wouldn't be ideal for a family of more than 3. It's fun to drive and easy to maneuver. Love the turn by turn navigation in driver console, would like a more up to date streaming option. When Bluetooth is hooked up I'd like to connect more than just calls. Ideally I'd like to be able to stream Pandora and other apps. I am sure this could be done if I upgraded my center radio console, but wonder why this does not come standard in our day and age. Either way this is not a deal breaker, I love my Camaro!

- Rachel D

Honest review from a car guy.

Comfort is good for a small vehicle though if you are tall do not plan on people sitting in the back seat. The aesthetic is very appealing and color options are great. Only problem I have with the car is 1. The afm/dod components are a flawed design I can understand why they fail, GMC could have done a better job. 2. Like most gm vehicles, which I am use to by now, changing spark plugs on the passenger side is a pain because the little room offered. For the size and tight fit of the entire car it is hard to believe it weighs so much.

- Toby R

It has a lot of power, I find myself speeding all the time.

I bought my car 2 months ago from a used car dealer. I really love the look of my car and the power it has. I thought that it might get bad gas mileage but it gets better gas mileage than my truck so I am happy with that. I don't like a couple of minor things, such as there really is not a good place to put your phone and you can't change the color of the radio, or a least I haven't been able to figure it out yet. Overall, I love my new car, wished I would have bought one sooner.

- Wendi A

The trunk is really big! Get tones of complements.

I really love that the camaro fits me and all my friends, and family. I was really worried that the car would be to manly for a girl but its not. Lots of people ask me about my car and give me loads of complements. The only thing i hate about the car is the sun visors don't cover the sun. They are really tiny and cute but it really sucks when the sun is in your face. Im not sure if its because I'm really short or what the deal is with those things.

- Sam M

You can control the stereo from steering wheel.

I really love my car. There are some things I would like to upgrade on the Camaro. I am looking to purchase new rims. A new front fender. I would like to add some detail to the hood of the car for originality. The only thing that I would consider a "problem" is that there is not much room in the back for anyone to sit as there is not enough leg room for anyone over the age of 4. Unless the driver of the car is short.

- Katie R

Favorite vehicle ever. Fun to drive. Great control while driving.

I love the control I have while turning the steering wheel. I feel very safe in the entire car. The look and quality of the entire car is great and I couldn't ask for more. The car does have down sides like the blind spots, everyone is always saying Camaros have blind spots. Also, the passenger airbag sensor is an issue for lots of people, mine will go on and off randomly even if someone is sitting still the whole time.

- Kayla E

Camaro beautiful muscle car gives me enjoyment and excitement in my ride.

I enjoy driving my camaro, its beauty and power are keys to enjoying the ride. At first I had to get used to the way the side and rear windows were, but now it is just a normal thing for me. I have always keep my car in good maintenance with my local dealership doing routine oil changes and inspections when my car was due for such changes. This is a fine car and I would highly recommended it.

- Leonard L

Chevrolet Camaro: More than just a Sports Car.

My Camarillo is like a friend. It's a car that people notice. It's sporty, yet reliable. I've experienced no problems with this car. I have OnStar, Sirius Radio, and backup camera. I've been highly satisfied with the gas mileage. It's like driving a dream. The acceleration is amazing. The cruise control is one of my favorite features (especially when driving on the interstate).

- Jenifer D

Ss Chevy camaro convertible.

My Chevy ss camaro is super fast. 0-60 in seconds. Having a convertible is awesome I love to feel the wind in my hair in the summertime when I like to drive with the top down. The bucket front seats are super comfy but the back seat is a little tight. My camaro is candy apple red with a black convertible top and black leather interior. The color combination looks sharp . .

- Tana N

The front end sticks out more than most cars. You need to be aware of that or you'll bang the front bumper by going too close.

I love how it drives, the performance, looks and color. I like the heads up display to see how fast I'm driving. I don't like that doesn't have a built in NAV system. I really don't like the safety recall where they will switch out my key/remote with a separate key as there's going to be an open space on the existing remote. They should give us new remotes.

- Debbie B

I absolutely love this vehicle. For the model style, it is incredible.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I bought a 2011 Chevy Camaro ls and I could not be happier for the model. The vehicle is very sturdy as I have been using it as a daily driver. I have not experienced severe mechanical problems and it is easy to maintain. The only issue I have ever encountered with the vehicle is that the thermostat started to stick.

- Heather L

A 2 door car but still a comfortable car.

Well I love my car, it is a 6 speed manual transmission even though it is a v6 engine, it still powerful. Even though it is a muscle car it drives so smooth, I can be going 100 miles per hour and it doesn't even feel that way, the only thing I kind of don't like its the radio which I think it is to basic, but other than that everything is good.

- Christian P

What I like and dislikes about my car.

The camaro is considered a sport car, buy is easy to drive smooth and a fun car: it has the check engine light on and they cannot find the problem: it has a sunroof: Bluetooth: is the rally sport v6 but it has power. The seats are very comfortable, it fits 4 people. The trunk is small hard to fit big things.

- Mary T

Great car great performance.

My Camaro is reliable, performance is great it continues every day starts up and does not give me any problems. The only complaint I will have with my car is that the blind spots on it are very noticeable if I am not paying attention to my surroundings the car does not help by giving me vision.

- Miguel O

My super fast red Camaro ss.

My car is a ss Camaro. It drives and rides great. There are so many options to enhance its performance. The convertible top is electric and easy to operate. The rims are beautiful. I have an automatic with the manual shift option as well. There is enough room for our family of three.

- Melissa T

The car has a great, sturdy transmission that delivers the car's power well.

None. Tires are expensive and it takes a lot of oil but there are no mechanical issues. My main complaint is the driver position which feels low and restricts visibility. This is compounded by the a and b pillar size which create blind spots. The length of the car is also deceiving.

- Wes P

Very limited vision in Camaro.

The Camaro is a beautiful car, comfortable ride even if driving long distance, has a reasonable gas mileage. Visibility is extremely limited in this car has a lot of blind spots must be very aware of your surroundings when driving. Not ideal for bad weather both rain or snow.

- Cassandra M

I love that it has a strip going down it to make it unique.

My car is my baby. It drive fast and looks nice. Its runs great. I always keep my normal services things up so haven't had to deal with big issues. I did have to do a tune up but that was because of the age of my car. I believe if you take care of it. Performance it's great.

- Patricia D

Camaro ss the color and originality.

The performance is amazing. I love how this car gets up and goes. Only downside really is it is hard to see out the back windows cause they're so little drives smooth. It is a gas guzzler though. Love the vehicle power and the handling of the roads. I would recommend.

- Carol W

Fast loud car that is usable on the day to day basis.

The car is a great car, I love the sound. The seats are ok in comfort standard, yet it needs more basic features in the standard package. It is not prone to mechanical issues as long as you are using it properly. Overall, a 4/5(due to the comfort comment).

- L B

Unless you have the money to keep it up, do not get it.

I like my car but there are a lot of good and bad things about it! There are blind spots since the car is so low, and I am always getting a recall on it. I do not like that the body of the car is made so cheap! And to only be a v6 it takes a lot of gas.

- Cheyenne Y

Heads up display and interior night lighting look great.

Extremely reliable car. I have not had any maintenance issues at all with the car in the 8 years I have owned it. Brakes and tires are expensive but should always pay for factory brake pads, some generic ones will squeal. Full synthetic oil changes.

- Stephen B

Overall it is a good car just needs some minor adjustments.

Performance is great and it never skips a beat but the only thing I dislike that is a problem is the windows, and the interior space. Honestly only for 2 people even though it has back seats, but otherwise good car.

- Kyle G

Comfortable, sporty and easy to drive.

Love the speed, shifting is easy, clutch is easy. Comfortable seats. Handling is great. Stereo is great, loud and clear. Heater works great. All this and I look good driving it. Gets a lot of compliments.

- Tammy Z

It is bright green so I get a lot of complements.

I've had no problems and have had it for about 5 years. I rides good and is good on gas. It is very comfortable only downfall is it's small so you can't really have but one person in the car with you.

- Tiffany O

It's completely worth spending the extra money on the v8 engine.

I love my car so much. We opted for a non convertible v6 engine versus the v8. This was a regretful decision on our part, but the car still runs well. It was quite expensive which was a downside.

- Tonya E

That there has been no cost for repairs beyond routine maintenance.

I like the look. the performance and handling are great. The front seats are so comfortable, it is like riding in a spaceship. We have had 0 mechanical issues other than routine maintenance.

- Susan S

Green lantern Camaro catches eyes

My Camaro drives amazing! I get tons of compliments on the car. I added Borlas exhausts and they roar! The car is beautiful inside and out. Always gets me where I need to go with no problem

- Cheyenne R

Blind spots are rather big and the car is rather low but it does drive smoothly.

I love my car, it is small but so am I so it is not really a problem for me. There are wide blind spots but this comes with buying a two door car and should be expected.

- Alexis M

My car has many blind spots.

I love the body style of my car. It drives smooth and has never given me any mechanical problems. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is a coupe.

- Javier R

It's amazing to drive, gas mileage isn't bad and it's fun.

I love the power, the comfort, the handling, the general feel and the look. I don't like the shift knob, position of cup holders, no bluetooth.


That it is cool looking and fast.

Its sharp looking. It is fast and has a nice inside. I do not like that it overheats sometimes. Other than that the car is fantastic.

- Peyton T

It is a pretty color. It will go fast.

It has many miles. It is low to the ground. It has a sunroof. It is a pretty color. It has a great sound system. It has an old smell.

- Carrie P

Fun to ride in with lots of speed . Looks like a toy hot wheel for big people!

Like because it's cool looking and sporty. Brings me back to my childhood. Now that I'm older it's very hard to get in and out of.

- Gina B

My car is very reliable! The gas mileage on my car is great!

I love the fact that my car is a convertible. I get pretty good gas mileage on my car. I've had no mechanical issues with my car.

- Jeff D

Camaro is fun to drive and mechanically sound.

Functionally works very well, no issues. There are some blind spots that take some getting used to when driving the vehicle.

- Nick M

Couldn't be happier with my Camaro purchase

I love my Camaro because it has always been my dream car. It has been a reliable source of transportation for many years.

- Josh L

It's a strong car that I really love to drive

It's a very nice car, reliable and dependable we travel around driving it it's very comfortable, my family love it

- Hafida J

The car handles very well. The vehicle is very reliable

Car is very comfortable. I love the front seat area, however there is no room in the backseat and the trunk area.

- Jennifer L

Maintenance will make a car last a long time.

It gets me where I need to go quick. Con. Visibility is limited. It's nice on the outside. I wish it was louder.

- Toby W

It is a Honda, which makes it a very reliable, durable vehicle.

It is old with over 100,000 miles, so I want a new car. I like the power and sportiness. It makes me feel safe.

- Sara Y

It is the best ever made. Very reliable.

I like how sleek and nice it looks and sounds and it drives amazingly but then the gas mileage isn't the best.

- Edward Y

That I like it, it is sporty and fun.

I like that it is a convertible, I like how I feel when I am riding in it. No complaints or dislikes at all.

- Cheryl G

it's a cool car. It's trade in value is good in the long run.

I love my camaro because of Its style and performance. I dislike that it's rusting around the fendor area.

- Kathy B

The best car in the world!

I have no problems with my car, it's very reliable. The gas mileage is great, and I love how fast it goes.

- Chuck H

All the performance you like comfortable and stylish

Sporty and fast Chevy cars are made well in my opinion and look great and made in the USA test dr.1?

- Deb H

Great security system on it and the stereo system along with bluetooth are fantastic.

It's very sporty and I get lots of comments on it. It is very easy to find in parking lots.

- Steven S

That it's the most awesome car on the planet!

It's a beautiful color. It gets attention and compliments. It's fast. I love it!

- Pat J

Love my car and if I had the money I'd buy a newer one.

Although it does have a backseat it is only a 1 or 2 person car.

- Shelly H

Very sporty looking, manual transmission.

Windows are very small, limits the visibility of the driver.

- Tom S

Power or horsepower the car has that's the important thing

I like because is fast , looks sexy and it's very powerful

- Jose A

Sleek design. Fast, and decent on gas for sports car

Awesome wouldn't want another sports car. No dislikes

- Ricky C