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Not bad for a v6 engine. Has lots of power!

For being a v6, this car packs a punch. The handling is great even in rainy conditions. I generally feel safe in this car. It is on the heavy side, so weaving in and out of traffic is not the easiest. But when I need to haul butt, it speeds off quite nicely. The only problem is the blind spot on the passenger side. You will definitely need to look over your shoulder when changing lanes. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians. The side panels on the front window can obstruct the view on the outer portion. Once I learned that I need to rely on more than just the side mirrors, I was more comfortable and confident driving it. If only other people driving other types of cars would pay attention to their blinds spots. But that is a whole different review.

- Jessica G

Missing some of the basic, important features such as working, manual keyholes.

It has been frustrating. Several recalls that I have to pay to fix. No trunk keyhole. Horrible seat motors, went out within a few months of owning. Unsafe blind spots. Battery went dead once, we had locked with chip key. Could not get into hood without opening door so couldn't jump battery. Door wouldn't unlock manually because we had used chip key to lock. There's extra battery things you can use in the trunk, but you also can't get in if battery is dead because there's no keyhole for the trunk. Basically, if you lock your car with the remote and the battery dies.. your only luck is to call a locksmith so you can get into the car to pop the hood.

- Christina R

I would say it is fast, smooth, amazing car for a couple with no kids.

My car is beautiful. She runs very smooth. I keep up with oil changes and filters. She is fast and very reliable. I've had this vehicle for almost four years now and it has not had any major issues. My car cleans up nice and the seats and carpet are easy to clean. I have a lot of room up from. This car is not made for a family. There is barely any backseat to it. The only other thing that is a downfall for this vehicle is the fact that the front tires are one size and the back tires are bigger. So you can't rotate them. You have to buy all new when the time comes to get tires.

- Casey G

Fun, reliable, comfortable, and affordable!

My 2013 Chevy camaro ls is a special limited edition. I love my camaro. I have had two no fault accidents and neither of those totaled my car. But the crash rating is spectacular. Both incidents totaled the at fault persons car from impact. Even after having my vehicle fixed I never experienced any issues. Bucket seats cradle you nicely and provide great comfort. I found the vehicle to be very reliable and also fun to drive. It was definitely one of the best cars I have ever had in terms of safety, affordability, comfort, experience. I would definitely buy again!

- Brooklyn H

Silver 2013 Chevrolet Camaro LT

My 2013 Chevrolet Camaro was a great purchase. I have little to no complaints with it. The touch screen radio, Bluetooth functions, and hands free calling are a huge bonus. Also, I love the sporty vibes and the sunroof. This car will go very fast, very quick. It is 'middle of the road' on gas mileage. I have the silver color and it has stayed beautiful and shiny. Very safe car and has held up wonderfully. If I had one concern at all, it would be mild- medium visibility at times because of the smaller windows/ high hood. All around great car.

- Emily S

Chevy- performance and style and reliable!

Beautiful car, performance is great, no problems as of yet. Comfort somewhat of an issue, a little bit hard getting in and out of, but, I have arthritis. Driving this car is smooth, very reliable. For a sport car it is roomy inside and the trunk is rather large. The seats are large and comfortable. All the features this car has is rather a lot, sirius radio, on-star, never know when one might have an emergency. I love the ride, looks and style not to mention the performance and mostly how reliable it is.

- Cindy M

The blind spots. For better or worse, everyone should be aware of the massive blind spots. If you cannot work with them, then you should not get them. It is a liability for everyone on the road.

I really loved my camaro. I had a smooth ride and look awesome. The engine was quiet and the speakers are loud. I felt like I was in a rocketship the first time I got in at the dealership. I only disliked the massive blind spots. While I never got into an accident, it was a pain to have to adjust to that all the time. Some would say they dislike how small it is inside but traveling to a from school with stuff in it I managed to make the most of it.

- Dylan G

Love my camaro bumblebee.

I love the acceleration speed. Has ample cargo/trunk space for my needs, which includes going to craft fairs and hauling around 5ft tables. I love the feel of driving the car and enjoy the envious looks from others. It is a sports car so it does not have a smooth riding suspension that might be more expected from sedans. Rear seating is a problem and not comfortable for adults, but can be done.

- Chris K

my dream car, I call in the hot granny car since I have the coolest car

This car runs smooth and takes curves at 75 miles an hour like it's on rails. It only has a 6 cylinder in it but I have never seen performance like this in any other car. I would be afraid to drive it if it had a bigger engine. It get great gas mileage. The interior is black on black with tinted window. It is manual and automatic so be responsible during week and play on the weekends


The 2013 Camaro is a very sleek and comfortable ride.

My Chevrolet Camaro is a great car. I have driven it every day since getting it in 2013. It rides smoothly to be so low to the ground. For a car of its size, it is very comfortable and I always enjoy riding in it. The only real complaint I have with this vehicle is the size of the windshield. It is very small and can make it tough to drive when weather conditions are not good.

- Harrison H

It is lean mean and fast.

It is an awesome sporty six speed, full of power but easy to handle. The seat hugs my body making me feel supported the shifter fits my little hand. The ride is as smooth as Tennessee whiskey.It has a beautiful orange paint with a beautiful black racing stripe. I am so happy with my car and I feel very connected to my vehicle. I really love my Chevy camaro.

- Rhonda S

Has good power for a 6 cylinder engine.

The only problem I have had with my car is that I need a new clutch put in. The gas mileage is pretty good especially on long trips compared to city driving, where there is a lot of stop and go traffic. The power when taking off is really good. It has a 6 cylinder engine. The body shape is nice and aerodynamic. The trunk space is not bad at all.

- James D

The touch screen inside is a blessing, it makes everything so much easier.

I drive a dark grey camaro RS and it is very comfortable, reliable and spacious for a sports car. Although it is pretty wide for a car which can make it difficult sometimes in narrower areas. I added an aftermarket exhaust and I am in love, the sound is beautiful and is definitely worth it. Also, for a V6 engine it can move pretty good.

- Peyton C

A Camaro it a really nice car to go out. With no mechanical problems.

I love my car it is fancy I feel real comfortable driving it, for now I do not any problems with it. If you have kids I do not recommend buying a Camaro it is really small on the back seats. And one more it is that it does not spends too much gas. I really enjoy driving it everyday to work always have positive compliments.

- Ana G

2013 Camaro still working

I love the Camaro. I purchased it in 2012 and I haven't regretted it since. The car is fast, but it also doesn't seem like you're going that fast when you're driving it. I can be truly say that the car is not a gas guzzler and you hardly have to put the car in the shop (except for routine maintenance). Overall a great buy

- Danielle M

Fun, sporty and reliable: beautiful performance vehicle.

Fast with great handling and a surprising smooth ride, it comes with interior lighting package heated leather seat. Problem is that the engine and all its features are electrical making the car delicate. Besides that the amenities are much more than you think you would get with a muscle car. This Camaro is my dream car.

- Arla D

My favorite thing about my car is the beautiful red color and leather seats.

I absolutely love my Camaro. I bought it used from a lot with 32, 000 miles and it was 2 or 3 years old at the time. I love the leather seats and the seat warmer option. My car is red and I always get compliments on the color. I added black racing stripes and it looks amazing. I use my car more for a luxury than speed.

- Missy A

Fun but efficient easy to drive quick and responsive.

No issues so far very responsive and very quick, just have kept up general maintenance fun to drive and easy to handle only minor issue is have to be a bit more careful in the winter do to rear wheel drive but overall good, I get 25 mpg with the small v8 and 0 to 60 in about 5 seconds, power is there if needed.

- David W

Camaro reliability and attractiveness.

The car has been very reliable over the years. I haven't had any real problems with the car besides faulty lights but those were custom lights anyway. I would say it would be nice to have a car that was higher and do better going over potholes and through flooding. But I love my car and wouldn't change it.

- Gabrielle G

My car is a red, 2 door drop top.

My car is very reliable. I have been taking care of it so it takes me to my destination. It is also a drop top which is a plus. I haven't had any issues with it so far. It is very comfortable for me. If you are taller then 5’6” it probably will not be. The trunk is tiny and the back seat is small.

- Ok H

My White 2013 Chevy Camaro SS

Expensive on gas. Goes through tires quickly. It has a high theft and vandalism rate. It's performance is great. Very reliable and comfortable ride. Standard suspension is a bit sloppy and over steers requires aftermarket upgrades. Body style for this year is very attractive to look at. Eye catching.

- Renee H

The camaro is the best car in the world to have.

As of now my Chevy camaro still running strong and giving me no problems. Gas on the Chevy camaro is good unless your punching the petal. I strongly recommend all Chevy camaro brands. I do not recommend a guy getting the v6 camaro, especially if you want more power get the v8 6.3l or the zl1 package.

- Zachary A

I love my 2013 Chevy Camaro rs & will never part with it!

My Camaro drives exceptionally well. The only thing I hate is those sensors on the tires mine tell me I need air when I get to the tire shop to add air the pressure is normal again. The tire sensors are very sensitive. Mine no longer has the push to start feature but the remote start is wonderful!

- Nita B

I love the handling of my car it actually feels like it hugs the corners.

I love my car it handles great it has a very smooth ride the on thing that is annoying is the height issue I am 5 4 and I feel like I am too short even if I put the seat all the way up I feel like I can see all the time, besides that I love the car I do wish I would have bought all weather tires.

- Tina W

Smooth & sassy sports car.

No problems with neither of my Camaros, very reliable and excellent gas mileage, very comfortable seating & excellent entertainment system, both cars are fully loaded and very affordable pricing! I would recommend the Chevrolet Camaro for anyone interested in purchasing a beautiful sports car!

- Nancy R

Low, sporty, eye catching ride

I love the sleek look of my car that draws so much attention even at 5 years old. It sits low and drives great with new tires! There is not a lot of space in the backseat or trunk but it is a beautiful, fun ride. I would highly recommend the add on of the cameras due to so many blind spots.

- Jackie N

Falling Apart After 5 Years

The passenger door lock doesn't work unless I manually shut it down. The radio touch screen has gone completely out and my drunk is being filled with water every time it rains. My passenger seat tends to get stuck and the switch doesn't work. The driver's side back seat belt stopped working.

- Qui H

This car drives amazingly. It picks up so fast.

It has mainly electrical issues. The screen inside freezes up or won't connect to our phones. Other than that it is a very good care. We get it serviced every month and have always kept up on that. We just get frustrated with the screen because it's important to be able to see that screen.

- Sarah S

The speed and look are my favorite parts of the car.

There is not enough leg room in the care. In the back seat, passengers and drivers side. Also could better design the seat belt to be more comfortable. The gas mile is great. Tire are pricey and seems to go faster than any other car I've had. There are no cup holders for the back seat.

- Danielle H

It is a blast to drive it.

To be honest my cars is just a blast to drive especially since it has more than 400 horsepower. In my opinion if I could buy a new car it would be a newer camaro from the one I have because Camaros are a fun car to drive. I recommend this car because it is reliable and affordable.

- Jesse J

I have never had any major issues with it.

My car is very nice on the inside & out. It goes fast when I need it to & it drives smooth. I always receive compliments on my car. The only thing that can be annoying at times is having to move the seats due to it being a two door vehicle & also not very much room in the trunk.

- Dannye M

The Camaro is a muscle car that can go fast but also it is very durable.

The Camaro is the most reliable car off the Chevrolet lineup. I really like this car because it is advanced in technology. It is very fast & has good tires. The mileage on the car is 200 and it can beat any minivan in a race. It does very well with stopping on the brakes.

- Derek R

Great ride and bigger than you think.

I have loved my camaro since I bought it. Honestly the only problem I have had is the blind spots. I am a shorter person so sometimes it can be challenging. Rides great gas mileage isn't too bad. I have even gotten 2 car seats in the backseat and still been comfortable.

- Cynthia B

One feature is the color. It is a beautiful dark blue with specks of glitter in it.

My vehicle which is a Chevy Camaro runs great, sounds greats, and is fast. The low seats bring great comfort and easy driving. The only problem I have had is with the radio it tends to mess up sometimes but not to often. The trunk is surprisingly big and can hold a lot.

- Brittany M

LOVE MY CAMARO! It's an eye catcher and handles like a dream!

Love my Camaro! Love the way it handles and I get good gas mileage. Never had any problems with it in the past 4 years I've owned it. I get compliments on it all the time! The only negative I have is the driver seat belt bothers my neck & to be care with blind spots.

- Regina Y

All in all great sports car.

It is a great sports car! It just sits a little low and has visibility issues while backing up. Other than that the style of the car is nice and clean. It is a decent sized coupe but the trunk needs some room if that is what you are looking for than pass on this car.

- Mary S

Camaro convertibles looks cool

I love the feeling of a high performance vehicle. It's sporty yet functional. The only downfall is the top leaks when it rain. It has something to do with how it was designed have not been able to find anyone that will fix it. And the water leaks into the rear floor.

- Nicole G

a V6 model with power. It run with the best of them. It�s a reliable vehicle.

I have never had any problems with my vehicle, outside of normal wear and tear. I have had my Camaro for 4 years and never had any mechanical issues. The only thing I don't like it if I travel long distance, I bring a pillow to sit on. Seats aren't that comfortable.

- Terry W

Awesome vehicle for fun and lazy summer days in Michigan

I live my Camaro. It is good on gas. I live the speedometer display on the window. It is a comfortable car for 2 people. The only drawback is that the backseat is a little small. The truck is huge, much bigger than I expected. The sunroof is a fun feature.

- Stephanie S

It is a v6 manual, black paint, black and grey interior, black wheels.

I enjoy my car a lot. It is a manual which sometimes gets annoying when I am driving in places where there is a lot of traffic. But all in all it is a really good car. It gets about 20 miles per gallon and is smooth riding and I do not have many problems with it.

- Casey H

My car is the most expensive car that is owned in my household.

My car is a nice sports car. I like to turn heads when I drive by and my car does exactly that. I have never had any problems out of my car. The inside of my car happens to be just as nice as the outside. The seats provide comfort and allow for many adjustments.

- Sarah B

2013 Chevrolet Camaro convertible.

Vehicle drives very nice. Brakes are noisy after a few days of rain though due to rust on the rotors. I love the color blue ray metallic. In the sun you can see hues of blue purple silvery flake. Beautiful. I get quite a few compliments whenever I go anywhere.

- Christine L

Loving this car has been way too easy.

2013 Camaros have the best bodies! I have had two accidents in my four years of owning it, and it has saved my life both times because of how sturdy the under structure is. Gas mileage is pretty decent too, especially for a sport model. Overall, I love my car.

- Jen M

Camaro Black Very Beneficial

There has been currently no problems. It has reached all my needs. This camaro is very comfortable for a small family and provides enough features for my necessities. I believe that for the amount of time that I have had this car it is perfect for the price.

- Celia M

It handles great. Takes turns smoothly.

Love my Camaro. It was a retirement present to myself. It's great looking and fast if I want it to be and it actually gets good gas mileage because it is a v6. I haven't had any major problems yet. My only complaint is the electronics are a little difficult.

- Jeanne V

It is perfect. I just wish there was more space in the back seats.

Just wished there was more space in the back. Either than that, it is perfect. The back seats could use a little more space and maybe even the trunk. The camaro runs smoothly and the gas does not run out as quick. I think people would love driving a camaro.

- Emmanuel S

Its my favorite color which is blue.

My car drives very smoothly, it runs great, I haven't had any trouble with so far, it is good on gas and it's my favorite color witch is blue. I would recommend a Chevrolet Camaro to anyone because they are splendid vehicles and I really love mine. Trevor.

- Trevor H

Camaro, the speakers are very good in the car.

I love my vehicle all around, it is reliable, comfortable, does not have problems if it is serviced when supposed to be. The performance is very good, it is a very quick car if you are looking for something fast. Take care of the car and it will be great.

- Kenneth K

Coolest car I've ever owned!

Has 400 up, cool design looks inside and outside.has sport tuned suspension, 20 inch wheels. Gas mileage on open highway is 24 mpg, but on city, stop and go traffic it's 12mpg. I have to pump high grade gasoline, so it's a little pricey.

- Michael h

It is a powerful car that has turbo and a lot of horsepower. This is important because sports cars are known for this and if anyone would be interested in buying a sports car that is affordable, I would recommend a Chevy Camaro

I like that it is a sports car and it is unique to other affordable sports cars. It is a car that empowers me and makes me feel in control and I enjoy driving it. The only thing that I would change about the car is the lack of leg space.

- Viridiana H

The back seats are not functional for frequent use.

I love the appearance inside and out, good gas mileage, and low maintenance. I dislike the small backseat, but rarely have use for it truly, so not a concern. Willing to sacrifice a backseat for how much I love the rest of the car.

- Nikki J

A Camaro can be a family car! Two rear seats work great with car seats.

I love the look of my car. It has a good amount of horsepower. I can fit my kids in the back and they get a kick out of mommy's muscle car. The only complaint I have is the field of vision for the driver is too small.

- Patricia M

This car make driving in countryside feel like freedom.

Car is awesome, very great safety features and the technology in the car is a bonus. Very sleek look and very fast. Only problem is you’ll get to your destinations too fast while you are cruising.

- Peter G

Camaros are fun but not practical cars

The car is fun to drive but as a base model it is not comfortable to drive. It is also a very boxy with a lot of blind spots. No issues with the actual running of the car although Chevys burn oil.

- Julianna D

Good gas mileage, very reliable.

My Camaro is the best car I have ever driven. It is so reliable, good gas mileage, fast (always a plus) all together if I ever had to get another car, I would go back and get a new Camaro.

- Sydney J

The back seats are very small and not meant for multiple passengers

The radio does not function correctly and it is too low to the ground. The blind spots are very large and I have a hard time with space in the car. Also the back seats are very very small.

- Breyer H

my car although it looks like a race car.. it really is not.

I like my car because It's fast and a bright color. my car gets a lot of attention, positive and negative. I dislike the small trunk space and that the car only seats 2 comfortably.

- Jae M

Chevy Camaro: The car for people who like cars!

This car handles very well. It's a bit heavy for a small car but it reaches top speed very fast. The interior is comfortable and it comes with all the usual amenities.

- Oiram T

My car displays the speed on the windshield.

My vehicle has bad blind spots. I know newer models have sensors on the mirrors to help alleviate this, however my model does not. Other than that i love my car.

- Courtney S

High tech, solid, firm and very fast like bullet down the barrel.

Just nice to drive to any location without any worries of a mechanical breakdown in the city or country, no doubt elegance and security at its best in the usa.

- Jon C

It's an awesome car I believe everyone should have chevy

I like my car because I am a huge fan of chevy cars. And It's a part of my family history, I believe that chevy gets better yearly. just great overall!

- Jhaqueil K

Requires very little maintenance.

I like the smoothness of the car when I drive it. But I do not like how the sensors seem to go off all the time even the though there is not a problem.

- Larry K

The most important thing to me is that my car is reliable.

I like the style, the exterior appearance of my car. It has also proven to be reliable. The one and only dislike would be the size of the trunk.

- Gabriela Z

The car is fast and has a sleek look. The safety features are amazing

The car is amazing and very enjoyable to drive on an adventure or trip. I would recommend this card to anyone especially if you like to cruise.

- Peter G

Should not be driven in damp weather or if you have children.

Very nice looking vehicle to drive. Plenty of engine power. Not good on gas or in wet weather. Does have a very nice sound system standard.

- Amanda B

It's nice and they cant afFord it because its my car.

The car feels very solid it responds well under my feet. Like the appearance, strong. The car is very reliable, no issues since purchased.

- Karen G

It has dual transmission, and they should learn how to use paddle shifters.

Love the ease of acceleration. Don't like the blind spots and lack of back-up camera. It has generous truck space, but puny side mirrors.

- Amanda G

High quality assembly. Well made and runs great.

I finally have a car that I love and enjoy driving. It's fun to drive. Finally get to have a car that I wanted instead of what I needed.

- Robert P

Is a great car all the way around.

I like everything about the Camaro the way it drive the look is stand the sport look and I drive a lot and is a good car on. Gas too.

- Jonathan Z

Great car to drive along the coast of California or a trip to Las Vegas.

No problems great for local trips long trips pack wisely. Hard to see out front for short people. Seats comfortable for long rides.

- Kathy J

If you do not know how to drive a fast car, a Camaro is not for you.

I love it so much. It drives so smoothly and it looks so nice. It is a 2013 but I love it. It is so fast and it is a gas saver.

- William Z

It is a drop top. It works well and gets me from A to B.

My car is reliable. It is small but I like that I can start it before getting in that way it is cool by the time I get inside.

- Stephanie H

Enjoying my Camaro at 50 since I couldn't afford it in my younger years.

I love style, feel and overall comfort of the car. The negative are the blind spots while changing. I would buy another one.

- Wendy S

That it does not use a lot of gas like people think

I like the color of my car. But the one thing I kinda don't like is that It's used. But It's always been the best car for me

- Shane L

Awesome if you want a sporty var

Love the sportiness of the car. Had mileage is decent since it's a V6. Only downside to the car is it has a bad blind spot.

- Richard H

Great performance. Handling capabilities unmatched.

OnStar seems to be sketchy. Bluetooth intermittent problems. Not consistent enough 4 diagnosis. Other than that perfect.

- Jennifer G

That I love it and want to take good care of it. I won't let very many people drive it.

I like that it is fast and pretty. I feel cool when I drive it. The only thing I dislike about it is the blind spots.

- Michelle O

That it has a nice drive to it.

I love it. It is a convertible. It goes fast ok. It is awesome I love it so much. Not sure what else to say about it.

- Melissa D

The car has blind spot when driving.

I love the appearance of the car! However, the car is way too low to the ground and difficult to get in and out of.

- Cynthia M

This car is designed for a single person. Not made for two people to ride in

My vehicle is very sporty. I like the body of the car however if I have a passenger it is uncomfortable to ride in

- kayla w

It's beautiful and fast love driving it be even better is there was an extra seat belt in the back middle

No complaints at all about it, I'm fairly short so getting in and out of it is easy and the trunk is pretty big.

- Carolina C

I like how the car is design and look at.

I like how it drive very smooth and how comfortable the vehicle feels. I like how the car looks on the outside.

- Ernest T

Absolute best in performance with good gas mileage to boot with 6. 2 liter engine.

OnStar is glitchy. Bluetooth goes out intermittently tires are a different size front to back so can not rotate.

- Jennifer G

That it's my pride and joy. It's a very enjoyable cruising car.

This has been my dream car since I was 12. It's a sporty 2 door silver beauty. Its has many special features.

- Angela T

Dependable & outstanding gas mileage.

Like the smooth ride, manual transmission, color and stereo system, gas mileage is great, and overall look.

- Roni D

Chevy camaro... A great car.

My chevy camaro is a great car. It performs well and I have never had any problems, it is very dependable.

- Ryan E

It is absolutely sexy and it is much faster than it looks, I have some mods under the hood.

Only complaint I have is that there are too many blind spots.. otherwise I absolutely love my vehicle

- Will J

It is fast and it handles really good but at the same time you get a luxury feel with good gas mileage!

I love everything about my car. I love the way it handles and the power it has. And it looks good to.

- Tara F

Effortlessly zips, which is bad for law enforcement

One dislike is the price of premium gas. Otherwise, I do love my car. It goes so fast effortlessly

- Flo V

My Camaro is a V6 so it has pretty good gas mileage .

Love the sportiness of the car. Has decent gas mileage. Don't like the blind spot the car has.

- Xantippi L

It goes fast so be careful when driving

Great on gas. Love the design. Hate that doesn't come with spare tire. Limited room inside

- Greg L

The one most important thing is that it's fast, so people should drive carefully.

The mileage could be better. But everything else is great. I love driving it.

- Gary G

Its dependable good mileage. It's a smooth ride such a beauty

My vehicle is a reliable good car. My complaints are the the car is to low.

- Trina F

It's red a six speed. It's fast and fun to drive. Nothing else

It's fast fun to drive. I can't think of anything else

- Patricia N

There's not enough space for 4 people and or to buy large items

I love the model, color and speed and it's reliable

- Cinthya D

My car is in good price.fine

It is comfortable seat. Good mileage. Ok

- Kawaljit p