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This car has all the bells and whistles. Paddle shift, heated seats, XM stereo.

I have had no problems out of this car, it is perfect car for me. You can adjust the seats for my height. The seats are heated and perfect on cold days. It gets good fuel mileage has a great stereo system. It has paddle shifts which I love to use. It has a small backseat so if you have kids this is not the car for you but if like a hot rod style car you will love this one. It has XM stereo which I love. This has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. I would purchase another one. The tires are a little expensive when you have to replace them. The oil change is 100. 00 every time it is due. You have to use synthetic oil.

- Christy H

The large screen in center of the car is the best feature.

The camera is a great stylish car if you are single and are looking for a sports car. The car has a large screen larger than most cars that come with screens. The care is very good on gas about 35 dollars fills the tank up and it last about a week. If I travel out of town it uses less than half the tank. The trunk is very spacious and roomy. The back of the seats is comfortable but there is not that much space or room for feet. It would be a good care for short trips but not long road trips. The car lighting is has very good features looks very luxuries.

- Naomi M

It has a lot of get up and go, it is an SS model with a V8. It corners very nicely, it is as fast as it looks

I love the look and feel of the car overall. It is fast, sleek and a lot of fun to drive. It really cuts corners on curves hugging the road. It is super sporty in both looks and sound. The only thing I don't like is that is has several blind spots on the sides and that the visor is too short to block the sun the way it should. That and the wheels that came from the factory are always black from the brake shoe dust that comes of chevy factory shoes.

- Karen W

Dream car dependable and fast what more could you ask for.

The only real issue is gas mileage. Other than that it drives and handles well. Even throughout the winter months. Also with every sport car it turns every head. It has a 6. 2 and it is six speed. Also it has hill start which is handy for people that are rough on the clutch. I have custom exhaust on mine. So my car sounds amazing. My husband says it is uncomfortable but I disagree. Also I have a injured back and the seats do not bother me.

- Jamie B

2014 Camaro review- overall pleased.

I have had my Camaro for over two years and absolutely love it. I haven't had any issues since I have had it except for one technical issue that has recently occurred. There is something wrong with the radio and its related to the body control module. It has recently started shutting on and off uncontrollably and randomly when driving. Aside from that, I am extremely pleased with my vehicle.

- Andrea A

Trunk. Nice size for individual. Nice performance. Stylish. Large stylish wheels.

Love my 2014 Camaro I do not have not really had any performance issues with this vehicle maybe because this is all that I have driven for 20 years is Camaros, new drivers will have to adjust to the traction since these cars do not have a lot of traction in rain and snow which is probably true of any sports car, love the look and the size could not ask for a better car,

- Evelyn R

Chevrolet Camaro. Do it! You will not regret it!!

My car is a 6 speed manual transmission. Super fun!! Has been very reliable and I love driving it!! Seats four, which is great for me and my kiddos. Anytime I am driving it, I get continuous compliments from so many different people! I taught my 16 year old how to drive in this car and he constantly reminds me that “he is 16 and “needs” a Camaro just like mine”.

- Tamara M

2014 Chevrolet Camaro ss - we love it!!

This car has been great there are non-performance problems. It is very comfortable and has been very reliable. It has Bluetooth and a good stereo. It has a feature that when you open the doors the windows come down just a little and then automatically close when the door is shut. The only feature I wish it had stock is navigation. We use our phone for it now.

- Christina R

Love My 2014 Chevrolet Camaro

2 issues since purchase, the first one the shifter shorted out and the second one is an emissions leak. MPG could be little better but it is a sports car and does do better with higher octane. Excellent performance when it comes to cornering and traction even in the winter with good all season tires on. Would definitely purchase another one.

- Christine R

Chevrolet camera 2014. Poorly made.

Big blind spot. Too low in the front, it scraps the parking blocks. Poorly made car. Radio stop working after 45,000, Chevrolet would not replace because it was out of warranty. I haven't looked at the new cameras, but as a previous camera owner, I won't be purchasing anymore Chevrolet. Poorly made car and Chevrolet would not work with me.

- Gina R

It's very pretty they are small to many people can fit in it.

Vehicle is a fast car motor is very strong only problem is that the key gets stuck due to wiring I bought the car used. I love the car is red its east to get a mark due to the color of car someone hit me in the and its easily damaged my bumper. Insurance is very high on a Camaro due to fast pace it takes off on the highway.

- Denise G

Camaro 2014 ls review for new buyers.

It is very low. I love the look and my seat is comfortable but the visibility and size of the seats for passengers in the back is awful. It performs very well. I added a remote start that is very nice. If you are too tall you may have issues because the lowest seat setting is still odd because the ceiling is so low.

- Edward M

Beautiful fast car.. Gas efficient.

As of now there is no problems with my car. I have reached the 100,000 and it still drives brand new. The speed is amazing. The car is very reliable. The gas mileage is amazing as well 30 bucks for a full tank of gas. What else could you ask for. If you are looking for a sports car, the Camaro is the way to go.

- Daisy R

Sweet ride, you will always have attention in one of these.

No problems! Gorgeous, sweet, fast. Downfall is that there is not all the safety features like the new cars. It does come with a backup camera and onstar. Nice sound system, and you always are the talk when you pull up. Always reliable, fast, good looking. Car insurance can be expensive and gas. I love it!!

- Cathy T

A fantastic car- it even has an ac that can make you shiver.

Even though the car is beginning to age, it is in wonderful shape. The original owner attached an oil change sticker. He even has a book of what and when items were maintenance, updated, and repaired. The steering is balanced, you can take your hands off the wheel and it tracks in a straight line.

- Steve G

On a hot, summer's day, you will have a smile on your face. The a/c works.

All the features of my car work well, even the a/c. The one feature that could be considered negative, is its total mileage, it is over 72, 000 miles. It has very comfortable buckets up front and a roomy back seat. Speaking of 'roomy' loading up the trunk for an extended vacation is no problem.

- Steven G

Affordable Stylish and Reliable

I currently have about 55,000 miles on it. It was purchased new. I have not had any major problems with it. The only thing that has happened is at about 35,000 miles the radio/speakers began to cut out randomly. The car is great, but the service from the dealer has been awful to say the least.

- Chris L

Fast reliable great performance and not so bad on gas either.

Had issues with a switch in auto shifter that went bad cost 600. 00 to repair always take care of little issues and have never been disappointed or stranded not for people who do not like powerful cars comfort is good and regular oil changes are done to keep it in prime condition.

- Tara W

Beautiful, sporty, luxurious.

Absolutely no problems driving in the four years I have had it. I have needed to do standard maintenance upkeep such as fixing the radio/speakers and getting new tires but nothing out of the ordinary. I could not be happier with this car; it is a superb vehicle.

- Trevor W

Its a sports car so its very fast.

The problem I have is that it wastes so much gas it's so crazy and it's been needing the tire check and the oil change. Other than that I love it especially because its my very first car. It's so comfortable for long road trips and it is a very fast car as well.

- Jasmine V

My Camaro is so much fun. It looks good, it rides good, it feels good.

I love my Camaro although there are so many features that after owning it for over 3 years I still do not know how to utilize; it is so sophisticated! It is comfortable and fun to drive. I do wish that I weren't so low to the ground because I am getting older!

- Stacey O

The vehicle gets up to speed very quickly, love it!!

I love the way my Camaro handles when driving on the road especially curvy roads. The style of my vehicle is very nice as well. Now as far as comfort, it is not very comfortable on very long rides nor is there much leg room available in the rear seating.

- Monique W

It is fast and very reliable.

I have always loved Camaros, so when I finally got it 2 years ago it was my dream car and it still is. The visibility through the windows is a little bit limited, but the tradeoff is you get to feel like you are driving some kind of spaceship.

- First Name S

Wouldn't trade this beauty for anything!

I drive a red 2014 Camaro. It's a V6 so I save a little in gas. I've had it for about 4 years now and I love it! I plan to hold on to this one. She's a beauty. I've never had a break down in it. By far my most favorite vehicle of all time.

- Maricruz A

Great muscle car that catches attention.

I love my camaro. It's a great car, and drives really well. The only problem with it is that it's very low so you got to be careful driving on bumps, and also, the doors are really big so you have to be careful coming out of the car.

- Tan L

Love the shape and style of my car.

I really like this car. There are a few issues that drive me crazy though. Your field of vision is very limited and there is only net storage behind one of the seats. The trunk opening also makes it hard to put a stroller in

- Shani C

It's a great car all year. Kept well maintained it will not give you any trouble.

I love the leather heated seats. Stereo system is awesome. Bluetooth phone system is awesome. Dislike air conditioner went out twice. The heating system is great. Love the smooth drive and how well it does on corners.

- Teresa C

The computer does not always relay to the ac to turn on.

I have a 2014 Chevy Camaro. After getting manufacturing problems fixed in the beginning it has been a great car. It handles very well on the road. I feel safe in my car. It has good gas mileage as well. I love it!

- Courtney R

It is a beautiful car that goes as fast as you like.

Not enough tech comes standard. You have to pay extra for the little things such as lights and connecting your back phone the play music. Plus the back seat is very uncomfortable for people. I feel bad sometimes.

- Erics M

It's fun to drive. Get good gas mileage. and I love the fact it's a convertible.

I love the ease to drive. The gas mileage. And the fun factor of driving it. What I don't like: the back seat is TINY. It's difficult to see out the back because of blind spots due to the convertible.

- Jennifer Y

Fun to own and love to experience roads and hills.

I love my Camaro. It gets great gas mileage with a v8 engine. I love the way it handles when driving. It hugs the road when traveling at faster speeds. It is black in color which makes it look sleek.

- Joann M

chevy cam worth the price

bought car new 4 years ago it runs great still real reliable.performs great better than expected brakes will wheel steering no problem I did have starter replace last year but all and all good valeu

- john m

It is very low to the ground but super fun to drive.

I wish there were more visibility and that the backseat were better designed to include another passenger beyond the two in the front seat. My key also has a tendency to get stuck in the ignition.

- Lindsey C

If your looking for a family car or plan on traveling with more than 2 people, you may want to try the back seats first.

I enjoy the performance and handling. For me the interior fits me well, all the controls (A/C, radio) are all within reach. Plenty of trunk space is a plus for trips to the grocery store.

- Sam B

it is a wonderful machine, but it does have some laws.

i love the speed and power that it has. I love the seats and how adjustable they are. I also love the menu that lets me see various mechanical components. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Angelina d

I'm very picky about keeping it clean. I don't even like to drive it in the rain. It still looks and feels brand new.

It's a sleek, mean ride. It growls and has attitude. The only things that I don't like are that I let my hubby talk me out of a sunroof and there are some blind spots throughout the car.

- Marie M

That it very good on gas even if you don't drive it the most wisest.

I brought the car brand new and I have loved it since the that day the ride is wonderful not to much road sound and when you step in the gas you don't have to worry it get up and going.

- Eric S

more for those looking for style and speed

The Camaro is very stylish and the features are nice, but it is not a smooth riding vehicle for it to be such a heavy car. Random fact, it also has very strange windshield wiper speeds.

- Kayla K

Not much room in back seat.

I like the way it looks and drives. It has good horsepower and I get a lot of compliments and questions about it. The only complaint I might have is its hard to see when backing up.

- John P

It is very Reliable, great on the road gas mileage, and looks so stylish with the top down.

Very reliable, great gas mileage, stylish and drives amazing. Never had any engine problems and it is great for vacations without the kids. perfect for that honeymoon type get away!

- Sherry V

My camaro is timeless to me. It connects me to my roots of my family. Hell of a car

I love how free i feel driving my vehicle. My father drag raced his own custom built camaros and mine brings me back to him and growing up. My camaro expresses who i am.

- Katie B

It eats up a lot of gas. That's pretty much the only negative about the car

I like my car because it was my dream car. I like the look of it, and it makes my confidence go up. It's very convenient for someone who doesn't drive people around.

- sandy I

Comfortable seats. Easy drive. Looks really nice. Better than expected gas mileage

I like a lot of the features on my car. It tells me when it's due for an oil change and also when the tires become under inflated. I also love the design of my car

- Evan T

Wonderful, enjoyable. Turns heads.

Reliable, good on gas, sporty roomy comfortable has on OnStar and bake up mirrors. Has cruise control automatic door locks and windshield wipers. Auto door locks.

- Laurie M

I dislike the blind spots, they are really bad. I love how fast it goes even with it being a V6. I love the body style. I dislike that my year doesn't have a backup camera.

The V6 LS camaro is the bottom of the line camaros. It does have bad blind spots, but if you are a cautious driver, yet like to go fast. This is the car for you.

- Samantha C

It is sporty and fun to drive! You will enjoy driving and owning this car!

I love that my car is sporty and fun looking. I like that others admire it. I like the gray color, it is easy to keep clean. The trunk is very small though.

- Shauna Y

When you need new tires, they are extremely expensive.

I love my car because it is sporty and chic. It was a gift to myself after college. I am still able to get kids in without looking like a soccer mom!

- Rosa L

Backseats are cramped, is sporty

It is comfortable, sporty, and fun to drive. It doesn't feel as safe as a Subaru but still feels quite safe. Back seats are a little cramped though.

- Ethan A

It has everything you need in a car.

It is a beautiful car, flashy to drive around. But the key gets stuck in the ignition a little too often. The center console gets mushy in heat too.

- Brooke G

It is very fast with a cam and souped up transmission.

I like that the Camera is fast. It has a quick acceleration but the transmission drags. The biggest problem is it doesn't have enough space.

- James M

Car is hard to drive with all the blind spots that it has.

The car is great but has bad visibility. It is very small. The car also has many blind spots which can make it hard for driver on the road.

- Alison R

It has aftermarket exhaust pipes and a turbo.

I like how fast it goes. I like the look and style of it. I have zero complaints about it. It's a convertible which makes it even better.

- Taylor G

It has more room in it then you would think. It's comfortable to ride in and does well when traveling on vacation.

I love my car. It is reliably and comfortable to travel in. I like the extra features and the space it has in it for a sports car.

- Kayla M

Fun and dependable and sporty car.

The car is fast. Has remote start. Smooth on the road. Looks beautiful. Very dependable. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

- Jamie S

It is a good car all around.

Chevy Camaro zl1 6. 2l 580 hp 3. 6 sec 0-60 12. 0 quarter mile time. Fast car, sound is amazing, sight will take getting used to.

- Lamar C

Rides nice, not a good car for winter months.

To low to the ground, hard to get in and out of. I like how it drives. Do not like how you can feel the grooves in the road.

- Tina C

The blindspot is terrible. Make sure to use all mirrors since blindspot isn't safe

Love it great vehicle with great gas mileage. The only down side for this vehicle is the bad blind spot due to the windows

- Emy S

Keep up the maintenance on the car to ensure optimal performance.

The camaro is a great and fun car that hugs the road and will always be an eye catcher. It is also very stylish and sleek.

- Jessie H

It's a great car that's been very reliable. It's also very comfortable for long trips!

It's a fun and fast car that's been reliable with no problems since I bought it. I love it and would buy another one!

- Pedro D

That it is very dependable and stylish.

Performance, reliability and style. I really do not have any complaints. It has lived up to its name. I love my car.

- Suzanne F

It's safe I've been rear ended and the vehicle had a lot of damage, but you couldn't tell from the outside that it had even been hit.

I love the color and look of my car. I think it's extremely sporty and looks like a beast. I feel safe when driving.

- Linzie C

The car give you a feeling of living a luxurious life in affordable rate.

Its look I like. Its interiors I like. Its comfortable. I don't like its leg space. Its low floor that I don't like.

- Aryan R

This car is very comfortable and has lots of extras

I love the color of my car. I also love all the features that it has, I do wish there were cup holders in the rear.

- Dolores F

my camaro! The way to a man's heart

I have no issues at all. I like the performance and the way it drives.it handles well in all seasons even winter.

- ben s

Nice, comfortable, and slick

It is a good car. It runs smooth, it is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and looks nice and slick.

- Hannah W

My car is very reliable. I has not yet given me any problems, but even though its a V6 gas can get pricey at times.

I like my car a lot. It is very dependable at it drives very well. I like the performance even though its a V6.

- Kevin L

It has a lot of secret compartments.

I like the color the gas mileage, the way it looks the way it handles on the road.. I like the serviceability.

- Brian O

Reliability, performance,and comfort

Well comfort could be better, performance could be better and reliability is actually pretty good on this car

- Jacob W

The car is an excellent car overall.

It is a very fun car to drive but you must keep up the maintenance on the vehicle to ensure it runs properly.

- Jess J

it actually gets decent gas mileage

has bad blind spots in rear windows drives smoothly not enough room to feel comfortable such as head height

- ash c

2014 Chevy Camaro gets decent mileage

It gets decent fuel mileage for a sports car. Does have blind spots. Fun to drive. Nice looking. Runs great

- Rhonda A

It is a lot more powerful than why you anticipate.

I love my Camaro. It is comfortable, fast and reliable. It is just not a great car for expecting mothers.

- Dulce G

They way it handles the curves and drives down the road is phenom.

Love the way it drives! I enjoy driving with the top down. I wish I had heated seats for my lower back.

- Deb T

If you are tall you'll hit your head.

I love it is style, it is sleek but still big. I dislike the lack of room. Visibility is also an issue.

- Edward M

It's a classic car, runs well and it is entirely paid off.

I'm not your typical car guy,. It is a severe gas guzzler. But it is extremely reliable and dependable.

- Julian A

It pretty much a chick magnet car.10/10

it's a great car,its fast has a flat top .its candy paint reds the miles only at 100,000.i love my car.

- julius h

The oil changes are expensive.

Love my car you can is it as a sports car or a family car. It's good on mileage and good horsepower.

- Summer H

It is a stick. So it has a clutch pedal. It is not automatic.

I like everything about it. It is a fast performance car, and is very clean and nice looking.

- Don R

It has a v8 engine, and it is awesome.

I love the red color, it has small pieces of glitter and looks beautiful in the sun.

- Gabby M

They should know that's it good looking.that it's fast

It's stylish and fun to drive..its fast I love it.never had any major problems

- Jeremy C

it has a small back seat and has long doors difficult to open in small areas

i like the look, cost and gas mileage i dislike the room, interior color

- Becky P

It goes fast and it's worth the investment

I love the speed !! The looks of it . And the fact that it is a chevy

- Jamie L

it is fast and easy on gas, not good in the snow because it is rear wheel drive.

like the speed, don't like the back seat, very stylish vehicle

- joanne i

It has a smooth drive .I think I would recommend my car to everyone

It gives us a smooth drive. It is spacious.i love my car

- Sowja P

It's small so if your over 6 foot then you wouldn't like it

Pros It's fast and very affordable. Cons it's too small

- Donte M

That it's a nice and fast car

I don't dislike anything about my vehicle

- Scarlett F