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Camaro SS: Best bang for your buck!

The performance on my Camaro 2SS is amazing! Since it is a 2SS, it is loaded with all of the top features. Android auto is by far my favorite because it takes the features I love about your Android-powered smartphone and puts them directly in my car's dashboard. It displays information on a familiar, easy-to-use interface with cards you can swipe out of the way, legible menus, and large icons. One of the best parts of Android Auto is the Google Maps-powered navigation system, which provides step-by-step directions and automatically finds an alternate route if it detects heavy traffic. It also ports over saved destinations from my phone, so I don't have to manually type in the address for 'Home,' 'Work,' or my favorite watering hole. The software also gives me on-demand access to millions of songs and podcasts, let's me surf the web, and allows me to stay connected via phone calls and messages. Comfort is 8/10 for being a sports car. I love the 'cooling seat' feature for hot summer days. Only drawback I have with the car is the visibility. If Chevy could somehow make that better, than the Camaro SS would be a perfect 10/10 in my book.

- Bryan C

Enjoy the ride! Chevy Camaro is it! Fun, beautiful, fast and safe.

Firstly I absolutely love my 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, it is a beautiful nightfall metallic gray, with black 20' wheels is a sweet ride and it is performance is awesome! It is comfortable to drive with it is heated steering wheel & heated plus cooling seats, and it is v6 engine is quite the go getter, let's just say if I need pass, it is not a problem. Extremely fun to drive. I bought it brand new off the lot a little more than 2 years ago & honestly can say I have not had any issues with it. The only thing that is a little bothersome is the tires are filled with nitrogen & it is not always easy to find places that fill with that near me, I used to make a special trip to the dealer to get them filled if needed, but was told adding regular air you can get for free at some gas stations is perfectly fine, so now that is what I do. So, if your in the market for a new or used car the Chevrolet Camaro is worth a test drive. Enjoy the ride!

- Melissa C

The new Camaro SS will transport you through time and space.

The Camaro is back, and in a big way. Camaro was late to the party following Ford Mustangs lead in bringing their flagship muscle car back from retirement. But it was well worth the wait. The new SS Camaro has just enough body lines reminiscent of the late 60's Camaros to appeal to the nostalgia in most Camaro enthusiasts but brings the modern power train and safety of today's modern vehicles. This blend of old and new is a match made in heaven, and when you step on the gas the 2016 SS Camaro doesn't disappoint. The 450 horsepower V8 does 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds throwing you back into your seat and it almost seems through time as well. The exhilaration I felt from the speed and acceleration took me back to my youth and the 1968 SS Camaro I used to own. It's not just a car it's the fountain of youth and I am drinking deeply.

- Augusta H

The rear view camera is one of the best quality that I've seen

I fell In love with my camaro the moment I saw it and I knew I wouldn't fall out of love with it right after driving it! The overall performance of the car is just awesome. It's really reliable not just as a sports car but also as a family car. It is super comfortable to drive and I love the quality of the reverse camera on it, it's really clear and you can see everything. The only actual down side to it is that it is a tight fit for the back seaters. You can't really stand or stretch your legs but you have a perfect fit where you can still sit normally and relax on a nice smooth ride

- Roberto T

The 2016 Camaro SS, the best of both worlds.

My 2016 Camaro SS provides an amazing balance between power, comfort and reliability. When you step on the gas the LT1 leaves no doubt that raw American power is still alive and well. With 455 horsepower and 455 ft/lbs of torque the camaro will not disappoint when it comes to power. The lt1 gives an amazing sound to work with. Yet, this beast of a car handles like a modern sports car. A car enthusiasts dream. Not too refined, as raw as an American sports car can come. No complaints!

- Clayton H

2016 Chevrolet Camaro so is the best!

I love this car. Its stylish, fast and a real head turner. Interior is the most comfortable of any sports car I have ever owner. Great on fuel. Its may be a v8 but I get mileage like a 4 or 6 cylinder! I have owner it for over 2 years now and have had only a minor issue. Oil changes and tires and a weekly washing. I own the so model. Middle road performance.. But it comes with a 4 cylinder option and a 6 cylinder option too. But if you want the big dog daddy.. The zl1.

- Stacey K

I absolutely, positively, 100% love my camaro.

This is the second camaro I have owned and I feel like I might never drive anything else. It is so much fun. The only issue is the size of the backseat... It is tiny. But luckily it is usually just me in the car alone so I do not have to worry about it. The trunk is actually a decent size. It holds way more than you'd think. It gets pretty good mileage for a sports car and I have never had any issues with my engine. My Camaros have always been very good to me.

- Katie P

Beautiful contour of the body to match a beautiful 6. 2l engine.

The Camaro ss has a fierce look about it and performance to match. They made the 2016 Camaro ss with a all new 8 speed transmission that the technicians do not know too much about so fixing my transmission has been trial and error. The torque converts have defects that warranty covers. The Camaro as gets great gas mileage for a v8 6. 2l engine. The dual exhaust really gives it the sound effects to boost its fierceness!

- Nicole S

2016 Camaro ss: speed with grit.

I have owned this car for going on three years now and I love it. At 455hp, it is got lots of speed and gets off the line quickly. With the dual mode exhaust you can go from quiet Suburban drives to roaring down the highways; and the car handles beautifully in turns and on straightaways. It accommodates my height (6'5) but definitely comes with a drawback in the blind spots that the vehicle has over the shoulders.

- Jarret A

Camaro-More than just a sports car

The ride is smooth and comfortable. Acceleration is even and not jumpy. The car has different modes to drive in different weather conditions. For the type of car it receives fair gas mileage around 22 in town and 28 on the highway. The interior is modern and fashionable and has everything I would need I.e. cup holders, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and the most adjustable seats I have ever had.

- Devon L

Tami’s rest review. A two thumbs up rating.

My vehicle has great smart technology options; it is reliable; excellent performance; very agile; heated leather seats; Bose premium audio system; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; and far more trunk space than expected. One challenge - I have low profile tires and have had two tires get nails in them; because they are low profile they are not able to repair holes in the tire, they must be replaced.

- Tamis C

The amazing Camaro that will take your breath away.

Its unique and really good to have. Works really good all this time. It is very comfortable and easy to work with. I love how it works so fine and smoothly all these years. My family and friends like it too. The engine is working perfectly fine and I can't wait to see what this ride of mine can do for the coming years. I love how its so modern and high tech. I love my Camaro.

- Mark A

Great car if you do not have children.

Awesome vehicle. Great for someone without children. Not much leg room in the back. Problem with the vehicle shaking at high speeds, but was factory corrected. Very reliable. Driving is extremely comfortable. Dash is turned towards the driver. Makes everything within reach. Love the apple car play, multiple engine modes, and the led lighting inside.

- Keena C

The door handle comes off to allow the use of the key which is in the remote

The front seats do not recline, there is no room for passengers in the backseat. When you step out of the car and go to shut the door, the design of the door causes the door to hit the leg upon shutting. There is a good amount of trunk space however to get something to fit through the opening of the trunk will cause seal damage if your not careful

- Stephanie W

Great reliability just requires premium gas.

My car is great. I have a stick shift so I kind of save on gas. The only problem is that it takes premium gas. I drive from Chesapeake to VA beach everyday so I tend to run out of gas within a week and a half. Overall my car has been reliable. There was only one recall. This car should only be meant for two people to ride in it however.

- Annette R

Camaro, great smooth ride with excellent miles per gallon

Great smooth ride with excellent gas mileage. Very comfortable seats. Handles great on highway especially at high speeds through the mountains and curves. Sound system surrounds you inside the vehicle. Multiple hookups for electronic devices for the sound system. Great trunk space with access to back seat that folds down.

- Joshua S

My Camaro: looks good on the outside but not a fan of the inside.

My 2016 Camaro is not as great as the 2015 model. This one is smaller on the inside & harder to see out of. Also, the inside features are different such as the air vents are at the bottom so do not hit you very good. I have had some weird engine/transmission feelings in it but they can never tell what’s wrong with it.

- Carle Z

Looks better than it performs.

The brakes started squeaking 6 months in, and I purchased it new. The car sits very low so for winter when it snows it is not very reliable. When you go to turn, the whole car spins. It does have a snow/ice option, but I do not find that it makes much of a difference. The car is beautiful, but only for summer.

- diana E

The style and look of the car is amazing. Like the feel of it.

The only issue I have is the space inside the car. The car feels too small. In a way it looks cool, but then you feel like you can't carry any big things in the car because of how small it is. The trunk you can barely fit anything. Specially with a baby. Putting a baby on the back seat is really hard.

- Marco D

4 banger sports car that looks good and rides well.

For a 4 cylinder car, with a turbo, it is pretty quick. Handles well. Interior is kinda small but nothing too small. This car is not meant for backseat people. I am 6’4 and no one can sit behind me. But other than that the car is great. Good stereo for a stock one and the color is amazing.

- Richard S

She is fast! From a stop, she really scoots. I call it my Camaro Move when I punch her gas pedal.

I have never loved a vehicle so much! It is fast and comfortable to drive. Only complaint I have is the cord to the trunk light needs to be reconfigured. It pinched in the rubber trunk liner and shorted out. I have to look every time I close the trunk to make sure it isn't pinched.

- Val L

It is very quick, it shifts smooth, and is pretty to look at.

The only negative thing I do not like is the lock on my shifter. Driving slow to save gas it creates a lock preventing you from shifting the second, and automatically makes you go to fourth. Other than that the vehicle runs very well and is decent on gas as far as the engine size goes.

- Elijah R

A nice car with any problems

It's a nice car I did have any problem so far. its one that is reasonably and still equipped with some creature comfort luxuries, such as leather, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, and enough room not just to carry the average family, but to haul all of their stuff too!

- Andrew F

The interior/exterior of this model are beautiful. New body style is amazing.

The only problem I have with my vehicle is the wind noise problem with the weather striping alongside the windows. This problem did not occur until about a year after receiving the car. Upon taking to the dealership to fix, they claimed there was nothing they could do to help.

- Jordan R

Exceptional fast sports car.

We have had for almost 3 years. Nothing to report. No problems so far. We love our car. We have regular maintenance and love take trips. Back seat leg room is not roomy for back seat riders. But not an issue for us at this time. Good on gas mileage and we have the rs model.

- Julia G

I just love my car it is a great car to ow and at a good price.

No problems so far great performance love driving it really comfortable seat 4 and nice toys to play with good gas mileage maintenance free and it looks good on the road it is a high performance muscle car and great sound system to and like I said it looks good on the road.

- Sean J

Love it. Amazing. Useful.

I wanted this car for a long time now. So the fact that I have it, I love it. I don't have any real problems about my car. Like I said the fact that I wanted so bad I overlook the small problems. It's very comfortable. It's a small car but yet has a lot of space for me.

- Jane M

The sporty camaro, night and day rider!

The camera lt rs is an amazing safe car, it does not have the speed as the ss does. Its small and perfect if you are single and love driving solo. Very sporty, nice for out on the town or riding solo. Seats are comfortable, be careful with liquid they do stain easily!

- a B

Looks very sporty (sort of like a Corvette) but is relatively inexpensive compared to real sports cars.

I like the fire-engine red color. I like the quick response to steering and the fact that it speeds up quickly. It is smaller than my previous car which doesn't provide a lot of room for passengers but it does make parallel parking MUCH easier. No major complaints.

- Mark W

It�s rides smooth. The take off is great and it doesn't burn much gas

I had to have motor mounts replaced, but that's all. The ride is smooth. The take to fr is amazing. My car is a stick shift so you doesn't burn much gas. My only hang up with this car is the truck space is very small. Overall, this is the best car I have ever owned

- Tina H

My car is nice very gas affordable doesn't waste much gas

I am very comfortable with my car and it runs very smooth and nice I love it, it's as good as new and a comfortable car to ride in and travel in. Also we have family that could fit in the car very space able have a lot of space inside of it for clothes and room

- Marie E

Limited edition red leather Camaro.

I love my car. I have had no problems. It is a joy to drive. The heated seats are great on those cold mornings. The leather interior has proved to be comfortable and easy to maintain. The ride is not as smooth as a luxury car but quite nice for a sports car.

- Theresa S

Ride in style z28 Camaro.

Love it very sporty. Reliable horsepower z28. Very well designed not to big not too small. Great around town or long trips. Leather seats. Convertible for beautiful days. . Not a family car though small seats in back. Overall my best purchase. . Smooth ride.

- Kimberly C

My Camaro: it is a limited edition 50th anniversary.

My vehicle is a quality sports car, it run really smoothly, accelerates at a fast rate, and it just a fun ride all together, the car is really comfortable when riding alone but it can be a problem if you have others in the car or need to put stuff in it.

- Deandre O

Love my Impala!! Smooth ride.

I love my Impala. It has a very clean look and is very comfortable to drive. It gets good gas mileage in rush hour traffic. It's a V6 automatic and rides really smooth. I have not had any issues out of this car in the time I've owned it.

- Marsha O

It looks good on the outside but the inside is lacking.

I love the exterior look of my car. I do not like some of the interior features such as the bluetooth - nobody can hear me and it is a common complaint I find online. I also find the lack of storage compartments mind boggling.

- Marlize C

It was my dream car so it means a lot to me.

I love the sleek lines and how smooth the ride is. I love the touchscreen and the speakers. I do not like the placement of the cupholders or the air vents in the front. I wish the backseat was bigger.

- Rebekah B

It is fast, you can also save money in gas because it is saving.

It is fast, run very well, it is pretty, and comfortable. I feel good driving it because it is a great car. It is medium size, so I can also carry the things I need on it, and my family fit perfect.

- May M

It does fine in the deep snow.

The reason I purchased my vehicle was totally for the power and look. It was just something about the model of the car that attracted me. The vehicle had a manly presence which suited me well.

- Dennis B

It is very sporty looking.

This is my 3rd Camaro, they handle great, have not had any problems with any of them. Love the sporty look, would like a corvette but I have 4 big dogs so that just will not work.

- Candace K

The seats are comfortable and it is pretty spacy!

I think my car is great. It has great mileage, great room and is reliable. I have had it for about 2 years now and it is still in great shape. Worth the money and I recommend it.

- Morgan P

it's a great car especially if you're young and single

my 2016 chevy camaro is a black 2 door automatic sedan with tan interior. it has great speed and great breaks. also has air condition and heat. great radio sound speakers

- Tamika B

The camaro is comfortable, but it is mostly suited for two people.

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is a very powerful, stylish vehicle. The V6 model is good on gas and has great interior features. It also has safety features.

- Anthony R

Looks good, rides good and great sound system

No problems with this car. Love everything about it. Stereo and speakers are great for all types of music, ride I smooth and quiet, great look and cruise

- missy t

Best muscle car ever and it drives like a sports car

I really enjoy my camaro. I drive a 2016 ss . It's got plenty of power . Love driving on the highway with it. Interior is beautiful and very updated.

- alex N

It saves on gas by going from a 6 cylinder down to a 4 cylinder when cruising

There are no problems with this vehicle. I love everything about it. It's fun, fast, and comfortable. It is a convertible that looks awesome

- kay m

it's a great car to drive. fun , sporty, fast & safe!

i love my car. great performance. runs great. fast drives smooth. no problems with it whatsoever. i will definitely be getting a new one.

- sss a

The interior is top notch, super fancy and smooth.

Such an amazing car, great gas mileage, super fun to drive and cool, great acceleration it's quite the perfect car, I have no complaints.

- John D

Very sporty with automatic convertible top that is easy to raise up or down

Beautiful blue color with black convertible top. Very sporty with wonderful radio and leg room in the front. Convertible is automatic.

- Cindy G

That it is dependable. That it is fast. And yes, it is a chick magnet.

I love my Camaro. It is fast. It handles like a dream. It has plenty of passenger space. It is probably the best car I have ever owned.

- Sean H

The blind spots. I cant see cars sometimes.

I like the look of it the power and the dashboard. I do not like how difficult it is to get out of it because it sits so low to ground.

- Michael H

excellent car, powerful engine

excellent body, powerful engine, interior of the vehicle with luxury finishes, very versatile multimedia, very fast and dynamic car

- adams m

The important thing about my car is it's really fast.

I like my car because of the leather seats. And I like my car because of the model. And I also love my car because it is a Camaro.

- Levester W

It is a good car over all for the money.

I like the looks, gas mileage and the overall design. However, I wish it had a bit more get up and go and a bit more leg room.

- John M

camaros are pretty awesome and i think everyone would love to have one.

i love the style of the car. i love the color of the car. i don't like some of the blind spots. i don't like the fuel cost.

- Thomas W

It's a beauty, love at first sight. Tons of truck space, soft floor mats, warm seats for the winter, radio is super loud but capable of replacing with a multimedia dash stereo apple carplay with built in bluetooth. Engine is beautiful and so easy to clean yourself or professionally, tires are quite simple to change

The clutch is too hard to push it's a good thing makes me drive to the gym to get in better shape. My car is a gas guzzler

- Donshae H

It is super cute & gets great gas.

I like the look of it. I do not like the seats. The lights are nice. The blind spots are awful. Overall it is a great car.

- Carl Z

My Chevy Camaro is beautiful and comfortable to drive.

I love my vehicle. It is already two years old and i haven't had any problems. It's beautiful and comfortable to drive.

- Jamie A

Little to no room in the back seat. Don't count on taking more than one passenger.

Being that this is the second Camaro I have owned, I love it. It is so fun to drive! However it is NOT a family vehicle!

- Austin F

fun sports car. comfortable seats. great music system

rides very nice. has all the features you could want. seat belt is had to get at. doesn't have garage remote access.

- Vicki H

It's fast and stylish. the way it rides it's so smooth

I love the power it has in the engine. i love the latest technology came with the care. I hate how expensive it was

- brandon w

It's a fun and sporty car that is also dependable.

The body style is very bold. The convertible top makes it fun and sexy. The car is easy to have serviced locally.

- Jaime V

Muscle car, black, sport track.

Have not had any problems with this car so far. Runs very well and have taken it on quite a few “road trips”.

- Susan S

2016 dark blue Chevrolet camaro

It's a blue 2016 Chevy camaro. It has wonderful mileage and runs smooth and never has had anything wrong with it

- Drew B

It is not an economy vehicle.

The lines are great. Actually too much power for city driving. Other people envy it. Absolutely no complaints.

- Christin M

It has a hemi. I really love the horsepower.

The car has a very strong engine. It can go from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. I also like that it is very reliable.

- latoya A

my car is very good very fast luxurious and beautiful

my car is very good very fast luxurious and beautiful my family is happy but I would like another more modern

- David M

It's a gas guzzler. Other than that it hasn't gave me no problems

It's reliable, it hasn't gave me any problems. The only thing is it is a gas guzzler. It's also expensive.

- Stephanie L

I love my car, it is the best.

I didn't have troubles with my car yet. Well I love my car and I do the maintenance on my car on my own.

- Sue A

It's worth getting if you like sports cars! Would be a perfect addition to a collection.

I really love the look and style of this car. It has a very sharp and nice look and is also very fast.

- Mark F

Drives very smooth for a sports car and is fast when need to be.

Too small hard to get in and out of car. No trunk space also, I like the car other than what I stated.

- Vic C

It is a very well made dependable car.it's not that pricey.good gas mileage. It's very fast and handles great.

I have no complaints.i like the color.i like the engine.i like how fast it is. I like the interior.

- raymond s

I love the color it's blue and I love

Amazing is the best I love and is super practice it's my best comforter and the color is super cute

- Brenda G

It is fast. It is more comfortable than previous models.

The fuel economy could be a little better. You don't have much space to see out of the back window.

- timothy n

It's a very fast vehicle.

It's a Camaro. It drives very fast and seats a couple people. i have no complaints against it.

- George M

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is very smooth

What I like about my vehicle is that it looks good interiorly and exteriorly and runs amazing.

- Maria L

That it's great on gas and can go very fast . It's unique and different from your average car

It's a very sporty unique vehicle , attention grabbing . Great gas mileage and aerodynamic

- Teresa D

It has a some technical upgrades to improve the speed and balance, it is also painted with black colour

my car is very fast, the model is very cool, it has a GPS system, I can travel everywhere

- gary m

It is very sporty but elegant, you have many horsepower and its economic respects

It's a fashionable car and very nice and I also like it because it makes me feel safe

- Gabriel Arias A

That I love it so much ?? and they can't drive it .

I love the speed . I love the color . There is nothing I don't like about my car

- Clarissa P

My car is sporty and is a popular car.

I love my car. I have wanted a sports car for a while and it fits me perfectly.

- Kaci L

it is very tempting to want to race others

i love how great it is on gas and how it is pretty much maintenance free

- bucky b

That it is a well built car that looks good.

I like how it looks and how it handles while driving.

- Chase D

The vehicle has terrible Blind Spots.

Great Vehicle, Only complaint is the Blind Spots!

- Jim B

Good gas, works great, fun

Great, low gas, no problems, very particle

- Jenny B