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The sport option that allows me to change gears with the paddle on the wheel.

The problem I have had with this car is there is an engine noise when you start the car. Dealership said I was hearing things then said it was normal. After going direct to Chevy we were told it is an engine noise but there is no known fix. This really soured me on the car and why I didn't rate that I love the car. I do not like the seats in this car they do not recline enough. The car does drive nice and looks very sporty and that part I love. The carplay app gives me the hands free and allows me to play music from most any app.

- Allison S

Chevrolet's Camaro is the right car for me, is it the right car for you?

I love my car because it is very fuel efficient for a sports vehicle. I also like the inside design of the vehicle. The touch screen features are a nice touch. The problem that I have with the vehicle is that there is not a lot of space in the vehicle. Space for groceries and other things you may need to pack into your vehicle. Although it does not have that much space, I will say that I have a lot of comfort in my Camaro. I look forward to any and all updates that Chevrolet have planned for future models and makes.

- Andre E

2017 Chevrolet amazing experience

All 2017 Chevrolet Cruze models come with stability control, four-wheel antilock disc brakes, full-length side curtain airbags, front knee airbags, and front and rear side-impact airbags. Also standard is OnStar, which includes automatic crash notification, on-demand roadside assistance, remote door unlocking and stolen vehicle assistance. Every 2017 Cruze comes with Chevrolet's Teen Driver watchdog feature, which can be used to set certain parameters for secondary drivers such as teens or valets.

- Ethan C

Looks great, has its faults.

I love the looks of my car. It has great speed and get up and go when needed. The seats could be more comfortable and wrap around better to your sides. I had a shield around the breaks invert itself and it sounded like metal grinding, the roadside assistance guy figured it out and fixed. Now for some time after a cold start it has a very loud hum when I get to corners and turn, happens every day 'till car warms up. Very frustrating, dealership had for days and they cannot reproduce sound.

- Tammy L

It has a lot of blind spots which can be scary at times

I really like my camaro, it is a 4 cylinder with turbo so I get good gas mileage but I can throw it into sport mode and have get up and go when I need it. It has a lot of blind spots which can be a nuisance at times. If it didn't have the back up cam it would not be safe. You definitely can't fit anyone in the backseat safely either. But I guess that's why it's called a sports car. It is a very fun car to drive though.

- Amy C

Hands free text/ call. CarPlay.

The only problem is I had with this vehicle was having a few flat tires towards the beginning of the purchase but I do not believe it was the vehicles fault I believe it was that environment where I was working in their parking lot. The only other thing that bugs me but I do not consider it a big deal is in the center console room one of the plastic pieces tends to pop off but I can easily pop it back in.

- Crystal C

I saved 4 years to buy this car, paid cash for it and it is all mine.

I love my Camaro. This is my 5th Camaro since the age of 23, with this one being my favorite of all of them. I love the exterior looks, the speed, the compliments and the technology. My only complaint is it is hard to see out of the side windows due to the narrow view you have. It makes it a bit difficult to maneuver in busy traffic. Other than that, I think this is a superior sports car.

- Debby W

Krypton green camaro really stands out.

I love my 2017 Chevrolet camaro. It is a 4 cylinder turbo that will really move. The color is a beautiful bright krypton green that really stands out. I have not seen another one in this color yet. The interior is black leather with heated and cooled seats. The door panels and radio trim light up in a variety of colors at your choosing. This is a very sharp car that gets lots of compliments.

- Jennifer B

The 2017 Camaro SS looks fast and IS fast. You might even get a speeding ticket for standing still if you're not careful!

I love my 2017 Camaro. It's comfortable, handles like a dream and corners like it's on rails. (Oh, and it's FAST.) The only problem I've had since purchasing it is the fan for cooling on the passenger seat needed replacing. Other than that I've only had oil changes and summer and winter tires taken off/put on for the respective season. Even my 70-odd year-old mother loves this car!

- Kelly R

Good and bad. But I'll take another one in a heartbeat.

The problem I have is getting the front seat to adjust correctly. And the gas is a little to touchy. You barely touch it and the car wants to go. Which is one of the things I like about it as well. It has some get up and go in it. When babied. It has really good gas mileage. Other times not so much. The custom made leather seats. Are as soft as butter.

- Scott G

The camaro is a fun sports car to have and its affordable as well.

I love my car and have issue so far. It's pretty fun drive it and I have joy doing so. The camaro also has a built in map and radio. It goes up to 180 mph and has 500 horsepower, so it's pretty fast. It is my favorite car to drive around with, but make sure to put it on normal mode so it won't eat a lot of gas for normal use.

- Mohammed A

Great sports car with family car comfort.

So far it is reliable, comfortable for a sports car, has good acceleration and sound on acceleration. For a sports car it is a pretty smooth ride. Little bit of a gas guzzler but that is partly because we have a heavy foot and like to accelerate quickly when traffic and road conditions permit. Overall handles very well.

- Trish B

2017 Camaro fun to drive around and sporty.

The car is really fun to drive I like the leather interior the heads up display. I also like the fuel economy is pretty good in the v-6 model that has good power good torque. One challenge with the car is the windshield fogs up whenever your run in the air conditioning if it is humid outside the windshield will fog up.

- Richard T

Sporty ride. If you are looking for a nice fourth and ideal car for you.

Super sporty very reliable. Have not had any problems with the car since I purchased it in 2017. Very sporty car with all the options. Only thing I do not like is the voice navigation never seem to get it right. Still learning all the extra components on the car. Would highly recommend the sports bar to anyone.

- Lisa D

Chevy orange and fast press the gas.

I do not have any problems with the car at all it gets me where I need to go and is easy on gas. It has a few blind spots but it is not a big deal. The car is very comfortable in my view and it's easy to keep clean but is not very much room. It gets me compliments and numbers so I can't complain.

- Jamal G

Great car to own and drive.

I have not had any problems with the car. It is easy to operate, has many features and a pleasure to drive. The performance is great, mileage is very good, the convertible top is easy to operate, even at 25 mph. I have received many compliments on the car and would recommend it to anyone.

- Rainie G

Best performance car in the world for the price.

Outstanding vehicle that combines the performance of a corvette with the ride of a Cadillac. Zero issues in nearly 2 years of ownership, excellent fuel economy when driven responsibly. This might be the finest value to dollar car on the market due to the performance you get for 40k.

- Tom Q

2017 Chevrolet Camaro convertible.

I love my car. I love it being convertible and stylish. I do not like how there's barely any trunk space. The leather interior is amazing and comfortable and I love it to the moon and back. It is a fun car great back seats too for friends to sit in. It has a charging area too.

- J S

My vehicle is a head turner and even though it is only a rs.

I have had my car for a little over a year I have had no problems with my car. As far as comfort goes, this car is really only meant for the front two drivers to sit comfortable because the back is very small. I also wish more safety features were included in this car.

- Kali S

Love the body style, it is pretty close to the classic body styles.

Comfortable and enjoyable to drive. Has a great body style and great paint job. The engine is strong and brakes are great. The rims are chrome and low profile tires. The gas mileage is very good and the performance of the vehicle in not jeopardized. I love the Camaro.

- Sam H

2017 Camaro brief review!

Incredible car. Really the whole package. Aftermarket capabilities are almost endless. Great buy. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for 2-dr sports car. From 4 to 8 cylinder options, a real car lovers choice. Surpassed every other car in its price class.

- Pat M

Excellent gas mileage in a sporty package.

I really have nothing bad to say about my Camaro. The gas mileage is awesome and very comfortable to ride in. The only thing is getting familiar with the blind spots. After a few weeks it was no longer an issue. Very fun car to drive and I get a lot head turns too.

- Joey S

Overall, a fun, amazing and beautiful car!

Absolutely love the car. The styling alone gets me a lot of stares and compliments. The engine is fantastic as well as the handling of the car. My biggest complaint would be the quality of the interior materials seems subpar, considering how much the car cost.

- Michael R

I love the digital gas gauge.

I haven't had any problems so far with this vehicle. I love the sports car look of it and I do not mind that it is a two door vehicle. I love the navigation system and satellite radio. The vehicle gets decent gas mileage and I love how smoothly it drives.

- Nora J

Gorgeous Camaro design with new features.

Is up to date with technology. Performance is great. Body is beautifully sculptured. Gas mileage is better than I thought it would be. Has 3 driving modes. Love the hands free infotainment center. Many controls on the steering wheel so no need to let go.

- Steve D

Reliable and stylish Camaro.

I love my Camaro. It is very stylish and has very excellent performance. The interior is impeccable and very stylish. It has excellent breaking capability which you need with the power user the hood. It also is a very good and reliable everyday vehicle.

- Sam J

A smooth drive with a sleek design classic meets modern interior.

The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro is ideal for smooth driving changing between tour/sport driving functions coupled with its ready to race 0 to 60 in 3 seconds functionality. A major set back is merely the lack of space for passengers in the vehicle.

- Angela T

The car is amazing on gas especially on the freeway!

I am a driver of a 2017 V6 Camaro. The car really does not have problems but if I had to truly include a are it is that the car is a four seater but it is best for only two people. Other than that the car is amazing! Great on gas and speed!

- Lucy v

It is amazing all around but small back seats.

I absolutely love my vehicle. I have been a Camaro lover for as long as I can remember. I used to have a 1999 Camaro and my baby ever gave me any problems but it was time for an upgrade. I will never look back and will always have a Camaro!

- Michelle G

It compares to a luxury car for a decent price.

I love all the features inside the vehicle as well as the turbocharged engine. I dislike how it has multiple blind spots. My last car was also a Chevy Camaro but a 2012 and I loved it as well but the new features are amazing.

- Lucy M

It is as fun as it looks. It makes me happy after a bad day.

It is great for someone like me that does not usually have passengers with them. The passenger seat is not as comfortable as the driver seat at all. The trunk is large enough for big grocery trips. The Bose system is great.

- Colleen H

Chevy goes a long way when treated right.

There are not too many problems with my car. I have had it for 18 years now, and it still get me to and from without any issues. It has 2 major works done on it and they were a paint job, my choosing and engine mounting.

- Jason's F

Beautiful color and has a turbo

It has amazing performance and good gas mileage with the v-4. It's not slow because it comes with a turbo. It has been very reliable and is comfortable but not for whoever you put in the back seat.

- Carlos F

That just because it is a sports car does not mean that it has no room in it.

I love how dependable my car is. I never have to worry about anything going wrong with it, and it has a lot of safety features built in. I also enjoy the way it drives; it handles very well.

- Tristan B

It's a Convertible with black and red interior. It's very sporty

I love my camaro. I had one in high school too. This camaro is sporty and eye catching the interior is beautiful too. The interior is black and red leather, it's absolutely gorgeous

- Jaclene S

Do not recommend for inexperienced drivers.

This car handles turns really well. It takes off from stops without any hesitation. It's only downfall is if you exceed speeds over 80 it feels like the wind is picking the car up.

- Mae B

It is youthful and convertible.

I love my car. It's convertible and sporty. I love the leather red and black interior. The trunk is small kind of hard to put things in unless you drop the panel in the back.

- Jay S

The type of car I have is for single people or couples without kids.

I love my Chevy camaro. The way my car drives, and I love the look of it inside and out. The fuel economy is ok and the insurance is high but other than that I love my car.

- Josh Q

The revived sports cars that have come out recently are just amazing in my opinion.

Honestly I haven't really had any problems with my vehicle. I love the power of the engine. It has great acceleration, great performance on the road and great handling.

- Joseph S

It is not very practical for everyday use.

I love the look of the car but the best part about it is the way it drives. It is get tons of power and handles better than any other car that I have ever driven.

- John M

Very speedy and has great pickup when merging Into traffic

No issue with the vehicle. I bought the 4 cylinder model and I am very happy with the performance. The only downside with the vehicle is the limited back seat.

- Bill S

Most reliable car I have ever had.

This is a comfortable, smooth ride and is easy on the wallet with regards to fuel and efficiency. I am a little disappointed in the strength of the engine.

- Timothy B

A smart looking, economical and safe ride.

It is an attractive and economical form of transportation. It is a smooth ride, albeit its motor takes a while to really get moving from a static position

- Timothy B

Type and vision of my car. And than safety is important feature also

It is a kind of sport car which has a history in american sport cars. I like it but there can be some additional things like navigation voice control etc

- Dogan U

2017 Camaro I love this car!

This car is great I bought it because it looks beautiful and it is one of my dream cars. If you are thinking about buying this car do not hesitate.

- Justin R

2017 Chevrolet Camaro v6 is fun and sporty.

Windshield fogs up from ac in humid weather. You see this when the ac vents are blowing and the moisture collects on the outside of the windshield.

- Robert J

Best car ever. Can't beat Chevy v8

High performance, drives like a dream. Love hearing that sound of the V8. Never had any problems with it. It is the best car I have ever owned.

- John S

Good sleek sports car and good design.

No problems. Sports car style with smooth driving. The car gets good gas mileage and it is type of car that is ideal for single people.

- Len J

It really doesn't have anything wrong with it dents or driving wise.

I like the horse power. I like the exterior and interior design. I also like the black leather that doesn't heat up in the sun.

- Kennedy A

It is a car, my choice my payment. Don't judge me by my choice.

It is sporty, powerful, a real head turner. The color is perfect, not too hard to keep clean. The interior fits like a glove.

- jeris c

The car has low maintenance costs.

I love that I have a sports car. It is such a consistent car in terms of noise. My car could have some better transmission.

- Kyle K

The money it going to spend in gas is a lot. And that their not made the way they used to so i would not recommend for families.

Like i love the style and speed. I have been a chevy chick from birth lol. What i dislike is the amount of gas a z28 uses.

- Tabatha G

It is a Camaro. The magical freaking world of a Camaro and its perfection.

There are no defrosters in the side mirrors. Other than that, nothing. There's literally nothing else wrong with the car.

- Christopher P

Great car. Holds value! Buy it.

Radio cuts on and off.. I think its a problem with most convertibles..... The transmission needs looked at.. I love it..

- Chris T

It's a luxury vehicle designed for a upbeat lifestyle

No performance problems a moderate amount of maintenance very reliable vehicle extremely durable under ideal conditions

- Max S

A quick and sexy vehicle fun to drive

I love it, It's so much fun to drive smooth ride and all the speed you'd expect from a sports car. A great daily driver

- Asdafa p

The rattling is very disturbing and many complaints

I love the look of it, but surprisingly it rattles a lot for a new car and the windows fog up even if the vent is off

- Michelle G

It is great. But that dream car. Run it into the ground. Make it money. Drive.

No problem with performance. It runs great. Buy one. You can buy or lease. Or rent for a stroll. It is all up to you.

- Sabre J

Good size. Good handling on the road. Decent park assist. Great sound system

Just not my style of car. Cheap and affordable at the time being. Would love something bigger and better for the snow

- Case D

The camaro is the ultimate sports car. it has horrible leg room in the back but it's fine for me

I love that my camaro is so fast. It has pretty decent gas mileage for its performance. I think it's a great value

- Bob B

It keeps its value better than others.

I like my car, I always wanted one. Like the way it moves down the road. I do not like the back seat in the car.

- Ronnie L

Red camaro, Bluetooth capability with gps is very helpful.

Great gas mileage and performance.very dependable. Love the red color and comfortable seats. Sirius is a plus!

- Lori D

its rapides and its comfort that you do not have other cars to handle

I like its color I like your model I like its rapids and its comfort that you do not have other cars to handle

- Gary B

Its pretty and it goes really fast.

I love it. Fun to drive. Nice color. Driving it is an enriching experience unlike one I've ever had before.

- Bryan L

you're rapids and your comfort to drive that other cars do not have

I like its color I like your model I like its rapides and its comfort to handle that other cars do not have

- Eddie A

Not a ton of visibility. Not great for taller individual.

I love this car. It is a dream car, lots of fun with a manual transmission. Lots of upgrades are available.

- Travis D

It looks and runs great and if problem I bring right back to shop

Love my car. Not to bad on gas it has all the comforts I need seat warmer electric windows great stereo

- Jodi L



- Ernie C

Comfortable and great car! Nobody should be without one!

I love my sports car. It's fast luxurious and takes me everywhere! Most of all it's comfortable.

- Roxann J

It's not expensive. Everyone always things my car costs a lot.

I love the look. I love the updated technology. I wish the air conditioner was colder though.

- Rosie C

It's a great car for driving your family around in.

It's amazing, runs really good, haven't had any problems out of it other then a flat tire.

- Casey H



- Thomas R

Although not a car so familiar and walking, it is excellent and very modern for single people

It is an excellent car, the best in mechanics and efficiency in the street

- John J

it is a great car and I think people overlook the camaro

Like the look. Like the features and extras. Like the power and handling

- jo r

I like your comfort to manage and your rapids that other cars do not have

I like its color I like your model I like your comfort to handle

- Brian M

2017 ss camaro. Love the car. It's a sports car so the space is awful. The car drives fantastic though. The ride quality is great but the road noise is really bad.

Don't buy one if you need any storage other than a glovebox.

- Blake S

I like that my car is the best and it cost me a lot of money

I like that my car is the best and it cost me a lot of money

- Tracy M. M

It's a convertible and it's pretty fast

It's a sports car. No complaints. Love the convertible

- Ha J

It's rapids and It's comfort to handle that other cars do not have it

I like your model I like sucolor I like your rapides

- Edward L

Stylish,Fast, and goes 0-60 in 5 seconds.

Stylish, engaging and speedy. It's fuel economy.

- Alejandro J