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Finally being able to purchase the my dream car. The Chevy camaro.

We just got the camaro. The car is very clean very fast has all of the up to date fun extras that I think every car should have. The bad points are only that there is not a lot of room in the back for adults to sit and be comfortable. There is not much leg room in the back. There is lots of room in the front and in the trunk has lots of space. The car handles like a dream. It is really easy to drive and is super smooth. It is so far it is great on gas mileage in town and on the freeway. And so far seems to be a very reliable vehicle for us. We can go on long trips or short ones and be super comfortable and know that we're gonna make it there and be safe.

- Crystal C

Yes, the Chevy Camaro is a good sports car. It has great handling and a lineup of powerful engines that make it one of the strongest all-around performers in the class. In addition, it has comfortable front seats and easy-to-use technology. The Camaro's tiny rear seat and trunk make it less practical as a daily driver, but neither is out-of-place in a sports car.

The Chevy Camaro is a great choice if you want a sports car for weekend cruising. However, if you're looking for an everyday vehicle, you should shop around before making your decision. Not only does the Ford Mustang deliver similar performance as the Camaro, but it has more trunk space and a nicer cabin as well. The Dodge Challenger doesn't handle as well as the Chevy, but it has a ton of power and more passenger and cargo space.

- angel p

A good car that does what it needs.

I enjoy my car it does what it needs to. It provides me with what I need and hasn't had any significant problems yet and it's a crowd pleaser. It's a bit small for me but that's not a problem for most people considering I am a large guy. I'd recommend it to people if they have the money. Its daily drivable which is good but for the money I feel it would be smarter to have a separate daily driver and a separate car for fun.

- Vincent H

Beautiful body, turns heads.

It is a beautiful car with great power but very uncomfortable for everyday use. If you are looking for a fun car this is it. The windows are very small and high up so drive thrus are impossible and the back seat is not even usable because there is no foot space at all. And if you are very young getting out of it may be easy but it is so low you almost have to roll out on the ground to get out of it.

- Tanya P

2018 Camaro ss: great, but with one notable flaw.

Great looking car with great performance from the v8 engine. No mechanical issues in the 4, 500 miles I have driven it thus far. My lone complaint is that the clear coat is very poor, and the paint gets chipped/scratched frequently in normal use. It is especially noticeable because I have black paint.

- Kyle V

Camaro: perfect fit for some.

Seats do not comfort to every body type. Larger passenger feel lots of discomfort. This is referring to both the front and rear seating area. Other then space limited seating area, the Camaro is absolute beast. It drive and handles so amazingly that giving up some room is a no brainer.

- Peter S

It helps me sustain my credit & overall helps me build on what I own.

I have not encountered any problems with my car, it is a V6 so for me it is just the right speed. I like that it is Bluetooth functioning and it is equipped with anything and everything that I need. I also have Wifi and XM radio in my car. I believe I pay about 10 for both each month.

- Kennedy C

It's a very fast car 0-60 in 4. 3 sec.

I love my 2018 Chevrolet Camaro 2. 0 turbo charged. I have zero problems with this car. It has 321 mi so if fairly brand new. I've had this car for about 2 weeks now and it drives amazing it comes with 30 day free OnStar trial which is the best. It comes with bumper to bumper.

- Carlos O

Amazing car, drives smooth, amazing car in general.

I drive a 2018 Chevy Camaro. My dream car has always been a Camaro so I was lucky enough to get my own at a young age. Drives smooth. Although the back seats are small and so is the entrance to the trunk but overall it is an amazing car. I’d recommend this car to anyone.

- Victoria M

A black camaro 2018 that is pretty awesome.

I like everything about the car. It has 6 cylinders which I love. It is all black. The inside is nice. It is black as well. The only thing I had a problem with two areas on the hood where branches put two little dings. I can put some add-ons on the inside and the outside.

- David S

Comfortable, fast and stylish camaro!

Comfortable for a fast car! . My camaro has lots of power and hugs the road. I drive with excitement every time I drive! . I love it and I get a lot of compliments on my beautiful car. People always look at my car when they see it coming down the road.

- Peggy G

Others should know about my car is it will get a lot of attention.

My car is great. I love the color. It drives like a champ the only problem is it is not very good on gas, but other than that the car is beautiful. There is no sunroof it is not fully loaded but I receive many compliments on my car from time to time.

- Alyssa V

The Camaro is unlike most other cars on the road. The performance for the price is nearly impossible to beat.

The Camaro's performance on the road is truly incredible. It looks great too, and really stands out from the crowd. Inside, it is a bit cramped and visibility is poor. Properly adjusting the mirrors goes a long way in fixing that though.

- Kyle V

Amazing Car for a Very Decent Price

This is the most amazing car I have ever owned. It has absolutely no performance issues. The only issue is that it takes the stereo systems bluetooth a little longer to connect to my phone than I would like.

- Randy W

Even though this is a sports car it still is fun to drive to work, plan, vacations etc...

I love the style and looks of the car. I love the power and respondents of the engine and transmission. I love the type and make of the car. Camaros are just plane fun to drive.

- Rick B

It is got a great trunk for hauling things.

I love everything about my car and would buy another one. I have no complaints about the car itself. The only complaint that I have is the price of gas that's in big supply.

- Dale F

it drives very smooth and opens up on the freeway.

i love the power and handling of my camaro. The fact that i have wifi compatible and also lo jack. I'm fond of my black and red color as well as the sun roof

- deon W

The car is reliable and it performs great.

I've always been a fan of the Chevy brand. I love the look and the design of the Camaro. I also like the performance of the Camaro. Great car all around.

- Jesse w

a vehicle in excellent condition

It is a vehicle in excellent condition, belonging to a single owner, upholstery and original seats. organized maintenance history, bodywork in excellent

- sophia m

the driving comfort, and how soft it feels to be sitting in front of the wheel

the vehicle is perfect. his performance is the best, what it feels like to be behind the wheel, the way to drive it feels very good I love this vehicle

- nick L

I like the easy access and position of the touch/navigation screen. I also like how many interior options it has.

I love my vehicle. I feel this way because, although it doesn't have much space to pack groceries and etc., it feels comfortable to me.

- Andre E

It runs good and is very reliable and dependable.

It is the car I really wanted. No complaints whatsoever.... I love the color of my Camaro. The performance of the Camaro is awesome..

- Deborah K

It's really, really fast! Not only does it look beautiful, it drives awesome!

No complaints! I love this car! It's beautiful, fast, comfy and I receive a lot of compliments. It's a fun car to drive.

- valerie s

The car is very sharp looking.

Passenger comfort is not very good. The vehicle corners very nicely. The factory stereo system is not very good quality.

- Tracey R

It has a lot of power. It can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.

I absolutely love the amount of power it has. It is also very beautiful. The features it has makes it very comfortable.

- Kory T

It is appropriate to travel, it is comfortable and powerful while modern and elegant

It is an elegant car with a power and an amazing speed, is comfortable and modern while elegant and quality

- joseph w

I like the fact that it has a bose system

I have a Cadillac CTS is fully loaded and roomy. I have it for a year now has has been very low maintenance

- Russell P

The car is a lot of fun to drive. People should really give it a try.

I love the performance of the car. Love the style. The only thing I don't really like is the visibility.

- Jimmy C

It only has 2 seats and is very fast

The car is nice, clean and smells great. I love the powerful engine. I hate how it only has 2 seats

- Dane R

Like the speed that the vehicle can achieve. Dislike the size of the hood.

You have to be careful when accelerating, it can gain speed fast with a heavy foot.

- Dominika J

It's fast, modern, beautiful, elegant and I'm happy and my family too

I have a good car and my family is happy but I would like to have another

- Brian P



- Roger M

excellent quality, the best car in It's class

nothing to dislike , I love my car very much , excellent quality

- monica P

I love my new car! It's fast, stylish and I got a good price. I just wish I could have gotten an SS.

It's fast. It's new and it's color is a tribute to another car.

- Neil B

I love my camaro because it's fast is supercharged i love the color the interior the design and its all mine. Nothing that i dislike.

Camaro it's all about American muscle. Made in America.

- Angel R

The seats are very comfortable.

- Lucas M