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Having electrical issue

I am having an issue when placing a call using hands free the person on the other end is hearing tapping. I took it in for servicing 5 days in with no call from the service department I go to the service department they tell me that tech support has a ticket and waiting for a resolve. Offered for me to take the vehicle for the weekend and bring it back on Monday if they hear from tech support from gm. My husband I decided to leave it till Monday in case tech support called. Monday 8 days later I go to service department they tell me they have been having electrical issues the car needs a full rewire waiting for a gm tech from out of state to put my car back together because the wires where not as the diagram showed when tech support walked them through. Wed 9 days later because the car was in pieces as I was told I then asked if I may see my car they kept changing the subject. I then asked to exchange the car as it is brand new and is already having issues. The owner of the Chevrolet dealership said yes it is something we can look into and then I was a little unsure if my finance company would agree to the switch so I asked to wait. I contacted my lender and they agreed I could so my husband and i returned. At which time the owner agreed and sent us to look at another vehicle of the same value. When we returned my husband had to use the rest room and the owner then explained I couldnt and he would have his used car man give me a value for a trade and would call me Thursday morning along with my salesman. Who had been on a vacation with a set of numbers to work with. Thursday I did not hear from anyone until 4:58 PM with a voicemail stating they had fixed the problem by placing a new sterio in the vehicle. I picked it up today Friday 10 days later I did not leave the parking lot and and placed a call to see if the issue had been resolved it had not I had the person record it from there end and text the file to me. Then I place another call to my father in law cell left my phone in the car and took his inside to show them the sound they said they could not replicate Wednesday after placing a new sterio. I then killed the car and used my phone on just accessory with the engine off. The sound was still present. I then disconnected all bluetooth devices called onstar baught 60 minutes of hands free calling for the vehicle meaning not using blue tooth device and placed a call and still got the same results. The service department rep said he would call me later today to set an appointment for Monday to bring it in again. I did not recieve a call from him so I contacted the department myself and the lady set me up and appointment at 3:35 PM Thursday. Apparently because I gave them a hard time about my vehicle when I purchased brand new and with only 5 miles and am paying 39,999.99 for it I'm not suppose to be upset nor am I to ask about it or ask to be placed in one that doesnt already have issues. I do not recoments buying the 2019 Camaro 4 cylinder if your going to purchase a Camaro go for the best the 2ss. If it is going to have problems your want everything on it for the buck. It's not much more and you will just be kicking yourself in the butt and dealing with service department just isnt worth the hassle.

- Crystal

An amazing car with an amazing design.

We love the 2019 Camaro. It was and still is my wife's dream car. We drive it for work and pleasure. We did have to get used to the car doors though. They are what a lot of people refer to as 'Batman doors'. They open very wide, so we have to be careful not to hit other things when opening the doors. Other than the doors the car is everything we could of ever asked for. The ride is super smooth. It does not feel like you are being thrown in the back seat when you sit inside or accelerate quickly. The body and design of the 2019 models are very sleek and modern and looks amazing in all colors.

- Kristen W

This is a car you just gotta have its safe classy and can beat anyone in a race

This car rides so smoothly and the back up cameras are so convenient and safe. The stereo system is great. The gas mileage is great. The leather interior is so neat and clean. There is so many safety features. When a car in front of you brakes it automatically slows down. The build is nice and smooth. I feel so empowered and free when I ride down the road with the top down wind blowing through my hair.

- Penny J

Camaro isn't for everyone, but it is s fun ride

Bad in the snow. It is a rear wheel drive, so it does not handle good in Bad weather. I also have to watch when it rains.sometimes, it is also hard to see over my shoulder because the back windows Create a huge blind spot. This is a little concerning at times. I also feel a little tight in the car and the backseat and trunk are not very big. When I have my friends in the Backseat, they can handle fit.

- Anne N

My 2019 Camaro is great. It rides very smooth & it doesn't use up so much gas.

I love my 2019 Camaro. The features that it has are amazing, such as electric seats, touch screen, HD backup camera, push to start, and remote start. The best part is how they minimized the amount of buttons in the radio/AC area. It has a very limited amount of space and the trunk is very small. A large suitcase would fit in there had the opening of the trunk been bigger.

- Elizabeth R

Chevy camaro review 2019.

I absolutely love my car. It is sleek, rides smooth, and is a head turner. It is easy to navigate and it is hard to tell how fast you really are going until you look down at the speedometer. I am not planning on a family anytime soon so this car is perfect. The display is clean and looks great. I have no complaints about my camaro. Chevy did an awesome job.

- Taylor J

It�s just a fun car if you love to speed around a-bit

It is very funny to drive around with, and have it has a built in monitor with a GPS. You can also save gas with this car by turning off sports mode, and if you want to speed around then you can turn it back on, but that will eat gas. So don't turn on sports mode if you're going on a long trip.

- Advil A

The inside glows at night.

I love my car it gives me a nice smooth ride worth my time it has great mileage doesn't give me any problems it works well brand new worth something to have I recommend getting the car. May not be for everyone but it sure is for me saves plenty of gas and doesn't have band steering.

- Angel gomez A

Honest and true. Totally me

Good performance. Saves gas. Comfortable. Reliable. Expensive. So high in price. Not good in city like it is on highway. Prefer old school metal vehicles for safety. More standard features should be included such as sunroof. Often issues with gas pedal and engine jumping

- Hakeem F

To use for the pleasure and comfort of it.. And maybe more!

Car is beautiful.. Roomy.. And very quick. Very low to the ground. Not good for city driving. Extremely comfortable. I do find it a bit on the touchy side.. Both the steering and the accelerator. Gets good gas mileage as long as you drive it without race car tendencies.

- Eryn Lynn G

To use for the pleasure and comfort of it.. And maybe more!

Car is beautiful.. Roomy.. And very quick. Very low to the ground. Not good for city driving. Extremely comfortable. I do find it a bit on the touchy side.. Both the steering and the accelerator. Gets good gas mileage as long as you drive it without race car tendencies.

- Eryn G

It's bright red, has a giant wing and goes 150mph. What's not to love?

This car is really fast the V8 engine is amazing. It is loud and grips the corners so well. I'd highly recommend it!!

- Brad Z